Wednesday, 20 June 2012

HOLIDAYS!!!! 21st June - 3rd July

Ok so this is how it will work. I am on holiday in this country but it is my holiday none the less. I shall be away from the 21st June until the 3rd of July. I will be totally off the radar on the 21st and 3rd and will have limited internet access for the remainder of my holiday. I will get my emails and I will reply but I wont be able to reply immediately or length and any new business will have to wait until I am home.

So until July, play nicely boys and girls, Miss Beth will want to hear all about it when she returns!

Miss Beth xxx

This Week In Brief

Ok well I have continued to have much fun tormenting Jane as he will now affectionately be known. The highlights with him have consisted of:
- He was told to edge 6 times in 30 mins, at his work desk.
- He was told to then immediately, with hard cock, get up and get a glass of water and he had 2 mins to do it in.
- He was told to take his socks off, just because I flt like telling him to do that lol.
- Then i told him to edge with his sock. Classic bit was when he was nearly caught by his colleague. I nearly wet myself laughing as he freaked out.
- I also told him to get on his knees at his desk, photograph it, post it on twitter with an attached begging letter asking my permission to cum.
Needless to say, he is still waiting for permission lol.
Ms.Olive, bless him, has been working his little socks off and has ended up a bit poorly and stuck in bed. His underwear challenge remains undone and so I gave him the option of going into a changing room to edge to earn his three days off his sentence. I received a pathetic video of nothing much really apart from a floppy cocklet desperately being stroked trying to bring it to life. Sadly it ended without conclusion. Obviously I didn't remove the time for such a sad effort but I was fair and removed one day from his sentence because he dragged himself out of his sick bed just to try to reduce his term.

Good work Olive, you continue to make me very happy and is a great example of the kind of things a sub should be doing to make me happy.
Now onto my latest find, yesmiss, that is his new name as it is very fitting. That's pretty much all he says lol. He is a very interesting fellow, a big guy whom has turned to putty in my hands and I LOVE IT!! I have had him denied a week with plenty of edging in the most funniest of places and a ruined orgasm thrown in just to make him suffer that bit more. Monday night saw him on all fours in a hotel room with a red butt plug up his ass for an hour. Why? Because it amused me! He has sent me some very lovely gifts and I haven't even asked for them.

He has been underwearless during a working day and has edged in his works van on a car park not 5 mins from my house, as it turns out! He has edged in the pub toilet and has obeyed all of my instructions including being allowed to eat eggs with his cooked breakfast as long as the yolks were hard. Today saw him wearing a lovely red ribbon on his cock all day, just a little reminder of me throughout the day.

Plenty of other things have been done during this week, all of which have amused and excited me immensely and I even have the offer of being taken out to dinner. What a lucky boy that sub will be, to have me as company on an evening out.

Oh What Fun!

Today has been the second most interesting, thrilling and fun day i've had this month!

A couple months ago I had an enquiry about the blackmail service I offer, I told him it would cost £10* for him to look at my contract and he immediately said that wasn't a problem and he would send me the cash via the post. He told me he had sent it and then with the Jubilee celebrations and bank holidays it seemed to get lost in the post. I emailed him and asked where the money was and he assured me it was sent to the address I provided but he would send me the cash again and for the inconvenience caused he would send me an extra gift of a £20 gift voucher.

I told him that it was a lovely gesture and a welcome gift and as soon as the mail arrived I would email him the contract. I then received another email about 30mins later saying that another £80 worth of vouchers was making its way to me in another envelope. Naturally I became very very wet at the thought of this man, who didn't really know me yet, sending me his hard earned cash!

A couple days later I had a message to say the envelopes had arrived and so I sent the contract. What happened next was a lot of emailing back and forth between us discussing and tweaking amounts and a lot of him divulging very private information. I cannot tell you how excited I got when I opened the email which told me the names of his grown up children, his wife's name and email address, his home address and phone number and also his place of work. I could feel him getting closer to me with each email and that turned me on immensely.

