Monday, 30 April 2012

A few little pics

So I have been getting Him to take a few pics to amuse me and i thought I'd post some here before i put them in my pics section.

Feel free to comment as long as it's nice.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Needing to Impress Me

So just lately I have been getting quite a lot of mail from people who are into Consensual Blackmail, something which I do enjoy but I have to say I am getting completely pissed off with boys (i refrain from using the word men) telling me their desires and then disappearing when it comes to the deed.

I have no problem whatsoever being involved in your fantasies as long as I am being reimbursed for my time and effort. From now on you will need to impress me with more than a "Hello Miss, I would love for you to . . . . . and then . . . . .Sincerely yours Lowly Slave". I am going to be adding a Consensual Blackmail Contract and an application form for those of you who "think" you want to play.

This will be the only way you will get my attention from now on with regards to this matter. It is to help me weed out the real players from the boring sad time wasters and also will make it possible for me to give more of my time, should i choose, to the real slaves instead of having to answer worthless emails.

My time is precious, you will learn to recognise that.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Just in case anyone cares to notice that i am not here, i shall be unavailable this weekend as i have family coming to stay. You can still email me but i wont be replying until Monday afternoon, unless i manage to sneak 10 mins on here.

Have a nice 'n' naughty weekend folks.

Miss Beth xx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I have had quite an exciting few day as it turns out. I have made some new relationships online and hopefully they will turn into real life sessions. It's amazing how turned on i get when i receive a decent email from a sub who is actually NOT full of shit for a change. One of them has sparked my interest with ideas of his wife and another has got my attention with wanting to explore his breath play fantasy/fetish.

Also today i had a good catch up with my wonderful friend Miss Tilly, i know she has only been away a few days but i did miss her and it was so nice to get such a warm welcome from her when we met. The usual round of coffee's and chit chat about things in general and then the conversation turned to a couple of on line subs who have really pissed me off this last week and how i was going to deal with them. Oh how we laughed at their inabilities and inadequacies to not only keep their wives happy but also their Mistress, pathetic little maggots!!

Then when finally got home i had procrastinated enough and decided that with the help of a few of my tributing boys i bought my very special shoes.
I am extremely moist right now and i think it's about time i set my boy to work to resolve this issue, so if you will excuse me.

Until next time xx

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The last couple of days

have been quite trying for me. Not only is my husband now free from chastity and will be for the whole of this month but my one and only friend whom i can talk openly too has been away.

Of course i do not have the monopoly on her time and i am thrilled as to why she has been away but i have really missed her. Yes folks, i do have feelings and a softer side if you try hard enough to find it. It's bizarre but even though we have only known each other a few short months, i feel as though i have known her all my life!

I can't wait for a good old catch up with her and then get Him back into chastity on the 1st May and then all will be right in the world.

Oh and if i can get my Bordello shoes by weekend (when i have visitors) i shall be one very very happy bunny. To coin a phrase "I'm not good at taking disappointment meekly". So if you would like to donate to my cause then email me for an address where you can send me some cash, any amount will do as it will add up and go to a very worth while effort. Making me happy!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I Am Feeling Very Happy!!

I have just been able to purchase the dress i've wanted for some time. Thank you, you know who you are :)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Double Domme Session.

Well i shall not divulge details of this particular session but i will say i had enormous fun. My first real double domme session and now i have a taste for more!!

I have found a kindred spirit in my dear friend MissTillysue, we just seem to understand each other and are on the same wave length pretty much all of the time. We both get wet torturing and teasing, buying shoes or chatting about other things.

I had never experienced anything like this and was understandably nervous about it when i first arrived, even though i was itching to get started i had no ideas about the client but MissTillysue has known this client for quite sometime. Now saying to me that someone has not really got any limits as such, is like letting a kid run riot in a sweety shop. I was in overload and just wanted to try everything!

I stood back a while and watched my friend professionally work our client and followed her lead, but after a short time i was soon suggesting things and literally diving right in. I wanted to use this session to explore things i had never used i.e the electro-stim and violet wand and also later it was suggested that the gas mask and intox was tried out along with the vibrating sound.

The reactions the client gave were out of this world, for me anyway lol (see the post on Miss Tilly's blog) and i can honestly say apart from sessions with my husband i have never been so turned on! The client left after 2 wonderful hours, minus some of his pre-cum (well quite a lot actually, dirty hussy) and we went for lunch for a debriefing. As the afternoon ended Miss Tilly suggested we offer double domme sessions together, of course i was over the moon that she felt i was good enough to to work with her!

I can't wait! So come on get booking boys and girls!!

A Task For Wannabe Subs!

Follow these simple rules:

1) Go to eBay

2) Type in the words "Bordello Shoes"

3) Filter search to size 8UK

4) Purchase any you would like to see me wear for you and send them to me (apply in writing for address).

Simple. Task complete!!

