Monday, 27 August 2012

Broken Laptop

Fuckety buggery bollocksing arsewiping balls!

Broken laptop. Don't know how poorly until Dr.Techman looks at it :(

All donations gratefully received!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Money, Money, Money!

Today was an early start. I was awake at 7am!! I know, it's totally unheard of for me, I don;t even get up that early when the kids are at school lol. However as I tried to blink my bleary eyes into action, my tummy flipped as I remembered why I was up at this unearthly hour.

It was collection day!

As you all know I have a sub whom I blackmail for cash and seeing as I live 20mins away from him, I make my collections in person and today was that day. However today would be different, instead of our usual rendevous, I was to go to his place of work. Eeeek most exciting for me as I knew this time it wouldn't be a quick lurch into my car drop the cash and make his excuses and leave. This aroused me immensely.

I thumbed through my outfits and settled on my grey shift dress, black heels and red lippy. I stood looking at my self in the mirror realising I had put weight on whilst on holiday, though god knows how lol. My depression didn't last long as my husband walked into the room and told me I looked fantastic and he dropped to his knees before me assuming his usual position to help me put on my heels.

He took a sneak peak up my skirt and noticed a) I had no knickers on (not unusual) and b) I was really wet. He asked if he could lick me clean and I told him he could and straight after I bid him farewell and hopped in my car M6 bound. Music on, satnav on (I know where i'm going now but it's my safety net lol) and a massive smile across my face. Oh and a throbbing clit.

I came off the M6 and got told to park next to premises and I made my way in greeted by him. A big smile spread across his face and he actually glowed, that was lovely to see but so was the cash he had in his hand. He reiterated the amount he was handing over and my heart pounded, although not as much as the amount for his second instalment haha. He fanned the money out before me and I immediately took it from him and counted it before him, well you can never be too careful these days can you?

As I stood there counting the money he said "Thank you for taking my money Mistress, it's taken me so long to find someone like you, i'm honoured".* We stood and chatted a while after I stuffed the cash down my bra and it felt perfect. I knew he was desperate to go and have his usual orgasm and so was I to be honest. I said my good bye and got back into my car and I shall admit now that I did make my way to our usual secluded spot and had an orgasm myself.

The cash was just sat next to my gear stick and filled with adrenaline and ecstasy I fingered my pussy noticing how extremely wet I had got and my clit swelled tremendously begging to be touched. For a split second I thought I might save myself so that Him back at home could lick me to orgasm but by the time the thought had come so had I. What a rush!

Arrangements have been made for the next collection and I am already horny as hell at the thought of it. He is a good Money Servant.

*paraphrasing as I can't think exactly what he said.

MacPerv and His Computer

Well as I have briefly hit upon before I have a sub called MacPerv. His name has two meanings, one being he loves rain macs and all things associated and also he has a Mac (not a laptop) which he used to use for perving on said macs lol. Well now all privileges of that nature have been removed. No longer can he get his mucky paws on his cock whilst looking at his sites.

You see we have installed both K9 and Teamviewer on his Mac hahaha. So K9 has been set to keep him away from anything with an adult content, websites of a certain nature plus anything with key words such as mac or rain have also been barred. I have been installed as system admin and so if any foul play were to occur I will instantly get a notification via email to tell me this.

There have been time limits set for 'school days' and weekends so that he cannot access the internet between specified hours, so no all night sessions online will be available at all. I could have even limited the length of time he would be allowed in one sitting but I know he does quite a bit of Vanilla work on his laptop so I have decided to keep that as it is, however this will be changed should he misbehave.

I know you're all thinking well he could have a file with pics that he likes to masturbate to on his Mac somewhere, you'd be right, he does. He has disclosed this file to me and I have locked the file with a password which only I know, well he hopes I know it lol.

This has been a much trialled and discussed system between the two of us. He isn't one of those wankers you get on FetLife that pop up on the Teamviewer group begging you to take their pins because they are online now. This system has also been set up so that every time he goes online. It starts up and I have a set password which will enable me to get into his Mac at any time, no need for that stupid pin on start up.

