Monday, 26 March 2012

This Last Week . . . .

Has been a really eventful one! Most welcome change from the usual daily grind.

Wednesday saw the adventure of myself and MissTillysue going on a shopping trip with our tributes. We had a lovely day out at the Trafford Centre, we talked about very vanilla things and of course we also chatted in detail about Subs/Slaves, obviously it was going to crop up at some point as we were both out spending the money that had been sent to us. We discussed ways in which we can make a sub behave naturally the two main options were controlling his cock and of course controlling his wallet. There seems to be a plethora of men wanting their cocks to be controlled and even bigger group of men wanting their wallets to be controlled. Sadly it's the wankers that know their stuff and actually walk the walk after they have talked the talk.

Fin slaves, decent fin slaves who not only talk a good game but are not afraid to play, are in short supply sadly. Many promise the world and then disappear before they actually part with their cash, oh dear, sad little boys and that is all they really are, little boys. They are a dying breed, the real fin slaves and i feel it is my duty along with Miss Tillysue to preserve this rare creature, so if you would like to be looked after properly then let me know.*

So, onto the shopping! We had coffee and window shopped and then spent our cold hard cash on lovely things like black lacy dresses and pink tutu's (for Miss Tillysue's boy J, still unsclear whether he was grateful of his little gift but we shall get on to that later), black leather silver studded Domme gloves and of course SHOES!! Oh my god i have never had so many orgasms just from shopping for shoes. We visited practically every shoe shop in there and finally hit upon the two pairs that worked. It was my friend buying the shoes, yes i am still very jealous about that and all i could do was watch as she paraded these magnificent shoes around the shop wondering which pair to buy. Eventually we decided it had to be the bright red, patent heels. Pure sex and pure class. I had to wipe the drool from my mouth and keep my legs crossed for fear of wetting myself hahaha.

After several long hours of shopping, lunching, chatting and generally having fun we parted company (me snivelling into my leather gloves) and agreed to meet up on the Sunday for The Kage event in Manchester. Now i was quite anxious about this event as it is quite a large one but i knew with my boy and Miss Tillysue with me i would be fine and this time i had the added bonus of meeting her boy (under consideration) J.

He greeted us at the door with a nervous smile and he followed behind as we entered the chambers at Miss Tillysue's flat. We had a brief introduction while bags were filled with toys and outfits and then off we were on the motorway towards what would be an amazing afternoon.

We pulled up on the street and Miss Tillysue noticed one of the co-ordinators of the event (Dave the Butcher) and spoke to him briefly as we entered the building down a side alley, we paid our money to the guy behind the counter and found the changing room. I was trying not to look nervous and awkward, not sure if it happened that way lol but anyway, i changed into my outfit and waited for my friend and her boy to dress and then out we went into the club area.

We walked through an area dimly lit which housed two small pools and then on through an even darker area with a selection of equipment including a swing, a bench and my favourite the St.Andrews cross. On up a flight of stairs walking by an area with a glass floor which was a viewing gallery for the areas mentioned earlier and a selection of private rooms including one with a window for viewing. On the right were a couple of rooms with Glory Holes and then out into the light at the bar area. There were people selling goods such as corsets, floggers, whips and general items for BDSM all fantastically priced.

Anyway, we sat and chatted and J loosened up a bit and one thing led to another conversation wise and i just mentioned, purely to try and worry J as it happens, that i should see Miss Tillysue's new toy purchases in action before i left the event. Never thought for one second i would be allowed to join in on the fun but that is what she suggested so who was i to say no? hehehe

Down in the dungeon, J was cuffed and tied to the cross and then his peachy bare ass exposed for our flogging amusement. Naturally him being Miss Tillysue's boy i followed her lead and tried not to over step the mark and hung back when things were getting a little, erm intense shall we say for J. His reactions were amazing and i can honestly say i have only ever been as wet a few times in my life as i was during that session lol. I didn't want i to end but of course we couldn't keep the poor boy there all day, well other people wanted to use the equipment after all.

After the session i was incredibly horny and frustrated and needed some attention. I did think about getting in one of the pools but sadly time had marched on and it was time for me to leave just as my friends were slipping into the pool without me. Never mind there is always next month! I said a sad good bye and thanked her for introducing me to such a fantastic place and i told J I hoped i'd see him again soon and off my boy and I went.

We made it home in good time and found we had some time alone to kill and just as we were deciding what to do he produced a lead he had bought from the club unbeknown to me, a bargain at £3.50 and what a bargain they were. All day i had worn no underwear and so i immediately clipped his lead onto his everyday collar and lifted my dress and pulled him into me, there he stayed for a good half hour taking care of me. After 4 orgasms and just in the nick of time i kicked him away and unclipped his lead, his work was done lol.

And ontop of all that my second clip on xhamster is getting shown  lot of love too, what a fantastic week i had, now if only a new fin slave could come along :)

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  1. Ha ha I LOVE the tutu! It was great to meet both You and Your boy,and I agree that Sunday was just amazing!

  2. Great afternoon wasn't it!!!