Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New Website

The time has come for me to have my own website as well as this blog. Things are getting a little crowded here and so I have been busy making a new website, with the help of a dear sub called Andrew.

It is a work in progress and will be titivated and tweaked as i go along but you will notice that some of the pages here will start to be removed as it all exists on the other web site. All the content and prices will stay the same it ill just be featured in a more appropriate place.

My blog and news and few other things will stay here but information about sessions and services I offer will be removed. I will continue to write my blog and continue to entertain you, no chance of me stopping that! lol.

So here it is, in it's infancy:

Friday, 21 September 2012

Miss Beth Needs Help

Right then boys and girls it's about time you lot started giving something back don't you think? I could write a list as long as my arm of things which I would like to own but here I am going to write a list of things I need to help me on my journey.

It maybe that you can't help directly but if you could let me know of any solutions which you may hear about I would be most grateful.

I need:
* A kinky landlord in Cheshire who would be able to let his/her property to me in exchange for sessions or with a decent rent value.
* Someone who would be willing to help pay towards monthly rent costs in exchange for a few sessions each month.
* A handy person to help with any interior if/when I get a place.

I know you will want to see me do well and I appreciate any help you can give in my quest for Cheshire Domination lol. It's time to start to relaise my dreams otherwise they will end up being one of life's regrets and I don't intend to have many of those at the end of the day.

Bon Voyage Atiya

Just as things were getting going my wonderful Atiya has got to go for a while :(

His personal work life is very hectic at present and has become even more hectic however it is all for the greater good. We shall stay in touch but he has to be abroad for a while moving from country to country. Six months seems like such a long time to be without someone who has already made himself quite indispensable.

You may hear from Dommes/Mistresses alike that there's always a slave to step into the shoes of the one that's just departed but in this case I don't think anyone can fill that position. There may be someone that can be a good stopgap but it will take a lot of effort to actually fill that space for the next six months.

He will return, we have spoken at length over this and I can honestly say that I can't wait to have him back where he belongs.


Slave Camp #2

Due to the success of the first camp we are holding another, hope to see you there boys!

Ms.Olive's Return from a Brief Interlude

After a brief interlude I decided to contact my lovely  little Ms.Olive to entertain me. So I gave him a task to complete, it would serve to be a gentle reminder of who he answers to and also just to make me smile.

The instructions were simple:
* Tie your cock and balls (separated) tightly.
* Apply pegs to any loose skin remaining.
* Smack your ass as hard as possible.
* Take pics and send to me.

After I saw the bottom slapping pic I decided it wasn't a good enough effort so instructed him to do it again. He obeyed.
I could see slight bruising and so felt satisfied he had done as was required of him.

Later that day I asked if he would like to have an orgasm and being the greedy boy he is he replied yes. I told him I would consider it and get back to him. A few hours later he emailed again to see if I had thought about it and then offered a sweetener. He told me that he would cum in his knickers and wear them all day. Of course this made me laugh, a lot, so wanting to prolong his agony I told him again I would think about it.

Juts before bedtime he emailed again to ask about my decision. I told him that he could have his orgasm first thing in the morning, into his white panties and then wear the ALL day. He was grateful and that was that.

However I awoke to a barrage of emails and pics which quite frankly nearly made me wet myself and then I realised that someone was not wanting to be outdone. The following is what I received:

This is how little olive slept all night, perhaps he likes to feel like a glamour model and maybe wishes that he had made it in a career as a page 3 model? Who knows! There was also a very seductive face shot with a pout Victoria Beckham would be jealous of.

And so to this morning. Be gone the sexy thong and hello big pants. He did as was required and cum into his white pants and then put them on.

 Not quite as sexy is it?? Being a woman I know only too well that feeling as you are walking around with cum in your knickers, although it has been quite some time now since the last occurrence lol. Quite revolting and most uncomfortable.

I hope you enjoy it little olive, you so richly deserved this hahahaha.

Monday, 17 September 2012

puppetboy poses

I thought it was about time I showcased my blackmail slave, puppetboy so here is the story so far:

puppetboy came to me for blackmail, which I readily agreed to. I love signing a new slave up as it's just as much a thrill to me wondering what direction this will lead us both in. Each applicant is given tasks to fit the circumstances so it's not the same crap churned out, like so many others that are supposed experts in blackmail and financial domination.

