Monday, 29 October 2012

puppetboy's Latest Task

The task that I set him is one of my favourite tasks to set. Simple yet effective in the humiliation and embarrassment stakes. I have chosen to add his report here as I find his writing style fun and you can really feel what he is feeling and what is going through his mind at the time.

Enjoy .....
i must confess to a sense of dread when approaching this latest task. i was not looking forward to it at all, and half hoped that Tesco would also house a separate pharmacy franchise and spare me. This was not the case, and i had to take my medicine like a good little puppet.
The store was packed. i couldn't decide whether this was a good thing or not. Would more people stare, or could i hide among the crowds? Fewer people would see me if the store was quiet, but would i proportionally attract more attention?
In any event, i made my way first to the 'medical' aisle, finding first the KY jelly and then the condoms (who knew Tesco even did own-brand condoms?), then on to the fresh produce section where i selected my cucumber. It already felt like my nearly-empty basket was glowing neon as i headed for the checkouts.
In accordance with Your wishes, i did a recce of all the till operators, choosing the most attractive, although it has to be said the standard was low. The girl was about 19 or 20, with blonde hair tied back. i couldn't see her name badge behind her drooping lapel.
There were two customers ahead of me in the queue; a young couple, just finishing their packing, and a youngish mum with her weekly shop. i was glad she had no children with her (i'm sure You would agree that children must not be involved in Your tasks, however remotely) but she had a lot of Hallowe'en paraphernalia in addition to the usual shop. Of course, this meant a longer wait- with my items shouting out and waving at passing shoppers from the conveyor belt. i tried to affect nonchalance as my stomach churned as i hoped no-one would join the queue behind me. Of course, my having only 3 items made my line an attractive one to join.
Eventually the woman in front of me moved on, and i took my turn just as another couple began loading their shopping on the belt behind me. The checkout girl was fairly typical, in that she scanned the items almost without looking at them, and gave me the total without batting an eyelid. i looked her in the eye as i handed over the money, but saw no reaction, so taking my change i hurried away. She called after me to hand me my receipt- how close i was to having to do it all again!- but still showed no emotion towards my embarrassing purchases. The couple behind me were too preoccupied with their own shopping to pay mine any attention. i high-tailed it back to the car and gave a huge sigh of relief.

Thank you puppetboy for entertaining me.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy But Still Have Standards

This week I have been ridiculously busy with emails and applications from subs/slaves wanting to serve me in various forms. Excellent, I hear you cry . . . . sadly not so.

Unfortunately many of the emails I have received have been less than impressive and really not worth the time or attention so have been deleted without response. Those ones whom were a little more impressive but still not quite good enough, did get a response from me but with instructions on how to improve before they apply again. I am happy to say that a few have done as I asked and applied again and so will now be investigated further.

However this post will not only serve as instruction to future applicants but also as a gentle reminder for those whom are already privileged enough to serve me, so ALL of you should take heed!

Whilst my standards and requirements are not ridiculously high they are exacting. I do not wish to have 'players' in my stable or 'one hit wonders'. Serious slaves/subs need only apply. Once you are in my service you will be expected to conduct yourself in a befitting manner, not only in your submissiveness but also in your everyday approach to life.

Just because I am sat here and you are sat there with cyber space between us, if I deem you worthy of my time and I feel you are worthy of me putting my name to you then you will act as such at all times. Your appearance and attitude is a direct link and reflection of me. Those found to be less than acceptable either before or after I take you on will be given one chance to make good or you will be dismissed.

You will be expected to conduct yourself accordingly and to think before you speak/act;

  • If you choose to use social networking sites then you will not make disparaging remarks of other users. (yes I do check you out).
  • Your outward appearance will be clean and neat whenever you leave the house.
  • You will be polite and courteous to other Ladies/Mistresses/Dommes at all times*.

These are just a few things for you to be considering and i'm sure there will be lots of other areas which you will see for yourself the more you think about it. I hope that this has been of use to some of you and for those who don't want to take advice, keep trawling the sites, i'm sure there's someone out there for you, somewhere.