(tongue planted firmly in cheek - however if you want to then feel free, i never refuse shoes!)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

App Gift lol

If anyone feels the need to send me a gift but not quite sure what, i wouldn't say no to a Tom Tom app for my iPhone. Contact me for details.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Teasing Time.

Sunday is the best day of the week for me and this week was no exception. No kids, no rush, just plenty of time to enjoy my boy and make him suffer too.

After a very vanilla morning (which i do enjoy), we decided to play a little. I read an article on line somewhere that certain substances can make you more touch sensitive and responsive, so i gave my husband some orders to partake. Whilst he sat on the steps in the back yard i started my teasing by rubbing his cock through his jeans. The response was encouraging to say the least.

I then followed that up with playfully unzipping his jeans to reveal his semi hard cock, after a few mins of my mouth going to work he was a solid as could be. I had to laugh because he is so scared of being seen and he kept freaking out saying that he thought the curtains in the bedroom next door twitched. Of course possibly being caught just turned me on more and i continued to edge him with my tongue.

After a couple of edges outside he was done with his task and i led him inside to the bedroom where i told him to change into his lycra cycling clothes. He knows this makes me very wet as i can see the contours of his body and i love watching his cock move as it hardens beneath the stretchy fabric. Soon i was completely turned on and the minx in me awoke, I was desperate to cum but knowing he couldn't just made me want to play with him all the more.

I told him to take his clothes off and lie on the bed which he did very obediently, i reached across his body and picked up his cuffs instantly he was covered in goosebumps and his eyes shone. I quickly cuffed him to the bed and made my way to my toy box and poured the contents on the bed next to him. With his cock growing harder by the second i poured on some lovely slippery lube and massaged it into his rather large, blue balls. He shivered with excitement as i massaged the oil into him paying attention to the tip of his cock and the bit of skin i know drives him wild.

He moaned as i tugged gently on his full balls and his cock twitched as it hardened almost to breaking point. I gently slid my hand up and down the shaft while two fingers stayed caressing his 'clit' (the frenulum), i watched intently as his face contorted with pleasure and then he begged me to let him cum. Obviously i declined his request and i continued to run my nails up the inside of his thighs and brushing his balls accidentally lol.

I could feel my pussy starting to get wet and i checked the bed to see if i had wet myself! I looked at his cock and reached for my clit. I continued to slowly wank his cock as i played with my clit, just as he moaned so did i and i knew i had to have him in me.

I stood over him and pulled down my knickers and he looked at me with a knowing glance "please no, please don't". I slowly crouched down over him and he gasped as i reached down between my legs to guide his cock into my pussy. The mixture of lube and my wetness made it slide in so easily, usually i do have problems getting him in me when he is really hard, but today was so easy. I slid myself up and down his cock a few times and then i heard the infamous line "Miss can i cum"? I immediately leapt off him and slapped his thighs. A nice red hand print emerged which just added to my arousal.

I searched through my bags and found my vibrating egg and placed it on his clit. He threw his head back and sunk deeper into the bed as the vibrations stirred what he was trying to quell. Instantly he asked if he could cum and again he got another slap and he shouted in pain.I couldn't help but get hornier than ever, hearing him beg to cum and hearing him cry in pain just tend to take me to the edge. I picked up the egg and held it on my clit for a few minutes and i was soon ready to orgasm but wanting to save it for when he was at his most desperate i stopped and turned my attention to his now soft cock.

I found a small vibrator with a nobbly clit stimulator and teased his cock back to life, his body arched with the sensations flowing through him and i sat and watched him suffering with frustration, again my hand found it's way between my legs and i plunged two fingers deep inside me imagining how good his cock would feel in my right then. So that's exactly what i did! This time there were almost tears as he begged me not to sit on his cock so i stuffed my knickers into his mouth and sat on him anyway.

I kept his cock quite deep in me this time and just grinded, pressing it agianst my g-spot. I could feel i was getting close and so could he. I looked at him and his eyes looked pained and i knew that was a "stop" look so i did that. By now i was so wet and wanted to cum so desperately. I would be useless in chastity lol. I sat next to him and rubbed his cock with my bare feet and i took my pants out of his mouth so i could hear him moan and gasp. "Edge" he shouted and looked panic stricken so i slapped his thighs extra hard just to make sure there were no accidents.

I found a basic vibe i had and began to tease first myself with it and then his very red and vein bulging cock. He was getting easier and easier to bring to the edge and so in between times i played with myself a little more, i wanted the orgasm i eventually had to be an explosive one, just to rub in his predicament hahahaha. I managed to torture him a further 3 times in 10mins without accident so i pushed for a fourth knowing i was on thin ice.

He cried edge again and i looked at the clock, half an hour before my children were due back. Two and a half hours he had been tied to the bed, doesn't time fly? With the time limit approaching i just had to cum so i picked up the vibe i had been using on him and added the textured cover to it. I then planted one of my dirty sweaty feet in his mouth and continued to slowly rub his cock, he closed his eyes in ecstasy and i laid back on the bed and placed the vibe on my very hard clit.

