Saturday, 31 March 2012

Another day another shopping session!

Friday saw the union of Miss Tillysue, Me and a whole lot of shopping once again. This is becoming quite a pastime for us and I can safely say we enjoy it immensely, i mean who wouldn't? Especially when someone else is paying. Yet again i just went along for the experience but armed with her envelope of crisp twenties Miss Tillysue meant business and i was going to help lol.

Once parked the first obvious port of call was for a coffee to discuss our plan of attack so off we headed to Starbucks. Mug in hand and money in bag we discussed the shops we needed to visit and then anything we would just wing. Shoes was the aim of the day so i told her of some lovely local bargain shoe shops and with smiles on our faces the mission began.

The first shop we stopped at sold the knee length boots that were on the list and so after finding the right pair and trying them on they were bought and paid for under 10mins. The adrenaline of a purchase just spurred us on to the next shop for yet another pair of boots. We walked into the bright shop and were faced with our holy grail. I can safely say that we both instantly got wet from looking at the sea of shoes which surrounded us. Heels, wedges, leather, suede, peep toe, flats, flowers, bows and crystals, our eyes darted from pair to pair and we stopped only to caress those which jumped out at us from time to time.

We found just the boot that was needed and after a rather lengthy spell of drooling and ogling another handful of cash wash exchanged for the items and once again we left the store happy and moist lol. This time we ambled across the square deciding which place was next, lunch or more shopping?

Well as much as we love our food we enjoy shopping just that bit more and the shop i decided we should visit was my new favourite shop Nice'n'Naughty, yes you can imagine what that store sold, but i bet you can't quite imagine the effect it would have on me and Miss Tillysue can you? As soon as the door opened it was like walking into a Fet sweet shop! Everything was laid out in just the right way so that browsing each rail just flowed from item to item.

It was like sensory overload! Silky basques and corsets, sexy stockings, PVC/rubber/leather, dresses Bordello shoes, DVD's/magazines and of course the toys! I have picked out two pairs of shoes for a future purchase, a beatiful pair of 6 inch heeled Bordello shoes in bright red and white and a beautiful pair of black patent Bordello shoes encrusted with red gems in the pattern of flames up the sides. I'm getting wet just thinking about them!

I watched on (with jealousy lol) as my friend loaded herself with items and then we made our way to the toys. I had visited this shop earlier in the week so knew exactly which item she would be drawn to so i picked it out for her and handed it to her. As soon as she had a hold of it her eyes shone and an automatic smile appeared on her lips. "Oh yes, this is just what i have been looking for"! She exclaimed. In her hands she held a 3ft black and purple bull whip. Instantly and naturally out came the Domme in us as she practised cracking the whip repeatedly, i got horny just watching her and imagining someone being on the receiving end of it.

After the mini play time was over we added to her check out selection with a couple more toys and then headed off to pay as we were almost at critical with the cash flow and lunch had still yet to be bought. Onward to the Chinese Restaurant, a lovely place which i frequent regularly (when i go out to eat that is), here we sat down tired and thirsty from all the hard work we had just put ourselves through. Now anyone who dares to disagree with me that shopping isn't hard work all i will say is this, you obviously aren't doing it right! lol.

We drank, we ate, we chatted and then left with full tummies, smiling faces and empty purses (well mine was empty to begin with sadly, hopefully not next time). Home was the final destination, back to my place for a coffee and a quick glance over Miss Tillysues purchases before she too had to leave and make her journey back up the motorway to her home.

What a fantastic day. I was exhausted yet happy and incredibly horny, such a shame i could only stand and watch but hey never mind, more shopping trips ahead!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Another Way To Contact Me.

I have now also registered myself on Adult Work so those of you inclined to do so can SMS me or book a phone session with me, for a fee of course!


Please note this is for Domme sessions not just phone sex boys and girls.

Monday, 26 March 2012

This Last Week . . . .

Has been a really eventful one! Most welcome change from the usual daily grind.

