Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Yesmiss - His Dreams Come True (part 1)

Regular followers will know that yesmiss is a sub who belongs to me, yes that's right belongs to me. I refrain from using the term own as it is used so readily these days and without proper justification. I will also state for the record that there is no way that I could ever own him as his personal life would not allow this. However we are making a slow and steady progress on the path our relationship is travelling and has shown me so far that he is indeed a worthy sub and one which I would like to make a formal arrangement with at some future point.

He amuses me greatly, completes tasks without fail, speaks to me appropriately, respects me and treats me like the lady I am. We speak everyday as much as is possible and when he is away from home I have complete control of him down to what underwear he has to wear and when he can pee. So with a week away from home ahead we decided to up things a notch and restrict his diet further.

He left home Monday morning with nothing but a cup of tea in his belly and we arranged to meet in a public car park in my home town. I arrived at the meeting place and pulled along his vehicle, I got out of my car and met him for the first time, a rather nervous yet smiley chap. I was not disappointed. As soon as introductions were made I asked to see if he was wearing the briefs I asked him to wear while away from home, so in the middle of the carpark I got to see his underwear lol. I then inspected his nails and remarked how filthy his work boots were.

Just before he we parted company, I gave him 4 bottles of my pee to help with his diet over the next few days, his face although slightly embarrassed, lit up and I knew he would complete this task also. We had agreed that for the remainder of that day, he would go without food at all and drinking only, water or tea and my own special brew when instructed. The first day went by quite easily and the next day he was instructed to purchase a jar of peanut butter and this would be all he would eat for that day when I instructed him.

The third day came and by now his emails and messages were becoming more curt and not as jovial, it was I think at this point when it dawned on him what he had signed up for. I permitted him to finish the peanut butter for breakfast and I 'forgot' to deliver lunch to him lol. By evening time I decided he should be rewarded for his efforts so far and told him he could eat something but I didn't get as far as telling him his requirements to fulfil as he told me he was snuggled in bed and couldn't be bothered to get out.

It was the way he spoke to me which worried me slightly and the fact that he actually disobeyed an order, so I called him on the phone to chat directly with him. His voice sounded a little heavy but that was understandable and after I quipped about his attitude and told him not to speak to me like I was his mother, a la 10yr old child rolling his eyes, I made him drag his ass out of bed and find the vending machine in the hotel and purchase a can of coke.

After a few huffs and puffs he did this and I felt a little better about him not having had an evening meal. The following morning he was allowed to eat a hearty breakfast and he was praised for how well he had done under the strict circumstances. It made me very proud to know that he had obeyed all but one instruction (which I wont hold against him) and he didn't cheat and eat without me knowing as I know there are some boys out there that would cheat.

This is a true submissive, one to be cherished and one which I look forward to hearing from everyday.

Keep up the good work yesmiss!!

Friday, 27 July 2012

A Bit Of Background About Me

I could post this in the all about me section but instead I choose to write it here. If you catch it while it's on the first page then you will be privy to information which will soon be lost in the annuls of the blog and hopefully will give you a bit of an insight into who I am and where I have come from.

Usual upbringing, a loving mother, a domineering father and a sibling. Never really got on with my father, I love him because he's my dad but that's it, our opinions clash and so did we constantly as I was growing up so by 16yrs of age I had left home and gotten a mortgage.

Rewind to 1983, I was 4yrs old there abouts and suddenly my world was changed. During one afternoon, in our family home some man broke in and raped my mum, in front of me. She was held at knife point throughout the ordeal and I had to witness the scene after the bastard left. My distraught mother, the one whom was supposed to be strong and look after me was suddenly shattered and broken before me.

Obviously at 4yrs old I didn't really have a clue what was going on, I didn't know the act which was taking place, all I knew was that my mother was begging and screaming and sobbing uncontrollably and there was nothing that I could do to stop it. Naturally this had a massive impact on me and I was put onto medication to help me get over the nightmares I was having.

For months after this event my father blamed himself for it and wouldn't touch my mother at all. This hurt me a lot as you might imagine. My little brain was trying to sort this out for itself and getting nowhere fast. I had no one to talk to but my mum and I didn't like to as it upset her, as it would. A few years passed and we had a conversation about what had happened that day and it was explained to me that she had been forced to have sex with a stranger. This made me feel sick.

