Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Introducing The Biggest Shoe Loser!!

I would like to introduce you all to my little shoe whore whom i shall call Shoe Loser (SL) for short. He's a thoroughly nice fellow and buys my lovely used shoes when they are falling apart and grubby looking. His cock (when not locked by his girlfriend) tends to get hard when he buys my shoes and i suspect even harder when they finally arrive at his home.

I was speaking with him briefly last night and managed to get him some sexy pics of his feet modelling the mules he bought from me. He does have rather stunning feminine legs and feet, which i think you'll all agree on. I especially like the use of the gimp mask to conceal his loser identity when sniffing and licking my stinky shoes hahahahaha.

Now what say all of you? Please feel free to leave your comments in the comments section, i shan't be removing any comments lol.

Lunch time Entertainment

Well this afternoon i received an email from one of my favourite subs telling me he was available to Cam for an hour should i wish to. I had got a task ready for him for the next available Cam opportunity so i seized it. I had told him to buy some hair removal cream earlier last week and so today i would instruct him to use it.

Being a Beauty Therapist i knew that the development time for the cream was around the 5min mark and previously he had told me that he was looking for the Sensitive version but couldn't get any. I instantly spied my chance with this to take him a little further. You all know that i love humiliation and pain so what better opportunity than this for a bit of distance domming lol.

Here i have included the report i asked for following our session:

When I sent the email about my availability I was very nervous in case you thought I was being pushy but I am very rarely in the house alone for such a period and I thought it was a good opportunity.

When you said be in the OD chatroom instead of being on yahoo messenger my first thought was that this was going to be a public demonstration of your power over me. I thought the best place would be my bedroom and took everything upstairs. I was literally shaking as this would be our first Mistress / sub cam session and I did not want to disappoint you.

Of course you decided on a private show, thank you Mistress. I was very nervous its not my first cam session but my first for you my Mistress. Before long I was spread and depilitory cream was applied to my crotch area, you took great pleasure in commenting on my flacid penis on how poor and unloved it looked and you were right no touching for 12 days now and 17 days since my last orgasm does that.

I had told you that 6 minutes was the maximum time for the cream but you seemed to take enjoyment in my discomfort when the time went over but I was not thinking of the time when I was begging you for a chance to stroke for you after the cream was gone. It was very difficult not to rub the area to bring some relief. I am sure you enjoyed gigling at my discomfort and my pathetic attempts to persuade you which they must have been as your answer was no.  

My scrotum was really tingling or even stinging when you finally advised me a full 15 minutes had passed and allowed me to start removing the cream. I needed a quick rinse to remove it and soothe the area.
 All the time during the session my heart was racing I didn't want to disappoint you and despite a few mistakes, touching my cock early on to position it, without permission and not typing words correctly I hope I satisfied you Mistress. I did not feel uncomfortable at any time Mistress more nervous, nothing about the event felt unnatural I felt as though I was in my proper place under your control. We have had a long friendship on since first meeting on OD and I am very grateful to you for taking me on as your sub, it was always something I had hoped would happen one day but was always to wary about asking so as not to ruin an already good online relationship. I hope I continue to please you Mistress.

I have to say it was so amusing watching him squirming in his chair as the cream began to sting and when he kept shifting in his chair the longer it was left on, he was dying to touch himself if only to soothe his poor cock. It's such a shame hahahahahahaha!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Soldiers . . . . Nom Nom!!

This is just a note really but one i felt i needed to share.

I have a fetish, yes for uniforms. It doesn't matter what the person looks like in them but Policemen, Soldiers and Firemen all make my clit tingle.

Yes i am the dominant one but i think the power and authority they have is awesome and such a turn on. However, i would absolutely love to have control of a Soldier. Don't ask me why and i think i would have to get over the jelly knee syndrome first but to be able to have control over someone like that would be amazing.

Anyway i was watching something with a Soldier in just a minute ago and suddenly got very aroused so felt  should put it to good use and write it here.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Why oh why??

Do you silly little boys think that just by pretending to be a female who may be connected to you, i will happily talk dirty and explain everything in detail to them?

I have said it numerous times, i take what i do seriously and if you think you can waste my time getting me to chat while you wank you are very sadly mistaken.

Please could you give me a little more credit for actually having a brain, that's all i ask. Respect me and i will consider respecting you. Pay me and i'll consider it further hahahaha.

Obviously this does not apply to those who already abide by my rules. Well done you lot xx

Friday, 27 January 2012

The End.

This is the part i struggle with. My husbands 3 month chastity period is over and he is due for release either tonight or tomorrow depending how i feel. However, whilst i am over the moon that i actually get a big cock to fuck i also feel a little sad that the following day, his normal lazy male self will reappear.

Subs will know exactly what i am referring to with this. Whilst locked in chastity, no chance of orgasm, the desperation and submission deepens, but once that first orgasm has been achieved the desire to make me happy by whatever means necessary, has ebbed away.

