Thursday, 20 December 2012

Last Slave Labour Camp in November

Well what a camp that was, the details still vivid in my mind. Some good things and some not so good. Sadly due to the adverse weather conditions we were experiencing at the time only a few people actually made it and one of those was a total dick!

So after meeting two new subs and knowing one was definitely on his way we thought it best to crack on with the ones who didn't have an issue with being on time. As usual we had a chat about passed experiences if any and discussed hard limits and then gave a quick run down of what was expected of them during their session that morning and all was agreed. So far so good, all polite and correct.

Just as they were instructed to strip and kneel ready for inspection, the late comer arrived and what I can only describe as sauntered into the room. Instantly my radar picked up his body language but I did and said nothing. Miss Tilly motioned for him to strip off and as he did so asked him for a brief resume of his own experiences. John then took his time doing as he asked but it wasn't because he was embarrassed or anything, there was something else I could sense.

So now all knelt and inspected some more to attention than others already, we told them exactly the duties they would each undertake. One was lead to the bathroom,one to the kitchen and John to the hallway. In the hall way was a cupboard which was a mess and unorganised, a store cupboard if you will. John was instructed to take everything out minus a few bits at the back and then told to use his common sense and put everything back neatly. This is a job which wouldn't have taken a decent sub/slave more than half an hour. He was advised to ask if he was unsure of anything and that if he did a good job there would be reward, if not he would await punishment. He smiled, wryly.

The other boys did an exceptional job and whilst one was set another task for amusement purposes only, the other made a cup of coffee for myself and Miss Tilly, not a big job but he seemed genuinely happy to do it. Meanwhile John is still sorting the cupboard out. There are towels in the cupboard so I volunteered to show him how we liked them folded, he then attempted them himself. I showed him at least another twice and then Miss Tilly did so also. We walked off and left him to it and after a brief chat we both had picked up on his demeanor.

Now a true submissive/slave has a certain something that you can pick up on easily, it's hard to describe in words it's more like a feeling but John was not exuding this. During our brief chat we suddenly heard "So do you wanna come and check this then or what"? Instantly this annoyed me but I chose to have a quiet word with him on how he should conduct himself and how he should address us correctly. Now the cupboard wasn't correct, genuinely, so we told him what was wrong and asked he rectify it or there would be a punishment coming his way. Of course we did praise him on the parts he had got right so it wasn't all bad for him.

The others were in the dungeon taking part in entertainment for us and eventually after having completed his initial task and hoovering the hallway, John joined the rest of us. He was instructed to kneel, which he took his own sweet time with, even with a little persuasion on the buttocks with the crop and at this point I'd had enough of his attitude so I bent down to him and said to him in a low voice, "From now on you will keep your head bowed and your eyes lowered. You will not look at me or Miss Tilly directly unless instructed to do so. You will speak when spoken to, no more than that and you will answer with 'Yes Mistress' wherever necessary. You will present yourself like this (positioned him correctly) at all times. Do you understand"? John replied with "yes", so I countered with "Yes what"? He looked me right in the eye, even after what I had just told him and replied like a petulant child with "Yes Mistress". I acknowledged his compliance and walked away.

Miss Tilly was currently tormenting another slave and I turned my attention briefly to another to give John time to reflect on what had occurred. A minute later John got to his feet and both Miss Tilly and I knew what was coming next. His bolshie attitude came into play and he informed us he was going. Miss Tilly agreed that would be for the best and he hurriedly got dressed. Once dressed he boomed "You got a glass of water before I go"? and he exited the room. Miss Tilly followed him to the kitchen where he again asked about a glass whilst slamming cupboards. He was given a glass and he drank his water.

"Let me out then"! He ordered Miss Tilly. She countered with "You know where the door is as you only came through it 50 mins ago". He told her to unlock it and she told him it wasn't locked and never is so that people can leave when they like. Without as much as a good bye he stormed out. Good riddance to what can only be described as a wanker looking for a cheap thrill.

Now our attentions turned to the real submissives in our company and we decided to adjourn for lunch to the local bar to have a debrief and a recharge ready for the afternoon session that one of the morning subs was also staying for.

The afternoon proved to be a lovely session. After our sub was tied to the bondage bench the games began with a bit if violet wand treatment, something which hadn't been experienced by him before so this was a nice treat for us both. After I was suitably satisfied with this I decided to blindfold him and find other ways to torment him using pegs, clips and way. Then Miss Tilly and I used the e-stim unit on him, not sure if it was quite enjoyable for him but we loved every minute! He must have enjoyed something as he has already decided to join us again in January at the next camp (we aren't holding one between Xmas and new year).

Some of the clips and pics from that days session can be found on my twitter page, for those interested. So as you can see it was a very mixed session which ultimately ended in a fabulous way for all concerned, just a shame it had to start the way it did.

Until next time .....

Tales Of Late

Well this last month has been a total and utter write off! I've had not time for my own entertainment with people dying and kids getting sick and me being under the weather. It has to stop!!

I have conceded defeat for the rest of this year and am putting myself and my family and my existing boys first and took the executive decision to close email applications and now real time sessions with new people are on hold until 2013. I physically cannot do it right now and I never do anything half hearted. I don't have the time, so to make arrangements I probably can't keep would be unfair to both of us. If you can't understand my way of thinking then that's fine but we probably wouldn't get along in that case.

My time is now dedicated to finishing tasks etc with those already with me before we all break for the festive period. My phone is now switched off so texts will not be answered until the phone goes back on in the new year and phone calls will not get through.

I have got more stuff to blog before I holiday and I hope that you enjoy reading it and commenting on them.

Can You Tell Me What's Wrong Here?