I'd now be about 9yrs of age and had a key to the house so I could come and go as I pleased (I was very mature for my age and trusted by my parents) and one day I let myself in to use the bathroom and as I neared the top step I could hear my parents panting and moaning obviously having sex. I threw up then and there and locked myself in the wardrobe and refused to come out. My brain couldn't cope with the information and scene it was imaging, as all I'd known of sex up to this point was of my mum being hurt. This brought about a lot of resentment towards my dad for a variety of reasons all of which I care not to elaborate on now.

Even though this life changing event had taken place and it had hurt our family, it also brought me and my mum closer together. We shared everything and still do, yes I mean everything lol. Sex from then on was discussed openly and never referred to in a disgusting or taboo way. As I said I had always been a very headstrong, mature girl and by the age of 11 had started to develop into a young woman and along with that came a lot of attention from my friends.

I never really got on well with girls, can't stand them, they're all bitches lol, so I surrounded myself with boys. I like the way they talk, straight to the point and I like their humour so the attention I received was on a daily basis. Yes I had my fair share of boyfriends at school but I was only ever with them until I got bored of them which was no more than a week.

By 13yrs of age I started to take notice of boys properly and the reactions in them that I produced. I had one brief boyfriend at this time and discovered that I could make his cock hard just be having my hand on his leg, most intriguing. What was funnier was that once I had done this and got bored and walked off, he would follow me! One boy even begged me to come back to the bench and if I did he would buy me a Smash Hits magazine hahahahaha.

Just before my 14th birthday I met my first love and I was hook, line and sinker. I knew this was the boy I wanted to be with for the rest of my life and we spent everyday together. We adored each other, annoyingly so but most of all we loved each other. We were comfortable with each other and could talk about anything and naturally we progressed from kissing and snogging to mutual masturbation etc and we decided that when he was 14 we would have sex.

Now I know that there a lot of people reading this thinking that what we did was wrong but there was nothing wrong about it. We doted on each other and it was just a natural occurrence, it wasn't about peer pressure as by this time I'd really gone off the girls in high school so really couldn't give a fuck what they thought. As soon as we had tried sex for the first time I went to tell my mum and all she said was that she was glad I had chosen home to do it and nowhere else and that she would buy my condoms if I didn't want to do it.

It was this boy I got a mortgage with at 16yrs of age and we stayed together until I was 23. During this time I exercised my dominance over him on a daily basis not really knowing what these feelings were I was having but just knowing I liked how it made me feel. He worked nights so I got bored and used to go out with my friends, use my feminine charms to get boys attention and love the adoration I got from it. I wont expand further on this suffice to say it was a learning curve for me and at no point did I have sex with anyone other than my boyfriend/fiance.

During our whole relationship he did as I asked and never questioned anything. I loved his attitude towards me and we had lots of fun together right up until the point everything turned to shit and he broke my heart but it soon healed when I sought revenge in a way which I will not divulge for fear of legal implications lol. This relationship is something which I longed to find again but with someone else. Not before I had a couple dalliances though, merely out of rebellion and wanting to see what I had missed. Cue rugby player and girl in a bar.

Unfortunately I met the father of my children and he squashed and wrung out every trace of who I was over a 7yr period. I became a shadow of my former self. I'm not gong into detail because he quite frankly doesn't deserve the exposure. Needless to say I eventually found myself again and found a way out. My dominance had been shattered, I was a pathetic specimen but that was all about to change, I was bouncing back.

A few months later along He came and changed my life (bleurgh mushy bit sorry). I had realised with all my experiences with men that had come into my life, invited or otherwise, I knew where I wanted to be in the hierarchy and I knew where most women should be in the universal scheme of things. Luckily for me He wanted this too. I say luckily as I hate beating the shit out of a man to make him realise his place (kidding).

So there you go, the long and not so short of it. That is how I have always been and how I came to be where I am today. Putting my hand on that boys leg started this whole thing off so thank you Kevin for buying me the magazine, by the way I never did say I would touch your leg again but thanks all the same!

My Interrupted Sleep

As most of you know my husband is in the middle of a 6 month chastity period. No it isn't a punishment its just something I wanted to do to see how deep his submission gets.

 During his locked period I frequently unlock him, tie him up and tease his cock mercilessly for anything from 10mins to a few hours or even on and off all day, circumstances allowing. Occasionally I unlock him at bedtime and tie his wrists to the bed (safely of course) and have him sleep like that just so that his cock an get the nocturnal exercise it would normally and so that we can both get some sleep.

