Tuesday, 26 February 2013

**NEW EVENT** Interrogation Tuesday 22.3.13

 - Have you ever wanted to explore interrogation?

 - Do you yearn to be tortured and mind fucked to the point you'll do anything to make it stop?

 - Think you can outlast an interrogation scenario?

Well time to find out and put your money where your mouth is boys and girls.

Imagine yourself frog marched into an unknown room full of all manner of implements to aide us in extracting the information we are looking for. Then imagine being tied down or up, blindfolded or possibly hooded ensuring you are completely vulnerable and helpless whilst we use whatever means necessary to get you to tell us what we want to hear.

Pain is obviously on the cards, so if you don't enjoy it this probably isn't for you. However, if you do want to experience this type of scenario and don't have a penchant for pain then we can always use other ways to get that tongue of yours flapping.

Hard limits will be adhered to and can be discussed via email but you must remember that once the session begins all bets are off and we will do whatever We want to get what We want from you!

The session will last up to 1hr during which you will have the undivided attention of Myself and MissTillysue whether you really want it or not.

Tribute is £50 which includes a £20 deposit.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Q. What Is A Slave?

So I have looked this word up on a few online dictionary sites and these are the things I found:

  •  One bound in servitude as the property of a person or household.
  •  One who is abjectly subservient to a specified person or influence
  •  One who works extremely hard.
  •  To work very hard or doggedly; toil.
  •  A person who is the property of and wholly subject to         another.
  •  A person entirely under the domination of some influence or person.
Now the reason I have written this is because I need people to be sure of the words they are bandying about. I get tired of people emailing me telling me they either are a slave or that they want to be my slave. 

I shall briefly add here that I do not require another slave, I have one personal slave (my husband) and one that I have at my disposal for my entertainment (smiler).

Now that I have that covered I shall move on. This is how I would describe a slave:

A slave is not someone who puts themselves first or only chooses to be a slave when they have a spare 5 minutes to kill. 
A slave is someone who will be at my beck and call for whatever purpose I see fit. This will also include doing things that you wouldn't normally necessarily do or enjoy (barring anything on a hard limit list). 
A slave is someone who strives to keep their owner/Mistress/Master happy no matter what it takes. 
A slave never sits idle whilst there are things that need to be done. 
A slave never complains and if they do they know the consequences and accept them.

So now that you have read this, can you honestly say that this is you? I'd be willing to bet that 80% of you who think you are slaves now actually know that you're not. It's perfectly ok to not be a slave, but please stop telling people you are.

In conclusion to Q. What is a slave?

                         A. My husband (and one of the best he is too).


M.A.R.S stands for The Manchester Alternative Rooms. However the people who run it stand for fairness and equality for all of it's members.

There's so much I can say about this place I don't know where to begin. So I guess we should start with the people who run it; The Rubber Domme (Evi), Royalle (Andy) and Bad Pablo (Paul). I have to say that they are the most friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable people I have ever met. As the name would suggest The Rubber Domme is a complete rubberist, what that lady doesn't know about the fetish isn't worth knowing. Royalle who is Evi's partner has photography listed in his talents and a bloody good photographer he is too. Then Bad Pablo is also part of the brains of the outift, again a friendly and helpful person if not a little shy at first.

As soon as you walk into the place you feel welcomed and part of their 'family'. They do not leave anyone out so if you come alone then you'll not be left sitting in the corner bewildered, Evi will make it her place to come and chat with you and introduce you to other attendees if they've not already done so themselves. As it is a members only club you don't tend to get that cliquishness that you can find at other clubs and gatherings, everyone talks to everyone else.

Sadly because of the success of the place others have seen fit to try to bring them down but that's all they can do, try. Apparently because there is an eclectic mix of people who attend M.A.R.S others have decided that this is a bad thing They cater for everyone and everything. A broad spectrum of fetishes are accepted, nay promoted here including medical play, pet play, littlies and of course rubber to name but a few. They constantly hold events catering for everyone's tastes and needs so there is always something to go to.

They don't just hold play events either, they also hold educational events. Those of you who are considering going into a fetish can attend an event and be taught things pertinent to that fetish, your lack of knowledge will not be laughed at in fact quite the opposite, they will actively ensure you leave with answers to all your questions.

The venue itself is perfect and the way they have used the space is amazing. It isn't a massive amount a space they have but it's laid out in such a way that they manage to accommodate some big essential pieces of equipment and yet when you play you don't feel like you're paying on top of one another. The decor is not the usual red and black but more the industrial feel, it works really well with all of the black rubber equipment.

