Thursday, 31 May 2012

Morning Emails

Every morning, I sit on my bed and drink my tea and check up on my emails before I even get out of bed. Today I had a lovely surprise. I had received an Amazon gift voucher from an anonymous benefactor and all that it said on the voucher was, "A little treat". Now I will not divulge the amount given as it really isn't the amount that was given that made me smile, it was the shear fact that someone had seen fit to do it and for no apparent reason.

Sometimes I do get shocked by people generous acts, it's easy to get so jaded when all day you field emails from idiots who just want something for nothing, but today it was my turn to get something for nothing. It put a massive smile on my face to know that somewhere someone quietly appreciated me and what I am doing whether it be in work or on my blog.

So with that in mind I would just like to say a big thank you to you (whoever you are), you made my day xx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sunshine and Twitter

This week has seen me taking the Twitter bull by the horns and embracing it fully! It has proved quite a useful tool for introducing me to new subs of varying degrees. Many a waste of my time, not knowing what they want but a couple who so far seem to be genuine and completely sure of what they want. However you can never tell how something will pan out until it actually does with an online sub. One minute they are there and another minute them and any trace of them can be gone.

This is only really annoying when you have invested so much into them as their Mistress but in the main, it's just business as usual. Another thing which I am finding increasingly annoying is the amount of subs who come to me expecting me to be able to read their minds and know instinctively what it is they actually seek.

As a sub there are few things that you need to do but the important ones are:
* Pay in some way, cash/cheque/gift voucher
* Obey rules
* Communicate fully
* Be completely honest, even if it means receiving a punishment

This is an experience which you will be paying for so surely you will want to feel every aspect of it to fully appreciate the D/s relationship. So if you can't convey your ideas and feelings fully or be honest at every turn, who is losing out really?

Anyway, rant over.

On to the sunshine. What a glorious week we have had and what a plethora of semi clad feet to tease my husband with hahaha. For those who are unaware, he is about a month into a 6 month chastity stretch and he is a foot fetishist. This week has been total torture for him awwwww. All the pretty feet around just taunting him and making his thick cock strain against his cage, then that coupled with my feet in sandals getting all dirty and sweaty ready for me to rub over his face and make him lick them clean, the boy has been climbing the walls hehehe.

So what did I decide to do during his desperation? That's right, have him work with me for pics to be added to my Private Gallery on Adult Work. I decided to satisfy the chaste foot fetishist and took a variety of pics which had him groaning and his cock turning purple. I kid you not, purple!!!

After this we headed of to the park for a spot of sunbathing and public humiliation. There we were lazing on the lush grass in the gorgeous sunshine, people wandering through at a snails pace and I needed a foot massage to top it all off. However my feet were a tiny bit black from wearing my sandals so naturally he needed to clean them for me before he began. Obviously with no water around he would have to lick them clean. With a heavy heart and a semi hard cock he dutifully got to it.

I love the crimson colour he goes when he's embarrassed and i saw quite a lot of that during that session lol. Every now and again he would lose himself in his task and be startled back to reality with a rogue dog sniffing nearby. However with a kick to the device he was back hard at work until they were spotless and he could relax while he enjoyed massaging my very clean feet.

Good boy! x

Friday, 25 May 2012

Dear little SL

I just had to post these pics and such purely because i can't stop laughing at them and if they amuse me perhaps they will amuse you. This is the shape of a boy taking the initiative to amuse and please me:

Hahahaha i do hope you all found that as amusing as i did. Thank you SL you pathetic gimp!!

What a week!

Wow, this week has been a very interesting one. Subs and sunshine what a combination!

At the start of the week I made a new contact which after a few days decided that he didn't want to pay much for my time. He also decided that he wanted to try blackmail but didn't actually want to give out any information lol. I know, go figure. I have also been sent some rather sad pics of a cock which i must rate and in all honesty I don't rate it at all. Most sad.

I have also been very busy with phone chat work via Adult Work, so glad it's paying off being on there at last, just wish I could get some to come for RT sessions. Why is everyone too scared to come and meet me? I'm not that scary am i?