When we first started to arrange this he was very scared about it all, about losing control of his personal life, which is very understandable and we did have teething problems in the beginning but fortunately for me he is pretty technically minded and so was able to fix the problems for my return from holiday. All I had to do was check all the settings, input a few things and change all the passwords. If it had have been left to my knowledge it would have been a total non-starter lol.

I must admit sitting and watching him work is really amusing too and the thing is he's never actually sure if i'm watching or not. I could have the system operating be not be taking any notice and working in another tab so he's always wondering if Miss Beth is watching hahaha. Big Brother has nothing on me!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Quick Post For Today

This is something which yesmiss said to me about 10am this morning and it made my day.
Miss I had such a empty feeling all week without you Miss every morning I knew something was missing Miss

That's how a sub should feel. That's when I know I'm doing everything right.

I also spoke with my lovely gorgeous MacPerv on the phone this evening and I asked if he had missed me and he said he did, very much so.

Just what I love to hear.

Thank you boys, for making my day, nay my week!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Well I Am Back, You Lucky Subs!!

I have had one of the best holidays ever and probably due in part that I didn't pay for Roaming to be enabled on my phone (I personally think I pay enough as it is) and so I was unable to access my emails or twitter! It was so nice for a few days to not have to be on call all day every day but by the third day my RSI had disappeared from my thumbs lol and I was missing my phone.

A couple of lucky boys did get the opportunity to text me whilst I was away although Ms.Olive did get a little carried away with the privilege and repeatedly begged to cum and even felt it necessary to wake me at 1am to ask for permission. Needless to say, I ignored him and when I woke at the appropriate time I text him to tell him how selfish he had been and he would indeed be denied for the duration of my holiday. Needless to say, the begging texts then stopped lol.

I am now tanned, although not all over (I wouldn't subject others to that hideous site) and am thoroughly refreshed and raring to go. Slowly but surely the emails are being replied to so if you have emailed be sure I will reply but I have I have a couple hundred to wade through.

Also now starts the diet in earnest, plus copious amounts of exercise. Lets see if it actually makes any fucking difference this time although I doubt it very much. Don't know why I bother to be honest as it only depresses me when it fails lol.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

What A Shit Week After All

After what seemed to be a promising start to the week the rest was very dull and boring. Not a happy lady. I was hoping for a little excitement before I went away but very little happened.

The dog cage arrived for my husband which was moist making, seeing him erect it and then trying it out for size really got my clit tingling and my mind racing with all the things that can be done to him with it. Can't wait to get back from hols just to get going with it.

Oh bless I have just received a DM on twitter from yesmiss telling me he will forgo his need for an orgasm if I let my husband have one. Very noble but no, he has another couple of months to wait yes and boy is he starting to feel it. The pathetic stage he goes through keeps coming back round and each time it's amplified, most amusing.

Friday was about the best day after Monday to be honest. Friday night I had a visit from Miss Till and her boy J which I always enjoy thoroughly, it's such a relaxed atmosphere and we chat about anything if J lets us! However Miss Tilly and I have developed this brilliant technique of ignoring him and talking over him lol. I am planning a dinner party for the four of us when I come back, now that should be fun!

Friday also saw a little bit of money come my way via MacPerv and an unfortunate case of being locked out of him computer hahaha. We set up a password which only I knew and we set restrictions for when he could get online and what he could access but for some reason it decided it didn't want to allow him on for 17hrs! So I had to give him the password, for a tribute naturally! I am quite enjoying the phone conversations with him and am like a kinky person in a kinky shop when it comes to snooping on his laptop although I would like to be able to snoop at my leisure. I am sure there are more amusing files to find on there.

Sadly not heard much from one of my blackmail subs, not that I mind much as I know I will hear from him when the time comes and if I don't I have all the info I need to make him comply! Also yesmiss has had issues to deal with and has been very quiet until tonight. I do love talking to him, he's so much fun so I guess he's making up for it now.

I have also been kept up to date with how my American slaves week has been going and I'm pleased to report that although he is away he has kept in touch as best he can and has continued to do the tasks I set him before he went away. I am very happy with this and look forward to taking things up a notch when I return.

