Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Common Mistake

This post is probably one for the newbies out there and it was spawned from recent events with a new online slave.

He came to me as a finsub, never been into it properly before and although it hasn't been said, I suspect he tributed a 19yr old somewhere before and she didn't really know what she was doing but took the money anyway. I'm not talking about that situation, to each their own. However he did come to me with this rudimentary feeling of enjoying the thought of handing cash over to someone he didn't know. He told me he wasn't a submissive person and that he had a well to do job, one in which he was very much in control.

Anyway not going into that relationship too much right now as that will come at a later date but suffice to say that during this last 6 weeks I think it is, he has developed this surprising feelings of submission towards me, which is fantastic. It has been and still is a very big learning curve for him and today was another of those examples. Today I gave him the task to do something nice for his wife and then when he had he should email me with details of what he had done.

An hour ago I received an email telling me how he had taken the washing out and hung it and then brought it back in, cleaned the kitchen after his Sunday lunch, poured his wife a glass of wine and then loaded and unloaded the dishwasher. Now the more seasoned of you will immediately pick up on his school boy error, however for those less aware I shall point it out in plain English.

I told him he was a good boy for looking after his wife and seeing to it that her glass was full and he had met her needs in this instance, however as far as the rest of his jobs that he had done I couldn't really praise him too much as they weren't really for Her. I assured him he wasn't in trouble and that I was pleased that he didn't just sit on his arse whilst she ran around and did everything but those things weren't for her, they were contributing to the running of the household, the household that he was a part of.

Once I had explained this to him fully he completely understood without feeling pissed off that his efforts weren't enough and told me he would rectify the situation.

I currently await his latest email.

Friday, 29 March 2013

I Am Trying To Grow

Today I attended a private gathering where photography was the name of the game. I had been looking forward to this for quite some time and had deliberated a lot over the outfits and props that I wanted to take to be used. I was also looking forward to the fact that I would get chance to pose for a few snaps with my best friend and partner in sublime crime Miss Tillysue.

We arrived and stood around chatting for an hour before any kind of activity took place which was nice I think as it allowed us all to relax that little bit more. Another lady stepped up first and away she went with a couple of 'snappers' and the posing began. Not wanting to encroach on her time and privacy I decided to go and get changed with Miss Tillysue whilst we waited our turn. I decided that to start with I would wear my new latex skirt and pale pink corset thinking I would use another outfit after that if we had time.

I honestly had no idea about what the format of the day was and was actually really happy to just be there laughing with friends. I will say right now that I was using this day as a form of therapy. I hate having my picture taken, hate it with a passion and will usually do anything to get away from a camera. The pics that you see of me floating around online are usually a result of taking about 100 shots just to find one that I am even half happy with. I know we are all a little like that apart from the narcissistic among us but for me this was a really big deal however I didn't know just how big a deal until later.

My grandfather was a professional photographer and took pictures ranging from weddings to landscapes, family portraits to nudes and I will never forget him saying to me one day "You're really not a photogenic person are you"? I think I was 9 at the time. Then this coupled with the fabulous relationship I had with my ex (detect sarcasm) and all the glowing compliments he used to give me on a daily basis (there's that sarcasm again) I had quite a negative hurdle to get over but I was determined that I would get over it.

Our turn came and Miss Tilly took to the floor like a natural, eventually I made my way to be at her side and the paparazzi appeared lol. I hadn't a clue on the kind of photo I wanted taking, I was just looking for them to be relatively flattering, see I am easy to please. Flashes were going off all over the place and it was hard to know where to look, I also couldn't help but keep laughing which was annoying some people and I do understand why.

Trying to regain my composure whilst taking direction as well as desperately trying not to look like a total gimp we soldiered on in different poses and was glad of a brief interlude whilst they snapped Miss Tilly solo for a few minutes. Eventually they were done with us and we left the studio area. I was so glad to be done yet also anxious to see what the pics would turn out like so within a few mins laptops were open and shots were being downloaded.

Miss Tilly's boy and another snapper showed us the pics they had captured and my heart actually sank for the most part of the viewings. There were a couple of close up shots that I liked but on the whole I felt bad for Miss Tilly as I felt I was ruining them for her. I couldn't concentrate on anything good in the pics, all I could see were the flaws in my appearance, not just my outfit but also my physique and facial expressions. I have no idea what kind of pics the other two photographers managed to get and I'm not entirely sure I want to know.

Now before you jump to conclusions, I'm not fishing for compliments, I wouldn't take them very easily if you did, the reason for this post is to show that even though I am a Dominant and I know that I am bloody good at what I do, I want to remind you that I am human being and not infallible. I do have my own insecurities and whacking great big ones at that BUT I am trying to learn to get over that and hopefully the more I throw myself into these situations the easier they will get. So here's to the next photo shoot, perhaps it will turn out better for me personally.

Myself and Miss Tilly
Photo taken at MARS by James Smith @JNS Photography

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Event Boy/s Needed

My boy has got himself a night shift job which sadly means that he will be working Saturday nights, so I shall be looking for a boy to go to events with me. Most but not all, events will be at MARS so someone local to me (Cheshire) would be ideal for such occasions.

If you wish to come with me to an event you will be required to drive me wherever it is I want to go and also obviously drive me home whenever I request it. You will then be at MY side for the whole evening at the event. Things can be discussed in more detail as and when required. I will not be giving out my home address so don't bother asking, the correct applicant will get all the info they need.

I don't have anything planned for the next few weeks but if you would like to be considered for this role then please email me at with a kind of CV and a copy of your driving licence so that I can check that it's clean. Also those with experience in this area and those that have no ties will be considered before anyone else.

You should also note that this offer does NOT include sex of any kind. This is NOT a date, I am NOT your fantasy girlfriend. You will be there to serve me and that is all.

So if still appeals to you, email me and we can possibly chat.

Total Enclosure at M.A.R.S.

I have had the best night in a looooong time and have discovered the wonder that is RUBBER!!

Total Enclosure was my first dip into the rubber scene and I can honestly say I've never laughed so much in all my life. What is it with Rubber boys? They are so friendly, polite and funny. I have no idea how it happened but I helped to get someone into a rubber sleep sack which had internal sleeves in it and then after he was donned with a gas mask mask, MissTilly and I began to 'torture' him lol. I use the word torture very loosely as he didn't put up much resistance and thanked us after he was let free.

I also discovered that I want a rubber puppy! I was fortunate enough to play with a good little pup called Dylan and his rubbery wagging tail was just so cute, I honestly wanted to take him home. Playing with him, throwing his ball, rubbing his ears and tickling his belly was just so much fun, next time I shall  remember to take treats for his good behaviour lol.

Among all of this fun and hilarity we had to break off for even more fun and hilarity, in the form of making a video clip for YouTube. Yes that's right we jumped on that Harlem Shake bandwagon. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it:

M.A.R.S Harlem Shake

My advice is this; if you like to have fun, laugh a lot, love rubber and also want to get really kinky, come and visit with us all at M.A.R.S