Saturday, 25 February 2012

Am Thinking That Tonight I Make The Most Of My Boy

I am now craving his cock too much! We have gotten as far as possible with the fucking without him cumming, any more and it will be too dangerous and i don't want to ruin all my hard work accidentally. I have had my fill of the strap on he uses to fuck me with and now nothing will take away what i crave.

Tonight i am thinking of perhaps an intense session of worship (ass, foot and pussy) mixed in with a little pain. Also thinking perhaps a video can be made of his cock being teased to the limit. Hmmm choices choices!

It should prove to be an interesting evening i think.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Wirral Munch

Well Sunday was a fantastic day, quite an experience actually. I'd never been to a Munch before let alone a play munch but seeing as though i was going with my husband and my very good friend Miss Tillysue i thought i would be safe lol.

Miss Tillysue very kindly picked me and my husband up to take us to the event and i'm bloody glad she did. I'd have had a nervous breakdown in the car on the way there i think, even the Satnav gave up at one point. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers for making the event in such an obscure place lol. No seriously, although we had fun finding the event we did finally get there and found it to be a lovely event.

God knows what i was expecting it to be like but it wasn't anything like that. Just a group of like minded people, some fet dress, some vanilla dress and even some naked male subs. Quite the thing to get your head around in the beginning! We were instantly made to feel at ease by the event organisers and we settled ourselves on a sofa and a drink and just took in the surroundings.

There was some furniture there to be used, a cross, a spanking bench and a cage to name a few and some people brought their own toys with them. There was a great mixture of femdom's, male subs, female slaves, switches, masters, some in relationships and some single people. However all were very friendly, easy to chat to great fun to be with.

For this being our first event together i decided to leave my toys at home and he could keep his clothes on, for this he was eternally grateful, although there was another Newbie there who thought sod it, got his kit off and took a good session with a flogger and one of the Mistresses there, Bravo to that man i say! While there i picked up a lot of hints and tips and left with a whole list of toys to acquire and make.

Can't wait for the next one, in the mean time . . . . . . . . now where did i put that flogger of mine??

Friday, 17 February 2012

New Page

As you will see i have now added a new page which should be of interest to some of you. I will not be divulging to whom it belongs so you'll all just have to keep guessing!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Today has been . . . . . . entertaining!

Well this morning i woke to find my husband missing from the side of the bed he usually occupies. I thought perhaps he had got an erection in his device that he couldn't get rid of and had maybe gone for a walk around the house. Anyway 30mins later he appeared with a cup of tea and told me he had been on the phone to the doctors trying to get an urgent appointment.

On Valentines night, he got undressed and we found some rather lovely yet questionable red spots on his body, they were of the non itching variety but still quite disturbing where they had come from or what they might be. So after a day they were still there so thought it best to get checked out especially with going to a Munch this Sunday. He asked if he could take his device off for the appointment in case he had to be examined and i just very casually said "No". He accepted my reply and trotted off to his appointment.

An hour later he arrived home looking rather flushed. I asked what happened and with a shaky voice replied "Well she wanted to look at me didn't she"! I couldn't stop laughing how he told me that she asked him to drop his trousers so she could see his legs and he was terrified she would notice through his jersey shorts. Luckily for him (sadly for me) she didn't, or at the very least if shed did, she didn't say anything.

As the morning rolled on i told him he had another task to complete. For the rest of the day he had to sit on the floor, NOT the chair or sofa. Now this doesn't sound too bad until you realise that we have a four seater sofa and two separate chairs and my mum coming for tea lol. He did his best to avoid sitting at all until he really had to and as soon as he plonked himself on the floor my mum asked him why he wasn't sat on the sofa? He merely replied "Because i have to". Now my mum knows that i'm kinky and knows i'm a very dominant person, she even knows i have "special sites" which i visit online, so she knew not to question it or me further.

The minute she had left the house i started to laugh and actually commended him for being so good for the 4 hours she was here, he never forgot himself once. Hmmmmm this means i know have to reward him. Damn it!! lol

Friday, 10 February 2012

A Fun Evening - this is a long one lol.

Ok so last night i decided to have a little fun with my boy. We waited until the kids went to bed and then i got a shower. He knew he had to go and make sure the room was warm and the water was running at just the right temperature. He also has to make sure all the relevant potions and lotions etc are in the room. He waited outside the door until i was in the shower and then he took up his place waiting silently sat on the toilet lid. After i was done he handed me my towels around the shower curtain and left the room.

After i had done i told him he was to shower which he did immediately and quickly. I told him he had 3 minutes to be done in there or i was turning the hot water off. He hurried and showered and just in the nick of time, i did contemplate turning the hot water off anyway just for my amusement but thought i'd save that for later on. While he was showering, i picked up his clothes and took them out of the bathroom. 

Minutes later he wandered into the lounge, naked. He looked at me with the smile that makes my knees turn to jelly and asked me "where's my clothes babe"? I smiled and pointed to the seat next to me. His eyes widened as he saw his collar beside me. Without hesitation he replied with "yes miss of course miss".

He picked up his collar and walked around to me and knelt before me with his head bowed and asked if i would like to do the honours? I tightened his collar and told him to get me a glass of wine, light the candles and paint my toes. He did as he was asked immediately and correctly and then asked if he could massage my feet, i told him it was probably a good idea that he did. He knelt on the floor for nearly an hour massaging my feet over and over until i got bored with it and he then admitted that his feet had fallen asleep about 40mins ago. 

"You're not moaning are you boy"? I asked. 
"No miss not at all i was just saying . . . " he tried to reply before i shut him down and told him to stand up. 