*If you find yourself in a situation where you are the attention of a troll mistress or attention seeking whores or find yourself in a situation where you would normally retaliate, stop, think and email me to tell me about it first. We can discuss the best course of action if one is needed. You are not a doormat, you are a submissive and if I feel that you need protecting or backing up I will do this without hesitation.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Boy Getting Deeper

It's now getting towards that 6 month mark signalling the end of my boys chastity period. This is the longest he has ever gone, well either of us have gone without complete intimacy in our relationship and if I said it wasn't difficult sometimes, I would be lying. However we have both agreed that the changes in his behaviour have been fantastic and we both enjoy the way it deepens not just weekly at this point, but daily and almost hourly.

Back in the beginning of our relationship with chastity, we thought that after a month things were great and couldn't get much better than that, we were so wrong. My boy is a complete and utter submissive, not a fan of being dominant unless it is really really necessary and so we didn't think that we would see a great deal of change in his feelings and emotions when I enforced this period, again we were wrong.

During this time of denial he has changed beyond anything either of us ever imagined, partial cuckoldry being one point of change that neither of us ever saw occurring. Yes it was something which we discussed a lot as part of our lifestyle but we have both agreed that for our relationship it would be a step too far (unless it involved another woman).

I am not programmed to have mindless meaningless sex with people and much less so to taunt someone, I feel it cheapens and degrades me. I know there are a lot of women that do enjoy full cuckoldry and I guess in some way I am a bit jealous of those that can enjoy the situation. I guess events in my life previously have shaped my way of feeling and thinking, but for me there has to be an emotional connection to share such an intimate situation with someone. However, I am not adverse at playing with men, it's part of the thrill of my lifestyle and I thoroughly enjoy that part.

Recently on a Ladies night out I came into very close contact with a couple of male strippers and when I returned home to him and started to regale him with my evening I noticed him change right before me. Not only did his cock get hard when I told him about me stroking the strippers very large cock but he also seemed to become even more submissive. He looked at the floor but never asked me to stop, in fact when I did stop with my tale he bombarded me with questions and seemed to be enjoying every answer I gave him. After all of that he asked me when I was going to see another?

Another thing which has changed is his love of hearing about me allowing other subs the opportunity to cum whether it be online or in a real time session. Although he is absolutely desperate to cum himself, I can see how much he loves it when I tell him that others have enjoyed fabulous orgasms but he hasn't. I tease him relentlessly about extending this 6 months and I think he is pretty scared that I actually would even though he knows how much I miss his cock. I have to say on that note, his ability to fuck me to orgasm without him having to stop and start has improved drastically, almost superhuman lol.

Currently he is enjoying (for the want of a better word) the fact that he cannot compare to my toys when it comes to giving me incredible orgasms. The mixture of my big dildo, supplied by yesmiss, and my Hitachi wand has produced results which he cannot top. Yes he does have quite a decent sized cock but it doesn't vibrate lol. His main job at the moment is to lick me until I am ready to use my toys and then he gets the delightful job of cleaning the toys with his mouth and tongue after I am done. Lucky boy isn't he?

He has always been a very obedient slave and very thoughtful with it but this too has been amplified over the last month or so. His ability to think ahead has improved and now I find myself hardly ever asking for anything as it's usually already waiting for me or done for me. All of this has left me in a bit of a quandary, although I long to share that complete intimacy with him again I also can't imagine living with him once his balls have been emptied and his hormone levels have returned to normal. I guess once he has returned to 'normal' we can have the cuckoldry discussion again and see where his head is at that point and make notes on how much his denial did affect his decision making.

To be continued ......

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Slave Labour Camp #3 - Birthday Camp!!

Friday 26th October 10-12 & 1-3
£30 per 2hr session
Stockport Chambers

Well the success of the slave labour camp just keeps gathering pace. The first one was a hit and the second was so much fun with returning slaves so it's now time to advertise the 3rd one.

This time will be a little bit different as it will be my birthday, so which of you boys is going to make my day and come and serve us on my special day? Obviously gifts, no matter how small (although large are better) will be very much appreciated and it may even earn you a few extra brownie points.

