Friday, 18 October 2013

Birthday Time

That's right it's My birthday on the 26th of October, that's just 8 days from now and to say I'm excited is an under statement. 

I'm feeling charitable this year and have decided that I shall make it easy for you and all I want for My birthday off you are amazon gift vouchers or cash. Vouchers will be sent to

Make your pathetic worthless existence that little less pathetic and do something nice for Me instead of for yourself. You don't need that cash you worked so hard for anyway, you know you don't deserve it. If you're lucky and you include your name in your gift, I may even say thank you. However that only applies to those who really impress Me. 

What are you still doing here? Run along wallet wankers and money sluts and make this Goddess smile on Her special day. 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

I want to play a little game ....

So the German boy stephan has been denied an orgasm for quite some time now and My husband has so far been one month since his last release. He knows his next release is not imminent as I have just purchased a nice new device for him which was ordered to be fitted as soon as it was opened. 

Anyway, sat at home this evening during him giving Me a foot massage, My husband asked when/if I would allow another orgasm? I told him how long stephan had been denied and told him that he had to try to beat this. 

So now My husband is in a quandary. Does he fight for stephan's release and therefore giving stephan the thing he himself craves the most, just so that he has a date to aim for? Also I would like to point out that stephan doesn't actually want to be allowed to cum for a while yet. 

Or does My husband keep stephan chaste so that he doesn't get the luxury of an orgasm but at the same time neither will he for a long time to come (no pun intended).

The decisions and struggles of a slave. Hahahaha. 

So Much Crap, So Little Time! -- Thank God For The Good Ones

So over the last month or so things have been manic for Me and as a result I have closed the doors to My stable for a while to concentrate on those that matter in My life; My family and My boys, the ones who know how to serve Me and look after Me. I have no time for crap from wankers.

Now then onto those that matter, those that make Me smile every time I get an email. Stephan, Olive, Macperv and Yesmiss. Take a bow, just one though, don't want you getting delusions of grandeur lol. Where to start? Oh yes lets start with Olive, this little one flits in and out and that's the way we like it but when he's in I have so much fun keeping him denied and completing tasks to 'try' to reduce his chaste term. This time he has been denied for a whole month and was allowed to try suggest ways to shorten this and bring forward his orgasm date (see I do allow them occasionally).

He suggested that he completes a task which he has failed before, to go into a store and buy a nightshirt/dress. Now instead of just nipping into George @ASDA and buying a cheap nighty for a fiver, a cheap place where no one would have looked twice at him, he decided to try to impress Me and show Me that he did in fact have some balls. His suggestion was that I went online and at Ann Summers store and pick one out for him, so I did. The challenge was accepted and no more was said.

D-day arrived.
I sat, patiently wondering if he was in the store buying his sexy new bed attire.
Then I received an email.

Miss beth, 

I'm sorry, I just couldn't pluck up the courage to go into Ann summers today. 

I'm very sorry 

What a total non shocker. So another arrangement was made and this consisted of him being in full work uniform and having his long awaited orgasm in the loo of his work place and then eating the mess he makes. This had to be accompanied by photo's for My eyes only, however My inbox remained empty and then today he emailed to say that he couldn't do it blah blah blah. Obviously he wasn't as desperate as he was making out so I have added a few more days to his term, much to his total pleasure as you can imagine. His saga continues.....

Moving onto My lovely little macperv, the best naughty little school boy I know lol. I have been having enormous amounts of fun creeping into his house and spying on him when he hasn't been looking. No I don't mean cat burglar stylee, I mean via a remote CCTV set up that we have. It constantly runs and I have the codes to access it so can log in and take a peak at what naughty things he is up to and sneak out without him knowing, right up until he gets a text message or email from Me with either a photo of his misdemeanor or a description of what he has been caught doing.

Macperv has continued to be a good boy by completing his tasks to a high standard, one of which was to make a kinky Aa Bb Cc using photo's from the net and he even slipped a few photo's of himself in there to illustrate a few of the letters. I especially enjoyed Cc for chastity lol. We have also implemented wearing a chastity device into his everyday life, not entirely sure he enjoys it but I love it and that's what counts. He's also been on a little shopping spree for himself, at My request of course and has bought a lovely girls school dress, I won't reveal what it's for but he does look fantastic in it hahaha.

Although My time with Yesmiss has been scant this year he still remains at My feet, pleasing Me whenever he can. I understand his circumstances and knowing him for over a year now I know that his intentions are genuine and when he is able, he pleases Me immensely. There were plans for him to get time up in the North West to take Me out to dinner but sadly he didn't manage to get close enough. As I said to him, the time will present itself when it is right.

I was going to write a little about stephan here but I have now decided that he should have a post of his own so that is what I shall do next.

These boys have continued to make Me happy, even when failing at tasks set. The effort alone from these few has been immense and sometimes that's all it takes to make Me happy, show Me that you are genuine by making an effort. Of course they have all paid their fines/fees and given some fabulous gifts also which of course makes Me smile even more!!

Keep up the good work My boys xx

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

You Work For Me

It has taken My current money slut a while to come to this realisation but that's just the way this works. Your reward is being allowed to tribute Me, serve Me. It is a very privileged position to be able to do this, yes I am very discerning and no I don't allow just anyone to kneel before Me.

I am tired of repeating Myself on this matter.

This does not only apply to Financial Domination but to any kind of Domination that I offer. If I don't like you or what you are about then you can rest assured that I will not be allowing you anywhere near Me. I have so many decent boys that serve Me or are waiting to serve Me so why would I accept the crap that half of you morons try to pass of as acceptable?

No I do not always plaster everything all over the internet and that is mainly because I personally find it boring to read and even if it turns you on to read it why would I change the way I am just to suit you? After all many of you are still under the illusion that you have control of the 'relationship' just because you claim you have cash or the qualities that I am looking for in a boy. Oh how pathetically naive of you. At one time it was laughable, now it's just plain boring.

