Sunday, 6 October 2013

I want to play a little game ....

So the German boy stephan has been denied an orgasm for quite some time now and My husband has so far been one month since his last release. He knows his next release is not imminent as I have just purchased a nice new device for him which was ordered to be fitted as soon as it was opened. 

Anyway, sat at home this evening during him giving Me a foot massage, My husband asked when/if I would allow another orgasm? I told him how long stephan had been denied and told him that he had to try to beat this. 

So now My husband is in a quandary. Does he fight for stephan's release and therefore giving stephan the thing he himself craves the most, just so that he has a date to aim for? Also I would like to point out that stephan doesn't actually want to be allowed to cum for a while yet. 

Or does My husband keep stephan chaste so that he doesn't get the luxury of an orgasm but at the same time neither will he for a long time to come (no pun intended).

The decisions and struggles of a slave. Hahahaha. 

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