I received this fabulous email this morning. I wonder if any of you can tell me what is wrong with it? Also can you tell me how you thought I reacted to this?

hi Beth
found you on your website
I just turned 21 and i have only ever had a couple of bj's i had a gf that wanted to save herself who i went out with for years but i broke up with her a year ago and i feel like i have missed out and i have lost my bottle so to speak because i am basicaly a virgin. I am looking for someone to show me the ropes, i am working full time and at uni part time so i never seem to have any time to myself now and been a virgin is stressing me out and it should not be.
I would totaly love to lose my V while being fully restrained (i love watching bdsm porn and a bit of cbt) and having a msitress controling me only letting my lose my virginity when she lets me. And if i get too horney she give my balls a hard slap and ties them up to stop me. I would also love it to have a bit of forced bi

or maybe forced rape.  Whater ever you decide is best for me mistress Beth

How much would u charge a virgin? and where abouts are you i am in ************ area?


So what do you think? I know what first came to my mind!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Where Has The Time Gone?

Well it has been a while since I have blogged and there have been many reasons for this and these are mainly to do with being very busy or ill.

I have had several private sessions including a couple of two hour sessions with my submissive Drew. I have also been inundated with online work which I have now go to put a line under until new year. I have also had another Slave Labour Camp which had mixed results but ultimately was a success. (I shall write about these at some point).

Unfortunately I have also been a bit ill. A cold came and went and now they tell me I have a virus which in essence means they haven't got a clue what is up with me lol. All I can say is I have been very dizzy and incredibly weak physically accompanied with fatigue, however I am not going down without a fight and have been eating Holland & Barrett out of vitamins of all kinds.

Sadly I have also been missing from twitter of late as I have had a family bereavement. My cousin who was the same age as me has passed unexpectedly, circumstances unknown as yet but it turns out her death has hit me quite hard and I have been taking a bit of time to gather myself. I thank those involved with me for understanding and allowing me this time to do so.

It's funny but I bet most of you out there who read this blog forget that I am not just a Domme who you read about but I am also a 'normal' person just like you and I have illnesses and traumas to deal with just as you do. I never really write about things like this but I felt that I owed my loyal followers a clear explanation for the absence of blogging, tweets and email replies.

Just to reassure you, I am still here and don't intend on going anywhere, I'm just trying to take some time to get back to 100% health and come to terms with a tragic loss. If you could bear with me I would really appreciate it. Please do still continue to email and message me as they cheer me up no end but give me a short while to respond.

Many thanks, Miss Beth x

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Online Services

I will not be taking any further online submissives until the new year. This time of year is far too busy for my vanilla life to be online all night every night and I don't want to do anything less than my best.

Also while I am here I shall just reiterate to any future online subs that if you pay for a service with me, it does not mean that I am at your beck and call. I will reply to emails as and when I can and I will give you exactly what you signed up for, nothing less!

Real time services are as normal. Christmas working details to be confirmed.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Head Mistresses In Session

Friday 23rd November 10am - 3pm

Headmistresses Miss Tillysue and I will be seeing all naughty boys to administer your punishment.

Step into our office between 10am and 3pm, tell us why you have been sent to see us and get ready to thank us for correcting your bad behavior.

Or perhaps you need your handwriting improving? You may be set lines to write and you will be made to correct any misspelling and scruffy writing.

£30 per session in Miss Tillysue's Chambers/Office.

Either email
Call 07762604875
Or message me on twitter to book your place in the queue outside the office.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

The End Has Cum

One week today My boy finally got what he had been longing for (sort of) for six whole months. I say sort of as towards the end of his term he was actually begging me not to let him cum, amazing where the submissive mind will go when it isn't occupied with wanking etc.

The morning of the the 12th November I was stirred at around 5.30am with him shifting in the bed for the third time that night, obviously with his caged cock trying to get hard. I was not impressed and huffed back onto my right side and took the quilt with me. He didn't move a muscle after that until it was his time to get up for work.

He was gone most of the day and texted me with quite leading messages but he knew better than to ask me anything outright. I wasn't feeling too well that day either so not only was I ignoring his subtle comments to tease him further but also because I really couldn't be bothered. Each message he sent you could sense there was a feeling of excitement and fear as he knows I could quite easily have denied him so much longer had I wished to.

As the day wore on and I gathered my strength and thoughts and I began to get a little excited myself, suddenly it became quite an exciting event for me too. I started to plan how this would end, I wanted it to be satisfying for me in more than one way, so the balance had to be just right. He needed to be aware that even when he had got what he so rightly deserved in my eyes, I was still in control and that I always would be.

He arrived home and greeted me as he always did, he knelt before me still clothed in his Sainsbury's uniform and hi-viz jacket and kissed my feet as he said "Hello Miss, I have missed you so much". Still I gave nothing away and walked off leaving him to struggle to his feet and as I left the room I shouted "cup of tea now boy". He obviously obliged and brought it to me as I sat on the sofa watching drivel on the TV. He sat really close to me and he smelled of the cold air outside as well as feeling it lol. I ordered him to go upstairs and get undressed, he noticed that I didn't tell him to dress or come back down so after I had finished my cup of tea I ventured upstairs to the bedroom.

I walked into the room to find him naked, stood by his side of the bed, clothes neatly folded, hands behind his back and head bowed. He was struggling to stay in his cage I could see and without a word I called his name and tossed him a bottle of lube. He looked at me quizzically and then I tossed his butt plug to him, "prepare yourself boy" I instructed. Without a word he did as he was told.

I ordered him to come to kneel before me with his back to me. Whilst he was there I fastened his collar onto him and attached his lead and then dressed myself accordingly in my strap on. I slapped his ass and spoke a few choice words into his ear as I leaned across his back. The key to his device which was hanging between my breasts tickled his back and immediately his cock swelled again. I coated the decent sized dildo with lube and then grabbed his lead tightly yanking his head up and at the same time pushing the tip of the cock in between his ass cheeks.