As you will know if you have read past blog pieces of mine, I don't care how much money you have or how much you feel you want/need to give Me, if you try to control the situation you will either not be allowed in or kicked out immediately if you are already kneeling before Me. Someone, last night, very foolishly uttered the words "Yep got to earn your money Miss Beth". Now some of you reading this will probably think that there is nothing wrong with that statement but when I tell you it was in relation to him serving Me and My dear friend Miss Tillysue on a pay-as-you-go basis and at a mere £30 a go, you may have a slightly different view on it. If you don't then you do not understand a word I have just written so probably one of those I wouldn't ever bother with.

Right now I have taken a day off at the expense of My money slut, he is making up My shortfall on My wage and all the while he is out there working hard for Me. Just as it should be. Now before you think that all I do is take take take, I do give back when I feel it is deserved. Money slut has just had a few clips made for him, not only do they get his pulse racing and his cock twitching but they enforce who he works for and why he is so privileged.

Another noteworthy boy right now is slave/sissy S. Even though he is on holiday he is still serving Me. He emails daily and tells Me how much he misses Me and follows this up with proof of his worship and devotion. We have agreements in place that I will not encroach on his holiday time but he still emails Me etc. This shows to Me just how serious he is and he is well on his way to being owned by Me, although he still has a fair bit of work to do yet.

I do like to keep tabs on the more interesting boys that find themselves in the lucky position to serve Me and so last night My little macperv installed watchbot in his home so that I can view him and ensure that he is doing just as I order. Of course we have our own agreements on it's use and that is not for public consumption but it will enable Me to ensure particular orders are carried out just as I have asked. It does add a definite element of excitement and also an extension of My control over him.

Ms.Olive has also been a good boy as usual and knows just how to please and amuse Me enough to keep him in his privileged position. One of his finest moments of late was sending Me a gift voucher for an acceptable amount and then after a couple of weeks being allowed to orgasm as long as he did it onto a plate and then recorded himself licking the plate clean.

So as you can see I only allow genuine boys to serve Me, if you think you have what it takes then get in touch and I may be able to find a position for you, however do not get too upset if our opinions of your qualities differ. So to all the time wasters, top-from-the-bottomers and wankers I say to you:

Try harder and keep crawling, you may get noticed eventually.

Miss Beth xx

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Slave/Sissy S

This boy just gets better and better. There's no other way to put it.

He makes Me so proud on a daily basis, he knows where he ranks in My life and he is happy with that and he never puts any pressure on Me to respond like a performing seal. This is real for him and it's only geography stopping that being 100% true. However in time arrangements will be made and that will be overcome in some form or another.

He is currently under consideration for ownership by Me but this as he understands, is a long process. As you will know if you have read older posts, ownership is not something I take lightly and in all honesty I wasn't even looking to own anyone else apart from My husband, however things with our relationship are making a nice natural progression in this direction.

He never gives Me any grief or resistance and I never have to ask him to show his devotion to Me, he does that anyway as a matter of course. I give him tasks and he never questions why he has to do these things, he just does them as soon as he can and his cock getting hard in the process is secondary to what he is doing. This isn't just wanking fodder to him and his blunt honesty is refreshing. No one can perform 24/7, 365 it's tiring and fake and not what either of us want.

He just makes Me happy and proud.

One of the best photo's he has taken for Me so far is this one:
The reason I love this photo is because when I have asked boys in the past to do this as punishment the efforts have been piss poor to say the least but he really understood the fact that he needed to be punished and he carried this out exactly as I would have done it Myself. Not only did this picture and his efforts impress Me but my god did they make me happy!

This last week we have been discussing what kinds of toys and equipment he has and we have ventured into him wearing his collar upon entering his home. Then on Friday when he had to drive back to his hometown I ordered him to pack up his belongings with it on. Slave S impressed Me further by emailing Me a photo of him outside of his apartment with his collar on. We had discussed public humiliation and I didn't want to cross a boundary so this was a pleasant surprise to Me. I then received another email a little later saying that he was making the journey home wearing it!
How smart does he look in his shirt and collar?

I have also had him cleaning the floor on his hands and knees, naked:

Had him sitting on the floor, naked apart from his collar to eat his lunch which consisted of delicious bread and water:
He was enjoying this far too much I think lol

Part of his daily routine has also included taking a cold shower as soon as he returns home from work, well I am thinking about his well being in this heat! And of course we have sissy Wednesday where slave s becomes sissy s and behaves as a sissy should, all day:
Part of sissy s attire for the day.

So as you can see, he keeps Me very happy and I keep him under control including his orgasms. August 9th I think is when I told him I shall consider allowing him to have one. Of course he knows only too well that this may not happen and the next step for us is for him to buy a chastity device to wear during the week.

Slave/sissy S, I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work!

Desperation Smells Like Olives!!

Hahaha poor desperate olive is really hanging out for an orgasm. The sad thing is I don't think it's even been a month, that's just how desperate he really is. He's been whining on about how he can take a day off his week long goal, yeah I know! So he has had a series of tasks to complete and so far so good however some of his photo's haven't really been up to par and this is a detrimental part of his task.

I have had him wearing panties every day, edging his cock close to orgasm, pegs on his nipples and even had him tying his balls up nice and tight. However in his vain hope to impress Me and reduce his sentence he went to a public loo stripped off to bra, panties and tights and took a photo. The picture was less than impressive so hasn't actually removed a day but it was fun knowing that he was sweating it out in a public loo somewhere.

Quite pathetic isn't it?

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Little Piggy's Bacon Gets Fried

This is a story based on actual events and so it carries a very real message that you money boys should take heed of.

Once upon a time there was a little money piggy who came to see Miss Beth about Financial Domination and/or possibly blackmail. Little piggy showed his worth and was allowed into Miss Beth's stable. Eventually a blackmail contract was signed and little piggy had to hand over copious amounts of cash each month. It all started out just great.

