Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Online Services

I will not be taking any further online submissives until the new year. This time of year is far too busy for my vanilla life to be online all night every night and I don't want to do anything less than my best.

Also while I am here I shall just reiterate to any future online subs that if you pay for a service with me, it does not mean that I am at your beck and call. I will reply to emails as and when I can and I will give you exactly what you signed up for, nothing less!

Real time services are as normal. Christmas working details to be confirmed.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Head Mistresses In Session

Friday 23rd November 10am - 3pm

Headmistresses Miss Tillysue and I will be seeing all naughty boys to administer your punishment.

Step into our office between 10am and 3pm, tell us why you have been sent to see us and get ready to thank us for correcting your bad behavior.

Or perhaps you need your handwriting improving? You may be set lines to write and you will be made to correct any misspelling and scruffy writing.

£30 per session in Miss Tillysue's Chambers/Office.

Either email beth_jennison@hotmail.co.uk
Call 07762604875
Or message me on twitter to book your place in the queue outside the office.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

The End Has Cum

One week today My boy finally got what he had been longing for (sort of) for six whole months. I say sort of as towards the end of his term he was actually begging me not to let him cum, amazing where the submissive mind will go when it isn't occupied with wanking etc.

The morning of the the 12th November I was stirred at around 5.30am with him shifting in the bed for the third time that night, obviously with his caged cock trying to get hard. I was not impressed and huffed back onto my right side and took the quilt with me. He didn't move a muscle after that until it was his time to get up for work.

He was gone most of the day and texted me with quite leading messages but he knew better than to ask me anything outright. I wasn't feeling too well that day either so not only was I ignoring his subtle comments to tease him further but also because I really couldn't be bothered. Each message he sent you could sense there was a feeling of excitement and fear as he knows I could quite easily have denied him so much longer had I wished to.

As the day wore on and I gathered my strength and thoughts and I began to get a little excited myself, suddenly it became quite an exciting event for me too. I started to plan how this would end, I wanted it to be satisfying for me in more than one way, so the balance had to be just right. He needed to be aware that even when he had got what he so rightly deserved in my eyes, I was still in control and that I always would be.

He arrived home and greeted me as he always did, he knelt before me still clothed in his Sainsbury's uniform and hi-viz jacket and kissed my feet as he said "Hello Miss, I have missed you so much". Still I gave nothing away and walked off leaving him to struggle to his feet and as I left the room I shouted "cup of tea now boy". He obviously obliged and brought it to me as I sat on the sofa watching drivel on the TV. He sat really close to me and he smelled of the cold air outside as well as feeling it lol. I ordered him to go upstairs and get undressed, he noticed that I didn't tell him to dress or come back down so after I had finished my cup of tea I ventured upstairs to the bedroom.

I walked into the room to find him naked, stood by his side of the bed, clothes neatly folded, hands behind his back and head bowed. He was struggling to stay in his cage I could see and without a word I called his name and tossed him a bottle of lube. He looked at me quizzically and then I tossed his butt plug to him, "prepare yourself boy" I instructed. Without a word he did as he was told.

I ordered him to come to kneel before me with his back to me. Whilst he was there I fastened his collar onto him and attached his lead and then dressed myself accordingly in my strap on. I slapped his ass and spoke a few choice words into his ear as I leaned across his back. The key to his device which was hanging between my breasts tickled his back and immediately his cock swelled again. I coated the decent sized dildo with lube and then grabbed his lead tightly yanking his head up and at the same time pushing the tip of the cock in between his ass cheeks.

Naturally he clenched his buttocks so I yanked on his chain a little harder and forced my cock further in, still slowly and tentatively until I was sure I was all the way home. He moaned an involuntary moan and this made my pussy wet instantly. I withdrew my rubber cock and then slammed it home again making him moan even louder, his cock still bursting in his cage I knew I was ok to carry on at my current pace and force. I told him that seeing as though he was going to get his orgasm I was of course going to have mine first. He nodded and began to pant and as I looked around his side I could see his cock starting to leak pre-cum through the bars of his device. This doesn't happen often with him so I knew he was getting close.

I stopped and ordered him to face me. He looked deep into my eyes with a look that I can only describe as one of total surrender, my heart leaped. I kissed him on the forehead and removed my strap on, I pulled his face up to mine as I sat on the edge of the bed and I spoke softly to him saying "I am so proud of you My boy, it's now your time, just remember I have allowed this because you have earned it". He looked almost tearful as we moved onto the bed and for a moment he just looked at me. I could tell he was struggling with this feelings and if truth be told so was I. We both know how much I really dislike him when he has been allowed to cum but I had also missed this part of our relationship so much.

What followed was short lived but my god it was fucking fantastic. I couldn't really expect him to last too long after everything I had helped him endure and appreciate over the last half year. The funniest bit was when he stopped briefly and looked at me as if he was about to say "Can I cum Miss"? and then he just smiled and carried on. It was quite an emotional time for us both and hugging one another we knew that life had changed just ever so slightly again.

