Sunday, 18 March 2012

Any Tips Please.

So my husband and I are making some Tease and Denial videos and need to get the perfect ending. The last clip we made has been viewed 55,000 in two weeks i think and i'm hoping the next one will be even better. I wont give away the whole scenario but I want it to end with me personally putting him back in his device.

Problem is, whenever i touch him he gets hard and stays hard! I used frozen peas in the last clip but that only worked to an extent. He has been denied for about 2months now i think and so naturally any attention i give his cock results in a massive hard on lol.

It's so annoying as i know this would be the perfect ending to the clips we make. So if anyone has any suggestions please drop me a line. We cannot afford to buy a bigger device and to be honest the one he has now is perfect, we just have issues with this one thing.


  1. Its a bugger when their cocks keep getting hard when you dont want them to isnt it lol. The only way round it I have found is to get them to put the device back on themselves and then I make a ritual of snapping the lock shut

  2. let the lad have relief then it will go on easier !!

  3. maybe let him cum? For example bound him, start to stroke, tease a litte, deny. When he ask for permision for cumming for example fifth time, then say no, but keep stroking his cock by one finger. Then you can punish him for cumming without permision-post orgasm torture would be great idea. Then keep stroking for the next cum? I don't know, this is only an idea ;). Looking forward for next clip.
    take a look:
    it would be lovely ;)

  4. What´s about a numbing creme at the end of the session?

  5. Thank you everyone. I have made the clip now and it's waiting to be converted on line. The ending will be different for each clip we make.

  6. I know you've made this one already but you could use some kind of time lapse video if you were having trouble.

    His hands would have to be tied to his sides to show that he was incapable of doing anything in between shots, but showing a few seconds, then cutting to a minute later, then another few seconds and so on until he's small enough to quickly be locked up would work.

    Either that or speed up the video towards the end to show him shrinking very quickly. You could always have a clock in the frame to show how much time has elapsed.

    Just a few thoughts. Hope they help :-)


  7. Miss Beth, please be kind and release the poor boy! 2 months, don't you think he's suffered enough???

  8. Really enjoy the blog and keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Sean. I will try to inform and entertain for a good while to come :)