One day it became quite apparent that little money piggy was a bit of a control freak and decided that he wouldn't complete tasks for Miss Beth because "it did nothing for him". Miss Beth took this into consideration and stopped asking for entertainment from him and decided the best option was to just take his money, after all that seemed to be his strength, so far.

After a while Miss Beth realised that She wanted the entertainment in her life and told him as much. Collections were once a month from piggy in person but even those lacked the spark that Miss Beth wanted and on one collection date little piggy didn't even stop to talk to Miss Beth he literally threw the cash at Her and walked off muttering an excuse about being seen or needing to get back to his shop or some crap. Miss Beth wasn't actually listening as by now all she could hear was her own heartbeat pounding in her head from being so completely pissed off by this little piggy's disrespectful behaviour. She so desperately wanted to toss the £300 out of the car window, shout piggy's name so that he could watch it all blow away but Miss Beth wasn't stupid, she had made the effort to collect and she needed reimbursing for this so seething with anger, drove off cash firmly in her hand.

The contract finally came to an end and little piggy left Miss Beth's service. Miss Beth was actually slightly relieved as this little piggy had stressed her out so much. Little piggy emailed occasionally and slowly money started to exchange hands again but this time with no contract. This suited Miss Beth just fine. Then one day, some months later little piggy contacted Miss Beth again and suggested that she join a new site called saying that he would pay the joining fee. Miss Beth looked at the site and decided it seemed like a nice place to be.

So roll on a couple more months little piggy had racked up a total of £500 that needed to be paid to Miss Beth and one other very important Lady. Miss Beth tried to contact piggy to arrange collection but her emails kept getting returned unsent. Strange, Miss Beth thought, piggy had either deleted his email account or he had blocked Her. However he still made appearances on the community they were both members of. So Miss Beth emailed him there and so did the other Lady. Still no reply.

Then 3 days later Miss Beth had a reply saying he needed to stop what he was doing and had only £200 of the £500 he had AGREED to pay. Miss Beth and the other Lady were sorely disappointed in piggy's behaviour. Over the following couple of days piggy's attitude took a turn for the worse and the ugly control freak raised his pathetic head once again so after much discussion between Miss Beth and the other Lady they reached a decision.

The other Lady removed little piggy from the community because he had broken one of the golden rules; once an agreement/arrangement has been made with a Lady there is no backing out or it will result in membership termination. Then Miss Beth sent pathetic piggy an email telling him to keep his measly amount of cash as he obviously needed it and neither Miss Beth or the other Lady actually wanted his cash now that it was tainted with his attitude.

Little piggy didn't reply to Miss Beth. Shocker!

So wannabe piggy's/wallet boys/human atm's/cash cows/lira losers or whatever other nickname you want to adopt, let this be an important lesson to you. Genuine Financial Mistress's have standards and no amount of money will make Her stoop lower than that. If you are under the misconception that you hold all the cards because you supply the cash then you are nothing but a deluded wanker and not worthy of any Mistress's attention. Once your true colours are on full view you will be dumped quicker than a sack of shit.

Friday, 28 June 2013

My Sissy Maid F - The Beginning

So for quite some time I have been gathering things together for My husband (wife, thank you Bella) to become My sissy maid. Some of you may recall a post about his desire to do this and My trepidation to help him. Firstly I want to clarify that I have no problem with Sissy Maids or FeMales but whatI have had to deal with is discovering with My husband his desire to become a sissy maid on the odd occasion.

We knew kink before we met each other but neither of us had acted on it before we became a partnership. Discovering this fantastic world together has been an awesome experience and yes I/we do feel lucky to have found each other to do this. So during our time together he has always been My slave and when he mentioned the sissy maid desire to Me I was slightly confused.

We discussed it at length (I will not go into detail about that) and boundaries were made and agreed upon and so it was decided that this will not be replacing My #1 slave but it will be another persona he can adopt at particular times of My choosing and mutual agreement.

I decided My maid should be a classy one, one which could serve Me at events and serve Me properly and correctly. My slave is someone who is there for entertainment so My maid would not be. So I decided I wanted nothing revealing for his outfit, everything should be covered and I/he had no desire to have boobs so that was taken into account also.

I found the perfect place to have his uniform custom maid as finding something suitable for a 6'4" sissy maid is no easy task. All the measurements were sent off to Cosplay and 6 weeks later it arrived! Immediately I told him to strip and try it on. To see My slave, My husband in a dress was something quite hard for Me to come to terms with. I am not going to lie and make Myself sound so perfect, it did bother Me to begin with and I nearly threw it in the bin.

Several weeks passed and I broached the subject again with him, I told him that I needed to be in control of this all the way. He was allowed to voice an opinion but I would have the final say in everything, even down to the tights he wore. He agreed to this and could understand My feelings. So I got back online and took the bull by the horns and picked his entire outfit.

  • Underskirts
  • French knickers
  • Camisole top
  • Tights
  • Earrings
  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Wig
  • Makeup
The last one I wavered on for a few days wondering if I was doing the right thing? I have only ever seen My husband as a man, I'm not a Domme that see's submission as a form of weakness or a slur against masculinity but for some reason I was having an issue with him wearing makeup. Judge Me all you like but My feelings are My own, no matter how fucked up they may seem to others.

So gradually the parcels arrived and I laid them out in My bedroom so I could get a picture forming of what My maid would look like. Finally it was all there, waiting to be used, all we needed now was the time and space to take that first step into the unknown. Then of course life happened. Holidays. Sick family. Jobs etc and all the time his excitement and My curiosity grew.

Then to last Sunday, I woke him after 3hrs sleep from coming off the night shift. We were alone and My mind was ready. This was it. I woke him, gave him his french knickers, camisole top and tights and told him we needed to go to town to do some shopping and he had to wear this under his regular clothes. He smiled so much and immediately thanked Me.