Naturally he clenched his buttocks so I yanked on his chain a little harder and forced my cock further in, still slowly and tentatively until I was sure I was all the way home. He moaned an involuntary moan and this made my pussy wet instantly. I withdrew my rubber cock and then slammed it home again making him moan even louder, his cock still bursting in his cage I knew I was ok to carry on at my current pace and force. I told him that seeing as though he was going to get his orgasm I was of course going to have mine first. He nodded and began to pant and as I looked around his side I could see his cock starting to leak pre-cum through the bars of his device. This doesn't happen often with him so I knew he was getting close.

I stopped and ordered him to face me. He looked deep into my eyes with a look that I can only describe as one of total surrender, my heart leaped. I kissed him on the forehead and removed my strap on, I pulled his face up to mine as I sat on the edge of the bed and I spoke softly to him saying "I am so proud of you My boy, it's now your time, just remember I have allowed this because you have earned it". He looked almost tearful as we moved onto the bed and for a moment he just looked at me. I could tell he was struggling with this feelings and if truth be told so was I. We both know how much I really dislike him when he has been allowed to cum but I had also missed this part of our relationship so much.

What followed was short lived but my god it was fucking fantastic. I couldn't really expect him to last too long after everything I had helped him endure and appreciate over the last half year. The funniest bit was when he stopped briefly and looked at me as if he was about to say "Can I cum Miss"? and then he just smiled and carried on. It was quite an emotional time for us both and hugging one another we knew that life had changed just ever so slightly again.

He is currently without instruction but he has confessed to me that he doesn't like it and wants to go back to how it was. I am happy for this to happen and I will make it happen when I feel like it. However nothing much has changed really apart from his mind isn't quite as focused as it was and he is a tad lazy when usually he is on the ball. He still serves me completely whenever I instruct him to, he's just missing the security of being told what he can and cannot do with his cock.

Don't worry boy, I'm sure it wont be too long that you're left floundering :)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

What Is The Problem?

Although I am ill at the moment something which has been rife over the last few weeks and something which is starting to bug me is this trend of 'outing fake dommes and subs'.

I don't get it.

Yes I did find it annoying in the beginning and probably wrote a post on it, that the wonderful programe "Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys" seemed to spawn a new breed of 'findommes' or 'rinsers' but I wouldn't ever waste my time campaigning against them. At the end of the day they have found a way to make a quick buck and don't sit there in your ivory towers saying you wouldn't exploit an idea if you found it because you know full well you would.

The thing you have to remember is this, those that do not understand either rinsing or findom will soon get bored and move on and disappear from the scene and those who try to out them only bring about more advertising for them so my advice is just ignore them. By the same token, the subs who need to be told that these ladies aren't genuine are probably not genuine either so would you really want them serving you? If they are going to approach a lady of this caliber whilst under your control then they really aren't worth the time of day are they? Either that or they aren't getting what they want from you and as I have said before, you can't be all things to every man.

So Ladies, whilst you are there calling these fakes out, on either side of the coin, try to remember that your own credibility is at stake and try to control yourself with a little more decorum. The genuine subs will find the genuine Dommes/Mistresses trust me.

Feeling Unwell

This last few days I have had a cold, no problem I thought, just have plenty of fluids as is the norm with a cold and it will be gone in a couple of days. Sadly this has not been the case.

It has continued to get worse as the days have marched on and nothing seems to be helping. Today has been the worst I have felt with a cold in a long long time. I am hoping to see a friend over the next couple of days who may be able to help me with returning to full health.

So I wanted to apologise to you all for my absence both here and in chat rooms and twitter. I just can't seem to think straight at the moment or sit up and look at a screen for too long without feeling dizzy. I am still here and will return your emails but please bear with me as I may be a little slower than normal.

Thank you for your patience
Miss Beth xx

Monday, 5 November 2012

6 Days To Go

Well my boy has 6 days left in this particular chastity period and believe me it has been a hell of a struggle not just for him but for me also. There have been times that I have just wanted to let him keep going when we have been having sex because I yearned to have that closeness with him. However these have been momentary lapses and I've never acted on my impulses.

Apart from that sacrifice on my part I have thoroughly enjoyed how far he has gone into submission and as I have written before it shocked us both and I don't doubt that I will push this again in the future and maybe go for 9 months. Can things can get any better/deeper? Him not cumming during sex is such a small price to pay seeing as though he has quite perfected the art of keeping on going without and the benefits of his behavior during this time far out weigh our desires.

So it is with his impending release that I write this post to say that we will not be making a video of his release or taking photo's of it. I want this to be a private moment in what has been quite a public project. My boy deserves my full care and attention when his time comes (no pun intended) so you will just have to rely on my written account of it after the event.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Blackmail Position Vacant

I have a space become available for a financial/blackmail slave.

The applicant must be able to complete tasks for me for my amusement and must have an understanding of the situation and fetish but experience is not necessary.

For those who live in the Cheshire area I may be able to offer a personal collection service to you but my travel expenses will be reimbursed by you.

If you feel you can at least offer me what I have listed above then please email me at

If you can't offer me that then keep walking. I'm not interested in time wasters, wankers and pure fantasists. There is a contract which will need to be signed and adhered to for 6 months. You do have the opportunity to buy yourself out and your minimum monthly payment will be something to discuss. I will keep to my end of the deal as must you either by your own hand or my firm one.

Please do not even think about emailing me beginning with "I'm not a rich man by any means....." this will get your email deleted immediately without me reading further. In order for you to become a part of this I will require a £10 amazon gift voucher from you so that I can send you the contract to peruse. If you decide after that it's not for you then nothing more will be done and you've only had to pay £10 to satisfy your curiosity. I will not be chasing you and those of you who tell me you need to be pushed to get going will also be binned.