Anyway off my soap box and back to the subject at hand.

So puppetboy came to me with all details filled out and we began. Reading he had a female partner I decided to get him to use her underwear and make up for an impromptu glamour model shoot on their bed. The return mail told me that since he had filled the info out and sent it to me, the relationship had ended so didn't have access to the appropriate items. Now obviously he's read my blog and knew what my reply was going to be.

On to shopping trip for puppetboy to purchase some sexy lingerie and a stunning pink lipstick, he knew it was coming so didn't want to disappoint and plus this meant more of a task for him lol. What follows nearly made me pee my pants and my bladder control is spot on!

Now is he simply stunning or does he simply want stunning? I'll leave you to decide.

Oh my goodness, I don't think i've laughed so hard in a good few weeks. I particularly loved the fact that he took it a step further and tied his hair in bunches for the occasion. However I was not too pleased with his shoddy attempt at applying the lipstick so I sent him a task to make up for it. 

He was to sit in front of the mirror, dressed again in his attire and apply, remove and reapply the lipstick a total of 20 times until he had got it absolutely perfect and then send me a pic of the perfect application for my inspection. A fine would have resulted had he failed. However it would seem puppetboy wants to keep hold of his cash a bit longer yet.

Now I couldn't fault the application even if I wanted to and as I maintain, I am nothing but fair.

He could breathe a sigh of relief on my return email when he got praised for his efforts, his money stayed exactly where it was, however this only meant that I had to think of another way to relieve him of his money.

Oh hello cum tax, come on in!


Saturday, 15 September 2012

I Have Dreams Too

I spend everyday negotiating terms and specifics for subs, making their dreams and fantasies come true but I have hopes, dreams and goals too, just like you do.

You'd be way off the mark if you thought my only goal was to have a massive stable full of boys (a small one will suffice) with just a few select boys to serve me properly and then a repertoire of subs to come and see me regularly for sessions is my ideal. However this is only a small part of what I yearn for and know that I can in fact achieve.

I always get what I want if I set my mind to it.

My goals are not that far removed from yours in all honesty. I want to look after my family and provide for them, I also want a house I can call my own. I rent at the moment and I hate it. It's dead money. I want to decorate and improve knowing that it's all for me and my family, not a landlord 50 miles away.

I want to make my own money and the way I want to do that is by having my own Dungeon, I can't have Miss Tilly babysit me forever. A place where I can subject my "repertoire of subs" to all manner of pleasure and pain. I want to host my own Fetish Events much like Kage etc. I want my name to be one which people know and for all the right reasons. I want my passion for the lifestyle to be recognised and appreciated not just treated like crap as is the case with so many fake dommes (purposeful lack of capital D on that word). I am genuine and what I offer is genuine and I want to use that to get me where I want to be.

I don't think it's too much to ask do you?

A New Acquisition

Over the last fortnight (thereabouts) I have been forming another D/s relationship. However this one is slightly different to all of the others, this one is long term and involves controlling ALL areas of his life.

Step forward Servant Atiya.

He is experienced in the realms of D/s relationships as he has served other Mistresses long term too and was looking for another lady to fill the gaping void in his life, that lady is now Me. He is a very unassuming man, gentle, kind, considerate and very knowledgeable, much like my husband. Very tall and built like a doorman (inside joke) with a wealth of accents to match his knowledge lol.

Atiya attended the slave camp at the end of August and as soon as he stepped in the room I knew I wanted him. Not like that you filthy lot but I could see something in him that I wanted to own, to draw from and to keep all to myself. We hadn't spoken at this point but when we did it just compounded my initial gut feeling about him as a person and him as possibly my property.

I was never in the game for a new slave as my husband is the only one I will ever want, he knows me inside out and we fit together like cheese and wine (make your own assumptions there). However atiya has something I want to feed off. He approached me and told me that he would like to discuss things further  post Slave Camp if it would please me? I agreed to this and I have to be honest, it became a complete and utter mental struggle for me. It became something which my husband and I discussed practically every minute of the day until we were both driving each other mad.