Shopping was fun and when we returned I took him upstairs and produced his dress. He looked at Me and asked Me if I was sure? I told him he should know Me well enough by now and that if I wasn't, we wouldn't be doing it.

I dressed him Myself as I wanted it to be perfect and all under My steam. Underwear, underskirts, dress, shoes and wig were applied and he looked OK, however I knew then that the makeup was a must. Wig removed and her kneeling before Me I applied just a light makeup, enough to finish the look but less than a drag queen would wear.

I stood back and looked at My creation and instantly a smile spread across My face and it just happened naturally. I knew right there that what I had helped create was something I was actually extremely happy with. Without a word she curtsied before Me and I felt so proud.

I took her downstairs and started on her training immediately; how she should walk, stand, curtsy, greet Me and how she should sit if she is invited to. Then I set her to work cooking dinner and removing My nail polish off My toes.

As she sat there tending to My needs I couldn't help but feel oh so excited and I can't explain why, all I know is that it felt fabulous and it made Me happy. I looked to her and she looked happy also.

So without further ado I present to you My sissy maid Fanny:

 Perfectly presented Fanny

 We need to work on that curtsey!

Straight to work

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Bit Of A Catch Up

Well My lovely readers I think it's high time we had a bit of a catch up/recap on things that have been happening in My life of late. This isn't in any order, just how it comes to My mind as I write.

So the vanilla job I have is going OK I guess, I love visiting the big wealthy houses, feeling the opulence envelop me and snuggle me into it's luscious Chanel covered bosom. It gives Me time for a bit of My very own fantasizing and it also helps Me to set personal goals, starting of course with building My shoe collection. Of course I got onto this as soon as I could with the help of the money slut I had before he decided to just rudely disappear.

My fabulous Kurt Keiger mules. The real leather soles smell divine and they look fabulous with My skinny jeans and pink corset.

These sexy little numbers are also by Kurt Geiger and as soon as I slip them on My mood completely changes. Stunning!

As I have briefly mentioned the money slut I had decided to disappear without a word so I can only assume that everything he professed to Me before he went was a total lie. He showed great improvement and made Me so ridiculously happy with the journey he was making and the way he treated Me, right up until he lied about posting cash and then subsequently disappearing. I felt we could have had a fabulous relationship and not just on a monetary level but the fuckwit has screwed all that up. 

It could have been so beautiful but you have fucked it up haven't you fuckwit? I am sure you'll come crawling back when you realise what you're missing, but will you have what I want in order for Me to even consider taking you back?

My darling yesmiss has been on sick leave for  a while and I miss him so much. I chat with him if even only briefly at least once a day. The poor boy has a torn shoulder and although he tried to be a hero and rush back to work he has done himself no favours and is of course in agony once again. This is not allowed as I didn't cause said agony lol. I can't wait for him to be back to his old self ready to take his place back at My feet and following ALL of My orders once again. Get well soon yesmiss xx

Oh yesmiss, how I miss these days :(

In among all of this I have had little Olive back with Me as usual on his slutty little hands and knees begging for orgasms. He has had to forgo alcohol while watching a football match with friends, has had to sleep in sexy lingerie, drank his own pee albeit with some slight protestation and he has completed a writing task. He is currently awaiting his latest task in order to earn another orgasm. Dirty little dicked slut just cannot keep his filthy paws off that tic tac of his and I have no idea why? It's pathetically small.

I know you've all seen his tiny little cock on My SPH wall but I thought I'd remind you, apologies for any offence it may cause. You can also see what a dirty little slut he is in his sexy lingerie for bed and drinking his own urine. Don't worry Olive i'll get back to you asap.....maybe lol

My gorgeous little macperv is back for more blackmail and little does he know what he's letting himself in for this time. I am certainly going to up the anti and I am looking forward to tomorrow night when I get to take control of his perving and gain access to his computer via team viewer and set all the parental controls on it. He has also joined Me on where he will be making an effort on there to please Me, another thing he knew nothing about. Welcome home My boy!

I have also yet to have the pleasure of making My collection from orgasm denied money servant rob, this is something that always makes Me moist and very very happy! No matter how short lived it is. Having him count out the lovely notes in front of Me is a bit like foreplay for the main event when I get to take possession of it and then the fun really begins.....what to spend it on?

There is now a space for one very lucky financial slave in My stable. I am not looking for another blackmail victim unless you are the aforementioned missing money slut, I just need someone to show me they know what financial servitude really is. Someone who will be there for me to wallet rape and abuse at the drop of a hat. Someone who will humiliate themselves and follow tasks purely for My amusement. If you think that is you then email me on and please for the love of god think before you write! I will not be replying to those who have no idea what they are doing or those who have no idea on how to mail someone politely.

So to my outing at MARS; I have been learning a lot about breath control and meeting some fabulous new friends as well as hanging out with some of My wonderful friends I've known a while. Also the last time I went to MARS I gave a demo on how to do a basic pedicure. I had a lovely little foot perv following My instructions in the demo sadly he had to practice on another male subs feet as the Ladies were either ticklish or had already had their feet done. I guess it wasn't the wank bank experience he thought it as going to be but he did take away some very valuable knowledge which will enable his fetish to become something useful for a Superior. 

Sessions with My best friend Miss Tillysue have been on hiatus for a long while as there has been a change of location for her chambers and I have also had pressing family issues to attend to. However I seek to change this issue in the near future and resume the fun, games and deviant debauchery with My fiendish femme fatale friend.

We know that you boys are dying for this dazzling duo to get back into action so watch this space!

Time with My husband has been really limited of late and as such we still haven't managed to get started on his maid training, I am chomping at the bit to get on with it and I know he looks longingly at Me when we have 5 mins spare but that 5 mins usually gets taken up with chat and 'normal' chores. I cannot wait to be able to get him all dressed up and started on his protocol and duties. I will admit that I am still a little apprehensive about seeing him fully dressed up but I am sure I will get used to it and even love it eventually. He is still denied, unsure of how long it is now but I suspect if I asked him he would know down to the last second lol.