He is currently without instruction but he has confessed to me that he doesn't like it and wants to go back to how it was. I am happy for this to happen and I will make it happen when I feel like it. However nothing much has changed really apart from his mind isn't quite as focused as it was and he is a tad lazy when usually he is on the ball. He still serves me completely whenever I instruct him to, he's just missing the security of being told what he can and cannot do with his cock.

Don't worry boy, I'm sure it wont be too long that you're left floundering :)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

What Is The Problem?

Although I am ill at the moment something which has been rife over the last few weeks and something which is starting to bug me is this trend of 'outing fake dommes and subs'.

I don't get it.

Yes I did find it annoying in the beginning and probably wrote a post on it, that the wonderful programe "Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys" seemed to spawn a new breed of 'findommes' or 'rinsers' but I wouldn't ever waste my time campaigning against them. At the end of the day they have found a way to make a quick buck and don't sit there in your ivory towers saying you wouldn't exploit an idea if you found it because you know full well you would.

The thing you have to remember is this, those that do not understand either rinsing or findom will soon get bored and move on and disappear from the scene and those who try to out them only bring about more advertising for them so my advice is just ignore them. By the same token, the subs who need to be told that these ladies aren't genuine are probably not genuine either so would you really want them serving you? If they are going to approach a lady of this caliber whilst under your control then they really aren't worth the time of day are they? Either that or they aren't getting what they want from you and as I have said before, you can't be all things to every man.

So Ladies, whilst you are there calling these fakes out, on either side of the coin, try to remember that your own credibility is at stake and try to control yourself with a little more decorum. The genuine subs will find the genuine Dommes/Mistresses trust me.

Feeling Unwell

This last few days I have had a cold, no problem I thought, just have plenty of fluids as is the norm with a cold and it will be gone in a couple of days. Sadly this has not been the case.

It has continued to get worse as the days have marched on and nothing seems to be helping. Today has been the worst I have felt with a cold in a long long time. I am hoping to see a friend over the next couple of days who may be able to help me with returning to full health.

So I wanted to apologise to you all for my absence both here and in chat rooms and twitter. I just can't seem to think straight at the moment or sit up and look at a screen for too long without feeling dizzy. I am still here and will return your emails but please bear with me as I may be a little slower than normal.

Thank you for your patience
Miss Beth xx

Monday, 5 November 2012

6 Days To Go

Well my boy has 6 days left in this particular chastity period and believe me it has been a hell of a struggle not just for him but for me also. There have been times that I have just wanted to let him keep going when we have been having sex because I yearned to have that closeness with him. However these have been momentary lapses and I've never acted on my impulses.

Apart from that sacrifice on my part I have thoroughly enjoyed how far he has gone into submission and as I have written before it shocked us both and I don't doubt that I will push this again in the future and maybe go for 9 months. Can things can get any better/deeper? Him not cumming during sex is such a small price to pay seeing as though he has quite perfected the art of keeping on going without and the benefits of his behavior during this time far out weigh our desires.

So it is with his impending release that I write this post to say that we will not be making a video of his release or taking photo's of it. I want this to be a private moment in what has been quite a public project. My boy deserves my full care and attention when his time comes (no pun intended) so you will just have to rely on my written account of it after the event.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Blackmail Position Vacant

I have a space become available for a financial/blackmail slave.

The applicant must be able to complete tasks for me for my amusement and must have an understanding of the situation and fetish but experience is not necessary.

For those who live in the Cheshire area I may be able to offer a personal collection service to you but my travel expenses will be reimbursed by you.

If you feel you can at least offer me what I have listed above then please email me at beth_jennison@hotmail.co.uk

If you can't offer me that then keep walking. I'm not interested in time wasters, wankers and pure fantasists. There is a contract which will need to be signed and adhered to for 6 months. You do have the opportunity to buy yourself out and your minimum monthly payment will be something to discuss. I will keep to my end of the deal as must you either by your own hand or my firm one.

Please do not even think about emailing me beginning with "I'm not a rich man by any means....." this will get your email deleted immediately without me reading further. In order for you to become a part of this I will require a £10 amazon gift voucher from you so that I can send you the contract to peruse. If you decide after that it's not for you then nothing more will be done and you've only had to pay £10 to satisfy your curiosity. I will not be chasing you and those of you who tell me you need to be pushed to get going will also be binned.

For those who are looking for the kind of thrill that only blackmail can bring, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

My Personal Musings

The world of BDSM comes with many handbooks and self appointed guru's but there is no absolute right or wrong way to how you conduct your relationships/business's. It's all one great big learning curve and you never stop learning......

