Friday, 28 June 2013

My Sissy Maid F - The Beginning

So for quite some time I have been gathering things together for My husband (wife, thank you Bella) to become My sissy maid. Some of you may recall a post about his desire to do this and My trepidation to help him. Firstly I want to clarify that I have no problem with Sissy Maids or FeMales but whatI have had to deal with is discovering with My husband his desire to become a sissy maid on the odd occasion.

We knew kink before we met each other but neither of us had acted on it before we became a partnership. Discovering this fantastic world together has been an awesome experience and yes I/we do feel lucky to have found each other to do this. So during our time together he has always been My slave and when he mentioned the sissy maid desire to Me I was slightly confused.

We discussed it at length (I will not go into detail about that) and boundaries were made and agreed upon and so it was decided that this will not be replacing My #1 slave but it will be another persona he can adopt at particular times of My choosing and mutual agreement.

I decided My maid should be a classy one, one which could serve Me at events and serve Me properly and correctly. My slave is someone who is there for entertainment so My maid would not be. So I decided I wanted nothing revealing for his outfit, everything should be covered and I/he had no desire to have boobs so that was taken into account also.

I found the perfect place to have his uniform custom maid as finding something suitable for a 6'4" sissy maid is no easy task. All the measurements were sent off to Cosplay and 6 weeks later it arrived! Immediately I told him to strip and try it on. To see My slave, My husband in a dress was something quite hard for Me to come to terms with. I am not going to lie and make Myself sound so perfect, it did bother Me to begin with and I nearly threw it in the bin.

Several weeks passed and I broached the subject again with him, I told him that I needed to be in control of this all the way. He was allowed to voice an opinion but I would have the final say in everything, even down to the tights he wore. He agreed to this and could understand My feelings. So I got back online and took the bull by the horns and picked his entire outfit.

  • Underskirts
  • French knickers
  • Camisole top
  • Tights
  • Earrings
  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Wig
  • Makeup
The last one I wavered on for a few days wondering if I was doing the right thing? I have only ever seen My husband as a man, I'm not a Domme that see's submission as a form of weakness or a slur against masculinity but for some reason I was having an issue with him wearing makeup. Judge Me all you like but My feelings are My own, no matter how fucked up they may seem to others.

So gradually the parcels arrived and I laid them out in My bedroom so I could get a picture forming of what My maid would look like. Finally it was all there, waiting to be used, all we needed now was the time and space to take that first step into the unknown. Then of course life happened. Holidays. Sick family. Jobs etc and all the time his excitement and My curiosity grew.

Then to last Sunday, I woke him after 3hrs sleep from coming off the night shift. We were alone and My mind was ready. This was it. I woke him, gave him his french knickers, camisole top and tights and told him we needed to go to town to do some shopping and he had to wear this under his regular clothes. He smiled so much and immediately thanked Me.

Shopping was fun and when we returned I took him upstairs and produced his dress. He looked at Me and asked Me if I was sure? I told him he should know Me well enough by now and that if I wasn't, we wouldn't be doing it.

I dressed him Myself as I wanted it to be perfect and all under My steam. Underwear, underskirts, dress, shoes and wig were applied and he looked OK, however I knew then that the makeup was a must. Wig removed and her kneeling before Me I applied just a light makeup, enough to finish the look but less than a drag queen would wear.

I stood back and looked at My creation and instantly a smile spread across My face and it just happened naturally. I knew right there that what I had helped create was something I was actually extremely happy with. Without a word she curtsied before Me and I felt so proud.

I took her downstairs and started on her training immediately; how she should walk, stand, curtsy, greet Me and how she should sit if she is invited to. Then I set her to work cooking dinner and removing My nail polish off My toes.

As she sat there tending to My needs I couldn't help but feel oh so excited and I can't explain why, all I know is that it felt fabulous and it made Me happy. I looked to her and she looked happy also.

So without further ado I present to you My sissy maid Fanny:

 Perfectly presented Fanny

 We need to work on that curtsey!

Straight to work


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  2. fanny could become a role model :)