Thursday, 20 December 2012

Last Slave Labour Camp in November

Well what a camp that was, the details still vivid in my mind. Some good things and some not so good. Sadly due to the adverse weather conditions we were experiencing at the time only a few people actually made it and one of those was a total dick!

So after meeting two new subs and knowing one was definitely on his way we thought it best to crack on with the ones who didn't have an issue with being on time. As usual we had a chat about passed experiences if any and discussed hard limits and then gave a quick run down of what was expected of them during their session that morning and all was agreed. So far so good, all polite and correct.

Just as they were instructed to strip and kneel ready for inspection, the late comer arrived and what I can only describe as sauntered into the room. Instantly my radar picked up his body language but I did and said nothing. Miss Tilly motioned for him to strip off and as he did so asked him for a brief resume of his own experiences. John then took his time doing as he asked but it wasn't because he was embarrassed or anything, there was something else I could sense.

So now all knelt and inspected some more to attention than others already, we told them exactly the duties they would each undertake. One was lead to the bathroom,one to the kitchen and John to the hallway. In the hall way was a cupboard which was a mess and unorganised, a store cupboard if you will. John was instructed to take everything out minus a few bits at the back and then told to use his common sense and put everything back neatly. This is a job which wouldn't have taken a decent sub/slave more than half an hour. He was advised to ask if he was unsure of anything and that if he did a good job there would be reward, if not he would await punishment. He smiled, wryly.

The other boys did an exceptional job and whilst one was set another task for amusement purposes only, the other made a cup of coffee for myself and Miss Tilly, not a big job but he seemed genuinely happy to do it. Meanwhile John is still sorting the cupboard out. There are towels in the cupboard so I volunteered to show him how we liked them folded, he then attempted them himself. I showed him at least another twice and then Miss Tilly did so also. We walked off and left him to it and after a brief chat we both had picked up on his demeanor.

Now a true submissive/slave has a certain something that you can pick up on easily, it's hard to describe in words it's more like a feeling but John was not exuding this. During our brief chat we suddenly heard "So do you wanna come and check this then or what"? Instantly this annoyed me but I chose to have a quiet word with him on how he should conduct himself and how he should address us correctly. Now the cupboard wasn't correct, genuinely, so we told him what was wrong and asked he rectify it or there would be a punishment coming his way. Of course we did praise him on the parts he had got right so it wasn't all bad for him.

The others were in the dungeon taking part in entertainment for us and eventually after having completed his initial task and hoovering the hallway, John joined the rest of us. He was instructed to kneel, which he took his own sweet time with, even with a little persuasion on the buttocks with the crop and at this point I'd had enough of his attitude so I bent down to him and said to him in a low voice, "From now on you will keep your head bowed and your eyes lowered. You will not look at me or Miss Tilly directly unless instructed to do so. You will speak when spoken to, no more than that and you will answer with 'Yes Mistress' wherever necessary. You will present yourself like this (positioned him correctly) at all times. Do you understand"? John replied with "yes", so I countered with "Yes what"? He looked me right in the eye, even after what I had just told him and replied like a petulant child with "Yes Mistress". I acknowledged his compliance and walked away.

Miss Tilly was currently tormenting another slave and I turned my attention briefly to another to give John time to reflect on what had occurred. A minute later John got to his feet and both Miss Tilly and I knew what was coming next. His bolshie attitude came into play and he informed us he was going. Miss Tilly agreed that would be for the best and he hurriedly got dressed. Once dressed he boomed "You got a glass of water before I go"? and he exited the room. Miss Tilly followed him to the kitchen where he again asked about a glass whilst slamming cupboards. He was given a glass and he drank his water.

"Let me out then"! He ordered Miss Tilly. She countered with "You know where the door is as you only came through it 50 mins ago". He told her to unlock it and she told him it wasn't locked and never is so that people can leave when they like. Without as much as a good bye he stormed out. Good riddance to what can only be described as a wanker looking for a cheap thrill.

Now our attentions turned to the real submissives in our company and we decided to adjourn for lunch to the local bar to have a debrief and a recharge ready for the afternoon session that one of the morning subs was also staying for.