Also via an email I have been told how long lock number 3 is to be kept on one of my subs lol. Lock number three doesn't seem so bad until you realise he has been locked since November last year hahahaha stupid sissydick, it's no more than he deserves!

Monday night I had a fabulous evening with Miss Tilly and her boy J. Hypnosis and coffee followed by dead legs and face slapping, and neither of us Dommes lifted a finger lol. I have also had a sub make a critical error in his judgement and is now being ignored, something which I know he detests and so that is his punishment until see fit. Harsh? No i don't think so, deserved.

I have had quite a few gifts through the post this week, some off my Amazon wish list and a couple off the cuff, I am appreciative of all the gifts but the wish list is there for a reason. Wayne the wanker continues to try to appeal to my better nature but so far with little effect, if he upped his game then perhaps.

I have also had requests for pics from a regular and have added more to my Adult Work page. I had so much fun doing them and in the process made me incredibly horny!! So much so that after the session I had to have a couple orgasms supplied by my boys tongue and my favourite new toy, my Hitachi Wand (thank you Ms.Olive). Boy that thing really works!! It's a shame none of you are worthy of a view of it in action, almost none of you.

And so to the hot weather. It's been such a shame that I don't have a garden as i really hate tan lines and sunbathing topless in the park could do me harm than good especially with the local constabulary lol.

So if you would like to entertain me next week, please have a realistic idea of what it is you actually want, look at my tributes list and then we can talk. I look forward to speaking with you soon, I know you'll enjoy it too!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Face Time

I am now offering to Face Time a shopping session for the subs who like to be there when goods are purchased with their money. In order to have this luxury you will have to tribute a minimum of £50 and then we can arrange a date and time to do it. If you would like further details or would like to chat about the idea then email me at

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I am just sat here checking all the place which I advertise my chastity service and it seems as though that particular site has vanished! Hahahahahaha just thinking to myself how many locked up cocks only had contact through that site with their keyholders and how many are now trying to cut the padlocks on their devices??

If you are one of those affected by this incident then please leave your name for us all to have a good laugh at!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ms.Olive's Wish Is Granted

We all know the old saying "Be careful what you wish for" don't we? Well, I feel Ms.Olive now truly understands this saying. 

You see for the last few days the begging had become more pathetic, more whiny, more sad
"Please Mistress, Please, please, please let me have a proper orgasm".
Of course I ignored him and taunted him for a while and set him various challenges to take his mind of what he was asking. One of the tasks I set was to clean his flat, starting with the bathroom whilst he wore nothing but his bra and panties (he flat shares by the way). He did this in record time and it looked really clean (for a boys house), then the begging started again.

This time I told him to lick the seat clean as if he was preparing it for me to sit upon, again he did this.

Yet again, the begging started so i asked him to tell my why I should let him and convince me it's the right thing to do.

Once again he did as he was told and wrote to me and told me what he thought I wanted to hear but what I was really after was him to realise it wouldn't make me happy and that it was a very selfish short lived feeling he was after. He persisted with his request so I granted his wish, on my terms.

After chatting with Miss Tilly we both decided he should have what he wanted, in abundance. In total he was directed to have 6 orgasms between 3pm and breakfast the next day, all at specific time and places and all with photographic evidence. There was no way this greedy, thimble cocked boy would cope with that kind of a task and indeed I was correct hahahahahaha.

I didn't hear anything from him after his 5pm orgasm until I woke this morning. Bizarrely I was awake from 5.30am wondering if he had emailed me to apologise or if he had just disappeared like so many others when faced with a difficult task and the realisation that Mistress is always right. He had been doing so well and I thought he had thrown the towel in and let me down as well as himself. That was a valuable lesson which he needed to learn in order to progress and fully understand the D/s dynamic and even though I so desperately wanted him to stop begging and just continue to suffer, I got my kicks from watching him suffer from his wish  coming true.