Wednesday saw the adventure of myself and MissTillysue going on a shopping trip with our tributes. We had a lovely day out at the Trafford Centre, we talked about very vanilla things and of course we also chatted in detail about Subs/Slaves, obviously it was going to crop up at some point as we were both out spending the money that had been sent to us. We discussed ways in which we can make a sub behave naturally the two main options were controlling his cock and of course controlling his wallet. There seems to be a plethora of men wanting their cocks to be controlled and even bigger group of men wanting their wallets to be controlled. Sadly it's the wankers that know their stuff and actually walk the walk after they have talked the talk.

Fin slaves, decent fin slaves who not only talk a good game but are not afraid to play, are in short supply sadly. Many promise the world and then disappear before they actually part with their cash, oh dear, sad little boys and that is all they really are, little boys. They are a dying breed, the real fin slaves and i feel it is my duty along with Miss Tillysue to preserve this rare creature, so if you would like to be looked after properly then let me know.*

So, onto the shopping! We had coffee and window shopped and then spent our cold hard cash on lovely things like black lacy dresses and pink tutu's (for Miss Tillysue's boy J, still unsclear whether he was grateful of his little gift but we shall get on to that later), black leather silver studded Domme gloves and of course SHOES!! Oh my god i have never had so many orgasms just from shopping for shoes. We visited practically every shoe shop in there and finally hit upon the two pairs that worked. It was my friend buying the shoes, yes i am still very jealous about that and all i could do was watch as she paraded these magnificent shoes around the shop wondering which pair to buy. Eventually we decided it had to be the bright red, patent heels. Pure sex and pure class. I had to wipe the drool from my mouth and keep my legs crossed for fear of wetting myself hahaha.

After several long hours of shopping, lunching, chatting and generally having fun we parted company (me snivelling into my leather gloves) and agreed to meet up on the Sunday for The Kage event in Manchester. Now i was quite anxious about this event as it is quite a large one but i knew with my boy and Miss Tillysue with me i would be fine and this time i had the added bonus of meeting her boy (under consideration) J.

He greeted us at the door with a nervous smile and he followed behind as we entered the chambers at Miss Tillysue's flat. We had a brief introduction while bags were filled with toys and outfits and then off we were on the motorway towards what would be an amazing afternoon.

We pulled up on the street and Miss Tillysue noticed one of the co-ordinators of the event (Dave the Butcher) and spoke to him briefly as we entered the building down a side alley, we paid our money to the guy behind the counter and found the changing room. I was trying not to look nervous and awkward, not sure if it happened that way lol but anyway, i changed into my outfit and waited for my friend and her boy to dress and then out we went into the club area.

We walked through an area dimly lit which housed two small pools and then on through an even darker area with a selection of equipment including a swing, a bench and my favourite the St.Andrews cross. On up a flight of stairs walking by an area with a glass floor which was a viewing gallery for the areas mentioned earlier and a selection of private rooms including one with a window for viewing. On the right were a couple of rooms with Glory Holes and then out into the light at the bar area. There were people selling goods such as corsets, floggers, whips and general items for BDSM all fantastically priced.

Anyway, we sat and chatted and J loosened up a bit and one thing led to another conversation wise and i just mentioned, purely to try and worry J as it happens, that i should see Miss Tillysue's new toy purchases in action before i left the event. Never thought for one second i would be allowed to join in on the fun but that is what she suggested so who was i to say no? hehehe

Down in the dungeon, J was cuffed and tied to the cross and then his peachy bare ass exposed for our flogging amusement. Naturally him being Miss Tillysue's boy i followed her lead and tried not to over step the mark and hung back when things were getting a little, erm intense shall we say for J. His reactions were amazing and i can honestly say i have only ever been as wet a few times in my life as i was during that session lol. I didn't want i to end but of course we couldn't keep the poor boy there all day, well other people wanted to use the equipment after all.

After the session i was incredibly horny and frustrated and needed some attention. I did think about getting in one of the pools but sadly time had marched on and it was time for me to leave just as my friends were slipping into the pool without me. Never mind there is always next month! I said a sad good bye and thanked her for introducing me to such a fantastic place and i told J I hoped i'd see him again soon and off my boy and I went.