So apart from trying to get money together for My next holiday (my real holiday, I'm disregarding the last attempt) You can help here , I have nothing else to add right now. So I hope you have enjoyed the read and I shall keep you posted with any new updates.

Miss Beth xx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

One Of MY Ultimate Fantasies

I get sick and tired of having unsolicited emails with fantasies in graphic detail drop into My inbox so I thought I would share what I personally would love. A day in the life if you will.

I wake up at My alarm to be greeted by My sissy maid serving me a cup of tea in My favourite china mug. Catch up on all things twitter/facebook/emails while having My drink and then off to shower where I emerge to soft warm towels held by My sissy maid. Back to the bedroom where she helps me to dress and then I unlock the slave from his cage and order sissy maid to bring his water and food bowls.

Next a knock at the door as My Financial/Shopping slave arrives to take me out. Chores are given to the sissy maid and DIY jobs given to the slave and then when they've finished ordered to kneel by their last job to await My return.

Meanwhile chauffeur driven to the mall by My money slave for intense shopping, lunch, drinks and a spot of public humiliation being ordered to get his credit card out and pay for each and every item I hand to him. I ensure that I pick each item very carefully and the price announced upon inspection so that the little worm can mentally calculate how much of his hard earned cash I am spending.

Then back to the car with him trailing behind with ALL of My shopping bags and then the journey home where I am greeted by two kneeling servants and a completed list of jobs/chores. Money slave is ordered to take the bags to My bedroom where he gets the privilege of peeking into My sanctuary, upon his return he is locked into chastity and then dismissed until the next time.

Next I turn My attention to My slave and send sissy maid to My dungeon room to set up My equipment specific to My requirements and then she is ordered to change into a rubber outfit and wait for Me in the corner of the dungeon where I arrive with slave on all fours with a lead attached to his tongue.

Then commences a delicious session whereby the lucky boy gets to endure exquisite pain for Me to make Me happy in all manner of ways ranging from CBT to caning, electrics to enclosure, tease and denial to tickle torture. All the while sissy is handing Me all the implements I require. Then as I finish the session with some gentle after care sissy maid is sent to prepare My meal.

After I have eaten and the boy has been given My scraps, I relax with a glass of wine while he massages My feet and sissy maid sits with Me to chat about the day she has had and we discuss to duties for tomorrow. 

Then she is sent to ready My bed and sleeping attire while I attach the boy to the bottom of My bed for his night of sleep deprivation. When he is in place sissy is excused and sent to bed. I then crawl into My king size bed and snuggle down under the soft fresh sheets bidding the slave a good night and telling him just how fabulously comfortable the bed is especially after a very hard day. Minutes later I'm fast asleep whilst he is tied by his balls to the bottom of my bed wishing he was allowed to get in it, instead he can only stand and watch all night as I enjoy a blissful nights sleep.

Friday, 7 June 2013

My Real Holiday - Wallets at the ready boys!

Now I know you have read that my last holiday was a big pile of c**p so this is where you get the chance to help me achieve My original goal. A nice relaxing, de-stressing holiday. One where I can escape from it all and not incur any major unexpected costs.

It's not a large goal admittedly, I am a woman of simple pleasures (for now).

Would be good to see at least £50 there before the end of tomorrow. I wonder if anyone will/can be bothered?

Thank you in advance to those that do help with this mission of mine and if you want to message Me with your email address/name on the payment and the amount you gave, I shall reward* the boy with the largest donation.

*reward to be discussed and agreed

Mourning or Moving On?

I know not a lot of Ladies like to admit that they have feelings for their boys whether they be on line or real time service but it's a fact, we actually do. We aren't all ice maidens all of the time and if we are it's usually as a result of a boys behaviour.

When I say feelings, I don't mean of a sexual nature but I mean with regards to a friendship, relationship, motherly nurturing type feelings. We get right into the very soul of our boys, well we do if we do things properly and we can become privy to some very intimate details. We get to share a part of their life that sadly, many partners, do not get the honour of seeing and experiencing. 

It's almost akin to the feeling you get when you know you're the 1st person someone has kissed etc. I know that all sounds very romantic and so completely not what Domination is 'supposed' to be about but if many of us said we didn't feel like that we would be down right liars.

So you have a boy under your control, you have highs and of course you have lows (it's called a learning curve/training) but you non the less become a very big part of each others lives albeit, in the main, a secretive part. Then one day out of the blue ...... nothing! No contact. Just silence. No explanation, just unanswered emails.

Where do you draw the line? Do you keep emailing to ask if they are ok? Do you email to say you need them to reply? Do you email them calling them all the names under the sun? Or do you do nothing? Just shrug your shoulders and say "easy come, easy go" and move on to the next boy?

Of course you feel betrayed, disappointed and let down even though you wouldn't dare to admit it but sadly there's not a lot you can do. We don't get the same rights as (ex) partners have, we don't always have the luxury of having a mobile number to call and inquire, but what we can do is learn from it. Take what lessons you can from the experiences you had with that particular boy and put them to good use.

Will we not end up like this again with another boy in another time? Of course we will, when you stop caring it's time to stop doing this.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

I'm Back!

That's right I'm back from my holidays. I know you've all missed me so very much (sarcasm) so fret no longer.

Ok so the holiday, in brief, was crap. I am not going to go into a long and uninteresting account of it but suffice to say I'm pissed off that I worked hard to pay for it and it turned out as badly as it did. In fact I've come back feeling even more stressed than I was before I went and I was pretty close to medication then lol. So in light of this there will be an opportunity for the good boys here to help pay for My second bite at the cherry in a couple of months, details to follow at a later date.

As well as the holiday being crap I was completely pissed off with some boys attitudes. Selfish bunch of pathetic idiots!!