As soon as you enter the building you are in the lounge area which does exactly what it says on the tin. Tables and chairs make up majority of this space along side some all important lockers. Also off this area is the toilet, kitchen (where the famous toasties are made) and a well equipped medical play room. Not only is this stocked with all manner of equipment but it also doubles as a changing room.

Off to the right of the lounge area is a small room known as the rubber room and boy is it rubbery lol. All manner of rubber paraphernalia from hoods to gas masks and everything in between. Opposite this room is a  set of stairs which lead down into the main play area which houses an A frame, a spanking bench, an inversion table and an inflatable rubber bed. I've not had chance to use all of this equipment myself yet but I have seen each piece being used and its fabulous.

The whole place is well maintained with fabulous decor and above all is spotlessly clean!! The hosts couldn't be more attentive if they tried and you just feel so welcome from start of the visit until they personally show you out of the venue at the end.

So in summary if you live in or around Manchester and you want to make some great new friends in a welcoming environment and indulge yourself in your chosen fetish then I can highly recommend that you join the family, in fact I urge you to join. It is a non profit organisation and any money for event entries and memberships is ploughed straight back into the venue so that we as members can experience up to the minute equipment in fabulous surroundings. They also raise money for a chosen few charities.

Further details of much of what i have mentioned can be found on the M.A.R.S website

Hope to see you there soon :)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Week In Pictures

My boys have been working hard this week with all the tasks that I have set them, all of them have completely impressed me. So right here right now I will say a big thank you to Puppetboy, Little Jolly, Yesmiss, Smiler and Drew. Ms.Olive had an indiscretion but after punishment all is back at status quo.
Ms.Olive couldn't keep his filthy hands of his thimble and disgraced himself before his allotted date so this was part of his punishment. Pathetic isn't he?

Then Little Jolly was given a task, sadly I missed out on seeing it live as I was detained but he documented it well with the following pics.
LJ was given the task of coating his balls in Tobasco sauce which ended up being Peri Peri sauce but lets not split hairs. Then whilst the sauce worked its tingly magic I wanted him to counter that pain by trapping his cock under something heavy for as long as he could. Yes its that bit of skin under the coffee table leg and he left it there for about 30mins I think. After that he asked if he could wash the sauce off, knowing the outcome of this (thanks to puppetboys previous experiment) I agreed. Yeah, it stung even more then lol.

Next puppetboy came under fire with a couple of tasks. The first one was to experiment with various substances ie toothpaste, tobasco sauce, mustard to see which had a nicer effect if you will. He completed this task to a fine standard and as a reward I gave him a quick task to see how much weight he could hang off his balls.
He began with a trainer, followed by a clock (inspiration for that one taken from Viz apparently), then followed it up with a bottle of milk and lastly stretching himself with the works of Shakespeare. Its not only the completion of the task that amuses me but also the way he writes his reports up.

Lastly Smiler was asked to see if he could compete in the weight contest and the boy done good! Having had experience with such things before I didn't doubt for one second that he would fail me and he didn't.
As I said he really impressed me with this, the first picture shows 5lbs hanging there and the second was 10lbs. He did confess to only being able to keep the 10lb there for the length off the shot lol and I can't say as I blame him. Bravo smiler, bravo.

The last of my boys to entertain me well this week is yesmiss. His tasks are not so much pictorial as his relationship with me is a little deeper in as much as I control certain aspects of his life.
He knows how much I love to see this muscley man being reduced to a little boy by wearing briefs. 

Lastly I have been treated very well this week by my boys including a wanker who likes to try his hand at chastity whom I shall call Si. I've taken delivery of some fabulous items and I couldn't wait to thank my boys and show the gifts off.
I've had a gorgeous PVC catsuit, fabulously shiny shoes, a lovely quilted jacket and a pair of glasses, a beautiful pair of soft leather gloves, new nail extensions (at long last) and a perfect necklace.

Well done boys you have pleased me no end this week with all the tasks you've undertaken, the way you completed them and the spirit in which you did them for me and lastly with the gifts that you have sent me. I appreciate each and everyone of you. You lot are what makes this so worth while.

A Change To How I Work

Some of the more eagle eyed of you may have noticed that my phone number has been removed from my  website this is because I have decided that I will not just session with anyone.

Business suicide I hear you say. Possibly. However I have become so annoyed with the amount of people who book sessions and don't turn up, who ring me and I have to put the phone down because they're wanking and idiots who get aggressive via text because I ignore their messages. 

It's not that I am being snobbish but more that I am looking after myself. After all I have to feel safe and happy during a session and a couple of times I have not been entirely happy. This mentality of people thinking that if they throw money at me, entitles them to tell me what I have to do for them is very wrong and very sad. Yes I am here to provide a service but the details of my services are clearly outlined both here and in my website.