For those who are looking for the kind of thrill that only blackmail can bring, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

My Personal Musings

The world of BDSM comes with many handbooks and self appointed guru's but there is no absolute right or wrong way to how you conduct your relationships/business's. It's all one great big learning curve and you never stop learning......

The one thing that I have realised on my journey so far is that everyone will always have an opinion of you, good or bad but you will never please everyone no matter how hard you try if you try at all. You will always get your critics and you just have to learn to take it on the chin and move on. This applies for both Dom/mes and subs. You wont connect with everyone or every situation but you must cherish the harmonious connections you do manage to make. Yes that's right I said a Dom/me should cherish a submissive, a loaded statement I know but it's what I believe.


I get fed up with subs trying to top from the bottom, it doesn't upset me, not in the slightest but it just gets tedious. Of course you should be asked what you have done/liked/hated and what you want to try but ultimately where that relationship goes is up to the Dom/me. If you feel that it's not going where you want it to and you have spoken about it then one of you has to realise that this is where you both part company. A D/s relationship will not work if you don't sing from the same hymn sheet.


Another thing that really upsets me is the politics of it all. I know the whole community is just an extension of our everyday lives but it's also supposed to be an escape from the reality of our potentially monotonous lives. A place where we can be ourselves and explore ourselves further, not criticised for it, not asked to pledge allegiance to anyone in particular or made to feel like an outcast if you don't agree with something or someone.


I also think it's ridiculous the way people wrongly assume in many cases that Dom/mes don't have feelings, of course we do. You have read my posts on how I get affected by long term subs leaving for whatever reason and I'm not ashamed about that nor do I apologize for it. That doesn't mean that I can't be a calculating, manipulative, commanding bitch when the situation arises as it's pretty much who I am on the whole anyway. When you stop caring about it is when you need to be worrying and contemplating your place in it all.


I guess the conclusion I have come to at this point is;
Make it what you want, shape your BDSM life how it suits you and if it doesn't suit anyone else, tough. Take peoples opinions on board and look for as much info as possible to shape your own opinions but most of all have fun! When you can no longer do this it's time to get out.

Miss Beth xx

Friday, 2 November 2012

My Birthday - a week on

Well I have had a lot of things swimming around in my head to write about and have had a lot of new subs online to keep me occupied with tasks etc so this is why this post is being written now. Better late than never I always say.

My birthday was pretty much the best ever and I have my lovely slave and husband to thank for that primarily, for well just being him. Also need to write a massive thank you to my best friend Miss Tilly as she made it so much fun and bought me possibly the coolest gift I've ever had lol (see below).
My delicious chocolate shoe inscribed with "Happy Birthday Miss Beth"

Also I would like to thank the wonderful sub/slaves who booked their place on Slave Labour Camp #3. They did us proud. I don't need to tell my boy and Miss Tilly's how well they did as they know but I will say that the new boys did very well indeed. Although one of them was obviously nervous we soon managed to calm him, just a little.

Paul arrived and he was impeccable dressed and groomed and he had the sweetest smile which was framed by a twinge of apprehension, this both pleased and excited me in more ways than one. He had also gone the extra mile and brought me not just a birthday card but also a bunch of pink roses and a bottle of fabulous red wine. Anyway, this managed to gain him extra brownie points but that didn't mean I was any the less strict with him. Even though we clamped his nipples and humbled him he still stood strong.

Sven, as I shall call him, was also a fabulous submissive, presentation and appearance were wonderful, manners were also. Hos bathroom cleaning skills weren't top notch but Miss Tilly soon rectified that lol. He also was apprehensive but with our soft words of 'encouragement' he soon relaxed enough to get his tasks done. 

All four boys treated me to a rendition of Happy Birthday complete with little jig and because J is such a show off and over egged the pudding we made him don a pretty pink tutu and give me a more melodic and choreographed version of the same tune. This time he was successful. The other boys looked on and you could feel they were embarrassed for him. Most amusing!

Then at lunch time slave Toby arrived to cook me and Miss Tilly a Spanish meal for my birthday. He is a very talented cook and it was delicious. Of course we had to thank him for his efforts with a few strokes from the flogger, the cane, the crop, a couple of sticks and of course out came the nipple clamps. Toby left Me very satisfied and ready to continue my birthday celebrations into the night.

After a brief interlude back at home we made our way across to MARS for a hallowe'en party with the delightful Mistress Evi et al. Again another superb night chatting and eating and watching others play (I was too tired to open my bag of tricks) but by midnight my tiredness had gotten the better of me and knowing I was having to drive home I felt it best that we leave. I adore that place and I'm proud to say that I am a member there and I look forward to going back.

Well we knew the day couldn't have been too perfect could it? On the way home we found the fucking motorway was shut for god knows what reason so we ended up trailing right through bloody Manchester at stupid o'clock, not knowing where the hell I was. I was tetchy to say the least however when we finally got home my boy made sure I was nice and relaxed and comfy in bed.

I also received many beautiful birthday gifts from my subs including leather corsets, pairs of shoes, jewellery, dresses, underwear and perfume. However there was a let down first thing in the morning in the form of a sub called Rob Lyons. He ended his contract with me for personal reasons but ones which were a bit pathetic to say the least. Remember Rob, it's who you are and who you will always be. 

Monday, 29 October 2012

puppetboy's Latest Task

The task that I set him is one of my favourite tasks to set. Simple yet effective in the humiliation and embarrassment stakes. I have chosen to add his report here as I find his writing style fun and you can really feel what he is feeling and what is going through his mind at the time.

