Sunday, 12 May 2013

My SissyMaid Slave

My husband has been my 24/7 slave for just over 18 months now, prior to this we used to dip in and out of his role as and when it fitted in with our lifestyle. After a while of doing this we discovered that we would be able to make it work as a permanent fixture without it being incredibly obvious to those that didn't need to know.

Attending events like this also became a lot easier for him, as he really is one of the shyest people I know. Maintaining this role 24/7 eventually made it nothing out of the ordinary, as if it was something that had always been. Before this transition he would get incredibly nervous about going to a club or event in his slave role as obviously it kind of laid him bare and he didn't know how to deal with it. Sadly people mistake his quietness for ignorance and that is something we have spent a lot of time on.

Over time this has become second nature to him and a role that he thoroughly enjoys in every way. However recently we attended a FemDom event with people we have known for a while and also with others he didn't know. I say he, as I usually have to attend events alone as he works nights over the weekend. Now this event called for boys to be dressed like sissy's and they also had to bake something to bring along to be judged. This itinerary for the evening amused me no end as I knew he would be out of his comfort zone, the one that he had struggled to achieve for so long.

So upon reading the instructions for inferiors attendance I immediately set to work with the mind games (something which I enjoy immensely). First I just told him about what was expected of him and instantly he began to crumble. Slowly I piled on the pressure by choosing his outfit for him; a corset with skirt, fishnet tights, bolero jacket, black wig and full make up. He was so nervous.

The final turn of the screw was when I told him that he would have to make the hour long journey dressed like a sissy so he had better pray that the car didn't break down on the motorway hahaha. Come the evening of the event he was a nervous wreck which of course I had to punish him for. 

We arrived there, home made quiche in his shaking hands and he was plunged into the scene immediately. Bizarrely he wasn't as nervous as he thought he would be and when he saw all the immaculately dressed sissy maids around him he admitted to being a little jealous. This was a side to him that had never before been shown. He sat and watched as the other maids worked together to serve drinks and food to their Dominants and whispered to me that he wanted to be a part of 'that'.

So two months on he is now at the start of another new journey and actually is a pretty big journey for me too. I have spent a good amount of money ensuring that his uniform is perfect, his custom made dress is just perfect and all I am waiting on to be delivered are two underskirts  and a pair of shoes, the rest of his ensemble is just waiting to be used.

Now I know a few people are wondering why I have bought his uniform and the answer is simple; I want perfection. He will be a direct reflection of Me when we attend any similar events and I needed to be sure that everything is just as I want it. If I had asked him to purchase it, it would mean that we would have to compromise on items and that wasn't an option. I earn more than him you see and the way I see it is this will be an investment and one he will pay back to me in other ways.

Oh and just so I don't keep you all wondering his quiche came 2nd but he was told if there was a winner for each sweet and savoury bake, he would have come 1st too. He was a very happy maid that night.


  1. Miss Beth - I very much enjoyed reading your latest blog. I am very envious of your hubby's descent into his role in life.
    As somebody who has yearnings but lives a very vanilla life I am quite jeleaous.
    Keep up the blog its fab.

  2. I have served my wife since we met. She says the same thing about me being a reflection of her. I am always mindful of that, ma'am.