That's right Miss Beth just got mad, doesn't happen often but I am completely fucking annoyed with the way that some boys behave (obviously not talking about anyone at findomsandbeyond). I go away for a week, aside from being really ill over Xmas and having a berevment to deal with at the same time I haven't taken any time out from My commitments with My boys and when I do I get tantrums and strops.

So as a result of this I have suspended 3 boys from My collection for a short while, give them time to think about their unbelievably selfish actions. If they run whilst they are on hiatus then so be it, they were obviously never meant to be.

I'm not usually one for writing negative posts and I was hoping to come back from My holiday rejuvenated and full of the joys of summer but alas it didn't happen. Never mind, I've said what I needed to say and now it's time to move on so with that in mind, if anyone here wants to help to cheer Me up feel free to send me a little something from My wish list .

At least the weather was nice and nothing could spoil the view I had every day.

Monday, 13 May 2013

The Worm Turns

It would appear that someone has had a change of heart and a change of attitude.

After a bit of divine intervention or rather a coincidental blog post on my little money slut has come to terms with his role and position in life:

Money sluts role: To work his ass off to make Me money to keep Me happy and supplied with luxuries that I so richly deserve.
Money sluts position: Under My boot squirming in glorious frustration.

Naturally this 180 has made me incredibly happy. After all of his whining and temper tantrums he has calmed down into something which I am becoming increasingly proud of. I am also so very pleased with how far he has come since he started this rather bizarre and thought provoking journey.

It has been very tough for us both this last couple of months, he not knowing why he feels the way he does and me getting pissed off with his teenage strops but after a lot of nurturing, guidance and masses of patience on my behalf (something that I am not known to have) My boy is now happy. As we all know a happy servant is a more productive servant and that for me spells shopping trips!!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Holiday Time Is Coming!!

Well it has been a long time coming, over 12 months in fact and for reasons I have yet to figure out I am going camping. I have never been camping before and have insisted that we buy a decent sized tent, fold up beds (I am not sleeping on the floor) and all of the other apparent essentials needed. 

However some of MY essentials still remain on My wish list and just for good measure I have added some extras after I looked it over again. Now I go on holiday on the 23rd May so this is your opportunity dear boys to ensure that I get these items well in advance of my leaving date to ensure that this Lady has a totally relaxing and trouble free holiday. If you would rather send me an amazon e-gift card then please do so to

This will in turn benefit you as I should then come back completely refreshed and with new ideas on how else to tease/torture and extract cash from you and as we all know that's what you all yearn for.

P.S no the champagne isn't a joke, it's for me to enjoy upon my return to celebrate the fact that I survived living in a tent! Plus the glasses are pink that come with it lol.

My SissyMaid Slave

My husband has been my 24/7 slave for just over 18 months now, prior to this we used to dip in and out of his role as and when it fitted in with our lifestyle. After a while of doing this we discovered that we would be able to make it work as a permanent fixture without it being incredibly obvious to those that didn't need to know.

Attending events like this also became a lot easier for him, as he really is one of the shyest people I know. Maintaining this role 24/7 eventually made it nothing out of the ordinary, as if it was something that had always been. Before this transition he would get incredibly nervous about going to a club or event in his slave role as obviously it kind of laid him bare and he didn't know how to deal with it. Sadly people mistake his quietness for ignorance and that is something we have spent a lot of time on.

Over time this has become second nature to him and a role that he thoroughly enjoys in every way. However recently we attended a FemDom event with people we have known for a while and also with others he didn't know. I say he, as I usually have to attend events alone as he works nights over the weekend. Now this event called for boys to be dressed like sissy's and they also had to bake something to bring along to be judged. This itinerary for the evening amused me no end as I knew he would be out of his comfort zone, the one that he had struggled to achieve for so long.

So upon reading the instructions for inferiors attendance I immediately set to work with the mind games (something which I enjoy immensely). First I just told him about what was expected of him and instantly he began to crumble. Slowly I piled on the pressure by choosing his outfit for him; a corset with skirt, fishnet tights, bolero jacket, black wig and full make up. He was so nervous.

The final turn of the screw was when I told him that he would have to make the hour long journey dressed like a sissy so he had better pray that the car didn't break down on the motorway hahaha. Come the evening of the event he was a nervous wreck which of course I had to punish him for. 

We arrived there, home made quiche in his shaking hands and he was plunged into the scene immediately. Bizarrely he wasn't as nervous as he thought he would be and when he saw all the immaculately dressed sissy maids around him he admitted to being a little jealous. This was a side to him that had never before been shown. He sat and watched as the other maids worked together to serve drinks and food to their Dominants and whispered to me that he wanted to be a part of 'that'.

So two months on he is now at the start of another new journey and actually is a pretty big journey for me too. I have spent a good amount of money ensuring that his uniform is perfect, his custom made dress is just perfect and all I am waiting on to be delivered are two underskirts  and a pair of shoes, the rest of his ensemble is just waiting to be used.

Now I know a few people are wondering why I have bought his uniform and the answer is simple; I want perfection. He will be a direct reflection of Me when we attend any similar events and I needed to be sure that everything is just as I want it. If I had asked him to purchase it, it would mean that we would have to compromise on items and that wasn't an option. I earn more than him you see and the way I see it is this will be an investment and one he will pay back to me in other ways.

Oh and just so I don't keep you all wondering his quiche came 2nd but he was told if there was a winner for each sweet and savoury bake, he would have come 1st too. He was a very happy maid that night.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Playing Stupid Games

Regardless of how much money I extract from you, I will not play stupid games with you, games which you try to set the rules for. Just because I have your money does not mean I will bend over and let you fuck me. The only one getting fucked will be you and it can either be a slow pleasant experience or I literally can tear you a new arse hole.

Now you will probably be wondering has someone done something to inspire this post? The answer would be yes just one or two people. People who have now been shown the error of their ways and sent packing.