The afternoon proved to be a lovely session. After our sub was tied to the bondage bench the games began with a bit if violet wand treatment, something which hadn't been experienced by him before so this was a nice treat for us both. After I was suitably satisfied with this I decided to blindfold him and find other ways to torment him using pegs, clips and way. Then Miss Tilly and I used the e-stim unit on him, not sure if it was quite enjoyable for him but we loved every minute! He must have enjoyed something as he has already decided to join us again in January at the next camp (we aren't holding one between Xmas and new year).

Some of the clips and pics from that days session can be found on my twitter page, for those interested. So as you can see it was a very mixed session which ultimately ended in a fabulous way for all concerned, just a shame it had to start the way it did.

Until next time .....

Tales Of Late

Well this last month has been a total and utter write off! I've had not time for my own entertainment with people dying and kids getting sick and me being under the weather. It has to stop!!

I have conceded defeat for the rest of this year and am putting myself and my family and my existing boys first and took the executive decision to close email applications and now real time sessions with new people are on hold until 2013. I physically cannot do it right now and I never do anything half hearted. I don't have the time, so to make arrangements I probably can't keep would be unfair to both of us. If you can't understand my way of thinking then that's fine but we probably wouldn't get along in that case.

My time is now dedicated to finishing tasks etc with those already with me before we all break for the festive period. My phone is now switched off so texts will not be answered until the phone goes back on in the new year and phone calls will not get through.

I have got more stuff to blog before I holiday and I hope that you enjoy reading it and commenting on them.

Can You Tell Me What's Wrong Here?

I received this fabulous email this morning. I wonder if any of you can tell me what is wrong with it? Also can you tell me how you thought I reacted to this?

hi Beth
found you on your website
I just turned 21 and i have only ever had a couple of bj's i had a gf that wanted to save herself who i went out with for years but i broke up with her a year ago and i feel like i have missed out and i have lost my bottle so to speak because i am basicaly a virgin. I am looking for someone to show me the ropes, i am working full time and at uni part time so i never seem to have any time to myself now and been a virgin is stressing me out and it should not be.
I would totaly love to lose my V while being fully restrained (i love watching bdsm porn and a bit of cbt) and having a msitress controling me only letting my lose my virginity when she lets me. And if i get too horney she give my balls a hard slap and ties them up to stop me. I would also love it to have a bit of forced bi

or maybe forced rape.  Whater ever you decide is best for me mistress Beth

How much would u charge a virgin? and where abouts are you i am in ************ area?


So what do you think? I know what first came to my mind!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Where Has The Time Gone?

Well it has been a while since I have blogged and there have been many reasons for this and these are mainly to do with being very busy or ill.

I have had several private sessions including a couple of two hour sessions with my submissive Drew. I have also been inundated with online work which I have now go to put a line under until new year. I have also had another Slave Labour Camp which had mixed results but ultimately was a success. (I shall write about these at some point).

Unfortunately I have also been a bit ill. A cold came and went and now they tell me I have a virus which in essence means they haven't got a clue what is up with me lol. All I can say is I have been very dizzy and incredibly weak physically accompanied with fatigue, however I am not going down without a fight and have been eating Holland & Barrett out of vitamins of all kinds.

Sadly I have also been missing from twitter of late as I have had a family bereavement. My cousin who was the same age as me has passed unexpectedly, circumstances unknown as yet but it turns out her death has hit me quite hard and I have been taking a bit of time to gather myself. I thank those involved with me for understanding and allowing me this time to do so.

It's funny but I bet most of you out there who read this blog forget that I am not just a Domme who you read about but I am also a 'normal' person just like you and I have illnesses and traumas to deal with just as you do. I never really write about things like this but I felt that I owed my loyal followers a clear explanation for the absence of blogging, tweets and email replies.

Just to reassure you, I am still here and don't intend on going anywhere, I'm just trying to take some time to get back to 100% health and come to terms with a tragic loss. If you could bear with me I would really appreciate it. Please do still continue to email and message me as they cheer me up no end but give me a short while to respond.

Many thanks, Miss Beth x