Enjoy .....
i must confess to a sense of dread when approaching this latest task. i was not looking forward to it at all, and half hoped that Tesco would also house a separate pharmacy franchise and spare me. This was not the case, and i had to take my medicine like a good little puppet.
The store was packed. i couldn't decide whether this was a good thing or not. Would more people stare, or could i hide among the crowds? Fewer people would see me if the store was quiet, but would i proportionally attract more attention?
In any event, i made my way first to the 'medical' aisle, finding first the KY jelly and then the condoms (who knew Tesco even did own-brand condoms?), then on to the fresh produce section where i selected my cucumber. It already felt like my nearly-empty basket was glowing neon as i headed for the checkouts.
In accordance with Your wishes, i did a recce of all the till operators, choosing the most attractive, although it has to be said the standard was low. The girl was about 19 or 20, with blonde hair tied back. i couldn't see her name badge behind her drooping lapel.
There were two customers ahead of me in the queue; a young couple, just finishing their packing, and a youngish mum with her weekly shop. i was glad she had no children with her (i'm sure You would agree that children must not be involved in Your tasks, however remotely) but she had a lot of Hallowe'en paraphernalia in addition to the usual shop. Of course, this meant a longer wait- with my items shouting out and waving at passing shoppers from the conveyor belt. i tried to affect nonchalance as my stomach churned as i hoped no-one would join the queue behind me. Of course, my having only 3 items made my line an attractive one to join.
Eventually the woman in front of me moved on, and i took my turn just as another couple began loading their shopping on the belt behind me. The checkout girl was fairly typical, in that she scanned the items almost without looking at them, and gave me the total without batting an eyelid. i looked her in the eye as i handed over the money, but saw no reaction, so taking my change i hurried away. She called after me to hand me my receipt- how close i was to having to do it all again!- but still showed no emotion towards my embarrassing purchases. The couple behind me were too preoccupied with their own shopping to pay mine any attention. i high-tailed it back to the car and gave a huge sigh of relief.

Thank you puppetboy for entertaining me.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy But Still Have Standards

This week I have been ridiculously busy with emails and applications from subs/slaves wanting to serve me in various forms. Excellent, I hear you cry . . . . sadly not so.

Unfortunately many of the emails I have received have been less than impressive and really not worth the time or attention so have been deleted without response. Those ones whom were a little more impressive but still not quite good enough, did get a response from me but with instructions on how to improve before they apply again. I am happy to say that a few have done as I asked and applied again and so will now be investigated further.

However this post will not only serve as instruction to future applicants but also as a gentle reminder for those whom are already privileged enough to serve me, so ALL of you should take heed!

Whilst my standards and requirements are not ridiculously high they are exacting. I do not wish to have 'players' in my stable or 'one hit wonders'. Serious slaves/subs need only apply. Once you are in my service you will be expected to conduct yourself in a befitting manner, not only in your submissiveness but also in your everyday approach to life.

Just because I am sat here and you are sat there with cyber space between us, if I deem you worthy of my time and I feel you are worthy of me putting my name to you then you will act as such at all times. Your appearance and attitude is a direct link and reflection of me. Those found to be less than acceptable either before or after I take you on will be given one chance to make good or you will be dismissed.

You will be expected to conduct yourself accordingly and to think before you speak/act;

  • If you choose to use social networking sites then you will not make disparaging remarks of other users. (yes I do check you out).
  • Your outward appearance will be clean and neat whenever you leave the house.
  • You will be polite and courteous to other Ladies/Mistresses/Dommes at all times*.

These are just a few things for you to be considering and i'm sure there will be lots of other areas which you will see for yourself the more you think about it. I hope that this has been of use to some of you and for those who don't want to take advice, keep trawling the sites, i'm sure there's someone out there for you, somewhere.

*If you find yourself in a situation where you are the attention of a troll mistress or attention seeking whores or find yourself in a situation where you would normally retaliate, stop, think and email me to tell me about it first. We can discuss the best course of action if one is needed. You are not a doormat, you are a submissive and if I feel that you need protecting or backing up I will do this without hesitation.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Boy Getting Deeper

It's now getting towards that 6 month mark signalling the end of my boys chastity period. This is the longest he has ever gone, well either of us have gone without complete intimacy in our relationship and if I said it wasn't difficult sometimes, I would be lying. However we have both agreed that the changes in his behaviour have been fantastic and we both enjoy the way it deepens not just weekly at this point, but daily and almost hourly.

Back in the beginning of our relationship with chastity, we thought that after a month things were great and couldn't get much better than that, we were so wrong. My boy is a complete and utter submissive, not a fan of being dominant unless it is really really necessary and so we didn't think that we would see a great deal of change in his feelings and emotions when I enforced this period, again we were wrong.

During this time of denial he has changed beyond anything either of us ever imagined, partial cuckoldry being one point of change that neither of us ever saw occurring. Yes it was something which we discussed a lot as part of our lifestyle but we have both agreed that for our relationship it would be a step too far (unless it involved another woman).

I am not programmed to have mindless meaningless sex with people and much less so to taunt someone, I feel it cheapens and degrades me. I know there are a lot of women that do enjoy full cuckoldry and I guess in some way I am a bit jealous of those that can enjoy the situation. I guess events in my life previously have shaped my way of feeling and thinking, but for me there has to be an emotional connection to share such an intimate situation with someone. However, I am not adverse at playing with men, it's part of the thrill of my lifestyle and I thoroughly enjoy that part.

Recently on a Ladies night out I came into very close contact with a couple of male strippers and when I returned home to him and started to regale him with my evening I noticed him change right before me. Not only did his cock get hard when I told him about me stroking the strippers very large cock but he also seemed to become even more submissive. He looked at the floor but never asked me to stop, in fact when I did stop with my tale he bombarded me with questions and seemed to be enjoying every answer I gave him. After all of that he asked me when I was going to see another?

