Sunday, 21 July 2013

Slave/Sissy S

This boy just gets better and better. There's no other way to put it.

He makes Me so proud on a daily basis, he knows where he ranks in My life and he is happy with that and he never puts any pressure on Me to respond like a performing seal. This is real for him and it's only geography stopping that being 100% true. However in time arrangements will be made and that will be overcome in some form or another.

He is currently under consideration for ownership by Me but this as he understands, is a long process. As you will know if you have read older posts, ownership is not something I take lightly and in all honesty I wasn't even looking to own anyone else apart from My husband, however things with our relationship are making a nice natural progression in this direction.

He never gives Me any grief or resistance and I never have to ask him to show his devotion to Me, he does that anyway as a matter of course. I give him tasks and he never questions why he has to do these things, he just does them as soon as he can and his cock getting hard in the process is secondary to what he is doing. This isn't just wanking fodder to him and his blunt honesty is refreshing. No one can perform 24/7, 365 it's tiring and fake and not what either of us want.

He just makes Me happy and proud.

One of the best photo's he has taken for Me so far is this one:
The reason I love this photo is because when I have asked boys in the past to do this as punishment the efforts have been piss poor to say the least but he really understood the fact that he needed to be punished and he carried this out exactly as I would have done it Myself. Not only did this picture and his efforts impress Me but my god did they make me happy!

This last week we have been discussing what kinds of toys and equipment he has and we have ventured into him wearing his collar upon entering his home. Then on Friday when he had to drive back to his hometown I ordered him to pack up his belongings with it on. Slave S impressed Me further by emailing Me a photo of him outside of his apartment with his collar on. We had discussed public humiliation and I didn't want to cross a boundary so this was a pleasant surprise to Me. I then received another email a little later saying that he was making the journey home wearing it!
How smart does he look in his shirt and collar?

I have also had him cleaning the floor on his hands and knees, naked:

Had him sitting on the floor, naked apart from his collar to eat his lunch which consisted of delicious bread and water:
He was enjoying this far too much I think lol

Part of his daily routine has also included taking a cold shower as soon as he returns home from work, well I am thinking about his well being in this heat! And of course we have sissy Wednesday where slave s becomes sissy s and behaves as a sissy should, all day:
Part of sissy s attire for the day.

So as you can see, he keeps Me very happy and I keep him under control including his orgasms. August 9th I think is when I told him I shall consider allowing him to have one. Of course he knows only too well that this may not happen and the next step for us is for him to buy a chastity device to wear during the week.

Slave/sissy S, I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work!

Desperation Smells Like Olives!!

Hahaha poor desperate olive is really hanging out for an orgasm. The sad thing is I don't think it's even been a month, that's just how desperate he really is. He's been whining on about how he can take a day off his week long goal, yeah I know! So he has had a series of tasks to complete and so far so good however some of his photo's haven't really been up to par and this is a detrimental part of his task.

I have had him wearing panties every day, edging his cock close to orgasm, pegs on his nipples and even had him tying his balls up nice and tight. However in his vain hope to impress Me and reduce his sentence he went to a public loo stripped off to bra, panties and tights and took a photo. The picture was less than impressive so hasn't actually removed a day but it was fun knowing that he was sweating it out in a public loo somewhere.

Quite pathetic isn't it?