SPH Wall

Well now then what do we have here? Ahhh yesss I have decided to make a wall especially for all of the boys with teeny weeny cocks. A place where you can come and feel right at home as you get humiliated and laughed at for the size of your pathetic penis.

All you need to do to enjoy such a pleasure is send me an Amazon gift voucher to the value of £10 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Amazon-co-uk-Gift-Card-Amazon-Boxes/dp/B004QGYU4G/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS?ie=UTF8&coliid=I3Q2ZCTICN7GLF&colid=3PKNM4CXZ6HQF

Then send me a picture of your miniscule member to beth_jennison@hotmail.co.uk along with your name and how big it is when it's hard and I shall post it here for all the world to see. If you can send a pic of it whilst it's hard then that would be even better, then we would all see just how really useless it is! I shall then write something under it so that you can see exactly what I think of it. Of course there will be a place for others to comment too and I suspect they will.

Do you dare find out what is really thought about your cock? Hahahaha your cock may be small but have you got big enough balls??

1) Ms. Olive
  Straight off the block I awake to find this unpleasant sight in my email inbox. I am so glad that I have zoom function on my iPhone as i really had quite a difficult time seeing what is supposed to be the main focus of the picture. The other thing i find incredibly funny is that Ms.Olive has tried to get perspective into the shot, trying to make it look bigger than it actually is hahahahaha, however Ms.Olive then found it necessary to point out to us all that it is indeed a clit!! Also in the attached email i have been reliably informed it is a measly 4 inches, haha oh dear oh dear. In all honesty I think I'd rather be fucked by the big toe in the picture, probably be a lot more useful than that poor excuse for a penis!
If you wish to leave a comment for this pic then please either state pic 1) or Ms.Olive.

2) Pathetic Pauline
Now some of you who have been here for quite some time will be aware of my sissy Pauline, I have been helping his wife to keep him locked up and out of her way. That poor woman had to contend with that teeny weeny making advances in her direction on a regular basis. What thing? Yes, I hear you, you have to get close to the screen but if you squint, just passed the metal rings, you will see something which should resemble a cock. Alas, someone forgot to finish the job when he was being created, must have been a cigarette break or something and as with all jobs when you return from a break you forget where you were up to and so I think they forgot it was supposed to be a man they were creating. Instead she has an ickle dicklet! Aww bless. Anyway, Sissy's wife is much happier these days as she only has to apply cream with her finger and thumb and that's that. Poor Pauline, not only has possibly the worlds smallest cock but he is also devoid of orgasms. I would feel sorry for it if it wasn't so god damned funny! Hahahaha.
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3) Ms. Olive
Well it seems as though someone is either very eager to impress or they can't stand being in competition with my beloved PP. Haha competition! What competition? This little dicklet is hard here, so even when erect it's not exactly impressive, in fact I'd say it's less than average wouldn't you? Ms.Olive followed an instruction which is something to be commended I guess and got them self to a ruined orgasm just to show off how pathetic it really is. I bet Olive has never had RSI wanking that thing, there's not enough room for much wrist action is there? The other thing I must point out here is that Ms.Olive did ruin the orgasm into that very glass so that his juice could be cleaned up appropriately, meaning it was swallowed. Are there no limits to which a clit dicked sub will go to try to prove his manhood in the absence of a decent sized appendage?
If you wish to leave a comment for this pic then please either state pic 3) or Ms.Olive.

4) Minnie
Look what we have here, well you could as long as you had a magnifying glass to hand. It seems as though this little wanker is offering himself up to me for a bit of humiliation and so he should with that thing! If Max means maximum then this is definitely a Minnie (minimum). Would it surprise you to know that this is a Virgin cocklet?? No?? hahahahaha is it any wonder? Another amusing thing about this maggot is the fact that he sucks his thumb!! Nothing weird there you say until you know he's 28yrs old! Well i suppose if no one is going to suck his little dicklet then he would have to console himself with his thumb being sucked. I also think  it looks like a Yeti has stumbled upon his crotch and left half of his fur behind lol. Another pathetic specimen for us all to poke fun at.
If you wish to leave a comment for this pic then please either state pic 4) or Minnie.

5) Inchy
Well what can one say about this then? Not a lot to be honest, at least not without bursting out laughing. This tiny specimen was found in the depths of twitter no less. It all started with feet and swiftly moved onto his little cocklet. The beauty (for the want of a better phrase) of this teeny weeny is that not only do you have the cock to laugh over but you have the monsterous bush that hides it to guffaw over. Perhaps it would look bigger/better with the forestry tamed or is that wishful thinking? Maybe it would look better/bigger when it's hard? We shall have to wait and see for that delight. Until then we shall just have to keep pressing the zoom button just to make sure that it's there.
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6) TicTac

This wonderful specimen appeared in my inbox just out of the blue. I was drinking a cup of tea at the time and I laughed so hard that some of my tea came out of my nose! I haven't spoken to this person much but instantly came up with the name TicTac as I think it is most fitting. He thinks he will die a virgin and I'm inclined to agree with him in the conventional sense lol. In all honesty this has to be the smallest one not just in length but also in girth that I have on my wall although the one above comes in close too. I shall have to investigate whether it can actually get hard or not. I shall also request a clip of him wanking, just for my own amusement naturally. However at least this penis knows that it will never be able to satisfy a woman with it and has reached the fabulous realisation that his place is just to serve a dominant woman however she see's fit while she is sexually satisfied elsewhere. Good to know he is deluded about his place in the grand scheme of things.
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7) Macperv
.Well boys and girls this is my beloved macperv in all his non glory. This came about from a recent task. Bizarrely I had not really seen his cock before and so when I opened my email and saw the pics I requested I was a tad shocked but also realised that this was the reason why it never took him long to cum, it certainly wouldn't need a lot of work would it? I guess it could have been bigger when he was younger and this may be the result from excessive wanking over ladies in Rain coats and welly boots. I guess this is something we shall never know.
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  1. At least I know I'm bigger than some now. If only slightly.

    Ms olive

  2. Not a bad size but a bloody ugly colour. Keep it locked lol. pic1

    1. Hahaha I like your thinking! I would really love to know who you are by the way.

  3. Which of your slaves has the smallest and most useless apology for a penis ?

    1. Oooooh now that is a tricky one to answer as they are all pretty small otherwise they wouldn't be here would they? However I guess in terms of uselessness I guess that award must go to the whining little sissy that goes by the name of Pathetic Pauline. His is that useless his wife no longer has a use for it and having seen the evidence on several occasions and from different perspectives I would have to agree with her decision.

  4. I just cant see why on earth she would want to let that piece of saggy skin out anyway !!!
    What possible use would it be to his wife ???

  5. Picture 7 is very small but it does seem to have more inside the skin than the useless cock seen in picture 2, thats just skin !!
    Surely he cant have sex with anyone with that ?

  6. I have to agree with the person above this is a skin flop of a man .
    As this has been on here a while has he got smaller
    since this photo ?
    It would be fun to see it or cant you contact him again ?

  7. LOL number 6 is clearly the smallest, that is so humiliating it looks like a newborns penis

  8. Just found your blog , interesting !!
    What use is no 2 to womankind ,those balls need removing !!
    Is that the best he can muster ? anymore photos ?
    Did you do the piercings to him ?

  9. No 2 looks like a slug !!
    What on earth is that able to do ?
    It should be locked away to save any dissapointment

  10. No 2 should be locked away by you Miss