So even though i will get a good fuck at some point this weekend, which i should be happy about, i will lose my slave which will make me the worlds biggest bitch the following day lol.

It couldn't come at a better time actually as not only have i been incredibly horny today but i also need to feel him that close to me at the moment. The thought of feeling his hands on me and his thick cock in me just drives me wild.

Maybe tonight will the time after all! lol.

Friday, 20 January 2012

What a week!

Well i have to say that this week has so far been the best week this year for me!

It started well by me receiving a lovely parcel from someone containing some wonderful items which have taken great pleasure in wearing and being photographed wearing. I know he has been very happy with the results and so has my husband lol.

Then to follow it i had a lovely meeting with a wonderful lady called Sue, whom i met on another site. I was a little apprehensive at first but as soon as i saw her i instantly felt at ease. Somehow i doubt her clients feel like that hahahaha. We had a lovely chat and a coffee and then i was privileged enough to be shown her Dungeon/Playroom. Very well equipped and really exciting to see all her implements of torture. I was like a child in a sweet shop. My eyes must have been like saucers lol. I can't wait to meet up again with her!

Then i had a lovely day shopping today spending all my husbands money! I saw a lovely pair of elbow length lace up black PVC gloves which i think i shall send him back out for tomorrow. I'm just thinking of the fantastic handjob i could give him with those on hahahahaha.

Friday, 13 January 2012

I had a lovely surprise!

There cam a knock at the door yesterday afternoon and there stood the Parcelforce guy. I didn't order anything and neither did my husband yet the label quite clearly stated MY name. Puzzled, i opened it and look what i found inside:

Aren't they the most stunning things you have ever seen? I knew instantly what would go with them so i rushed off upstairs and put together this little number (apologies for scary no makeup pic lol):

Thank you so much Laura, you really are a very good boy and thank you also to my new girl friend Princess xx

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Power Shower!

Well for the last couple of days i have been incredibly horny. My new friend Princess will be getting the best fuck ever this weekend and i think it has spurred me on to thinking what i am missing.

Anyway this morning i decided i needed a little help in the shower so i dragged my most willing husband in with me. I had him complete his usual chores and then i had him complete a few extra tasks for me. The feel of the shower running over my breasts while i get my ass licked is the most amazing feeling in the world. Then when i played with my clit at the same time it became almost instantly orgasmic.

After he was done he stood up and i could see that his cage was all steamed up and quite literally bulging so i decided to let him out for a supervised wash. He stood there, his muscular ass cheeks facing toward me and then soap ran down his back. My clit started to tingle again and i couldn't resist but stand right behind him and soap his cock. Instantly i felt his cock get firmer and within about 5 seconds it was rock hard. My other hand reached between his legs and massaged his balls. I flet him shiver as my grip tightened just around the head of his cock.

He stood there no knowing what to do, hands pressed firmly against the cold white tiles in front of him, his knees going weak every time my finger glided over his sweet spot. I tugged on his cock and brought him round to face me so that i could stroke his cock harder and watch the pained/delighted expression on his face. He kissed me so hard i thought he was going to fuck me then and there, it made my whole body quiver. I grabbed his hand and placed his fingers on my clit, he knew what to do. The water still running over us just seemed to intensify the whole thing.

My grip got tighter around his cock and he pulled away from kissing me. He looked me straight in the eye and said "please don't i beg you". I just smiled and told him to carry on. I grabbed at his cock again, using the soapy water as lube and stroked his cock harder and faster. 10 strokes. He pulled away again "PLEASE don't i cant stand it", i giggled and told him to shut the fuck up whining. My hand slid down the shaft of his cock and slowly back up, my fingers teasing his special place. He knocked my hand away and begged me to stop as he would cum at any second. I knew he wasn't telling a lie, his cock pulsed and quivered, my clit found it way out of it's hiding place and relished every touch of his fingers.

I held tightly around his neck as he started to make me moan, i watched his cock twitching with every deep breath i took. I knew if i let him continue to give me my orgasm he would spontaniously cum so i pushed him away as i fingered myself to that fantastic feeling.

He stood there panting for breath as if he had just run a mile, i just looked at him and smiled. "Thanks for your help, get out now" and with that he left the shower with quite a pathetic look on his face.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

In case you may be wondering . . . .

Why there have been a drop in followers, i have had to block some people for inappropriate behaviour. I have also blocked email addresses. I'm not here to sort your shit out at home and i'm not here to take shit from you.