I asked to meet him and he of course agreed, as a good boy should, however the night before the meeting I was a complete bitch as I fought with myself to make the right decision on whether I should take him on or not. To anyone else, on paper it would seem like an easy decision to make but you forget that my slave's feelings are my priority over anyone else's, after mine of course lol. As far as my husband was concerned this was never going to be an issue so of course I had to reassure him that his position was not vacant and never would be.

My relationship with atiya is absolutely non sexual and that is how it will stay. As far as atiya is concerned sex is off the menu for the foreseeable future at least with a pussy anyway. We have rules and regulations which he is to be adhered to and as things progress I am sure there will be more added. Our relationship will grow and progress naturally and eventually a contract will be signed, it is what we both want.

I shall keep you up to date with how things go for all three of us. People will forget that three people are now involved here but it is something which we are aware of. Until my next update please welcome atiya to the fold.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Good Week :)

This last week has been most enjoyable for me, since Slave Camp last Friday I have managed to take a new sub on board for real time sessions and also I have a prospective new slave. When I say slave I mean real slave in every sense of the word. Our journey is just beginning and nothing is being rushed as I feel this is not a decision to be entered into lightly by anyone.

The sub called Max has no experience in fully submitting to a woman but would like to explore this with me so we are doing just that, slowly but surely. This Friday he came for an impromptu spanking and then left, obviously he couldn't keep away from me lol.
Max's virginal ass, after a spanking contest between Miss Tilly and I. My sadistic streak although entertained, was not satisfied.

The slave whom we shall now call atiya (Arabic for gift I am told) is now entering into discussion about the relationship he requires and what I have to offer him. So far we are singing from the same hymn sheet on this but a meeting on Monday will be the all important tell.

I also have had a lot of fun with my blackmail subs macperv and puppetboy. Macperv was given a task this week, one of a school theme. I adore him in his school uniform so this influenced my task choice a lot. Now wearing a school uniform to work is out of the question so I told him he had to take an apple to work and put it on the desk of a colleague.

This colleague would have to have a quality which deserved a gift from him, either one he revered or one he had a crush on. The one he chose was perfect! I couldn't fault his effort with this task at all. So as his reward, I would unlock the file on his computer which contained all of his wanking material and give him 10mins alone with it. After 10mins I locked it back up and he was satisfied. What I failed to mention to you was that a couple of nights before I had allowed him access to this file and even allowed him to stroke while I spoke on the phone to him and just as he was getting close to cumming I shut the file down, hahaha.

Needless to say 10mins alone was all this mucky little macperv needed to get the job done.

Puppetboy was given a task which required writing/typing and had to be in my email inbox at 11pm, sadly puppetboy jumped the gun and didn't read the instruction properly and had it in my inbox during the day. When I told him of his failure he was so annoyed and upset with himself and now he is on another task to try to make it up to me. I have asked him to take pics of himself in women's underwear and lipstick and in his best glamour model pose. He has one day left to complete the task, failure will result in a hefty fine!

Almost makes me want him to fail lol.

Finally this week I have been entertained by yesmiss. I have been lucky enough to have him all to myself for a couple of nights as he was working away. Much fun has been had at the expense of his hunger for both food and orgasms. The best part of the whole experience was him choosing a fried breakfast over an orgasm and then sleeping in too late and missed breakfast. So he went without both delicious sustenance and delicious satisfaction. I have never laughed so much!

Then last night he competed all of his tasks and before our new regimen begins he was given the choice of eating chicken (which he is banned from eating) or having an orgasm. this time he chose the orgasm. I sent him his intructions:

I want you to lie on your bed and relax and then I want you to imagine being tied to that bed and me sat next to you just gently stoking your leg with my finger. Then I want you to imagine me stoking your cock first with one finger up and down and then two fingers etc until I have your entire cock in my hand. Then when you think you're going to cum, I want you to think of telling me as I stroke you and then I want you to stop as I would.

As you lie there desperate to cum I want you to slap your balls a few times and then stop. Then I want you to start the process again, imagining me stroking your cock and then you will stop as you feel yourself about to cum again. This time as you lie there I want you to pinch your nipples hard and imagine me staring right into your eyes, saying nothing but looking into you as you submit to me fully.

Then relax for a few minutes and start again only this time as you reach the feeling of cumming I want you to beg me in your head that I let you cum this time. This time I shall take pity on your male hormones and allow you this solitary perfect orgasm. 