Those that have been locked all night will understand what I am talking about and as I'm a very light sleeper it affects me too. Last night was the night to unlock him but with the atmosphere being so hot and humid during the night I though I'd let him be unlocked and untied. Turns out I didn't get much sleep as a result.

 Around 3am, I was woken but I couldn't figure out immediately what it was that woke me, however after about 10mins and my brain merging from the fog I realised that the bed was shaking. Then it hit me why the bed was shaking, He was wanking! The dirty boy was actually wanking and not just casually stroking his cock but as if i had told him to edge.

At first I was shocked that he would do that without my permission so I inspected closer and found that he was fast asleep. So I lay in the darkness and watched him and as I did I could feel myself getting incredibly horny and if he had been awake and wanted to fuck me I would have probably let him in all honesty. As I lay quietly watching him yanking on his thick cock I realised that not only was he fast asleep and doing this, accompanied by low moans, but he was also edging hahahaha.

So imprinted had this become on his brain that he was now doing it in his sleep. For those that don't know, He sleepwalks so I guess this was just an extension of that. This continued for 20 mins and I was starting to get bored so I thought if I left the bed it might disturb him enough to wake him, alas when I returned from the bedroom he was still playing with his cock.

I got back into bed and this continued for another 40 mins so roughly an hour this episode went on for and as soon as the bed stopped shaking I drifted back off to sleep.

However at 5.20am I was woken yet again by the same antics. This time I was annoyed mainly because I'd had a shit nights sleep anyway with the heat but instead of wanting to wake him and berate him I thought I'd let him continue and prayed that he would actually cum. If he had cum I would have been furious after all the work I'd put into his chastity so far but it was a price I was willing to pay to make him feel humiliated and ashamed of what he had done not only to himself but to me also.

Sadly this attack was brief and within 10mins he was fast asleep again and upon waking at 7.20am had no recollection of the events in the night at all, as with every sleepwalking episode he has. So basically I had a terrible nights sleep and all for nothing, so tonight I may just have to keep him awake all night!

Contrary To Popular Belief

This may shatter an illusion for some of you but that's a chance I'm willing to take so that I can get my point across.

 As you all know I am a Professional Dominatrix BUT I am also a naturally dominant woman and I have been for pretty much most of my life. It is something that is in me and has always been in me and it has been something that has been quashed for a number of years but that ended disastrously. So you see it is just who I am I do not put on a front or an act, what you see and read about me whether it be here or in a private email, it's me as I am in everyday life.

Now, where I'm going with this is, if you make a booking with me for a cam session and I grace you with being able to see me do not be shocked or annoyed if you should find me in my PJ's or with no make up on and my hair scraped back. Contrary to popular belief I do not strut around my house all day in leather and PVC, brandishing a crop and jangling my handcuffs.

 BDSM and D/s relationships are part of my life 24/7. So you will understand that not only is it not practical to do those things but also it isn't about what I look like or what I wear, My dominance is My attitude, My personality, My lifestyle choice.

 However that's not to say that I don't wear these clothes from time to time and especially when in a RT session or at a Munch, so you will see pictures of me dressed as you would imagine but it isn't compulsory for me in order to be dominant. I hope this clears things up and stops any tantrums in the future. Some little boys deserve to be spanked others just deserve to be deleted.

Monday, 23 July 2012

New Business - Slave Labour Camp

Slave Labour Camp

So….. you think you know how to serve a Dominant Woman, think you know what we want. I’d like to bet you don’t!! However, for those of you who would like to try….. my good friend, and fellow Dominatrix, Miss Tilly and I, will be holding Slave Labour Camps at her chambers where you can give it your best shot and be punished when you get it wrong…which you undoubtedly will!!

Don’t for one minute think you will be prancing about in your maids outfit flicking your feather duster and looking pretty. When I say Slave Labour I mean slave and I mean labour! And when I say punished I mean severely!! You will be naked and you will work like you have never worked before and you will thank us gratefully for allowing you the honour. By the time you leave you will know how to truly serve a Dominant Woman and if you do it well you may be allowed back

For the honour of working for us the tribute will be -

1 hour £100

2 hours £160

3 hours £200

Longer sessions can be arranged contact me to discuss tribute

Saturday, 21 July 2012

FinDom/Financial Slavery/Blackmail

Ok for those that need or even want to know let me assure you that this kind of fetish is not a quick fix, it is something which is teased out over a set period i,e a month or six months. Even though each sub has his own specifications and ideals on what he wants I am very much adaptable to many suggestions however I too have my limits.

