Wall Of Shame

This is going to be the place where I pop pictures of sad losers who don't keep their end of the bargain when they approach me to take part in their fantasies.

To ensure you DON'T end up here then all you have to do is keep me happy and keep your word. Failure will result in either your name or your pic going up here so that all my Domme friends can see you and take it as a warning should you approach them.

You have been warned!

First and biggest waste of space is Jeremy, aka Wallet Boy! I doubt this wanker even owned a piggy bank never mind a wallet. He liked to be called an ATM, however I like to call him TWS (Total Waste of Space). He promised the world and delivered fuck all. His gifts were less than satisfactory and he tried to tell me how to do my job. He did however have one saving grace in that he introduced me to blackmail. Just a shame the dickless twat didn't have the guts to end the relationship properly and pretended to be his wife!

The second time waster to go up here is Stan. He came to me back in the beginning of my blog and asked me to lock him up for 1 week, after a little discussion we decided 10days would be the goal. However after an initial good start this little wanker disappeared after 6days. Deleted his email account and didn't get in touch. I did consider not sending his key back to him and let him have to cut his way out of his device but, being the person I am I did send it to him. Not so much as a thank you was returned. So for having no balls and a cock that no girl should ever be subjected to and for wasting my precious time Stan can sit proudly in second place.

It has been a while since I have had to update this section of my blog but it is with regret that I place my lovely Ms.Olive up here. Twice the stupid boy has come to me for instruction and twice has has failed me. Both times he has asked for a denial period from me and twice he has disappeared without saying goodbye, obviously failing his goal for a second time. I don't see how or why he couldn't do as I asked as both goals were lesser than the one he did for me way back when. I guess he really is a tiny cocked little wanker. Such a shame.


  1. Miss beth

    Maybe you could also have a "wall of fame" for your best slaves? Just to balance positive and negative

    All those little cocks in competition striving to be on the top spot!


  2. Yes I had thought about that too MsOlive. I do want to show my appreciation of course for all My lovely hardworking and loyal slaves. Am working in an actual website at present where I may have more room to do that.

  3. Lord.westminster27 April 2013 at 17:53

    Hello Miss Beth,
    I am a regular reader of your blog,there but for the grace of God go I sort of interest and after reading that your working in an actual website at present then I was wondering if its a site that one can participate and and not just for loyal slaves that can be dull and hardworking is for Fools and Horses.

  4. Thank you for your comment.

    This is what this blog is for; for people to participate in but no one ever does so I see no need to make a section on my actual website for people to ignore. Would just mean more hard work for me to get nothing in return.

    If you have any particular ideas for me then please do email them to me at beth_jennison@hotmail.com

  5. Miss Beth,
    I have been looking at your great blog for some time now and some how I can`t see you get nothing in return on anything your a very clever lady and attractive too and who would dare ignore anything you do ?
    I thought you was bringing some thing new online thats the reason I asked thats all, and some of us like to be coaxed into things by a soft but firm hand that I am sure yours is both and not all like to show our hand and email address at the start thats reason you got a drop down box with Anonymous on there.

  6. Hello again,
    Ok the thing I said I was developing was my actual website which was done about 6 months ago. Yes I do have the anonymous drop down box and have also made reference to it in a post on here somewhere but people still just quietly lurk. I write the blog for me mainly., If people read it then great.

    Although I do like to nurture my servants I will not hold their hand every step of the way. If you don't know what it is you want, if even on a basic level, don;t expect me to decide for you.

    Miss Beth

  7. After reading these comments and after spending lots of my spare time fishing then I would say that Miss Beth got her self a specimin fish nibbling her bait but like all fishers she must wait and wait then she must strike then the fun begins, play the fish slow and reel him in, he`s yours for the taking lets wait and see just what Miss Beth will have with her tea.

    Fishy Fredie.