Wall Of Fame

This is where I shall be keeping a log of all the subs who impress me and each week I shall have a sub of the week. Whether you manage to get your name up here is up to you. Being named No1 sub of the week is a prestigious accolade and so it will take some real impressing and good behaviour to get that position. So what are you waiting for? I am open to offers of obedience and honesty, bribery and corruption, your humiliation and degradation. What will you offer to get to that number one spot?

I fear it will be the same people week after week which may be a little boring so if can't impress me, there will be no winner. Your reward? Well knowing you have pleased me above all of the other subs should be reward enough.

Those who have made it so far:

Him - Naturally he will have to be here as he consistently makes me happy in any way I ask. Of course he does get the pleasure of serving me personally too which always makes me smile. He obeys everything and learns quickly what will make me happy. However, do not be mistaken, he isn't always a good boy, believe me. There are times when I have to kick him out of bed to make my cup of tea in a morning, plus he always leaves the tea towel on the kitchen counter which pisses me off enormously. So he isn't perfect and will not be No1 without good reason. 

Nipples - He is my longest serving online sub. He knows his place and waits patiently never expecting anything more than what I give him when I am good and ready. He is probably the most obedient of all my subs, including my husband. He responds to my requests and has proven himself to be invaluable in ways which other subs wouldn't think of doing. If I ask him to Cam for me, even in a public forum, he will oblige dutifully (face obscured). He tells me if there are issues with a task which I set and then we work a way around it so that he can complete the task for me. Very rarely does he ask for something selfishly at least not without offering a trade off. 

Ms.Olive - He came breezing in, not really sure of what he wanted entirely and he shone! This is probably the first time a sub has impressed me off the bat. Usually I am very sceptical about newbies just using me for wanking fodder but this boy really understands things. He has also learned some very important lessons along the way, ones which I have tested since then and he has responded accordingly to my requests. He is also one of the few subs that understand the true meaning of tribute and it's actual D/s value. I'm not talking about the amount he spends but that it is necessary to maintain the balance of power between us and also his way of showing appreciation for me.

Yesmiss - My twitter find and probably the best thing to come from there. He is the most obedient sub I have but his submission runs much deeper than most Not only do I control his cock and his orgasms but I also pretty much control the rest of his life too, apart from work of course. He eats and drinks what and when I tell him, sleeps when I tell him, grooms how I tell him and also requests permission to pee. It may seem quite full on to some but so far we have found a good groove to follow and it makes our sessions so much fun. He looks after me with gifts and his full attention. He sits quietly and patiently (twitter hints aside lol) and he appreciates me in an appropriate way. By the way, I can't wait to go out for a meal, will be so much fun hahahaha. 


  1. Its lovely to see my name on the list but being able to serve you is reward enough for me.

    Must remember to hang the tea towel back up tho.

  2. Thank you Mistress for considering me.

  3. Thank you miss beth,

    It's an honnor to get a mention