A lot of the satisfaction for many comes from the arrangements which are made before the money is handed over, it's a kind of foreplay to the big event. Not everyone will understand this desire or fetish but that's fine because it isn't for everyone.

Then there are those who wish you just to demand money with no other reason that just demanding money lol. You also have people who like deadlines and penalties/fines if certain tasks are not met. This can be so much fun because it can go either way depending on the eagerness of the sub. Its a fun thing to do in the right hands.

Which leads me to just that. This is the kind of fetish which requires an almighty amount of trust and the ability to work together. If you don't click in a D/s relationship you can't force it and you have to admit to yourselves and each other that it just wont work.

If you wish to discuss any aspect either out of curiosity or with a view to starting a form of Findom then email me at beth_jennison@hotmail.co.uk

One Subs Empathy and Naivety

MsOlive has been under my instruction for a while now and had his fair share of denial imposed on him. He is always a delight to torment and I find his whining amusing especially when I set him a task he thinks he can't complete. After the failure of his knicker buying exercise I told him to buy a night shirt, now this is sooo easy to do yet the pathetic little scamp has decided he cant do it. He thinks I have forgotten that he has now failed two tasks which I set him. Miss Beth never forgets!

Anyway on to the empathy part of the story. Olive loves to hear about Pathetic Pauline and so when he asked a few pertinent questions he realised just how long that dickless sissyboy was locked for. Instantly he was shocked and felt for his anguish and torment even though I told him that worm wasn't worth the time of day. Olive had been denied a couple of days at this point and was just beginning to feel the pinch and he decided to make a very bold and sympathetic statement.

Ms.Olive decided that in order for me to have a little leniency on that scrote he would offer to donate his next orgasm to him. Now this both made me chuckle and made me very proud to know he was my sub. The gentleness in his words really astounded me and I was taken aback by them. Of course I told him he was being rash and that he shouldn't have feelings for his situation as that maggot deserved to be where he was and no where else.

I think Olive got the message.

Then yesterday I get the usual polite mail from Olive (I do enjoy getting these) asking how I was and if there was any chance of an orgasm? I hesitated to answer as I was in two minds as he had been most helpful to me this week and he followed up with the beautiful suggestion of putting it to the vote on Twitter lol. Oh dear.

Little Olive has now realised the naivety of his suggestion. You see very very rarely do subs fight for one another and the majority of my Twitter followers are submissive guys. Before I posted the poll I knew the outcome but I announced I would wait an hour before I gave him the results. Of course the result was No he shouldn't be allowed to cum in a result of 12-3.

As i delivered the result I can only imagine the smile dropping from his cute little lips when he realised what a mistake he had made. I don't think he will be doing that again.

Just because I know some of you will be interested, I have decided MsOlive can cum today. Currently he has cancelled all his plans today to stay at home and edge for me every half an hour until 7pm, that should see him desperate to cum and he will be begging like never before.

I cant wait!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Feeling Owned

Now as I  mentioned in an earlier post I have a sub who wants pretty much all of his life controlled and so he came to me. Yesmiss is a burly chap who was a bit of a hellraiser and a non conformist and likes to weight train given the opportunity. He's middle aged an knows what he wants in life, which is always a big draw for me when taking on a sub. He presented me with all this information and it seemed like a challenge and me being me, saw it as such and accepted with a glint in my eye.

On his journey so far I have had him waiting on his hands and knees in a hotel room with a butt plug shoved in his peachy ass for a whole hour while I entertained the gorgeous Miss Tilly at my house. I asked for photo's of his task and Miss Tilly and I giggled when they appeared in  my inbox. He could have lied about completing the task but what would he have got from the whole process if he had? Nothing, no satisfaction at all.

Next we have had him asking publicly if he can go for a pee, we continued this for a few days just to make sure he felt the full effect of his place in the scheme of things. I also direct him as to when his bedtime should be if I am around (online) to do so, obviously he uses his initiative whenever I am not contactable to ask something. He also has the beginning of a grooming regimen to complete and I request pics of his nails and hands at my discretion and he must oblige instantly.

Needless to say his cock and his orgasms belong to me and I direct him when, where and how to edge and if his orgasm is ruined or an enjoyable experience and of course if he even gets one. I have also just implemented that he wears white briefs when he is staying away from home instead of his sexy jersey shorts which caress his cock the way he likes it. Instead he shall be feeling rather loose and almost like a naughty little school boy. Haha most amusing!