He looked at me slightly panicked as i knew he would find this near impossible but he did as i was asked. I prodded at him as he slowly and tentatively tried to stand without falling over. I was laughing by now at the sight of a 6'4 man trying to stand up yet looking ridiculously similar to Bambi.

When he finally found his feet and his balance he stood, hands behind his back, head bowed staring at the floor in silence. I continued to chat on my phone as he waited and waited. I engaged him in conversation about the programme on the TV and then told him to tidy the mess up from my pamper session. Doing as a good boy should he put everything away carefully and then for some reason forgot his place and went and sat on the rug.

I did nothing.

I sat and stared at him.

He caught my gaze and smiled at me. I continued to stare at him, not maniacally, just a stare. Not moving, not blinking and no emotion. He continued to smile at me and after a few minutes he asked me if i was ok? I said nothing, i just continued my course of action. We stayed like this for about 10mins, by this time i hadn't taken my eyes off him at all and he was now asking again if i was ok? What was wrong? I could tell he was starting to get confused by what was happening, or not happening lol. Another 10mins passed, his eyes kept flickering as his brain was working overtime trying to get a handle on what was going on. He edged forward and put his hand on my knee and asked me yet again what was wrong? I never spoke.

After 40 minutes i could see that panic had well and truly set in. Every few seconds he gulped and swallowed hard. His eyes became blood shot and watery and i could see that at any minute he would either cry in blind panic or he would realise what was going on and correct himself. His hands constantly touching my legs and rubbing them in that way you can tell someone is doing something, anything, to get a response without causing an argument. Suddenly he looked at me, his eyes so teary and his palms really sweaty and said "I've done something wrong haven't i? I shouldn't be here, i should be stood there".

With that he got up and assumed the position prior to this. I sat and clapped very slowly, very sarcastically. After a brief pause i stood up and walked right over to him and whispered in his ear, "don't you ever forget your place boy because next time it may be more than silence you receive". He didn't reply, he didn't need to, the way his body trembled before me told me that he understood, loud and clear.

Now a punishment i thought. Let's keep the mind fuckery going. Knowing that his major downfall was spelling i decided upon an impromptu spelling test. I stood before him and told him to spell words all the while i had a tight hold of his balls, every time he got a spelling wrong i twisted them tighter. Naturally this made him lose his place and he had to start again. I could see the pain on his face, that exquisite look that i long to see in him of both physical and mental anguish.

Deciding to take it up a gear, i told him to lie on the floor as we continued our spellathon. He continued to rattle out his spellings as i wandered over to the candles that he had lit earlier. His eyes widened an his voice went up an octave as he spoke. Now standing over him i poised the candle at an angle and gave him another word to spell, as he started i tipped the candle slowly allowing a trickle of wax to fall onto his smooth naked chest. Instantly his body tensed and he held his breath as it quickly cooled and hardened on his skin..

With every word my dripping trail of wax made it's way lower and lower down his abdomen finally finding cock. His legs tensed and he whimpered. I looked at him and his eyes were begging me not to go there, so what was i supposed to do? That's right i went there! A big pool of wax just above his cock and a thin trail along it. Oh how i laughed.

After i was done i knelt next to him and asked him if he would forget his place again and he replied "No miss, never again and can i thank you for putting me in my place and making me see the error of my ways. I will be a good boy from now on".

Let's see how long it is before i have to correct him again.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Highly Amusing Yet Actually Very Sad hahahaha

I have been sent these clips by SL, they depict the patheticness of his existance. Not only did he pay for my completely knackered and smelly shoes but then he felt compelled to clean with his tongue and share the event with me. How desperate he must be for the recognition?? I didn't request the input, buy there it is.

You may all laugh now. I did.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Interesting Conversation

Whilst shopping in my local supermarket this morning i had a brief yet interesting conversation with a sub via Messenger. We were discussing his profile pic as it portrays him in action doing his job which just happens to be, a fire fighter! Naturally, being a woman into uniform i instantly became horny (not great in the middle of Asda).

I then stated that i bet he got a lot of interest from women when they knew of his occupation and he agreed he did. I then told him it was a shame he wasn't in the army or a police officer too. I then got a reply saying he used to be in the army ans actually toured. Well, if i could have had an orgasm there and then i would have done. What a find, this fellow seems to be.

All the while we chat, he gets horny at what i say, i get horny thinking about the uniform only the biggest difference is i can do something about how i feel hahahahahaha!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Owning Cock!

I have recently discovered a trend in a few Domme's who think they should own every cock going. This trend seems to occur in chat rooms mainly. On one hand it's quite amusing to watch as these Domme's try to show their presence by controlling every conversation going but on the other hand it's sooooo boring to watch.

I don't in all honesty see the need to want to own every cock in the room. That is a privilege that should be reserved for those who are worthy and show their worth. You can be dominant without looking needy. The people i own, and yes i do own them, are my property because they have worked hard to get my attention. Yes of course they pay for it, but i also have to like the person and agree to own them.

Sometimes less is more is all i will say.

Fresh Meat! hahahahaha

Well last night was quite interesting. I have managed to sign up a new chastity boy! Yay!! Bless him he's only 24 and has, well lets say not very large, cock! A perfect candidate to be locked up i feel.
It's a little on the thin side, even for a tight pussy i think they'd have trouble feeling that! Needless to say, i hated the fuzz and told him to shave it off and gave him until tonight to do so.
I woke up to find this waiting in my inbox for me. Not exactly an impressive sight and i definitely didn't feel even the slightest bit horny upon seeing it.

When i asked him how long ago it was he had a fuck, he replied 3 weeks ago . . . . . . but she told him to use his fingers half way through because she was getting nothing!! lmfao!!

So without further ado, please welcome aboard Tiny!!!