Thursday, 1 March 2012

What A Wonderful Wednesday with Miss Tillysue

Well i am sure you are all bored with me waffling on all the time so this time my husband is writing the piece from his Sub point of view. Enjoy.

Yesterday Miss Beth and I went to visit Miss Tillysue at Her dungeon.   We had spent an enjoyable afternoon with her recently at the Wirral Munch but this was my first time visiting her at her dungeon and what an amazing set up she has.

I have had BDSM fantasies most of my adult life but until recently,  dungeons were something on the internet or late night channel 4 shows.  Now in the last few weeks i have attended my first munch,  and yesterday i was making coffee for two dommes in a dungeon, surrounded by dungeon furniture and apparatus and a rail the length of the room holding as many instruments of torture as i have ever seen.  I was nervous and 20 seconds after Miss Tillysue told me how she liked her coffee,  my mind went blank and i couldnt remember if she said caffeine or caffeine free . . . .  thankfully a got it right.

One of the things i love about Miss Tillys furniture is how most of it is proudly homemade.  We were supposed to be helping with computer stuff but i was distracted by ideas and inspiration about all the things i might possibly make.  My head is still full of it now and trips to Ikea will never be boring again.

Miss Tillysue very kindly took us for lunch at a nearby coffee shop and once again it was somewhat surreal to be sat in a crowded, busy cafe whilst two dommes chat openly about BDSM related subjects  from slaves to sadism, cuckoldry to cock sizes,  fetishs to flogging lol.

On returning to the dungeon i was once again sent to make more coffees,  only this time, when i returned and sat down both Beth and Sue were looking at me with twinkles in their eyes . .  Uh oh i thought,  and tried to think what i had done wrong.  After a minutes panic i noticed that the bottle top stool ( a stool with lots of beer bottle tops nailed, upturned to the seat) had moved and i realised i should be sat on it.  Luckily i had thick jeans on and wasnt told to remove them so it was bearable (tho it got more uncomfortable as time passed)

We had a lovely day and i hope we were of some help to Miss Tillysue. i look forward to the next time we see her,  and all the DIY projects i should be getting on with until then.


  1. Glad I was able to give you some inspiration (and an uncomfortable moment or two lol) Cant wait to come and visit when your DIY projects are complete!!

  2. You are always welcome here, anytime. You are an inspiration in more than just DIY lol.

  3. it sounds like You both had a great time Miss Beth