Over the last couple of weeks I have also been controlling his food intake and started with telling him that as I do not eat chicken, neither will he. This was not a welcome order but he took it gratefully as a good boy should. He asks what he should eat for each meal as food time arrives and I advise accordingly. Now accordingly can be if I am in a generous mood, if he has impressed me or if i'm feeling devilish or pissed off. He comes to expect nothing at meal times and is grateful when he is allowed food. Of course with him being a big boy and doing a very manual, labour intensive job he does eat regularly and occasionally he has the choice of whatever he wishes but only when he has really impressed me with his behaviour.

I have had him eat bizarre combinations like pot noodles and chocolate brioche, I have ruined his eggs for him and I have also had him eat fruit salad, not a particularly appetising lunch for a body builder lol. The last two days have been incredibly intense for him and highly fucking amusing for me hahaha.

It all started Tuesday morning with yesmiss getting an order to have tea and toast for his breakfast, he did as was asked and thanked me for the food. I then felt I could turn the heat up a notch and I sent him a lovely picture of my delicious cooked breakfast. Instantly he commented that he could eat twice as much so I kindly replied by telling him they did a large option with two of everything. He asked me not to go on but of course I couldn't help but share with him the fact that the bacon was done to perfection. I think I could almost hear him groan as he read the message lol. Then when he thought things couldn't get any worse I announced that I had finished and was so stuffed I had to force down the last fork full of mushrooms.

Later that day he emailed me to show me the effects of the mornings humiliation:

Yes that is pre-cum you can see both staining his shorts and leaking from his cock. He felt owned!

He didn't get a particularly fulfilling day food wise and as I wasn't around that evening to ask about his meal he decided to have beans on toast. I eventually managed to get some time with him online that night and asked him he if wanted anything else to eat and so I gave him a plate full of cheese and biscuits. However after he had got his snack he then asked me when I thought I would allow him to cum. He had done so well, obeying every rule I had set him and so I allowed him to cum then and there ...... as long as he cum on his cheese and biscuits and then ate them HAHAHA.

He did as was asked immediately and sent me the required pics the only one I can post is the following one:
Mmmmmm tasty lol.

He did get his orgasm but it was bitter sweet, excuse the pun. So today he would have to pay a price for his orgasm as if eating his own cum wasn't enough and what could be the biggest tease of all?? Chicken!!

Yesmiss had brought to my attention a couple of times how much he was missing his chicken so at lunch time today I asked if he would like some. He nearly broke his neck with the speed at which he replied so after a bit of discussion it was decided he would have a lovely chicken burger for lunch and he would email me the pic of it and wait for me to tell him to eat it.

An hour later I received the picture and told him how he would eat it;
First he would eat the lettuce and then tell me when he was done.
Then he would eat the bread, he did this and told me he was done.
Then I instructed him to lick the crispy coating of the burger and savour the aroma. He then asked if he could eat it.
My final instruction was that he had to throw it in the bin:

Awwww almost feel sorry for him, I said almost!

Of course he had to eat something so I told him he could go and get a packet of crisps, Roast Chicken flavour lmao.

So that is yesmiss up to date with food tasks, read this with caution if you require to serve me in a similar manner. Apparently it feels nice to be owned ;)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Saturday's Event - Kink Asylum

It has been such a long time since I went out on a Saturday night so I was really looking forward to this outing. I had a new outfit and shoes to break in and I was so looking forward to being with my best friend and partner in crime Miss Tilly. We were both accompanied by our boys, Him and J.

After an incident involving returning home for a forgotten purse, not mentioning any names *cough Miss Tilly cough*, we finally entered the building (which was bloody wonderful as I was dying for a pee!) and so after quick hello's to staff off I dashed to relieve myself; no not like that, dirty boy!

We were given a tour of the place and I have to say the staff were very friendly and approachable but the venue was still under construction. It was an old warehouse I think and boy you could tell. Nothing was finished and everything was make do apart from the equipment. The large racks, crosses, cages and hydraulic system were all new and just begged to be played with but the venue left me cold.

We changed into our fet wear and looked at the stall offering eco friendly toys i.e floggers made out of washing line and bicycle tyre. I couldn't help but buy myself a lovely new cane with a copper handle much to the delight* of my boy. We milled around and looked for things to do but not really feeling the place, finally we decided to attend a demo on Stapling and Needle Play. This just happened to be in the very corner of the basement, the very cold basement.