So after all of this I really needed to finish my week with my sadistic streak being satisfied. With an eagerness to please my darling boy was only too willing, even though he has not got a very good pain threshold. I cuffed him and whilst he was stood, I unceremoniously thrashed his backside, first with floggers and then my canes. My boy did me proud and stood firm knowing how desperate I was for this. Needless to say that afterwards we shared a very close moment as I comforted him and praised him for what he did for me.

I am so proud of him and I love him with all my heart.

Most definitely satisfied after this and my boy was emotionally and physically drained.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

That Friday Feeling - Slave Labor Camp

The last post I wrote was a piece on what occurred at the Slave Labor Camp but this one will be all about the feelings I got during it.

So driving up to Stockport I had a churning in my tummy, both excitement and trepidation. The trepidation because this was the first event which Miss Tilly and I had hosted and I was desperate for it to be a hit, no matter how many people did or did not turn up. If only one arrived, as long as we were all happy at the end of it and a good word could be spread about us, that's all that mattered.

Changed and sat in Chambers with Miss Tilly and her boy J, I was chomping at the bit to get going and it wasn't long until the first fellow arrived, as mentioned in my last post. As soon as he arrived and was knelt before us naked and slightly uneasy I knew he was going to be worth the event. I wasn't wrong.

As I stood in the doorway watching him furiously and methodically cleaning the kitchen worktops I got a tingle in a very special place. I had never seen a sub (apart from my husband) work so well and without hesitation. I wandered over to him and just stood right behind him, a piece of paper would have had a job to come between us. Instantly I felt an electricity between us and just to intensify things I stroked his very smooth bottom.

I left the kitchen and walked in to the Dungeon room to find Miss Tilly torturing J, much to my amusement. Whilst chatting in there, I called for wanker and he appeared instantly, head bowed, hands clasped together and eyes averted, my whole body bristled at the sight and I just dismissed him with no instruction and off he went.

The next task was to clean the hallway including licking the skirting boards purely for my amusement and as he worked, we chatted and he never once deviated from being anything more than a slave. I hate it when subs think they can throw you a joke and suddenly become your equal. Don't get me wrong I love humour and love to laugh but it doesn't mean we will become best buddies. Every now and again I would touch his body just gently, enough to make him stop for a microsecond or speak to him in a soft voice so that he really had to concentrate on what I was telling him. 

The look on his face each time something was pointed out to him, spoke volumes to me and I just fed off him. It made me incredibly horny if I'm honest. Having a perfect stranger obey in this way and without hesitation was an awesome feeling. When he was eventually permitted to look at me in the eye I just knew something better was to come and I was literally buzzing, starving but buzzing. It was lunch time by then you see lol.

The afternoon saw a different atmosphere as there were two subs to set to work at the same time, both with different personalities. I touched on Max's confidence in my last post and this confidence could have been construed as cockiness but it didn't last long I assure you. Jobs were distributed and suddenly Max became like a little puppy. Every time I touched his body while he worked he would inhale deeply and moan, this made my clit throb I will admit. 

Then when he was working in the Dungeon and I walked in to the room and grabbed his balls and looked him right in the eye, as he winced and moaned and desperately wanted me to let go, I could see that he was submitting to me and my god that felt fucking amazing! I'm not saying that he was a tough nut to crack by any means but the way his persona changed within a short space of time was amazing. Then when he was knelt at my feet wanking off, with his head eventually in my lap, I couldn't help but get wet knowing that he had given himself and his orgasm to me.

On the other hand we had Toby, a very quiet person but instantly he knew what was required and set to it without hesitation. I am a very touchy feely person and could help but feel his lovely tanned body as he was knelt on the floor scrubbing the skirting boards. I told him that I found him in a completely erotic position and reveled in his body language and the way he looked at me.

Again after the jobs were completed, we indulged him in a few minutes of pleasure/torture and as I stood before him squeezing his nipples tightly he looked into my eyes and there was no doubt at all of his rank. My body buzzed and pumped with adrenaline as I continued to stroke and pinch his strung up torso then as I moved to the back to make his lovely white bottom considerably red, he quietly asked if he should move forward. It was this that really made me smile. Just before he left, he was knelt, clothed, on the floor gathering his chains and I told him I loved him where he was and he kissed my feet, without being instructed to. You see it's also the small things which happen that mean a lot to me as  Domme.