I had an email to say that the contract wouldn't open for him to edit to send back to me and I did think that it was an excuse so I jokingly said that I would either print it off and send it or bring it to him seeing as though he didn't live too far away lol. He replied by saying that sending it was too risky but it would be a dream come true to hand the cash over in person and watch me take it off him. This suggestion made me chuckle as it's something I had always wanted to do. So, naturally I took him up on his offer and we began to make arrangements for me to go and get his contract signed and to take his first instalment.

I told him it would be this week or July I would call and that I knew he would make the right decision which of course he did but said that as it was short notice he would only be able to afford half the amount we had discussed but he would double July's payment. I agreed to this as after all I am a very fair person, aren't I Ms.Olive? hahahaha. (that's another story).

So amount, date, time and venue was arranged, directions given and everything was set to go. I woke up this morning both excited and nervous, mostly nervous about finding the place but I couldn't wait to get there to finally meet him and the get my hands on his money to start this whole process off. I got myself ready in my business suit, FF stockings (which had been bought for me by someone else) and my black heels. I picked up his folder containing all the emails he had sent me and the declaration he had emailed to me and the contracts for him to sign.

I got in my car, music on and a smile on my face, heading off to meet the man I was going to own for at least the next 6 months. I have to admit that when I pulled into the car park waiting for him to arrive I was extremely turned on and if I could have had a bit of a play then and there I would have but seeing as though it would be the first meeting I thought it inappropriate lol.

I stepped out of the car and saw him walking towards me looking rather sheepish, he spoke only to say "shall I get in", I nodded and we both sat in the car. We said hello briefly and I couldn't help but giggle inside a little as he sat there shaking like a leaf and asked what I had for him to sign. I opened his folder, passed him the pen and he signed and then so did I. He handed over the cash, which as it happened was the amount we had initially agreed plus £20 for my petrol and time and then he made his excuses and turned to leave.

As he went to leave I grabbed his hand to shake it, as one does in all business transactions, and then I looked into his eyes and said "oh and don't forget, I own you now". I smiled sweetly and he nodded and agreed I did indeed now own him.

Our meeting must have lasted a whole five minutes and then I was on my way home. As I drove I ket bursting out laughing and I could feel my heart racing and my clit swelling. I owned him and he was paying me for the pleasure. My brain started to tick with all of the fun we would have over the next 6 months, oh I have plans, big plans for him and I know as they unfold over time he will (to coin a phrase) cum in his pants!

After I got home I emailed him to see how he was feeling after our meeting, after care is very important to me and he emailed me back basically saying how fabulous it wad to actually meet his Financial Mistress in person and how much he enjoyed it. He also threw in a couple ideas, ones which I have already thought about and so now I am off to email him with my reply.

See, Blackmail can be fun!

This is my reaction when I got home from relieving him of his very hard earned cash!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Monday 18th June

I shall be with my good friend Miss Tilly at her chambers all day Monday, if anyone would like to book a session with either or both of us then contact me at for details.

Are you brave enough to come and visit? Can you cope with all the pleasure which may await you?

Only one way to find out . . . . .

Ms.Olive Strikes Again!

Even though he has been quiet, Olive is still around, hovering (with aching balls).

I gave Olive a task to complete: Buy a pack of white pants and wear them all week.

Easy peasy for the sub who walked into Ann Summers and paid £40 for a bra and panties for himself. Well apparently not. I had an email back later that afternoon saying that he couldn't do it hahahahaha. What a wimp! So as a penance i added three days to his chastity period, was he grateful? I'm not sure lol. However I am nothing if not fair, so I have told him that if he manages to pluck up the courage to go to the supermarket to buy them then I shall remove the time I have added on.

I have only had one begging email from him and that's either due to work shift patterns or the fact he knows it's pointless. I do hope it is his shift patterns because I do miss his begging, he is so damned good at it. Nothing makes me moist more than hearing a sub beg, well almost nothing lol.

Oh and in case you were wondering what had happened to the video I had of his ruined orgasm, it was rejected lol so here is the link to the video on xhamster:

New Subs and Having Fun

The week began well with a Double Domme session for a foot fetishist with my very gorgeous partner in crime Miss Tilly and from there on it has just got better and better!