All i am here to do is a job. I vet all my clients well and if you can't answer the questions i ask then please don't waste my time and stay away.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Near Perfect Sentiments from a Near Perfect Slave

Mistress Beth, i think i deserve your attention as a service to females in general and most definitely my wife, your newest friend and student of all things chastity linked.
You have seen me in all my most pathetic and humiliating glory , would you honestly want someone like yourself or any female, being subjected to have to let me try to put a lifeless ,limp ,piece of skin anywhere near their pussys ,can you possibly imagine the complete waste of time and the teasing as it just tickled their outer lips ,unable to part them and enter that beautiful soft moist area where only real men are allowed . They would have to lie there and put up with my pathetic words of why i can’t get it in or get bigger.
It would be a one off for them , but it would happen to another and another ,could be one of your friends ,you wouldn’t like that !!
So the attention you give me saves all those women, you are saving them by having me in chastity for as long as you wish. My wife thinks you are a life saver and time saver, she has put up with so much and now you are showing her a bright future and great sex with a real man.
With me as your attention seeking maid ,that’s all i can get now ,you can abuse , humiliate and ridicule to your heart’s content and have some great fun at my expense and enjoy the thought that i have to pay for all this attention and thank you for putting me in chastity and not allowing me to cum at all .
Then there is the reason that I deserve attention being that I am loyal and have a kind calm disposition and will give you anything I can possibly do.
You only have to ask and I make my best attempt to do as you request and send anything you ask for and before you ask even.
I am learning fast my role to you and as time goes on will develop into a maid you can bestow a little of your precious attention to.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New years resolution.

Well now we all know that these are fatal. Doomed to fail before the fortnight's out but i have 3 fantastic resolutions.

1. Cuckold my husband with another woman/have a threesome if he's shown his worth.
2. Get him a cage to sleep in.
3. Lose three stone by new years eve.

My god i hate quark!!! lol

Monday, 2 January 2012

Changes to Pages and terms

Sadly folks, i have had to change the way i work due to a few cretins that STILL think i am here for wanking material. What you do with my blog pages is entirely up to you but please do not bother to email me with wishes/thoughts/fantasies/ideas etc of things you would like to happen with me. I will not be replying in graphic detail any longer until you can provide the things required.

I am NOT here for you to chat to about your pathetic cocks and all the "oh i deserve to be locked up" bullshit, we both know it's crap so please don't waste my very valuable time all it does it wind me up and puts you in line for being blocked.

I never wanted to be like this, it isn't who i am but i am also not a woman to be played or tried to be played, there are plenty of free chat sites for that shit so fuck off and find them instead!

Rant over. Happy New Year!!!

New Years Eve!

Well what a night that was! I was invited to a friends house for a party and i know from old that they can get rather alcohol fuelled and fun filled. Sadly she is most definitely very vanilla so i wasn't holding out much hope of entertainment in that department.

When i arrived there was a new girl there, about my size in build and she was having her nails painted by some skinny waif while she sat and drank, i instantly knew i was going to get on with her lol. I walked in wearing my black dress and my turquoise diamante studded stilettos and she instantly said "oh my god, i want those shoes". Well my shoes are my pride and joy and so i just told her to ask me again after i had finished my bottle of wine.

Well as the night progressed, the alcohol flowed and the chat followed suit. We had gotten acquainted well by now and were in high spirits. I needed the bathroom and so instructed my husband to get my handbag so off he went and came back clutching it. I took it from him and told him to stand where he was and wait until i came back from the toilet. I emerged a few minutes later to see him stood in the same place as i had left him but he had a sheepish smile on his face.

Apparently whilst i was gone the girls were concocting a plan to releive me of my shoes in exchange for cash of course. My friend stood there and said that they knew my husband did as he was told so they were going to give him the cash and get him to take my shoes off lol. Anyway the point to all that was my husband was quite embarrassed when they said they knew he was obedient. Of course i thoroughly enjoyed it and took this as a green light for later in the evening to show my new friend a pic of a cock i have locked.

So a little later on my new friend said she was stepping outside for a cigarette so i said i'd keep her company ( i gave up smoking 7yrs ago by the way), as we were stood shooting the breeze i just happened to mention that i always get my way with the men in my life, but not by being a temper tantrum throwing brat, but by being assertive and knowing exactly what i want. She was interested in what i meant so briefly told her i liked to control little boys and their little cocks and produced a picture of a certain sub who had just been freshly locked in a new device and had been given a lovely new maids outfit.

Anyway i digress, i saw something very special in this girl something which i hadn't seen for a very long time and something which i hadn't felt for a long time either. I spoke with my husband and before i uttered a word he smiled at me and told me he knew. He could see i was attracted to her and i wont lie i was, very. Well i continued to chat to her all evening and she kept saying that she wanted my shoes lol.

We danced and drank, laughed and giggled, even made plans for a girly weekend to Dublin (ooooh Irish men lol) then when midnight struck i spied my chance. My husband and I saw in the New Year in the traditional way, the best snog and tasteful grope i've had in a while. Then as a treat for my husband, seeing as he has been such a good boy for the last few months, i walked right up to her wished her a happy new year and kissed her. When i say kiss i mean, tasteful, tentative, classy kiss not a trashy drunken kiss.

We parted lips and smiled at each other with a glint knowing that it probably wouldnt be the last time we ever did that. I turned and looked at my husband, her mouth agape lol and i noticed him trying to adjust himself in his device. I just walked passed him and told him that was for being a good boy.

One of the best new years ever, just hope the next one can top it lol.

Oh and yes, she did get my shoes in the end!!