We queued as we British do and waited for them to open the curtain, when they did I stepped forward to file in and got barged out of the way not once but three times! Eventually I made it into the demo area and got shoved right at the back right in the corner, I was surrounded by cold tiles. I hate being cold!! The area was packed but there was a gap about 5 people wide in the row in front of me when suddenly a large lady joined us in watching the demo.

She breezed in and made her way right to where I was and then informed me she would stand there. Now when I say right in front of me I mean in my personal space, she was that close her crappy straggly hair kept getting caught on the busk of my corset. I'm sure she thought I was pulling her hair lol. The other thing which pissed me off was that she could have stood in front of my husband who is 6'4 and whom would have still have been able to see the fucking demo but no she chose me to suffocate with her bad body odour. The woman had really bad personal hygiene issues!!

Staple demo over I couldn't put up with that 'woman' any longer and left the area. My boy and I made our way up the stairs to the lounge area and I started to chat with the only other person there who looked interesting, it just happened that we were stood by the table with the food and drink on and as we chatted a woman seemed to be hovering to the right of me. Eventually she huffed loudly and then barked at me "can i get there"? I looked at her, said excuse me to the other lady and turned back to the gruff woman. I then said "you can if you ask nicely" and I glared at her. I think she got the message.

I can honestly say I have never met such a bunch of rude, ignorant morons which again just added to the distinct lack of atmosphere. I spent most of my time in the lounge area with my boy sat at my feet and playing mind games with him while we watched men getting bare assed spanked and others having their balls tickled with the electro-stim machine. It was most amusing and most arousing hearing the cries of pain and begging to be left alone.

One thing which I did do with my boy while I was there was tease him with jelly babies and Miss Tilly even got in on the action. My boy loves the tasty treats and there was a bowl full on the table, he asked if he could have one and I told him no as I wasn't eating anything. He began to give me the puppy dog eyes and I told him if he could give me a good enough reason why he should have one I would consider his application. Of course the fool failed and went without.

All night we teased him over the jelly babies, asking J to bring us them at one point lol. By this time I had my boys hands tied behind his back by his cuffs and a back strap attached to his collar. I was incredibly horny by this point, I love seeing Him like that, I just wanted to play! I got my new cane out and started to tap him with it, he winced and I giggled. He knew I was dying to thwack him with it, he knows I like to see what a mark a toy leaves behind. However he struck lucky and my concentration was broken by a lovely lady coming over to tell me that I had a wonderful boy. I couldn't help but swell with pride and I felt the need to play nicely with him and tease him.

His cock locked and his hands tied was too good an opportunity to miss with teasing him. I grabbed a couple of jelly babies and stood right in front him and looked him the eyes and smiled. He smiled back and I took a jelly baby and licked it, I ran it down the length of my tongue and told him it tasted sooo juicy. He was transfixed by my pink lips and my tongue licking the sweet. He told me he was getting hard and this instantly made me wet. I licked the sweet again and then rubbed it over his lips and told him not to lick them.

I repeated this a few times all the while not saying anything, just looking at him square in the eye as I licked and sucked and enjoyed the sweet and tangy taste. He shifted a few times and asked me to stop. So I did. However I then decided to lick his lips for him hahaha. I ran my tongue around his lips, all the while he swallowed hard and his breathing got heavier and heavier. I then applied more jelly baby juice and did it all over again, the look on his face was awesome and made me feel incredibly horny.

Miss Tilly then came over and told us they were going to change and get on their way. It was 1am so we decided to make a move too, I was glad as I wanted to be alone with my boy. We stood and chatted a while before we go into our cars and departed. When we go into the car outside the venue I immediately unlocked him and started to tease his already hard cock, it was so nice to feel his thick cock in my hand and he moaned as I stroked him. Just as he closed his eyes to enjoy the moment I let go and started the car and drove off.

I just couldn't wait to get home and that's where we headed, quickly!!

Needless to say I don't think i'll be going back to that venue, I'd much rather go to Kage.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Very Busy Week!

Just how I like it to be honest, it keeps me out of trouble lol. I have taken on a new chastity slave since I wrote last and I have had a declaration of love (albeit a pissed up one eh yesmiss), but we wont speak of that further. However what I will point out is the fact that these particular subs have declared me as their life and sole purpose, which is always nice to know lol. You see this is what happens when you click with a sub, it doesn't always work that way and sometimes you just have to admit that you aren't suited and call it a day.