I left the chambers that afternoon on a real high and it wasn't until about 3hrs after I got home that I realised just how happy and adrenaline pumped I was as I came crashing down form it all. Nothing will ever be able to compare to the feeling of looking into a subs eyes and knowing that they know you have them and for that moment at least, during that session, you own everything they have to offer. This is what it's all about for me, sure the money is fabulous, when it arrives but the feeling of having power over someone is immeasurable.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Slave Labour Camp #1

Well where do I begin? FABULOUS!!!

For those that have been reading my blog and knew about the Slave Labor Camp, you really missed a good day, but fear not another will be along soon and I am looking forward to those slaves to return and some new ones to join in the fun!


On your knees!

So the day began at 10am in Miss Tilly's chambers and with adrenaline pumping the first victim, erm I mean willing participant/slave arrived. A very unassuming man (wanker we shall call him) entered and the tension shot up a notch as we all started the process of getting to know one another and his personal inspections began. Stood before us he was told to strip and he did so without hesitation and folded his clothes and piled them neatly on top of his shoes and popped them in the corner of the room. Instructed to present (he had prior service and knowledge under his belt) he did so instantly and Miss Tilly and I circled him like tigress' around a carcass. Inspecting, poking, prodding and examining.

Once we were satisfied he was led away on all fours by Miss Tilly with me following behind admiring the view of a beautiful smooth bottom. Taken to the kitchen he was instructed to wash, dry and put away all dishes on the worktop. Naturally we inspected his work and corrected his mistakes accordingly. After that he was told to clean work surfaces, cooker, floor and then into the hall way. I can honestly say I have never seen a man clean so comprehensively and efficiently. I was actually very impressed.

Coming to the end of the session we asked him if he would like the opportunity to have an orgasm in our presence? Obviously he did so we set him the arduous task of cleaning the bathroom extractor fan to a high shine along with the bathroom sink but he had not long to do it.

I checked in on him after 5 mins and I can tell you now, I have never seen a shinier extractor fan hahahaha. Of course because he had worked so well and efficiently he was permitted his orgasm on the floor of the bathroom he had just cleaned.


Then after Miss Tilly, her boy J and I had a very rushed lunch, we waited for the next slaves to arrive. Cue Toby and Max.

Max arrived looking rather confident and full of beans and chatted non stop. Funny how someone can change once they are naked in front of two Dommes, another slave and a new arrival. Naked Max at my feet awaiting instruction and a naked and tanned Toby in the room unpacking his party trick of attaching chains and weights to his scrotum piercing.

After we were treated to a bit of a show by Toby, who by the way arrived with the confectionery I asked for, they were lead away to their areas for the cleaning to commence. Toby was given the massage room and Max was given the bathroom starting with the toilet. As Max was bent over the toilet like the scrubber he is I just stood close enough to be taking over his personal space and so that I didn't have to speak higher than a whisper. Apparently cleaning the toilet for me is a pleasure and an honor! I suspect that feeling subsided a little when I instructed the cocky wanker to lick the toilet seat clean.

Once I was bored with tormenting Max I went into the other room to chat with Toby whilst the darling was on his hands and knees scraping candle wax off the skirting board and scrubbing baby oil off a set of drawers. I have to say as I sat on the bed watching him on his hands and knees I was getting completely aroused. There is no more erotic sight than seeing a man on his hands and knees before you.

The chambers by now are gleaming and Max is in the dungeon cleaning but getting distracted every time I grab his balls or pinch his nipples, can't think why? lol. Satisfied with their work Miss Tilly and I indulged our other loves, a bit of torture. Toby, bless his beautiful bottom, was tied to the frame standing up and hooded. Weights and chains attached to his balls while his bottom and nipples were pinched, slapped, pulled and I laughed into his ear as I felt him tremble at my touch.

As the session neared its end Miss Tilly and I were shown a bit of needle play by Toby and I have to say we both thoroughly enjoyed it. The needles we put into Toby's scrotum went in incredibly easy and I wanted to do it again however we had run out of time so I guess we shall have to wait for the next Slave Labor Camp.