Another thing which has changed is his love of hearing about me allowing other subs the opportunity to cum whether it be online or in a real time session. Although he is absolutely desperate to cum himself, I can see how much he loves it when I tell him that others have enjoyed fabulous orgasms but he hasn't. I tease him relentlessly about extending this 6 months and I think he is pretty scared that I actually would even though he knows how much I miss his cock. I have to say on that note, his ability to fuck me to orgasm without him having to stop and start has improved drastically, almost superhuman lol.

Currently he is enjoying (for the want of a better word) the fact that he cannot compare to my toys when it comes to giving me incredible orgasms. The mixture of my big dildo, supplied by yesmiss, and my Hitachi wand has produced results which he cannot top. Yes he does have quite a decent sized cock but it doesn't vibrate lol. His main job at the moment is to lick me until I am ready to use my toys and then he gets the delightful job of cleaning the toys with his mouth and tongue after I am done. Lucky boy isn't he?

He has always been a very obedient slave and very thoughtful with it but this too has been amplified over the last month or so. His ability to think ahead has improved and now I find myself hardly ever asking for anything as it's usually already waiting for me or done for me. All of this has left me in a bit of a quandary, although I long to share that complete intimacy with him again I also can't imagine living with him once his balls have been emptied and his hormone levels have returned to normal. I guess once he has returned to 'normal' we can have the cuckoldry discussion again and see where his head is at that point and make notes on how much his denial did affect his decision making.

To be continued ......

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Slave Labour Camp #3 - Birthday Camp!!

Friday 26th October 10-12 & 1-3
£30 per 2hr session
Stockport Chambers

Well the success of the slave labour camp just keeps gathering pace. The first one was a hit and the second was so much fun with returning slaves so it's now time to advertise the 3rd one.

This time will be a little bit different as it will be my birthday, so which of you boys is going to make my day and come and serve us on my special day? Obviously gifts, no matter how small (although large are better) will be very much appreciated and it may even earn you a few extra brownie points.

I have one boy coming to cook lunch for us so we wont be requiring anyone for that, thank you. However there will be plenty of other tasks/chores for you to complete i'm sure ranging from cleaning to DIY to just entertainment for us. You will be required to serve us as a slave should, good behavior rewarded and bad behavior punished.

Don't forget this is a camp for you to serve us and not for you to turn up and have things done to you, unless it amuses us to do so.

So, if you would like to come along you will need to pay a £10 booking fee and let us know if it is morning or afternoon you require. You can email me at and in the return mail I shall give you your deposit payment options. If you book early you can send cash but if it's less than 3days prior it will have to be a generic payment method.

The event is listed on FetLife if you would like to see it placed there.

Come on boys and girls, lets see who can make me smile on my very special day?

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Wanting A Free Service

OK so this is a bit of clarification for some of you lesser mortals:

I do NOT offer a free service. This means that I require a tribute for my time, effort, expertise and knowledge.

I welcome emails from people wanting to know more and to book appointments with me for real time sessions. I also love to receive emails that inquire about my lifestyle choice and all that it entails and those emails that tell me what a great blog/website I have, those are all very gratefully received. Thank you.

However this is my living, my life, my job. I do this job bloody well and my experience and knowledge is developing on a daily basis and will do until the day I decide to leave this world. It's who I am, it's what I am. I take pride in what I do and what I learn more about and I love to be able to offer a service to those who require it, no matter how short or long a period we stay together, but I do require a tribute to be able to do this.

Please do not email me saying how much of a benefit to my life you could be to me by licking my shoes clean or scrubbing my floors with a toothbrush whilst you are dressed in a pretty little maids outfit. What do you think I have a slave for? He is the only one who gets anything from me for free and even then it isn't really free. He buys me gifts and does all that is required of a slave and never expects me to do anything for him in a selfish way.

So if the man I love, my personal slave can grasp that he gets nothing for his own selfish gain I am damn sure you lot can grasp it and appreciate it. I mean would you ask an electrician to come and rewire your house for free even if he did love his work that much? My guess is no you wouldn't, you'd wait until it was offered to you for free and I don't see that happening anytime soon by Me.

Realise that I am a Superior who commands respect form you inferiors at all times and we shall get along splendidly.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

FemDom Divas @ M.A.R.S

What a fabulous night.

What a fantastic venue.

What friendly people.

I think that sums it up briefly.

The longer version is although it was a pain to find in the dark and even though the venue is quite small it certainly makes full use of it's space and the event was organised really well. The house Mistress was a delightfully welcoming face as we entered and instantly put us at ease. With FemDom dollars in hand we found a seat and purchased a drink, quietly surveying the surroundings and the people who made up the gathering.

The boys in their slave clothing and all the Mistresses perfectly turned out, naturally. After everyone had arrived all the boys were gathered in the dungeon area for the slave agility tests. First test comprised of balancing a book on their head and walking around cones. I told my boy that he was be playing for my honour and so anything less than perfection would be punished. Of course he did as he was told and made me proud by completing it perfectly and making his way to the second round; two books balanced lol.

He again did really well with this only dropping the books a stride from the finish line. The next event however he was a great disappointment as it was skipping lmao. Now he's about as graceful as an elephant, only 6'4 and as thin as a bean pole. His effort although disappointing in the rankings was really funny and so made up for it in the entertainment value.

After the entertainment the ladies withdrew to the lounge area and feasted on a splendid finger buffet (no I didn't think that sentence would ever exist but it does) and all the boys were shut in the dungeon awaiting a  drink and the possibility of something to eat. Hahaha. We ladies had a blast, chatting to one another and enjoying the delicious food, it was so nice for us to mix like this as sometimes Mistresses can be a little cliqueish, this was not the case here. They were all delightful.