The one thing that I have realised on my journey so far is that everyone will always have an opinion of you, good or bad but you will never please everyone no matter how hard you try if you try at all. You will always get your critics and you just have to learn to take it on the chin and move on. This applies for both Dom/mes and subs. You wont connect with everyone or every situation but you must cherish the harmonious connections you do manage to make. Yes that's right I said a Dom/me should cherish a submissive, a loaded statement I know but it's what I believe.


I get fed up with subs trying to top from the bottom, it doesn't upset me, not in the slightest but it just gets tedious. Of course you should be asked what you have done/liked/hated and what you want to try but ultimately where that relationship goes is up to the Dom/me. If you feel that it's not going where you want it to and you have spoken about it then one of you has to realise that this is where you both part company. A D/s relationship will not work if you don't sing from the same hymn sheet.


Another thing that really upsets me is the politics of it all. I know the whole community is just an extension of our everyday lives but it's also supposed to be an escape from the reality of our potentially monotonous lives. A place where we can be ourselves and explore ourselves further, not criticised for it, not asked to pledge allegiance to anyone in particular or made to feel like an outcast if you don't agree with something or someone.


I also think it's ridiculous the way people wrongly assume in many cases that Dom/mes don't have feelings, of course we do. You have read my posts on how I get affected by long term subs leaving for whatever reason and I'm not ashamed about that nor do I apologize for it. That doesn't mean that I can't be a calculating, manipulative, commanding bitch when the situation arises as it's pretty much who I am on the whole anyway. When you stop caring about it is when you need to be worrying and contemplating your place in it all.


I guess the conclusion I have come to at this point is;
Make it what you want, shape your BDSM life how it suits you and if it doesn't suit anyone else, tough. Take peoples opinions on board and look for as much info as possible to shape your own opinions but most of all have fun! When you can no longer do this it's time to get out.

Miss Beth xx

Friday, 2 November 2012

My Birthday - a week on

Well I have had a lot of things swimming around in my head to write about and have had a lot of new subs online to keep me occupied with tasks etc so this is why this post is being written now. Better late than never I always say.

My birthday was pretty much the best ever and I have my lovely slave and husband to thank for that primarily, for well just being him. Also need to write a massive thank you to my best friend Miss Tilly as she made it so much fun and bought me possibly the coolest gift I've ever had lol (see below).
My delicious chocolate shoe inscribed with "Happy Birthday Miss Beth"

Also I would like to thank the wonderful sub/slaves who booked their place on Slave Labour Camp #3. They did us proud. I don't need to tell my boy and Miss Tilly's how well they did as they know but I will say that the new boys did very well indeed. Although one of them was obviously nervous we soon managed to calm him, just a little.

Paul arrived and he was impeccable dressed and groomed and he had the sweetest smile which was framed by a twinge of apprehension, this both pleased and excited me in more ways than one. He had also gone the extra mile and brought me not just a birthday card but also a bunch of pink roses and a bottle of fabulous red wine. Anyway, this managed to gain him extra brownie points but that didn't mean I was any the less strict with him. Even though we clamped his nipples and humbled him he still stood strong.

Sven, as I shall call him, was also a fabulous submissive, presentation and appearance were wonderful, manners were also. Hos bathroom cleaning skills weren't top notch but Miss Tilly soon rectified that lol. He also was apprehensive but with our soft words of 'encouragement' he soon relaxed enough to get his tasks done. 

All four boys treated me to a rendition of Happy Birthday complete with little jig and because J is such a show off and over egged the pudding we made him don a pretty pink tutu and give me a more melodic and choreographed version of the same tune. This time he was successful. The other boys looked on and you could feel they were embarrassed for him. Most amusing!

Then at lunch time slave Toby arrived to cook me and Miss Tilly a Spanish meal for my birthday. He is a very talented cook and it was delicious. Of course we had to thank him for his efforts with a few strokes from the flogger, the cane, the crop, a couple of sticks and of course out came the nipple clamps. Toby left Me very satisfied and ready to continue my birthday celebrations into the night.

After a brief interlude back at home we made our way across to MARS for a hallowe'en party with the delightful Mistress Evi et al. Again another superb night chatting and eating and watching others play (I was too tired to open my bag of tricks) but by midnight my tiredness had gotten the better of me and knowing I was having to drive home I felt it best that we leave. I adore that place and I'm proud to say that I am a member there and I look forward to going back.

Well we knew the day couldn't have been too perfect could it? On the way home we found the fucking motorway was shut for god knows what reason so we ended up trailing right through bloody Manchester at stupid o'clock, not knowing where the hell I was. I was tetchy to say the least however when we finally got home my boy made sure I was nice and relaxed and comfy in bed.

I also received many beautiful birthday gifts from my subs including leather corsets, pairs of shoes, jewellery, dresses, underwear and perfume. However there was a let down first thing in the morning in the form of a sub called Rob Lyons. He ended his contract with me for personal reasons but ones which were a bit pathetic to say the least. Remember Rob, it's who you are and who you will always be.