All About Me

Some basic info for anyone who may be interested:

* I was a Beauty Therapist and qualified Masseuse
* I have just branched out into Pro Domination
* I am 5'6"
* Blonde hair (sadly highlighted that way these days)
* Blue/grey eyes
* I am a size 16/18 UK in clothes
* 38DD boobs
* Size 7/8 shoe depending on style
* My favourite colour is pink
* I love shoes, lingerie and corsets
* I have a husband and have been with him for quite some time, he is also my cameraman

My NEW website : although not much goes on publicly there I do have unlisted videos stored there for various boys. is my email if you want to contact me. a place I like to visit now and again. a new place I hang out.!/miss__beth   follow me on twitter

I got into BDSM when i met my husband about 3-4yrs ago. I have always been a dominant person and i truly believe that women are far superior to men, that does not mean that i hate men, in fact quite the contrary. I think men can be quite handy for some things in life, like changing a tyre when it's raining and i don't want to get wet (yes i can change my own tyre).

I feel that some boys, if left to their own devices can be a little like toddlers, lost and making noise for no reason at all. So i like to reign them in and show them where they are going wrong and teach them how to behave properly. Also show them the importance of respecting women, not just me but women in general. Don't forget that if it wasn't for us women, majority of you boys wouldn't have anything to wank over!

If there is anything else you would like to know then please do ask me, i wont bite xxx


  1. do you do an online slave service?

    your email adress does not seem to be working?

  2. the single most important person i know