We made it home in good time and found we had some time alone to kill and just as we were deciding what to do he produced a lead he had bought from the club unbeknown to me, a bargain at £3.50 and what a bargain they were. All day i had worn no underwear and so i immediately clipped his lead onto his everyday collar and lifted my dress and pulled him into me, there he stayed for a good half hour taking care of me. After 4 orgasms and just in the nick of time i kicked him away and unclipped his lead, his work was done lol.

And ontop of all that my second clip on xhamster is getting shown  lot of love too, what a fantastic week i had, now if only a new fin slave could come along :)

* You can email me privately at

Monday, 19 March 2012

A Good Old Fashioned Video Clip

Here's a bit of porn a few of you might find amusing. Well the few of you who haven't managed to find it yet!!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Any Tips Please.

So my husband and I are making some Tease and Denial videos and need to get the perfect ending. The last clip we made has been viewed 55,000 in two weeks i think and i'm hoping the next one will be even better. I wont give away the whole scenario but I want it to end with me personally putting him back in his device.

Problem is, whenever i touch him he gets hard and stays hard! I used frozen peas in the last clip but that only worked to an extent. He has been denied for about 2months now i think and so naturally any attention i give his cock results in a massive hard on lol.

It's so annoying as i know this would be the perfect ending to the clips we make. So if anyone has any suggestions please drop me a line. We cannot afford to buy a bigger device and to be honest the one he has now is perfect, we just have issues with this one thing.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Rules are made to be adhered to!

So this week i implemented a few new rules for Him to comply with. Nothing drastic and pretty much usual etiquette:

* He has to ask if i want a drink before anyone else and then after making said drinks must serve me first.
* Every time he ever does anything to do with my feet he must kiss each foot and thank me.
* At any even we attend He must always walk behind me and always carry my handbag and follow me everywhere unless instructed to do otherwise.

Well the first couple of days was easy but then He suddenly had a lapse in memory and forgot the "foot" rule. So, i had told Him the punishments were fitting to the failed task and that evening i had Him strip naked and pick His favourite pair of my shoes. He was nervous to say the least as He knows my penchant for pain punishments. This evening i decided to take a different tack.

He was naked and made to stand in the corner of the room. The i had Him put his hands out in front of him and have them perfectly flat. He did exactly as i told him and stood there gulping as He anticipated my next move. I produced the heels he picked and placed one on each hand stood upright. I then told Him he was to stand like that fro 10mins, if they fell over i would stand them up and the 10mins would start again. He smiled at the easy task.

As i walked around the other side of the room i then told him to stare at the ceiling for the duration. He didn't look so smug then lol. I did however tell him that should it get to an hour he would then have the opportunity to beg. Sadly he did complete the task and with no fails, oh well, next time perhaps lol.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Being a good boy.

Today whilst out shopping my boy decided to treat himself to some new goodies, not often i allow him to splash cash on himself but he put a very good case forth. He decided to buy Himself some new shoe polishing equipment. Fabulous i thought now i will have shiny shoes forever. He even paid attention and went and bought some spray for my Patent shoes.

Naturally i couldn't wait for him to get started so . . . . 

Of course they got a good clean with his tongue first lol.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

So Last Night . . . . .

Ok so i have been loving the attention my clip has been getting online, i didn't honestly think it was anything special but you lot seem to think it is which is fantastic, thank you. Anyway the days events had left me on a high and feeling incredibly horny, something had to be done about that. All day i had told Him that i needed an orgasm but there just wasn't the opportunity so by bedtime He knew what was going to be happening.

He had been given so much attention it was my turn and i wanted the full monty. I was craving His cock something terrible, just the thought of it sliding into my wet pussy made my clit tingle further and i knew as soon as He was in He would let out a sigh which i loved. So, i ordered Him to fuck me lol, He looked terrified and begged me not to make Him hahahahaha, of course i ignored His pleas and told Him to shut the fuck up and get on with it. He struggled from the first contact, rolling His eyes and biting His lip as He fought back the urge to cum.

I just laughed at Him, grabbed His ass cheeks and pulled Him closer to me and tilted my pelvis upward, a move which i know He finds hard to control himself under. After 30mins and by the 8th time of Him having to shift position i thought it best to get Him out of danger, i didn't want my hard work ruining AGAIN!!