I wont name any names on here as I feel that would be unfair as I do not have their permission but I will say that some of them were quite well known within the BDSM community. All fabulous ladies in their own ways and I can't wait to meet up with them again for more hi-jinx.

After the chat and food, the boys were allowed to join us again and continue to serve us at they should. Some of the ladies took their boys in hand and dealt with them in the dungeon whilst the rest of us just looked on and enjoyed the atmosphere. It was getting toward 1am when we decided to wend our weary way home but not until I had spoken to one particular lady.

I have found my FemDom crush, in a big way. She is fantastic, beautiful, elegant, graceful and someone whom I would love to meet and chat with again. All night I admired her, she must have thought I was weird for watching her all the time and so if nothing else I had to speak with her to assure I wasn't strange, well not too strange. Immediately I told her she was gorgeous and I was mesmerized by her, she instantly hugged me and I swear my hear skipped a beat lol. She asked me to sit and we just chatted, she told us of an incident involving an ungrateful sub, kidnap and Delamere Forest, that's all I will say here, suffice to say it was very funny.

So after having my chat with this delightful Lady we made our way home, saying our goodbyes on the way out. Most definitely a venue I will be visiting again.

Last nights outfit. Ooh changed the shoes though.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Macperv The Schoolboy

I just have to share these pics with you of my lovely little macperv. He makes me smile whenever we talk on the phone and I smile even more when he pays his taxes on time. However this is what makes me smile more than anything. He has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Isn't he quite a picture in his lovely school uniform? I would love to get my hands on a school slipper and a cane and then administer a good over the knee spanking with the slipper and 6 of the best across his bottom with the cane. Who know's maybe one day it will happen but until then he will just have to make do with me telling him what I would like to do to him.

A Gentle Reminder For MY Blackmail Slaves

You all know when my birthday is as it is printed here in black, pink and white so I shall be expecting some lovely presents and cash off you to show your appreciation of Me.

However, if you fail to suitably impress Me I shall be posting names, email addresses and possibly phone numbers on here for which you may pay Me handsomely to have them removed.

As I have said before I am fair so once paid I will remove them but in order to escape this kind of treatment all you need to do is make Me happy and make Me feel loved, as I know you all do :)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Subs, Slaves and Fans; Diary Date!!

Just to let you all know that my birthday is on the 26th October. Plenty of warning for you all to save up and peruse my Amazon wish list so that you can send me some lovely gifts.

I know you wont disappoint me xx

Kage - I'm Satisfied :)

Well this Sunday just gone was a hoot at Kage. I always enjoy going as it gives me a chance to dress up and engage with others in the lifestyle and not just on a professional basis. It's a really relaxed and friendly environment and I'm just getting to know Dave the Butcher a little bit better so even more reason to go.

Anyway, after changing we head upstairs for a drink and to check out who is around. The annoying woman with the pet training has decided to take over most of downstairs sadly, so dungeon areas and pool were off limits so that just left us with the private rooms. These rooms have large padded leather bed type areas and a black light in them. Some have windows to view and some don't.

So after a quick drink Miss Tilly and her boy retired outside for a cigarette and My boy and I went for a wander to see if the dungeon was free. Sadly not, so we went back upstairs. However, a room was free!! We ventured in and I immediately locked the door behind us, this room had no window but lots of mirrors, no floor, just all bed. Instantly my pussy got wet and My boy gulped.

140 days My boy has been without orgasm so he knew what was going to happen and as much as he wanted it, he also didn't want it lol. He had on his brand new bondage pants and fuck me, just looking at him made me want to cum and so it wasn't long before the strap off his pants was around his wrists and his pants down around his knees, his already hard cock bobbing in the air. I couldn't help but salivate.

I immediately started to tease, stroke and lick his cock while I maintained my eye contact with him, feeling him submit to me like never before. His body responded to every touch and his eyes spoke to me like never before, the pleasure/pain he was feeling was intense to say the least. Naturally this scenario made my pussy so wet and him being my personal slave, had to take care of this.
I would like to add that taking this pic was fucking difficult. It was a soft floor and i'm in 6" heels, it's black with a black light and he's got his tongue gently licking my clit perfectly!

Whilst My boy was satisfying my needs I texted Miss Tilly to tell her where we were and she told me she would join us shortly. Spying my chance, I immediately pushed him on his back and sat myself right down onto his cock and enjoyed that feeling that only his cock can produce. He whimpered and begged me to stop and asked if he was allowed to cum, I just laughed out loud as I watched our reflections in the mirror. It wasn't long before I had my second orgasm but this time I had to make a sharp exit as my moaning was going to tip him over the edge and that would never do.

Along came a knock at the door and after unlocking it, we were joined by Miss Tilly and her boy. The games continued as I resumed stroking his cock and teasing his balls with my nails. His whimpering got louder and even more so when I decided to treat him to a blow job, hahaha. Miss Tilly and her boy were also partaking in a bit of T&D so we were in good company. This went on for quite a while until I knew my boy was too close for comfort so I just stopped and ordered him to dress immediately.

Stepping out into the light of the hallway made me giggle at what had happened behind the door of the room we just left and off we went to relax with another drink. So my orgasmic desires and T&D desires were satisfied, it was time to flex a bit of muscle and satisfy the sadist in me. Still the dungeon areas were taken so we improvised with a room used for orgies as it had pillars in it. Perfect for cuffing a slave around.

This was going to be brief but intense. My boy was told I would not be warming him up and I would not stop until I knew he could take no more. My paddle, flogger, flame thrower, snake whip and brand new cane all got used and with as much force as I could muster. I wanted to see him cry. I wanted to hear him beg me to stop. I wanted to see the marks left behind for days to come. After a short session my goal was reached, his cries between each blow just served to spur me on further until his body language told me enough was enough.