It really irks me when people think that they can have me dance to their tune just because they tribute me. The wonderful Goddess BellaDonna has explained this on many an occasion but for those unclear:
Tribute (noun) - An act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.

I'm not going to turn this post into a boring old rant, the issue is as old as kink itself I suspect so here endeth the sermon.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Demise Of Clive

For the last couple of months I have had Clive working for me earning me money and looking after me well, however after about a million childish tantrums he has seen fit to ignore my emails for the last couple of days so I think it's about time I showed him just what a bitch I can be.

OK so Clive lives in Devon and works for the Benefits Agency investigating fraud cases. So most of his time he is either sat in the office filling in paper work or he is sat in his BMW watching every move the bad guys make. His disguise of choice is a suit and I do have to admit he looks rather good in it, even better when he is kneeling to worship Me in it.

He had been a very good boy apart from his tantrums which were tedious to say the least but listening to him apologise and then receiving his tributes by way of an apology were so much fun. The other thing which I found entertaining was having him take lovely pics for me. You can see his handiwork below:

Now then Clive, you can see what a bitch I can be. It will take a decent sized tribute from you to have this post removed or I could replace the pics with speech bubbles with the original pics? It's up to you.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Breath Control: GASP @ MARS part 1

This last Saturday I attended the first of a four part workshop hosted by Dr.Rubber at MARS. This workshop will focus entirely on breath control, covering everything from different kinds of breath control to the safety aspect of it.

Now I have a basic knowledge of breath control and in fact enjoy doing a little of it with my husband and other visiting boys but I usually only really attempt the HOM (hand over mouth) method or face sitting. The reason for this being that I have a massive fear of having my own breathing restricted. Now I know to some that will sound ridiculous as it is I who would be doing the restricting but for some reason I get drawn into the scenario and start to empathise with the sub which see's me searching for air which then in turn brings on a panic attack.

I have suffered terribly from panic (anxiety) attacks in the past, so much so I was medicated for it but thankfully over the last 3 yrs I have managed to come off that medication as the attacks had disappeared. I am very aware of the situations which will bring on an attack and like any sufferer will actively avoid them as best I can. However as this is an area of play I would like to understand and use more I needed to put myself in a situation which I knew would be problematic for me.

The person who was teaching us was a self confessed rubberist and breath play addict for the last 20 plus years I think I recall correctly. But, not only that he also works in the medical profession as an anesthetist and is also a qualified Scuba Diving instructor. So even though I knew I was on shaky ground attending, I consoled myself with the fact that if anything was to happen to me I knew I would be in completely safe hands. Honestly if the workshop had been run by someone who wasn't as qualified as he is, the outcome for me would have been a lot worse.

So the workshop began and I was taking it all in (even managed to recount the entire evening to my husband when I returned home lol) and we were being taken through the basics about HOM, bagging, choking (well not actual choking because that's just silly) and all the safety aspects needed to ensure your session is pleasant for all involved. We were shown clips of people having rubber gloves pulled over their head and also girls having plastic bags placed over their heads and as I watched them struggling for air I could feel my heart beginning to race and not in a nice way.

I continued to watch some of the clips through cracks in my fingers and managed to watch the live demo's that were before us involving gas masks and latex weather balloons even though I could feel my heart pounding and knew my chest was getting tighter. I tried everything possible to take my mind of what I feeling when suddenly I tuned into Dr.Rubber mentioning that as part of extreme breath control (some of which would be covered in later workshops) he used a machine to breathe for him for 3hrs. When he came off it he had to be weaned off it as when he tried to breathe by himself, his lungs felt like lead.

That was it, I was gone and I could feel tears silently trickling down my face as I tried to gain some composure and settle myself but it was no good. Panic had taken hold and my mind was racing trying to make sense of the situation and also trying to hide it from everyone. I eventually managed to slip passed the group to the loo and then to the kitchen where Al gave me a glass of water and refuge.

After 15mins I was on the road to calm and took my seat back out in the hall with my friends, both Miss Tilly and her boy asked if I was OK and J even tried to take my mind off it making me laugh, as usual lol. The workshop ended about 5 mins after my return so I think I did pretty well to get that far into it before my attack. Anyone who has suffered with anxiety attacks will tell you it's a god awful experience and a potentially self destructive cycle.

I spoke to Dr.Rubber after he had finished talking and also again the following day via email and he has made me see that my anxiety about this subject is a really natural reaction and has said that he will help me overcome it if I want him to? Of course I do and I will get there, I'm positive of that. So the moral of this story is if you want to do something but it scares you, try it anyway, you may surprise yourself.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Times Are Changing For Me

I have been giving much thought to how I work over these last few months and a few things have become apparent to me. The main thing being that I am not entirely happy with how some boys see me and I don't mean aesthetically, I'm talking about my role in this wonderful kinky world. 

The phrase 'wankers' is one which is all too readily used and I have used it myself many many times however I have decided not to use it anymore. After all everyone is entitled to have a fantasy and if they're fortunate someone may even indulge them in it. This used to include me.

When I first stepped into this realm I was a Lifestyle Domme that dabbled in online work too, it broadened my horizons and satisfied my need to play with others. Then as time progressed that need to be with others became stronger and more difficult to satisfy in an online only role and this is how I stepped into Real Time sessions. Along with a guiding hand from my now best friend Miss Tillysue it soon became much more than I could ever imagine.

I was champing at the bit to explore other peoples fetishes and to help to transport them to places they had never been and felt before, not in an altruistic way of course, I got a lot out of this including the fee lol. Sadly over time this has become more of a chore than a desire for me, not because I have fallen out of love with the lifestyle au contraire, my love for it just grows and grows. My change of feelings for it has come about from the way 'subs/slaves' perceive my role.

They think that just by handing me my hourly fee I will be grateful for it and do whatever they wish and if I'm honest I'm tired of trying to explain to them that this is not how it works with me. So I have decided that aside from working with the fabulous MissTillysue with Double Domme sessions, Slave Labour Camp and anything else we deviously concoct I shall only be looking to have Real Time sessions with boys who I have spoken to more than once. 