I have had a couple of enquiries from people with regards to making arrangements with blackmail (we shall see if they take the plunge) and also I have had the pleasure of a couple of other subs for a bit of online playing. Both of them very very different in their requirements and approaches to being submissive but both equally as much fun. However one is on/off with commitment due to circumstances and the other is for the long haul, something I can take my time with and savour.

I get such a kick from both types of submission. The instant servitude also satisfies my need to hear begging, whining and the wonderful words Yes Miss instantly. The longer submission allows me to get to know someone properly, find out what makes them tick, what turns them on and how I can make that deeper for them. Something I adore, getting into the mind of a sub. It can be a slow process but it is worth it. It helps with building trust and a complete relationship, after all this is a subs life we are talking about not just a frivolous object.

I have had much fun with @jonjones on twitter this afternoon and I have left him dangling on the brink of orgasm until we play again, whenever that may be lol. Here are a few pics from this afternoon:

My new boy whom i have called Yesmiss is also so much fun and I look forward to our future together. He has already been so very good with tasks I have set, photo's I have asked for and info I have requested, I can only imagine what else lies in store for us. It's exciting for me, not just Yesmiss.
 This pic was taken in a layby just off the motorway somewhere. He did offer the suggestion up as a joke and nearly died when i told him to do it. However bravely, like the good boy he is he edged for me and then went on his merry little way. I think he is due a reward shortly.

I have also had some rather lovely emails from my Sub in America which I have lined up ready to reply to this evening along with a glass of Chardonnay (as per his request). Also arriving this week have been a couple of thoughtful gifts from various people, so I would just like to say thank you very much for them.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Pre-Holiday Fun

Right I am calling on my subs to help me have the best holiday I can. Who is going to entertain me Friday this week (15th June) or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday next week?

I shall be unable to play (to the extent i enjoy) while I am away so I must get my needs down to a minimum before I go. Which of you is going to help with my predicament? Surely you must want Me to have fun??

If you want to have a session with me you can email me or call me on 07762604875. If you would like to sign up for online torment/training then get in touch via email. My phone number is to book appointments or enquire about sessions only. If i feel you are trying to glean info whilst wanking, you will be fined, shamed on here and the call will be terminated.

Come on boys and girls, come and make me happy :)

Monday, 11 June 2012

Today's Lesson

This morning I had a text to say that the Double Domme session was back, after it had been cancelled about 3 times bless, so I rushed around like a lunatic trying to get everything I had to do, done before I left. I ended up running out of the house with no toe polish on or my make up done, oh well bugger it, I would have to do it when I got to Miss Tilly's chambers.

I finally arrived, in one piece if not slightly dishevelled and very out of breath (i'm so unfit) after climbing the three flights of stairs to the chambers. I sat while J (Miss Tilly's boy) brought us coffees and I painted my toes and put my make up on then we realised we had a little time to kill, so Rope Tying lesson 101 began.

I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to tying knots. You think i'm kidding. Why do you think you never see me with lace up shoes? lol. Perhaps I can tie a lace but that's it, so this lesson would be a most welcome one. J was ordered to strip and assume the position which he did perfectly. Miss Tilly then proceeded to show me a few ties with rope all of which J seemed to "enjoy", so with all this info I am now armed to try to replicate it alone with my husband.

Hmmm not sure who needs to be wished luck. Him or Me?? lol

J nice and comfy and secure lol

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ms.Olives Saga Continues

A couple of weeks had passed since Olive had his last orgasm and as with all subs, went a little quiet. I decided to contact him and just check up on him, as I do with all good subs, no not to fish but because I feel it an important part of the service. It's called After Care, for the "Dommes" who need a clue.

Anyway, we started to converse and he told me he was back to his wanking habits of daily gratification so I suggested he should try to cut down to once every other day. He took this eagerly and said he would do it. I bet him he wouldn't last the week, surprisingly he did, so, unannounced I upped the stakes lol. He emailed to ask if he could have his orgasm as he always did and I told him to ask at 5pm. On the button the email arrived. He's nothing if not obedient , oh and desperate. I told him possibly tomorrow he could but gave him an edging task to do. He told me he would be careful and off he went.