I have one boy coming to cook lunch for us so we wont be requiring anyone for that, thank you. However there will be plenty of other tasks/chores for you to complete i'm sure ranging from cleaning to DIY to just entertainment for us. You will be required to serve us as a slave should, good behavior rewarded and bad behavior punished.

Don't forget this is a camp for you to serve us and not for you to turn up and have things done to you, unless it amuses us to do so.

So, if you would like to come along you will need to pay a £10 booking fee and let us know if it is morning or afternoon you require. You can email me at and in the return mail I shall give you your deposit payment options. If you book early you can send cash but if it's less than 3days prior it will have to be a generic payment method.

The event is listed on FetLife if you would like to see it placed there.

Come on boys and girls, lets see who can make me smile on my very special day?

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Wanting A Free Service

OK so this is a bit of clarification for some of you lesser mortals:

I do NOT offer a free service. This means that I require a tribute for my time, effort, expertise and knowledge.

I welcome emails from people wanting to know more and to book appointments with me for real time sessions. I also love to receive emails that inquire about my lifestyle choice and all that it entails and those emails that tell me what a great blog/website I have, those are all very gratefully received. Thank you.

However this is my living, my life, my job. I do this job bloody well and my experience and knowledge is developing on a daily basis and will do until the day I decide to leave this world. It's who I am, it's what I am. I take pride in what I do and what I learn more about and I love to be able to offer a service to those who require it, no matter how short or long a period we stay together, but I do require a tribute to be able to do this.

Please do not email me saying how much of a benefit to my life you could be to me by licking my shoes clean or scrubbing my floors with a toothbrush whilst you are dressed in a pretty little maids outfit. What do you think I have a slave for? He is the only one who gets anything from me for free and even then it isn't really free. He buys me gifts and does all that is required of a slave and never expects me to do anything for him in a selfish way.

So if the man I love, my personal slave can grasp that he gets nothing for his own selfish gain I am damn sure you lot can grasp it and appreciate it. I mean would you ask an electrician to come and rewire your house for free even if he did love his work that much? My guess is no you wouldn't, you'd wait until it was offered to you for free and I don't see that happening anytime soon by Me.

Realise that I am a Superior who commands respect form you inferiors at all times and we shall get along splendidly.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

FemDom Divas @ M.A.R.S

What a fabulous night.

What a fantastic venue.

What friendly people.

I think that sums it up briefly.

The longer version is although it was a pain to find in the dark and even though the venue is quite small it certainly makes full use of it's space and the event was organised really well. The house Mistress was a delightfully welcoming face as we entered and instantly put us at ease. With FemDom dollars in hand we found a seat and purchased a drink, quietly surveying the surroundings and the people who made up the gathering.

The boys in their slave clothing and all the Mistresses perfectly turned out, naturally. After everyone had arrived all the boys were gathered in the dungeon area for the slave agility tests. First test comprised of balancing a book on their head and walking around cones. I told my boy that he was be playing for my honour and so anything less than perfection would be punished. Of course he did as he was told and made me proud by completing it perfectly and making his way to the second round; two books balanced lol.

He again did really well with this only dropping the books a stride from the finish line. The next event however he was a great disappointment as it was skipping lmao. Now he's about as graceful as an elephant, only 6'4 and as thin as a bean pole. His effort although disappointing in the rankings was really funny and so made up for it in the entertainment value.

After the entertainment the ladies withdrew to the lounge area and feasted on a splendid finger buffet (no I didn't think that sentence would ever exist but it does) and all the boys were shut in the dungeon awaiting a  drink and the possibility of something to eat. Hahaha. We ladies had a blast, chatting to one another and enjoying the delicious food, it was so nice for us to mix like this as sometimes Mistresses can be a little cliqueish, this was not the case here. They were all delightful.

I wont name any names on here as I feel that would be unfair as I do not have their permission but I will say that some of them were quite well known within the BDSM community. All fabulous ladies in their own ways and I can't wait to meet up with them again for more hi-jinx.

After the chat and food, the boys were allowed to join us again and continue to serve us at they should. Some of the ladies took their boys in hand and dealt with them in the dungeon whilst the rest of us just looked on and enjoyed the atmosphere. It was getting toward 1am when we decided to wend our weary way home but not until I had spoken to one particular lady.

