Saturday, 31 March 2012

Another day another shopping session!

Friday saw the union of Miss Tillysue, Me and a whole lot of shopping once again. This is becoming quite a pastime for us and I can safely say we enjoy it immensely, i mean who wouldn't? Especially when someone else is paying. Yet again i just went along for the experience but armed with her envelope of crisp twenties Miss Tillysue meant business and i was going to help lol.

Once parked the first obvious port of call was for a coffee to discuss our plan of attack so off we headed to Starbucks. Mug in hand and money in bag we discussed the shops we needed to visit and then anything we would just wing. Shoes was the aim of the day so i told her of some lovely local bargain shoe shops and with smiles on our faces the mission began.

The first shop we stopped at sold the knee length boots that were on the list and so after finding the right pair and trying them on they were bought and paid for under 10mins. The adrenaline of a purchase just spurred us on to the next shop for yet another pair of boots. We walked into the bright shop and were faced with our holy grail. I can safely say that we both instantly got wet from looking at the sea of shoes which surrounded us. Heels, wedges, leather, suede, peep toe, flats, flowers, bows and crystals, our eyes darted from pair to pair and we stopped only to caress those which jumped out at us from time to time.

We found just the boot that was needed and after a rather lengthy spell of drooling and ogling another handful of cash wash exchanged for the items and once again we left the store happy and moist lol. This time we ambled across the square deciding which place was next, lunch or more shopping?

Well as much as we love our food we enjoy shopping just that bit more and the shop i decided we should visit was my new favourite shop Nice'n'Naughty, yes you can imagine what that store sold, but i bet you can't quite imagine the effect it would have on me and Miss Tillysue can you? As soon as the door opened it was like walking into a Fet sweet shop! Everything was laid out in just the right way so that browsing each rail just flowed from item to item.

It was like sensory overload! Silky basques and corsets, sexy stockings, PVC/rubber/leather, dresses Bordello shoes, DVD's/magazines and of course the toys! I have picked out two pairs of shoes for a future purchase, a beatiful pair of 6 inch heeled Bordello shoes in bright red and white and a beautiful pair of black patent Bordello shoes encrusted with red gems in the pattern of flames up the sides. I'm getting wet just thinking about them!

I watched on (with jealousy lol) as my friend loaded herself with items and then we made our way to the toys. I had visited this shop earlier in the week so knew exactly which item she would be drawn to so i picked it out for her and handed it to her. As soon as she had a hold of it her eyes shone and an automatic smile appeared on her lips. "Oh yes, this is just what i have been looking for"! She exclaimed. In her hands she held a 3ft black and purple bull whip. Instantly and naturally out came the Domme in us as she practised cracking the whip repeatedly, i got horny just watching her and imagining someone being on the receiving end of it.

After the mini play time was over we added to her check out selection with a couple more toys and then headed off to pay as we were almost at critical with the cash flow and lunch had still yet to be bought. Onward to the Chinese Restaurant, a lovely place which i frequent regularly (when i go out to eat that is), here we sat down tired and thirsty from all the hard work we had just put ourselves through. Now anyone who dares to disagree with me that shopping isn't hard work all i will say is this, you obviously aren't doing it right! lol.

We drank, we ate, we chatted and then left with full tummies, smiling faces and empty purses (well mine was empty to begin with sadly, hopefully not next time). Home was the final destination, back to my place for a coffee and a quick glance over Miss Tillysues purchases before she too had to leave and make her journey back up the motorway to her home.

What a fantastic day. I was exhausted yet happy and incredibly horny, such a shame i could only stand and watch but hey never mind, more shopping trips ahead!

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  1. Was a good day wasn't it. Cant decide whether to stroke my boots or my bull whip!! Lmao