I didn't want this to all be for nothing, he is actually a good boy and with a little more training, in time he will make a fabulous slave. To my surprise my inbox had an email from him:
Miss beth

I'm very sorry I couldnt manage an orgasm in the *********. I did really try I've just got home and I'm trying to have one now. I don't really want one. I want to feel submissive and desperate again. 

I now really appreciate you denying my orgasms. I wish I'd had not been allowed one now then I'd be your perfect slave again. 

This made me happy, not only did he acknowledge that what I was doing was for his own good but that he appreciated it and he wanted to be back in that place again. Also the fact that he didn't just disappear when he realised what had happened made me have more faith in him and so allowing our relationship to grow.  Well done thimble-dick, a tough lesson but one which you needed to learn, don't let me down now!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Conclusion Of Nipples . . . . or is it??

I bet you have all been wondering what happened to my dearest sub Nipples. Well, the result was given and the decision was made. Did it go according to Nipples plan?

I had a very brief email from Nipples which said:

The word ***** was said to my reckoning 36 times.

I tossed a coin in my bedroom.

Heads = 21
Tails = 15

Tails went  6-0 in front but heads made a comeback

That was all I needed to know, the decision had been made the night before and I sadistically kept him dangling a little while longer hahahaha.

After a couple of hours I asked if he would like the result, naturally he said he would so I emailed him the picture of my decision and asked that as soon as he had seen it he was to email me back immediately with his feelings.

That's right, he had won his orgasm! Now you would think that after 40 days of no orgasm at all (even longer if you don't count the ruined one and the accident) he would have been reaching for his cock as soon as the email had been read but no, surprisingly he was very restrained.

I asked Nipples if he was happy with the result and if he would like to conclude the game? He replied very politely and said that he would like to forego the orgasm!! Now you see that is the difference between an experienced sub and a new sub. Nipples knows how he will feel after his orgasm and whilst it will feel very lovely for 5mins the afterglow quickly becomes very dull and empty. He also knows what will please me more and with this in mind respectfully declined.

Later that night I got his daily report in my inbox and this is what it said:

40 days since my last orgasm thank you Mistress.

The email exchange earlier had got me quite worked up and aroused.

I had the chance Mistress and I denied it myself, if the same question had been asked after 3 or 4 edges the answer may well have been very different. 

I know my decision pleased you Mistress but also I made the decision to please myself too. We both know how my submission will go being denied for even longer.

I hope my decision reaps rewards for you Mistress and for me as well.


You see not only does he understand that money and gifts make me happy and are actually very important to this relationship but he knows his Mistress very well, he knows what makes me tick and what makes me happy beyond belief. The fact that he gave up his well deserved and fairly won orgasm to not only make me happy but to help his submission deepen further, truly shows how strong his loyalty and his need to submit, really is.

Crossing Boundaries

This week has been quite an adventure and not just for me but for Ms.Olive also. When I was first contacted by Olive about me administering some training, one of the things listed as a boundary was Public Humiliation. I did take note of this and merely replied, it is amazing how orgasm denial can alter a persons state of mind.

The tasks through the week have continued with more and more humiliation and nerve testing. I have to say that as a newbie slave, Ms.Olive is near perfect, a few more tweaks here and there and he may just be ready to take his training to a face to face level. Considering this person had no prior orgasm control training and is an admitted habitual wanker, the begging hasn't been as pathetic as I thought it would be. Of course there has been begging and whining but he knows No means No.

So about 4 days into no orgasms I receive a "Please please please Miss Beth . . . . . " email and I dismiss it without hesitation. A little later on I mention that perhaps if he goes shopping for some Deep Heat, as previously requested he should also but a cucumber, a pack of condoms and some vaseline. All of the items must be taken, without any other groceries, to the prettiest check out girl available. This may possibly earn him an orgasm.

Immediately I receive an email back saying he was sorry but there's no way he could do that, public humiliation was out of the question. I understood this and told him it was not a problem and I left it at that, no more was mentioned about a possible day/time for an orgasm. A couple hours later I noticed another email from Ms.Olive and when I opened it the words "I Did It" accompanied with a photograph of the items and the receipt. My instructions had been followed to the letter!