I absolutely love what I do and so this is a way of me making sure that this continues. So those of you who have read what I do offer, read a bit about me and want to session with me then all you have to do is email me at beth_jennison@hotmail.co.uk and we can perhaps go from there. Emails with cock pics attached (without me requesting it) will not be replied to. The only things I want to do with your cock is tell you how small/useless it is, hurt it or lock it up!

The only times I will be offering sessions without prior contact is when I co host Slave Labour Camp or when I am available for Double Domme sessions with my best friend and fantastic Mistress, Miss Tillysue.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Shopping With Smiler

Today has been a very interesting day, one which has made me very happy for a number of reasons; my faith in online submissives has been restored (for now) and I have been completely entertained..

This afternoon I spent two hours with my new slave smiler, during this time we chatted a lot and got to know a bit about one another and also had a little shopping trip to a well know sex toy retailers.

Our meeting began in the car park, how glamorous I hear you say, well I wanted to make sure he actually turned up and didn't do a runner lol. He walked through the cars and I instantly knew it was him because of the quilted jacket he wore (a thing he has a penchant for), he looked like a rabbit in headlights until I smiled at him, then he smiled back. The smiling is something we are working on, hence his name.

After a quick hello and a reassuring hug I took his hand and up the escalators we went, into the Mall. It wasn't as busy as I expected and we took a quick tour around the shops dipping into my own personal Mecca 'Funky Dory' shoe shop. It really is an Aladdins  cave of sparkly, weird and wonderful shoes. Not wanting to get myself into debt we left after a brief look and continued our walk and chat. He was very open and honest with me about a lot of personal details and I felt like the trust was building between us.

We stopped for coffee at Starbucks (I don't care about the tax thing, they make nice coffee) and sat for about 40mins and talked some more. Wants and needs on both sides were outlined and limits were discussed and the subject of ownership was also talked about as something he could aim for. Smiler had been owned before and knew it wasn't just something you said when you wanted a quick wank. We had a laugh together which is very important to me in this kind of lifestyle, there's a time and a place for seriousness but I really can't be doing with too much of that. Just because we were openly chatting and laughing doesn't mean he was being disrespectful in any way.

Once we had finished our drinks and suitably embarrassed the couple next to us with our talks of floggings, D/s relationships and getting a glimpse of the fishnets I ordered him to wear beneath his jeans, we ventured on to the shop where smiler would make his needed purchases and entertain me at the same time.

Instantly the shop assistant walked over to see if we needed help and I politely told her no although I so wanted to ask what outfits they had in smiler's size lol. This would have been a breach of trust so I kept my mouth firmly shut. Instead we milled around the shop looking at everything in stock and chatting about the products on offer and then we happened across the dressing up outfits, instantly my eye was drawn toward the pink masseuse dress and then a nurses outfit and after a brief discreet sizing up we headed for the changing room.

The assistant came and asked if I wanted to try them on and I told it wasn't me but him that was trying them on. I think about at that moment I heard his heart beat a little faster accompanied by his nervous laugh. I ushered him to the room and told him to open the door when he was in the first outfit, I had to get pics of course!

After a moment of me hanging around the changing room like a perv (no comment necessary here) the door opened and I was greeted with this beautiful site:

After a brief inspection and a quick photo I told him to change into the other outfit and open the door to let me know he was done. Whilst I stepped back out into the shop the assistant came and found me and told me that if he required them, they also stocked the knee length socks that went with the outfit hahahahaha!!

I walked back to the changing room area and shouted "are you ok in there boy"? A quiet "yes Miss" was the reply I got just as the woman in the next cubicle came out and smiled at me. I was by now laughing my ass off and then the door tentatively opened again to reveal:

This time I entered the room and shut the door behind me. i then told him to turn around so that I could see what his ass looked like in this outfit, quite spankable it turns out. I them stood behind him and asked him how he felt? "Humiliated Miss" was his barely audible reply. I laughed and turned him around and observed that was exactly what he liked and playfully slapped his face. Then I ordered him to thank me properly for making all this happen and immediately, in his pink dress and fishnets, he got down on his hands and knees and proceeded to kiss my boots, much to my delight and satisfaction.

After a few minutes alone to get changed back into his normal clothes he met me on the shop floor and we began to peruse the anal toy selection and after much deliberation about his virginity and lack of experience, yet willingness to explore, we decided he should purchase some anal beads and a bottle of lube. I then picked up a very naughty calender for my own personal use and we headed to the checkout.

His task was complete and I'm sure not a moment too soon for smiler. I congratulated him on his behaviour and the fact that he did everything that was asked of him, he didn't even flinch when I threatened to make him read the Fifty Shades trilogy lol. I checked that he was happy and he confirmed he was and with that we headed back out to the car park.