Tuesday, 6 August 2013

You Work For Me

It has taken My current money slut a while to come to this realisation but that's just the way this works. Your reward is being allowed to tribute Me, serve Me. It is a very privileged position to be able to do this, yes I am very discerning and no I don't allow just anyone to kneel before Me.

I am tired of repeating Myself on this matter.

This does not only apply to Financial Domination but to any kind of Domination that I offer. If I don't like you or what you are about then you can rest assured that I will not be allowing you anywhere near Me. I have so many decent boys that serve Me or are waiting to serve Me so why would I accept the crap that half of you morons try to pass of as acceptable?

No I do not always plaster everything all over the internet and that is mainly because I personally find it boring to read and even if it turns you on to read it why would I change the way I am just to suit you? After all many of you are still under the illusion that you have control of the 'relationship' just because you claim you have cash or the qualities that I am looking for in a boy. Oh how pathetically naive of you. At one time it was laughable, now it's just plain boring.

As you will know if you have read past blog pieces of mine, I don't care how much money you have or how much you feel you want/need to give Me, if you try to control the situation you will either not be allowed in or kicked out immediately if you are already kneeling before Me. Someone, last night, very foolishly uttered the words "Yep got to earn your money Miss Beth". Now some of you reading this will probably think that there is nothing wrong with that statement but when I tell you it was in relation to him serving Me and My dear friend Miss Tillysue on a pay-as-you-go basis and at a mere £30 a go, you may have a slightly different view on it. If you don't then you do not understand a word I have just written so probably one of those I wouldn't ever bother with.

Right now I have taken a day off at the expense of My money slut, he is making up My shortfall on My wage and all the while he is out there working hard for Me. Just as it should be. Now before you think that all I do is take take take, I do give back when I feel it is deserved. Money slut has just had a few clips made for him, not only do they get his pulse racing and his cock twitching but they enforce who he works for and why he is so privileged.

Another noteworthy boy right now is slave/sissy S. Even though he is on holiday he is still serving Me. He emails daily and tells Me how much he misses Me and follows this up with proof of his worship and devotion. We have agreements in place that I will not encroach on his holiday time but he still emails Me etc. This shows to Me just how serious he is and he is well on his way to being owned by Me, although he still has a fair bit of work to do yet.

I do like to keep tabs on the more interesting boys that find themselves in the lucky position to serve Me and so last night My little macperv installed watchbot in his home so that I can view him and ensure that he is doing just as I order. Of course we have our own agreements on it's use and that is not for public consumption but it will enable Me to ensure particular orders are carried out just as I have asked. It does add a definite element of excitement and also an extension of My control over him.

Ms.Olive has also been a good boy as usual and knows just how to please and amuse Me enough to keep him in his privileged position. One of his finest moments of late was sending Me a gift voucher for an acceptable amount and then after a couple of weeks being allowed to orgasm as long as he did it onto a plate and then recorded himself licking the plate clean.

So as you can see I only allow genuine boys to serve Me, if you think you have what it takes then get in touch and I may be able to find a position for you, however do not get too upset if our opinions of your qualities differ. So to all the time wasters, top-from-the-bottomers and wankers I say to you:

Try harder and keep crawling, you may get noticed eventually.

Miss Beth xx