Olive sounded so expectant in his email so when I told him I had changed my mind he just had to accept his fate. I did point out to him though that he had just learned a very valuable lesson in that he shouldn't discount something before he is denied of orgasm as that feeling will really fuck with your head and so will I!!

Ms.Olives training continues, so far orgasm free . . . .

Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Sub, Nipples.

Some of you may recall me speaking about him before? But for those who don't recall he is a long time acquaintance who has evolved into a lovely obedient boy that he is today. He does exactly what I tell him to do, how i tell him to do it and without so much as a whinge or a moan. He isn't completely perfect though as he is human after all and has had a few tasks which he has failed on, however this last few months he has been absolutely on form.

It is I think about 40 days since his last orgasm, which i might add was accidental on his part and ended up being a ruined one hahahaha. So all in all i think it's about 3 months possibly since he enjoyed a full orgasm.

Today he has skipped off to work with a trigger word, which he has to note every time is said by a colleague. Armed with this information he then must flip a coin and note the outcome, heads or tails.This evening he will email me with the results and his fate will be decided.

Last night i wrote and photographed a pic of my decision and it saved on my phone ready for his findings, so it is unchangeable. If he wins he gets to cum, but in a way which i see fit, if he loses there will not be another chance for an orgasm for a whole week. In the event of a tie occurring with the results, he will have to flip the coin himself and he will seal his own fate.

I can't wait until tonight in all honesty and if he wins then it is a well deserved win. An obedient boy deserves a reward, much like when training a dog!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Specific Gift

This may be a strange request to put out there but if anyone is wondering what kind of gift I would find really useful the answer is 6 months support of FetLife. I know this will only apply to those of you who may have an account on there but hey, if you don't ask you don't get.

A Model Slave

Well Ms.Olive has been working incredibly hard to keep me entertained and has taken great strides in becoming the model slave. A few more could take a leaf out of his book!

Every task I have set him has been carried out within the time constraints and with perfect precision, albeit with a little whining sometimes but with the 'carrot' of an orgasm dangled before him, he has soon realised to what depths he will stoop to in order to obtain his goal.

I have a few pics posted below of various tasks I have put before him to help grease the cogs of my good nature, did it work? Well Ms.Olive will just have to wait and see. hahahahaha

The first picture you see is pretty self explanatory I think:

Then two days in to his training he became only too aware of how desperate he was to touch his dicklet, obviously he started to ask when he would be allowed to cum. As a good will gesture I decided to allow him to stroke his cock to an edge before he set foot out of bed in the morning. Knowing his bladder would be pretty full after a nights sleep, I figured it wouldn't be totally easy to keep his mind on his edge whilst desperate for a pee hehehehehe. So not entirely the edge he was looking for but he took it non the less. Naturally he was left feeling even more frustrated than before!

The begging to touch his cocklet came thick and fast and it amused me greatly to keep him dangling, eventually I did tell him no he couldn't touch his cock that evening but if he attached as many pegs as he could to his balls then I may let him touch the following day. He then explained it wouldn't be easy to do that as he shared a house and sneaking pegs would be very difficult. So I did give him the option to refuse the task but if he did then there would be no touching the following day. Half an hour later I received an email saying he had gone to the local supermarket under the guise of buying beer just so he could buy some extra pegs ahahahahaha. The fact that it was easier to travel than sneak some from the house not only amused me but also aroused me as I could tell how deep he was getting and so soon!

Seeing as though Ms.Olive had impressed me with efforts of the peg excursion I decided to agree to him being able to edge. However, there was a catch. There was to be no skin to skin contact! He instantly emailed me thanking me for my kindness and asked if he could use a condom. Too easy I thought so I ignored his email a while before I replied. Our emails crossed in cyberspace and I instantly received a lovely pic of a hand encased in a sock lol. Ms.Olive had been so desperate to touch he didn't wait for my reply and used his initiative. I do not normally advocate the use of a subs initiative but this happened to please me, so I let it slide.