I have also had more gifts sent to me and if i'm honest, when the last gift arrived this week i became a bit sad knowing that there were going to be no more nice parcels in the post for me. This week that will be rectified by yesmiss once more, I don't ask for the gifts before you all start saying that i'm a begging Domme/Mistress, I have never asked him for a gift, he has always bought them at his own discretion. So far every choice he has made has been perfect and I have inside knowledge as to why that is.

He has requested total control of his life and for a bit of a hell raiser that's big thing to do and a challenge I so accept. Hopefully he will soon be making the journey to take me out for lunch which will be interesting to say the least and other submissive duties. That will make a god blog post soon.
Next onto my new chastity sub. He's a virgin who knows his place it would seem. Teaching him his place has been so much fun. He isn't in the UK but his English is fantastic, if only other subs took the time to learn our language as well as he did. To me that smacks of respect for me and my position and that is something which wont go unrewarded. He has finished his first week and has applied to stay on further. I have uses for him and he is polite so he can stay lol.

So far I have managed to get him to drink his own cum (something which he was very reluctant to do) and he  actually thanked me for the experience after. Things can only get better with this one.
Friday was an awesome day, it was collection day with my servant. We met in my car as usual but this time he wasn't physically shaking, which was nice, although he was still nervous lol (i like that). We spoke briefly and i made him count the money out to me then as before he said goodbye and left. What follows is the email he sent me:

Good afternoon Financial Mistress Beth I'm glad you had a good time at my expense.
I too had a good day, counting out the money in your cargot me really hard, I couldn't wait to get home. I started wanking in the car as soon as I left you. I couldn't keep my hands off it. it's only a mile to home.. Parked up, shot upstairs and lay on the bed, I'll swear my dick was as big as it  has ever been. I kept thinking about you in the car while I was wanking myself off. Then I put the computer on a looked at some of your pics. But the thought of you in the car was much better. I was ages wanking I didn't want it to end it was so good.

I can honestly say this was the best personal release I have ever had, it was fantastic.
A dirty little wanker which will be controlled I assure you but he amuses me soooo much. I then emailed him with what happened after I left him, I think he was suitably pleased with the reaction. Further instructions have been given to him for this next month and they should make things a little more exciting. This dirty little boy will soon know who owns him!


MsOlive has also kept me so amused with his begging for orgasms and after making him jump through hoops and making him scrub his ass red raw i finally let him. Also our relationship has turned a corner and he requested that I control his bedtimes and recreational time too. A bit of jealousy toward yesmiss i think lol. It has been so much fun controlling his bedtimes especially as I know what his job his and how precious his down time must be. 

He asked this evening if he could go out for a pint and I told him he could but only one as I attended an event last night and couldn't drink. He then replied that if i wanted to stop him going out i could (of course i can, fool) but as he soon found out, i'm not stupid. To be told to stay in is the easy option but to go out for just one pint is harder lol. He did as requested and sent me a goodnight email at his 10pm curfew. I am thinking of pics he can do to entertain us.


Then we come to the event last night . . . . . but that's a whole new post!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Shiny Things, Purchases and Gifts!

This week has been a god week which will only get better come Friday when I go collecting from subrob, but I digress and am getting all hot and horny thinking about it so back to the original post content lol.

Well I have had shiny things on my mind this week and it all started with how I could possibly get my hands on some so I took a quick trip to my local Nice'n'Naughty and came face to face with a plethora of PVC and for someone who was never that really bothered about the stuff I suddenly felt extremely aroused when I was looking at it.

So off I went home with an empty hand but a mind full of ideas and desires. Thought I would just take a look at my Amazon wishlist and saw I had already put a PVC corset on there so I spent my vouchers wisely and bought it!

However before I had gone home empty handed from the shiny clothes shop I did manage to buy myself two pairs of shoes hehehehehe

Yes the spikes are very real as my knee will testify as I was trying them on in the shop lol. Some sub will appreciate them though of that i'm sure.

So along with my new shoes and shiny corset and shiny leggings (which you can see in the pics) I also have some shiny gloves which I managed to pick up when on my hols. All in all I think it will make a very Dommely outfit lol. What do you think?

And to cap it all off, yesmiss has just bought me a leather corset and skirt set. It has to be said, he is a very good boy and makes me extremely proud.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

A Funny Feeling.

Tonight has been an odd evening and this one will show you what kind of Domme I am. Perhaps I shouldn't write this but fuck it I say. If a sub doesn't like me for who and what I am then i'm not really interested. I am me and that's that!