I have found my FemDom crush, in a big way. She is fantastic, beautiful, elegant, graceful and someone whom I would love to meet and chat with again. All night I admired her, she must have thought I was weird for watching her all the time and so if nothing else I had to speak with her to assure I wasn't strange, well not too strange. Immediately I told her she was gorgeous and I was mesmerized by her, she instantly hugged me and I swear my hear skipped a beat lol. She asked me to sit and we just chatted, she told us of an incident involving an ungrateful sub, kidnap and Delamere Forest, that's all I will say here, suffice to say it was very funny.

So after having my chat with this delightful Lady we made our way home, saying our goodbyes on the way out. Most definitely a venue I will be visiting again.

Last nights outfit. Ooh changed the shoes though.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Macperv The Schoolboy

I just have to share these pics with you of my lovely little macperv. He makes me smile whenever we talk on the phone and I smile even more when he pays his taxes on time. However this is what makes me smile more than anything. He has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Isn't he quite a picture in his lovely school uniform? I would love to get my hands on a school slipper and a cane and then administer a good over the knee spanking with the slipper and 6 of the best across his bottom with the cane. Who know's maybe one day it will happen but until then he will just have to make do with me telling him what I would like to do to him.

A Gentle Reminder For MY Blackmail Slaves

You all know when my birthday is as it is printed here in black, pink and white so I shall be expecting some lovely presents and cash off you to show your appreciation of Me.

However, if you fail to suitably impress Me I shall be posting names, email addresses and possibly phone numbers on here for which you may pay Me handsomely to have them removed.

As I have said before I am fair so once paid I will remove them but in order to escape this kind of treatment all you need to do is make Me happy and make Me feel loved, as I know you all do :)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Subs, Slaves and Fans; Diary Date!!

Just to let you all know that my birthday is on the 26th October. Plenty of warning for you all to save up and peruse my Amazon wish list so that you can send me some lovely gifts.

I know you wont disappoint me xx

Kage - I'm Satisfied :)

Well this Sunday just gone was a hoot at Kage. I always enjoy going as it gives me a chance to dress up and engage with others in the lifestyle and not just on a professional basis. It's a really relaxed and friendly environment and I'm just getting to know Dave the Butcher a little bit better so even more reason to go.

Anyway, after changing we head upstairs for a drink and to check out who is around. The annoying woman with the pet training has decided to take over most of downstairs sadly, so dungeon areas and pool were off limits so that just left us with the private rooms. These rooms have large padded leather bed type areas and a black light in them. Some have windows to view and some don't.

So after a quick drink Miss Tilly and her boy retired outside for a cigarette and My boy and I went for a wander to see if the dungeon was free. Sadly not, so we went back upstairs. However, a room was free!! We ventured in and I immediately locked the door behind us, this room had no window but lots of mirrors, no floor, just all bed. Instantly my pussy got wet and My boy gulped.

140 days My boy has been without orgasm so he knew what was going to happen and as much as he wanted it, he also didn't want it lol. He had on his brand new bondage pants and fuck me, just looking at him made me want to cum and so it wasn't long before the strap off his pants was around his wrists and his pants down around his knees, his already hard cock bobbing in the air. I couldn't help but salivate.

I immediately started to tease, stroke and lick his cock while I maintained my eye contact with him, feeling him submit to me like never before. His body responded to every touch and his eyes spoke to me like never before, the pleasure/pain he was feeling was intense to say the least. Naturally this scenario made my pussy so wet and him being my personal slave, had to take care of this.
I would like to add that taking this pic was fucking difficult. It was a soft floor and i'm in 6" heels, it's black with a black light and he's got his tongue gently licking my clit perfectly!

Whilst My boy was satisfying my needs I texted Miss Tilly to tell her where we were and she told me she would join us shortly. Spying my chance, I immediately pushed him on his back and sat myself right down onto his cock and enjoyed that feeling that only his cock can produce. He whimpered and begged me to stop and asked if he was allowed to cum, I just laughed out loud as I watched our reflections in the mirror. It wasn't long before I had my second orgasm but this time I had to make a sharp exit as my moaning was going to tip him over the edge and that would never do.