The next day he emailed again and again I told him to go away. After I told him to go away he begged for an orgasm and even offered up a ruined orgasm hahahahaha. I agreed as i knew this would add to his frustrations and told him i again needed proof it was ruined. Here is the clip i received:

He then emailed to ask if he would be allowed his orgasm on Friday as it was his birthday. Naturally the sceptic in me required proof of this and not just a birthday card lol. He agreed and went away until he had proof of his birthday, a pic of his driving licence. He is such a pretty boy. Anyway, this task complete I agreed to Fridays gift of an orgasm BUT there was a catch.

If he was to have a wank and cum freely he would have to give me what I wanted and that was for him to return to submission immediately. No break, straight back on the horse. No time for the feelings to build again, but back to where he was and serving me again. Naturally the desperation in him was growing and he took the offer, without thinking what he was agreeing to.

The next email he sent was asking what he had just signed up for so I explained and then he asked how long would he be denied for? I already had a time in my mind so I asked him what he thought his orgasm would be worth and he instantly messaged back with two weeks denial. I nearly wet myself laughing. There is no way this little wanker will go that length of time but seeing as it was longer than I had in mind I took his offer!

Friday rolled around and he emailed. I ignored it a while as I knew he was desperate by now and I love playing with him so much lol. I eventually replied and he asked for his orgasm but i told him he needed to edge every 30 minutes until 5pm. He did this, carefully with his heavy aching balls desperate to unload. At 5pm I receive another email and I tell him yes he can have his email but he needs to beg for it. He knows I get incredibly horny when a sub begs. His first attempt was pathetic so I told him to try again. This is what he wrote.
Miss Beth,

Please please let me have an orgasm. Its been a week since ive released. Im begging you to let me cum before my 2 week sentence. Pleeeeeeease Miss Beth. Im sooo frustrated and horny. I really need a release. I thought I was going be having an orgasm every other day, then you made me wait  a week, and now Im suddenly going to be waiting for two weeks after todays orgasm. Please please let me have my orgasm now. I have been very patient. Please

So after all of his efforts I kept my word and told him he was free to have his orgasm, however he wanted but he had to make sure he enjoyed every minute of it as  it would be the last for a while.

Good luck Olive with your impending denial period. I do have ways of putting you off wanting an orgasm just waiting for when the begging begins!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Something Slightly Amusing

You may recall that I had given Ms.Olive the task of impressing me to win the chance to orgasm. I didn't give him any further instructions, just that it needed to amuse me. So the next morning I awoke to find this in my inbox:

Not the most entertaining thing I've ever seen but it did amuse me in my bleary eyed state first thing in a morning.

Nice try Olive, but I know you can do better.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Being Entertained

One of my best slaves/subs who will most definitely be appearing on the wall of fame is Ms.Olive. He has entertained me no end and is a sub which I love playing with. He not only entertains me but he also knows how to look after me and make me smile.

He has done so many funny things but this is by far the best fun I have had with him for a week or two at least. I have given this habitual wanker the task of not having an orgasm everyday but every other day. Each day when it is convenient to him for his much awaited wank he will email me and tell me he is ready and to ask if he is permitted?

So far I have been very kind to him and allowed it to happen when he contacts me as he has been adhering to the rules very well. However I have felt in a minxy mood today and have been putting him off lol. He contacted me at around 2pm and I told him I was busy and he should contact me again at 5pm. Of course he did I told him he could have his orgasm . . . . .after i had one. He obeyed and was grateful.

It is now 7.40pm and i have another email from him asking if I am yet satisfied so he can have his orgasm? I have told him I will bee soon and then I will let him know.

Not entirely sure I know when soon is yet .......

Oh Miss Beth you are a naughty girl sometimes!! Hehehehehe

Friday, 1 June 2012

New Wall

As has been suggested, there will be a Wall Of Fame coming soon for all the lovely subs out there whom please me no end with their regular task completions and tributes.

You will be named, praised and your efforts written about in detail. You may even find yourself up there more than once and become Top Sub if you are lucky enough. Naturally along with this accolade there may be the odd treat or two in store for you as I believe good efforts should be rewarded.

I already have a shortlist, a very shortlist, so who will come and add to the numbers? Will it be you?

Good luck boys and girls.