Some of you may read this and laugh, some of you may read this and call me an idiot, some of you may even think I have shot myself in the foot as far as getting boys to session with me, however this is a decision I have not taken lightly and already I feel a lot happier for putting pen to paper as it were and saying it out loud. 

I will still be more than happy to chat with boys at events and if you're lucky and I'm feeling devilish you may get my time but that will be MY decision and not be something you should expect. For now, for me, it is all about that wonderful D/s relationship and how it develops. I will still also be offering online services as I have always done, the only thing that has really changed is that I want you to work for what you desire, your time with with me.

Things may change again in the future but for now this is how I feel and I would appreciate it if you could at least try to understand where I am coming from before you comment. Also just for those who will undoubtedly say I'm not a Real Domme anymore then i shall retort in advance, hahahahaha ok then if that makes you more comfortable.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Common Mistake

This post is probably one for the newbies out there and it was spawned from recent events with a new online slave.

He came to me as a finsub, never been into it properly before and although it hasn't been said, I suspect he tributed a 19yr old somewhere before and she didn't really know what she was doing but took the money anyway. I'm not talking about that situation, to each their own. However he did come to me with this rudimentary feeling of enjoying the thought of handing cash over to someone he didn't know. He told me he wasn't a submissive person and that he had a well to do job, one in which he was very much in control.

Anyway not going into that relationship too much right now as that will come at a later date but suffice to say that during this last 6 weeks I think it is, he has developed this surprising feelings of submission towards me, which is fantastic. It has been and still is a very big learning curve for him and today was another of those examples. Today I gave him the task to do something nice for his wife and then when he had he should email me with details of what he had done.

An hour ago I received an email telling me how he had taken the washing out and hung it and then brought it back in, cleaned the kitchen after his Sunday lunch, poured his wife a glass of wine and then loaded and unloaded the dishwasher. Now the more seasoned of you will immediately pick up on his school boy error, however for those less aware I shall point it out in plain English.

I told him he was a good boy for looking after his wife and seeing to it that her glass was full and he had met her needs in this instance, however as far as the rest of his jobs that he had done I couldn't really praise him too much as they weren't really for Her. I assured him he wasn't in trouble and that I was pleased that he didn't just sit on his arse whilst she ran around and did everything but those things weren't for her, they were contributing to the running of the household, the household that he was a part of.

Once I had explained this to him fully he completely understood without feeling pissed off that his efforts weren't enough and told me he would rectify the situation.

I currently await his latest email.

Friday, 29 March 2013

I Am Trying To Grow

Today I attended a private gathering where photography was the name of the game. I had been looking forward to this for quite some time and had deliberated a lot over the outfits and props that I wanted to take to be used. I was also looking forward to the fact that I would get chance to pose for a few snaps with my best friend and partner in sublime crime Miss Tillysue.

We arrived and stood around chatting for an hour before any kind of activity took place which was nice I think as it allowed us all to relax that little bit more. Another lady stepped up first and away she went with a couple of 'snappers' and the posing began. Not wanting to encroach on her time and privacy I decided to go and get changed with Miss Tillysue whilst we waited our turn. I decided that to start with I would wear my new latex skirt and pale pink corset thinking I would use another outfit after that if we had time.

I honestly had no idea about what the format of the day was and was actually really happy to just be there laughing with friends. I will say right now that I was using this day as a form of therapy. I hate having my picture taken, hate it with a passion and will usually do anything to get away from a camera. The pics that you see of me floating around online are usually a result of taking about 100 shots just to find one that I am even half happy with. I know we are all a little like that apart from the narcissistic among us but for me this was a really big deal however I didn't know just how big a deal until later.

My grandfather was a professional photographer and took pictures ranging from weddings to landscapes, family portraits to nudes and I will never forget him saying to me one day "You're really not a photogenic person are you"? I think I was 9 at the time. Then this coupled with the fabulous relationship I had with my ex (detect sarcasm) and all the glowing compliments he used to give me on a daily basis (there's that sarcasm again) I had quite a negative hurdle to get over but I was determined that I would get over it.

Our turn came and Miss Tilly took to the floor like a natural, eventually I made my way to be at her side and the paparazzi appeared lol. I hadn't a clue on the kind of photo I wanted taking, I was just looking for them to be relatively flattering, see I am easy to please. Flashes were going off all over the place and it was hard to know where to look, I also couldn't help but keep laughing which was annoying some people and I do understand why.

Trying to regain my composure whilst taking direction as well as desperately trying not to look like a total gimp we soldiered on in different poses and was glad of a brief interlude whilst they snapped Miss Tilly solo for a few minutes. Eventually they were done with us and we left the studio area. I was so glad to be done yet also anxious to see what the pics would turn out like so within a few mins laptops were open and shots were being downloaded.

Miss Tilly's boy and another snapper showed us the pics they had captured and my heart actually sank for the most part of the viewings. There were a couple of close up shots that I liked but on the whole I felt bad for Miss Tilly as I felt I was ruining them for her. I couldn't concentrate on anything good in the pics, all I could see were the flaws in my appearance, not just my outfit but also my physique and facial expressions. I have no idea what kind of pics the other two photographers managed to get and I'm not entirely sure I want to know.

Now before you jump to conclusions, I'm not fishing for compliments, I wouldn't take them very easily if you did, the reason for this post is to show that even though I am a Dominant and I know that I am bloody good at what I do, I want to remind you that I am human being and not infallible. I do have my own insecurities and whacking great big ones at that BUT I am trying to learn to get over that and hopefully the more I throw myself into these situations the easier they will get. So here's to the next photo shoot, perhaps it will turn out better for me personally.

Myself and Miss Tilly
Photo taken at MARS by James Smith @JNS Photography