Along came a knock at the door and after unlocking it, we were joined by Miss Tilly and her boy. The games continued as I resumed stroking his cock and teasing his balls with my nails. His whimpering got louder and even more so when I decided to treat him to a blow job, hahaha. Miss Tilly and her boy were also partaking in a bit of T&D so we were in good company. This went on for quite a while until I knew my boy was too close for comfort so I just stopped and ordered him to dress immediately.

Stepping out into the light of the hallway made me giggle at what had happened behind the door of the room we just left and off we went to relax with another drink. So my orgasmic desires and T&D desires were satisfied, it was time to flex a bit of muscle and satisfy the sadist in me. Still the dungeon areas were taken so we improvised with a room used for orgies as it had pillars in it. Perfect for cuffing a slave around.

This was going to be brief but intense. My boy was told I would not be warming him up and I would not stop until I knew he could take no more. My paddle, flogger, flame thrower, snake whip and brand new cane all got used and with as much force as I could muster. I wanted to see him cry. I wanted to hear him beg me to stop. I wanted to see the marks left behind for days to come. After a short session my goal was reached, his cries between each blow just served to spur me on further until his body language told me enough was enough.

Not a word was said and I uncuffed him. I sat on the seat and he immediately knelt before me, kissing my hands and thanking me. I held his chin and looked into his eyes, "You are mine. No one else's but mine. You will always be mine. My good, best boy", I whispered to him. His eyes became bloodshot and the tears started to form. I gently placed his head on my lap and stroked his hair rhythmically like a mother does to soothe and reassure a child. We stayed like this for a while and connected in a way only others in a D/s relationship will understand and fully appreciate. This time is important, this time is sacred.

Now usually we would retire to the pool for a naked dip and a giggle with others but it was too busy so with the rain pouring outside and a shitty motorway journey ahead, we decided to leave and hunt for food. 

Next Kage has a lot to live up to!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Kage - The Dress Code Debate

I guess it's a topic which will never be solved to everyone's standards and perhaps that's a good thing but I feel a standard has to be set, a minimum standard at least.

As you are all aware I love visiting Kage with my slave and Miss Tilly and her boy J, however this last gathering was a bit odd and kind of made me feel a bit uncomfortable. There were people just wandering around in everyday jeans and t-shirts whilst others were in full fet gear.

Now I am not a snob and by no means have a million pounds to spend on fetish wear to an event every month but I do feel that a minimum standard dress code is something which needs to be in place. I know not everyone can afford rubber outfits or steel boned corsets and neither should people be made to feel like they have to be dressed head to toe in fet wear to be accepted into what is supposed to be considered a none judgmental community but if there are people wearing what they would wear to the Sunday league footy and then half naked males and females wandering around do you think this is fair? I certainly don't.

I for one would like to see more people less afraid to attend a munch, yes I was terrified for my first event and hadn't got anything fetish that I felt comfy in with strangers so I took the time to find something which is the usual minimum dress code of all black. I managed to find black leggings and a black shirt, very inexpensive but also something which has been worn many many times since and takes a place in my daily wardrobe. So it wasn't something which has been a waste of money.

It's not hard for anyone to dig out a pair of black pants and a shirt or a black skirt and top etc but the effort, even minimal, is noted and appreciated by all the others who go out of their way to wear fetish gear or be 90% naked. It can be quite an intimidating feeling for those who embrace the multi facets of fashion at such escapist places especially when being watched by those who have clearly made no effort. It will only take a couple of people, each time the event is held, to think that they will wear their 'vanilla' clothes and eventually it will be a fetish event where the actual fetish wear is in the minority.

Do we really want to send this lifestyle further underground (which possible new legislation seems to be intent on doing)? Do we want to be seen as something wrong and seedy? No we don't. You may think my final statement is a tad dramatic, but all tidal waves start with tiny ripples in water somewhere.

Stupid Bloody Weather

After a brief technical hitch with the weather taking out my sodding landline and therefor rendering my internet connection inoperable I am well and truly back!!

I am slowly but surely catching up with emails so please bear with me!