Friday, 18 October 2013

Birthday Time

That's right it's My birthday on the 26th of October, that's just 8 days from now and to say I'm excited is an under statement. 

I'm feeling charitable this year and have decided that I shall make it easy for you and all I want for My birthday off you are amazon gift vouchers or cash. Vouchers will be sent to

Make your pathetic worthless existence that little less pathetic and do something nice for Me instead of for yourself. You don't need that cash you worked so hard for anyway, you know you don't deserve it. If you're lucky and you include your name in your gift, I may even say thank you. However that only applies to those who really impress Me. 

What are you still doing here? Run along wallet wankers and money sluts and make this Goddess smile on Her special day. 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

I want to play a little game ....

So the German boy stephan has been denied an orgasm for quite some time now and My husband has so far been one month since his last release. He knows his next release is not imminent as I have just purchased a nice new device for him which was ordered to be fitted as soon as it was opened. 

Anyway, sat at home this evening during him giving Me a foot massage, My husband asked when/if I would allow another orgasm? I told him how long stephan had been denied and told him that he had to try to beat this. 

So now My husband is in a quandary. Does he fight for stephan's release and therefore giving stephan the thing he himself craves the most, just so that he has a date to aim for? Also I would like to point out that stephan doesn't actually want to be allowed to cum for a while yet. 

Or does My husband keep stephan chaste so that he doesn't get the luxury of an orgasm but at the same time neither will he for a long time to come (no pun intended).

The decisions and struggles of a slave. Hahahaha. 

So Much Crap, So Little Time! -- Thank God For The Good Ones

So over the last month or so things have been manic for Me and as a result I have closed the doors to My stable for a while to concentrate on those that matter in My life; My family and My boys, the ones who know how to serve Me and look after Me. I have no time for crap from wankers.

Now then onto those that matter, those that make Me smile every time I get an email. Stephan, Olive, Macperv and Yesmiss. Take a bow, just one though, don't want you getting delusions of grandeur lol. Where to start? Oh yes lets start with Olive, this little one flits in and out and that's the way we like it but when he's in I have so much fun keeping him denied and completing tasks to 'try' to reduce his chaste term. This time he has been denied for a whole month and was allowed to try suggest ways to shorten this and bring forward his orgasm date (see I do allow them occasionally).

He suggested that he completes a task which he has failed before, to go into a store and buy a nightshirt/dress. Now instead of just nipping into George @ASDA and buying a cheap nighty for a fiver, a cheap place where no one would have looked twice at him, he decided to try to impress Me and show Me that he did in fact have some balls. His suggestion was that I went online and at Ann Summers store and pick one out for him, so I did. The challenge was accepted and no more was said.

D-day arrived.
I sat, patiently wondering if he was in the store buying his sexy new bed attire.
Then I received an email.

Miss beth, 

I'm sorry, I just couldn't pluck up the courage to go into Ann summers today. 

I'm very sorry 

What a total non shocker. So another arrangement was made and this consisted of him being in full work uniform and having his long awaited orgasm in the loo of his work place and then eating the mess he makes. This had to be accompanied by photo's for My eyes only, however My inbox remained empty and then today he emailed to say that he couldn't do it blah blah blah. Obviously he wasn't as desperate as he was making out so I have added a few more days to his term, much to his total pleasure as you can imagine. His saga continues.....

Moving onto My lovely little macperv, the best naughty little school boy I know lol. I have been having enormous amounts of fun creeping into his house and spying on him when he hasn't been looking. No I don't mean cat burglar stylee, I mean via a remote CCTV set up that we have. It constantly runs and I have the codes to access it so can log in and take a peak at what naughty things he is up to and sneak out without him knowing, right up until he gets a text message or email from Me with either a photo of his misdemeanor or a description of what he has been caught doing.

Macperv has continued to be a good boy by completing his tasks to a high standard, one of which was to make a kinky Aa Bb Cc using photo's from the net and he even slipped a few photo's of himself in there to illustrate a few of the letters. I especially enjoyed Cc for chastity lol. We have also implemented wearing a chastity device into his everyday life, not entirely sure he enjoys it but I love it and that's what counts. He's also been on a little shopping spree for himself, at My request of course and has bought a lovely girls school dress, I won't reveal what it's for but he does look fantastic in it hahaha.

Although My time with Yesmiss has been scant this year he still remains at My feet, pleasing Me whenever he can. I understand his circumstances and knowing him for over a year now I know that his intentions are genuine and when he is able, he pleases Me immensely. There were plans for him to get time up in the North West to take Me out to dinner but sadly he didn't manage to get close enough. As I said to him, the time will present itself when it is right.

I was going to write a little about stephan here but I have now decided that he should have a post of his own so that is what I shall do next.

These boys have continued to make Me happy, even when failing at tasks set. The effort alone from these few has been immense and sometimes that's all it takes to make Me happy, show Me that you are genuine by making an effort. Of course they have all paid their fines/fees and given some fabulous gifts also which of course makes Me smile even more!!

Keep up the good work My boys xx