Desperation seems to take a hold quite quickly with Ms.Olive and again he was begging for action. During this time Ms.Olive had taken care of me quite well, bribery naturally but I wasn't going to complain. His politeness in his emails and the fact that he knew just how to address me correctly along with his ability to string an entire sentence together impressed me and I decided before the next begging email arrived I would let him edge again for me. This time he needed to find some material to arouse him (porn, pics or a story), then tie his balls tight. Every time his cock got harder he was told to squeeze his balls and say "Miss Beth would not approve. I am a dirty sub". Any pre-cum that leaked was to be cleaned by his fingers and then his tongue. He did as he was told!

The first few days of his learning had been pretty full on and I decided that because he had never gone so long without and orgasm I would give him a fighting chance to really sing for his supper. I told him I wanted a short clip of him begging me for his orgasm. In his desperation he must have sent the same email about 10 times lol. It was an OK attempt to win me over (of course i wont be posting the clip here) but I knew he had more to give so I then told him to go away and think about what he wanted to say to me to allow his orgasm. He spent some time and sent a very polite request and detailed account of why I might allow him such a pleasure.

I then ignored his request to stroke and continued to chat with him, I could literally feel his frustration with every reply he sent. I could tell that he knew I was ignoring his request but he was too afraid to push the matter. Eventually his clit won over and he dared to ask what my decision was. I told him I needed amusing and that if he put pegs on his balls again and dripped wax onto them at the same time, he could stroke his condom clad cock for 1 minute only to reach an edge. He must stop at 1 minute and if he hadn't achieved this goal then it was tough.

To his credit he sent some fab pics and told me that he was unable to reach his edge. Ahhhh never mind!

I gave him a reprieve for a day, left him alone with his thoughts and feelings but today, Wednesday was the start of a whole new task.

A new post to follow . . . . . . .

Friday, 4 May 2012


Well it seems as thought the shrimp dicked little wanker does have balls after all. Not only did Ms.Olive prove me wrong in my initial thought of "well here comes another fantasist" but he also renewed my faith in subs. It appears that there are genuine ones out there and not all of them wish to waste my time. So credit where credit is due, Thank you Ms.Olive.

I am so looking forward to this little relationship however short or long it lasts. The boundaries are pretty much in line with mine and we share similar kinks so I shall enjoy every minute of this.

Yes you can see a twinkle in my once jaded eyes and there is a definite spring in my step. Nothing like an open minded and obedient sub to make a Mistress happy!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Todays Work

Today has been yet another productive day, there is now a new page illustrating the Consensual Blackmail service I offer and i have a couple of pics in the SPH wall. I have another waiting in the wings sent from Ms.Olive, it seems as though Olive is desperate to impress! I have to admire the dedication which has been shown today, but I can't help wonder how long can/will this last?

I have also been putting things in place to start offering web cam sessions with my boy on Adult Work. I shall be opening the cam up to other fetishists for suggestions on what to do to him, whether that be Teasing and Denying him or causing a bit of pain or merely having him lick my boots and feet clean for your entertainment.

I always get spurred on when I have been with Miss Tilly and yesterday we had a very relaxing and yet arousing day together. Tut tut! Get your mind out of the gutter! I meant we spent the morning shopping for shoes and drinking coffee. Then we came back to my house where I gave Miss Tilly a very relaxing full body massage. I can honestly say she has a fantastic body and I felt privileged to have seen her in a state of undress.

Anyway, I'm digressing now. After the massage we went out for a quick bite to eat and we chatted as we always do. I love chatting with her as it spurs me on to get jobs done and that is what I have spent today doing!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New Pages

I have added two new pages for your perusal.

One of which I would love to see full and the other one I would love to keep relatively empty. I am a realist not a fantasist so to ask for that page to be kept totally empty would be a ridiculous thing to ask.

Can you guess which page I would like to fill and the other I'd like to leave quite empty? It's not that hard really is it? lol.