Tuesday, 6 March 2012

So Last Night . . . . .

Ok so i have been loving the attention my clip has been getting online, i didn't honestly think it was anything special but you lot seem to think it is which is fantastic, thank you. Anyway the days events had left me on a high and feeling incredibly horny, something had to be done about that. All day i had told Him that i needed an orgasm but there just wasn't the opportunity so by bedtime He knew what was going to be happening.

He had been given so much attention it was my turn and i wanted the full monty. I was craving His cock something terrible, just the thought of it sliding into my wet pussy made my clit tingle further and i knew as soon as He was in He would let out a sigh which i loved. So, i ordered Him to fuck me lol, He looked terrified and begged me not to make Him hahahahaha, of course i ignored His pleas and told Him to shut the fuck up and get on with it. He struggled from the first contact, rolling His eyes and biting His lip as He fought back the urge to cum.

I just laughed at Him, grabbed His ass cheeks and pulled Him closer to me and tilted my pelvis upward, a move which i know He finds hard to control himself under. After 30mins and by the 8th time of Him having to shift position i thought it best to get Him out of danger, i didn't want my hard work ruining AGAIN!!

I ordered Him onto the floor at the side of the bed and told Him to kneel up. I reached under the bed and produced my box of toys, i took a few minutes to think carefully about my choice, while He sat wide eyed and rock hard and twitching. Eventually i giggled and brought out my fantastic Rampant Rabbit. I then got myself into the doggy position and inserted my vibrator into my now very wet and squelchy pussy, i nearly cum then and there as it slid past my g-spot. When i was comfy, i then turned back to look at Him and told Him to lick, His eyes sparkled and a smile crept across His face when He realised i meant lick my ass.

Immediately He sprang to action and i was a quivering wreck at as i felt His tongue press on my ass. I flicked my vibe on to the lowest setting and knew it would only be seconds before i had my orgasm. I cranked the clit stim up a notch and immediately orgasmed. I stayed in my position and realised i was safe to carry on for another. His tongue working frantically around my ass as i readied myself for a 2nd orgasm, this one was was stronger than the last and left me even more breathless, i was fully expecting my clit to be done but almost immediately a 3rd orgasm hit me like a freight train.

I pushed my ass onto His face harder than before as the feeling subsided, still my clit was in tact! So i ventured for a fourth, this took a few more minutes to get to but hell it was so worth it. I turned my vibe up to the highest setting and pushed it further into my pussy. I could feel the orgasm building and i grasped the bed sheet and tensed my legs, i heard Him moan behind me and again was taken over by an almighty wave of orgasm but this time there was no subsiding, i pulled the vibrator a little way out of my pussy and rammed it home again, the full force of the clit stim and His tongue now buried in my ass gave me what i can only describe as my Nirvana.

In all honesty i nearly passed out with that orgasm and although my clit and pussy were ready for more i couldn't take any more and kicked Him away from me as i collapsed on the bed an emotional wreck. As i lay there catching my breath and fighting back tears (??) all i could hear was Him gasping and whimpering all at the same time, if i wasn't so shattered i think that sound alone would have made me cum again.

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