I knew just what to do to get me to cum and i dipped the vibrator in and out of my pussy, making that squelching noise every time, he moaned even more when he heard it! Then i circled it gently on my throbbing clit, harder and harder with every pre orgasm wave. I knew it was imminent so i stroked his cock harder as i rubbed my clit faster and harder. Keeping my mind on his state of play i stopped wanking his extremely hard cock just as i started to cum, through my screams of pleasure i could just make out a whimper of frustration from him.

A few minutes later i was back in the real world and buzzing with energy so i leapt up and untied him. Shouted at him to tidy up and get dressed. He lay there begging me to get him off making offers i could and did refuse as i undid his cuffs. He sat there itching to stroke his cock and looking forlorn until i produced my crop, to which he jumped to attention lol.

Camming with Nipples lol

Saturday was Nipples birthday (note to self: get him to change his name to the afore mentioned nipples), so after nearly a month without orgasm i decided to give him a treat.

The previous week was as any other week and tasks were given to him and he completed them ,as always, including the edging tasks which i set him. This time there were no spillages thank god so to celebrate his birthday and his stretch of behaving well i told him to meet me on cam in our designated place at an arranged time.

Now Nipples knows i do not usually cam with subs so instantly he knew he had been a good boy, then when i told him i was going to give him a birthday treat he almost broke his neck rushing to get on line lol. Up popped his name on line so i got ready to be entertained. You see, before you think that this is all about giving him what he wants you are sadly mistaken, his suffering and his impending struggle would be my entertainment and something which i desired, what would happen to him, good or bad would just be a by product of my personal goals.

The shirt arrived on cam as always and i told him  to position the cam on his crotch and strip so i could see his cock. He did as he was asked immediately and i could see his cock stir at the thought of what may be about to happen. I told him that i wanted audio on today, typing is the norm for us but this evening i wanted more. He agreed and suddenly he heard my voice, for the first time i might add, his cock responded accordingly, i chuckled. I had previously asked how old he was this birthday and with some trepidation he told me (a reference to an old task, he hates to give me figures lol).

"Here are your instructions boy, you are 49 today and so you have 49 seconds to cum"! I couldn't help but giggle. "Now when i start the timer you can touch your cock anyway you like, and do whatever it takes for you to cum BUT when i say stop you must let go immediately. Do you understand me"?
He replied with the written words "Yes Miss". I set the timer and reiterated the rules once again just to be clear he understood which he did. Now some of you may think that it was a bit redundant of me to tell him to let go immediately when i told him to stop but you see Nipples has a habit of  carrying on touching or squeezing his cock, so this time i told him that if his hand was still on his cock or balls after i had told him to let go he would face 49 days with no touching, i think my point hit home lol.

"Are you ready boy? GO"!! I started the timer on my phone and held it up to the screen so he could see it counting down, just to pile on the pressure lol.

I shouted words of erm encouragement you could say as he furiously stroked his cock. It never even got hard, however when i shouted stop he had cum, just in the nick of time! He did let go and i could just make out the watery liquid on his belly. I couldn't help but laugh at the site of him wanking his cock for all he was worth to get to the goal he desperately longed for.

He asked if he could go and clean up and i agreed but not before i asked him how he was going to clean up? He replied with a tissue. I laughed and said "I don't think so, do you"? He replied with a NO, even in the writing you could hear how heavy that no was as he already knew what was coming next. He had never tasted cum before and so what do you think i did? That's right, i told him to scoop it up on his fingers and eat it.

I also told him to position the cam on his face so i could see it. He scooped some of the cum up and i told him  to scoop up more. He grudgingly did it and i could see his face grimace as he brought his fingers to his lips and subsequently licked them clean.

I abruptly told him i was done with him and shut my cam off. I left him a few moments and asked him how he felt, knowing full well that he was at his most unsubmissive and he answered honestly. We chatted for a few moments to make sure he was ok and satisfied as much as i wanted him to be. Later that evening i had an email which read:

Today is only one day since my last orgasm. 

Thank you for my orgasm last night Mistress.  I enjoyed it very much although I would have enjoyed it more had I been in my 80's.

Its the first full orgasm I have had in 87 days so it was sepcially nice, although I did not get hard it was still satisfying, thank you Mistress. 

I also had my first taste of my cum not a particularly nice experience but something I guess I should get use to, thank you Mistress. I  have tasted precum also and I agree with you if you have to it tastes better.

Should I assume the sitting to pee rule and the no touching rule is still in place? I have been following these rules  today.

yours faithfully

I think that was quite a fitting end to a very lovely session.

Oh did i forget to mention that sat next to me was my husband throughout the whole session, yes that's right i made him sit and watch as another sub got to cum and after 10 weeks he himself was still denied! Moi, evil?? I do hope so hahahahahaha.