Friday, 9 March 2012

Rules are made to be adhered to!

So this week i implemented a few new rules for Him to comply with. Nothing drastic and pretty much usual etiquette:

* He has to ask if i want a drink before anyone else and then after making said drinks must serve me first.
* Every time he ever does anything to do with my feet he must kiss each foot and thank me.
* At any even we attend He must always walk behind me and always carry my handbag and follow me everywhere unless instructed to do otherwise.

Well the first couple of days was easy but then He suddenly had a lapse in memory and forgot the "foot" rule. So, i had told Him the punishments were fitting to the failed task and that evening i had Him strip naked and pick His favourite pair of my shoes. He was nervous to say the least as He knows my penchant for pain punishments. This evening i decided to take a different tack.

He was naked and made to stand in the corner of the room. The i had Him put his hands out in front of him and have them perfectly flat. He did exactly as i told him and stood there gulping as He anticipated my next move. I produced the heels he picked and placed one on each hand stood upright. I then told Him he was to stand like that fro 10mins, if they fell over i would stand them up and the 10mins would start again. He smiled at the easy task.

As i walked around the other side of the room i then told him to stare at the ceiling for the duration. He didn't look so smug then lol. I did however tell him that should it get to an hour he would then have the opportunity to beg. Sadly he did complete the task and with no fails, oh well, next time perhaps lol.


  1. Should have put some weights inside them just to make it a little more difficult lol

    1. I know how clumsy he is and thought that the staring at the ceiling thing was about all he could handle lol. After all i do have to give him a fighting chance otherwise i may as well just punish him from the offset and where's the fun in that for me? hahaha