As you all know I have a fabulous sub called Nipples and he has been a constant in my D/s life for as long as I can remember. He is not only my sub (after a long and patient wait on his part) but he's also a confident and a friend. He has been under my control for quite some time and has endured countless tasks and completed them all to the best of his ability and everyday I get a report without fail. Today was not different, but with one change.....

He has asked for a break.

Naturally I have agreed to this as his well being is of major importance to me. He has a very busy family life and his work life has just taken a major upheaval meaning more pressure. Now I know there are Dommes out there reading this either laughing or making comment about what a pathetic Mistress/Domme I am well you can go fuck yourselves. There is more to my sub than meets the eye and I know and understand it all. That is the reason I have insisted he didn't retract his decision.

Of course, me being me, I am sat here writing this with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye but I know that he will return to me when he is good and ready. I will not alter my fetlife profile (as discussed and agreed with him) as it is the whole scene he is taking a break from and not just me. It will be odd not to get the daily reports even though I know he will be in touch via email now and then but I can't wait for the email that says "I'm ready again Mistress".

With the events of the evening weighing heavy on me I shall say good night.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Since I Returned

My feet haven't touched the ground! I also came home to find $80 on my doormat which is always nice lol. MsOlive also added to my enjoyment, being the good boy he is by sending me some Amazon Vouchers while I was on holiday, so they have now been applied to my account which makes it look a tad healthier than it was after my spending spree before i went.

I have had three more requests for blackmail, which in itself made me extremely wet and horny so naturally after responding to them I set Him to work and had 2 wonderful orgasms. I'm sure he's been practising lol. He remains locked by the way hahahahaha.

I have also had to correct my wayward sub PP who has narrowly escaped going on my Wanker Wall, however I have reminded him of who is in charge by giving him a punishment. I cannot reveal what here just yet as it hasn't been put into action yet. 

Emails galore on chastity training, there are a lot of boys out there wanting to be locked or should I say needing to be locked away and all of which I am thoroughly enjoying holding their keys and tormenting the hell out of them lol. Also had a very good SMS session with a couple hours of role play with Minnie. I always enjoy sessions with him, he's such a fucking loser but he does make me chuckle and he's probably the best loser I know!

Yesmiss has been most entertaining whilst in his hotel rooms working away. I have had him eat and drink whatever I tell him and he also has to ask to go to the bathroom each time he needs to go (just hope he doesn't need it in the night hehehehe). He gets told when it's time for bed and I am working on getting his wake up call amended but with his job it can be a bit tricky. We have also begun with his beauty regimen, starting with his nails, we all know I have a hand fetish lol. Of course like all of the rest of you his cock belongs to me also so necessary instructions are given there too.

Wayne the Wanker has also been quite amusing and tomorrow I shall see just how amusing when I open the letter containing the lines I told him to write to help improve the illegable scrawl he likes to call handwriting. However if his money for me isn't there when I arrive at Miss Tilly's chambers, there will be trouble and PP can vouch for my version of trouble lol.

So tomorrow sees the joining of two very devious minds, myself and my best friend Miss Tilly. It has been a while since we had a girly chat and this one is much needed. Also looking forward to opening the parcels of rope Yesmiss has sent to me, he is a good boy. 

So now I shall go to bed and get my beauty sleep, no comment necessary required thank you!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I'M BACK!!!! Yay!!!

I know you have all missed me terribly, I know it from the emails and tweets and texts I got throughout my hol lol. I love you too, well most of you but I need a break too you know my little lovelies, this brain needs to recharge and regroup after having to think up evil and delightful deeds to make you lot squirm.

Anyway, the word is I am BACK and fully loaded and ready to tackle, punish, entertain and tease you to the best of my ability. I have plots and plans ready for those that need them and I have my pile of emails to catch up with, which is what I shall be doing during the course of the week.

I have to say that I have missed a certain few of you and especially my best friend Miss Tilly, typically as I arrived at my destination she could have done with me being closer but that's all to be discussed on Friday. I also had my relaxation cut short when I received a message from another "Mistress" telling me to keep Patheticpauline under control. Apparently he got bored without me and started looking for another owner, most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. He really annoyed me to the point I was going to throw his key into the sea.

I do not like sneaky subs one little bit and to be honest him and his yellow bellied maggot have annoyed me on several occasions but because he has no intention of making an appearance the only way to punish him is to lose his key and ignore him lol.

So from there, it set my mind back into work mode again and got me ready for starting back again. I have a text session tonight with a regular misfit so it's off to the caffeine enhanced coffe for one night only lol. Apologies to tea fets out there but this has to be done!