I ordered Him onto the floor at the side of the bed and told Him to kneel up. I reached under the bed and produced my box of toys, i took a few minutes to think carefully about my choice, while He sat wide eyed and rock hard and twitching. Eventually i giggled and brought out my fantastic Rampant Rabbit. I then got myself into the doggy position and inserted my vibrator into my now very wet and squelchy pussy, i nearly cum then and there as it slid past my g-spot. When i was comfy, i then turned back to look at Him and told Him to lick, His eyes sparkled and a smile crept across His face when He realised i meant lick my ass.

Immediately He sprang to action and i was a quivering wreck at as i felt His tongue press on my ass. I flicked my vibe on to the lowest setting and knew it would only be seconds before i had my orgasm. I cranked the clit stim up a notch and immediately orgasmed. I stayed in my position and realised i was safe to carry on for another. His tongue working frantically around my ass as i readied myself for a 2nd orgasm, this one was was stronger than the last and left me even more breathless, i was fully expecting my clit to be done but almost immediately a 3rd orgasm hit me like a freight train.

I pushed my ass onto His face harder than before as the feeling subsided, still my clit was in tact! So i ventured for a fourth, this took a few more minutes to get to but hell it was so worth it. I turned my vibe up to the highest setting and pushed it further into my pussy. I could feel the orgasm building and i grasped the bed sheet and tensed my legs, i heard Him moan behind me and again was taken over by an almighty wave of orgasm but this time there was no subsiding, i pulled the vibrator a little way out of my pussy and rammed it home again, the full force of the clit stim and His tongue now buried in my ass gave me what i can only describe as my Nirvana.

In all honesty i nearly passed out with that orgasm and although my clit and pussy were ready for more i couldn't take any more and kicked Him away from me as i collapsed on the bed an emotional wreck. As i lay there catching my breath and fighting back tears (??) all i could hear was Him gasping and whimpering all at the same time, if i wasn't so shattered i think that sound alone would have made me cum again.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

What A Wonderful Wednesday with Miss Tillysue

Well i am sure you are all bored with me waffling on all the time so this time my husband is writing the piece from his Sub point of view. Enjoy.

Yesterday Miss Beth and I went to visit Miss Tillysue at Her dungeon.   We had spent an enjoyable afternoon with her recently at the Wirral Munch but this was my first time visiting her at her dungeon and what an amazing set up she has.

I have had BDSM fantasies most of my adult life but until recently,  dungeons were something on the internet or late night channel 4 shows.  Now in the last few weeks i have attended my first munch,  and yesterday i was making coffee for two dommes in a dungeon, surrounded by dungeon furniture and apparatus and a rail the length of the room holding as many instruments of torture as i have ever seen.  I was nervous and 20 seconds after Miss Tillysue told me how she liked her coffee,  my mind went blank and i couldnt remember if she said caffeine or caffeine free . . . .  thankfully a got it right.

One of the things i love about Miss Tillys furniture is how most of it is proudly homemade.  We were supposed to be helping with computer stuff but i was distracted by ideas and inspiration about all the things i might possibly make.  My head is still full of it now and trips to Ikea will never be boring again.

Miss Tillysue very kindly took us for lunch at a nearby coffee shop and once again it was somewhat surreal to be sat in a crowded, busy cafe whilst two dommes chat openly about BDSM related subjects  from slaves to sadism, cuckoldry to cock sizes,  fetishs to flogging lol.

On returning to the dungeon i was once again sent to make more coffees,  only this time, when i returned and sat down both Beth and Sue were looking at me with twinkles in their eyes . .  Uh oh i thought,  and tried to think what i had done wrong.  After a minutes panic i noticed that the bottle top stool ( a stool with lots of beer bottle tops nailed, upturned to the seat) had moved and i realised i should be sat on it.  Luckily i had thick jeans on and wasnt told to remove them so it was bearable (tho it got more uncomfortable as time passed)

We had a lovely day and i hope we were of some help to Miss Tillysue. i look forward to the next time we see her,  and all the DIY projects i should be getting on with until then.