I have just been speaking with a pathetic little worm on twitter, he has this fucking annoying habit of throwing his devices away when he gets a pang of shame/guilt, although i'm not quite sure he gets these feelings. Most peculiar. Well right now I have him sweating over the pics he's just sent me, I'm wondering where I should post them. Here? Twitter? Fetlife? The choices are endless!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Two Days In And What A Drama

It's only Tuesday and so far it has been ridiculous. Sunday I went for a good old fashioned walk with the hubby (minus his lead this time lol) and some god damned bug decided to take a chunk out of me which then led to me being in A&E on Monday night. Two lots of antibiotics have ruined any chance of a drink, which is really not good as I have just had 6 bottles of wine delivered courtesy of yesmiss.

Also on Sunday night i received a call to tell me a relative had died. It had been expected for a long time but it still was a shock and then I have had the job of introducing my children to losing a family member. Not fun.

I also woke Monday morning to an email from a snivelling pathetic pauline. Sometimes that maggot is too much. I love how he thinks everything revolves around him and if I don't contact him then it must be to do with him, obviously the thought of Me actually having to deal with other subs, proper subs must be a ridiculous one. So as soon as I read the email I put him in his place yet again. I really should flush that key of his.

Monday morning was a little hectic, very vanilla food shopping which was interrupted very nicely by a call from Miss Tilly asking me if I was available for a Double Domme session for a foot fetishist. Of course I jumped at the session and raced home to pack my clothes, stockings and shoes then zoomed off up the motorway to STockport, my friend a bloody fun session! I left a little richer (for one day) and with very cummy stockings, ready for Him to wash clean.

I do love going home after a session to show Him the spoils and tease him about what went on and how the client got to cum at the end, unlike he ever does. He says I get a glint in my eye when I retell the events as I know how much His cock will be bulging in His device as the images unfold in his head. Hahahahaha!!

I have also had little Olive and a twitter sub begging for release. Obviously I enjoy the begging and torment more than them getting to cum, so my answer is the same every night with a few requirements of course. Yesmiss has been away which has been very bizarre to say the least and I can't wait for him to get back so I can play with him before I go away.

One of my new blackmail subs has had the luxury of calling me a couple of times while we attempted to install a computer programme but after much consideration we have decided to throw that suggestion away and perhaps install another one. I have to say, he has the cutest voice ever but I have seen the filth he keeps on his laptop and that definitely is NOT cute. Tut dirty boy aren't you my MacPerv!

I was hoping for another session today but alas no one wanted to play although with my dizziness being as it is at the moment I guess that's not a bad thing lol.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Final Holiday This Year (I think)

From the 13th to the 20th of August I shall be unreachable as I will be on holiday.

All emails will be addressed when I get back and apart from two people, for whom I hold long term keys for, I will not be in touch with anyone and will not be available to chat. Until then, it's business as usual!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Olives Little Willy

MsOlive remains to be my most faithful, loyal and frustrated sub. Others have cum (pun intended) and gone as they couldn't hack what their fantasy actually involved, which is fine for me as I don't do babysitting but Olive has stood firm (yet another pun lol).

He has realised that while his fantasy may be one thing, the reality is something quite different BUT the difference here is he has accepted it and has come to appreciate the smaller things in life like not being asked to edge haha.

Although his cock is not the biggest in the world, as the SPH wall shows, it is a very obedient one and I do love to tease and control and pretty much own it right now. So with that in mind I have asked him to wear a ribbon tied around the base of it at all times until further notice so that every time he has a pee or is asked to stroke/edge he can see a little reminder of his situation and Me.

At this moment in time he has been denied for about 10days I think and I have told him double figures will be his release, could I be a bit more vague do you think? Now he has done 21 days for me whilst I was away and so now he is sweating thinking I am going to that period again or even longer. Needless to say I haven't revealed my hand yet and I'm absolutely revelling in listening to him moan and beg and not just for orgasms but begging NOT to have to edge or Not to have a ruined orgasm lol.

I have also been thoroughly enjoying winding him at inappropriate times with various emails and pics, well a good obedient sub should be rewarded after all! Obviously this has added to his frustration which is fabulous, however I do fear he has fallen out with me after refusing him an orgasm this morning. I am thinking that perhaps I should double his longest achieved period just so he knows when and what he should be grateful for. What do you think???