Not a word was said and I uncuffed him. I sat on the seat and he immediately knelt before me, kissing my hands and thanking me. I held his chin and looked into his eyes, "You are mine. No one else's but mine. You will always be mine. My good, best boy", I whispered to him. His eyes became bloodshot and the tears started to form. I gently placed his head on my lap and stroked his hair rhythmically like a mother does to soothe and reassure a child. We stayed like this for a while and connected in a way only others in a D/s relationship will understand and fully appreciate. This time is important, this time is sacred.

Now usually we would retire to the pool for a naked dip and a giggle with others but it was too busy so with the rain pouring outside and a shitty motorway journey ahead, we decided to leave and hunt for food. 

Next Kage has a lot to live up to!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Kage - The Dress Code Debate

I guess it's a topic which will never be solved to everyone's standards and perhaps that's a good thing but I feel a standard has to be set, a minimum standard at least.

As you are all aware I love visiting Kage with my slave and Miss Tilly and her boy J, however this last gathering was a bit odd and kind of made me feel a bit uncomfortable. There were people just wandering around in everyday jeans and t-shirts whilst others were in full fet gear.

Now I am not a snob and by no means have a million pounds to spend on fetish wear to an event every month but I do feel that a minimum standard dress code is something which needs to be in place. I know not everyone can afford rubber outfits or steel boned corsets and neither should people be made to feel like they have to be dressed head to toe in fet wear to be accepted into what is supposed to be considered a none judgmental community but if there are people wearing what they would wear to the Sunday league footy and then half naked males and females wandering around do you think this is fair? I certainly don't.

I for one would like to see more people less afraid to attend a munch, yes I was terrified for my first event and hadn't got anything fetish that I felt comfy in with strangers so I took the time to find something which is the usual minimum dress code of all black. I managed to find black leggings and a black shirt, very inexpensive but also something which has been worn many many times since and takes a place in my daily wardrobe. So it wasn't something which has been a waste of money.

It's not hard for anyone to dig out a pair of black pants and a shirt or a black skirt and top etc but the effort, even minimal, is noted and appreciated by all the others who go out of their way to wear fetish gear or be 90% naked. It can be quite an intimidating feeling for those who embrace the multi facets of fashion at such escapist places especially when being watched by those who have clearly made no effort. It will only take a couple of people, each time the event is held, to think that they will wear their 'vanilla' clothes and eventually it will be a fetish event where the actual fetish wear is in the minority.

Do we really want to send this lifestyle further underground (which possible new legislation seems to be intent on doing)? Do we want to be seen as something wrong and seedy? No we don't. You may think my final statement is a tad dramatic, but all tidal waves start with tiny ripples in water somewhere.

Stupid Bloody Weather

After a brief technical hitch with the weather taking out my sodding landline and therefor rendering my internet connection inoperable I am well and truly back!!

I am slowly but surely catching up with emails so please bear with me!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New Website

The time has come for me to have my own website as well as this blog. Things are getting a little crowded here and so I have been busy making a new website, with the help of a dear sub called Andrew.

It is a work in progress and will be titivated and tweaked as i go along but you will notice that some of the pages here will start to be removed as it all exists on the other web site. All the content and prices will stay the same it ill just be featured in a more appropriate place.

My blog and news and few other things will stay here but information about sessions and services I offer will be removed. I will continue to write my blog and continue to entertain you, no chance of me stopping that! lol.

So here it is, in it's infancy:

Friday, 21 September 2012

Miss Beth Needs Help

Right then boys and girls it's about time you lot started giving something back don't you think? I could write a list as long as my arm of things which I would like to own but here I am going to write a list of things I need to help me on my journey.

It maybe that you can't help directly but if you could let me know of any solutions which you may hear about I would be most grateful.

I need:
* A kinky landlord in Cheshire who would be able to let his/her property to me in exchange for sessions or with a decent rent value.
* Someone who would be willing to help pay towards monthly rent costs in exchange for a few sessions each month.
* A handy person to help with any interior if/when I get a place.

I know you will want to see me do well and I appreciate any help you can give in my quest for Cheshire Domination lol. It's time to start to relaise my dreams otherwise they will end up being one of life's regrets and I don't intend to have many of those at the end of the day.

Bon Voyage Atiya

Just as things were getting going my wonderful Atiya has got to go for a while :(

His personal work life is very hectic at present and has become even more hectic however it is all for the greater good. We shall stay in touch but he has to be abroad for a while moving from country to country. Six months seems like such a long time to be without someone who has already made himself quite indispensable.

You may hear from Dommes/Mistresses alike that there's always a slave to step into the shoes of the one that's just departed but in this case I don't think anyone can fill that position. There may be someone that can be a good stopgap but it will take a lot of effort to actually fill that space for the next six months.

He will return, we have spoken at length over this and I can honestly say that I can't wait to have him back where he belongs.


Slave Camp #2

Due to the success of the first camp we are holding another, hope to see you there boys!

Ms.Olive's Return from a Brief Interlude

After a brief interlude I decided to contact my lovely  little Ms.Olive to entertain me. So I gave him a task to complete, it would serve to be a gentle reminder of who he answers to and also just to make me smile.

The instructions were simple:
* Tie your cock and balls (separated) tightly.
* Apply pegs to any loose skin remaining.
* Smack your ass as hard as possible.
* Take pics and send to me.

After I saw the bottom slapping pic I decided it wasn't a good enough effort so instructed him to do it again. He obeyed.
I could see slight bruising and so felt satisfied he had done as was required of him.

Later that day I asked if he would like to have an orgasm and being the greedy boy he is he replied yes. I told him I would consider it and get back to him. A few hours later he emailed again to see if I had thought about it and then offered a sweetener. He told me that he would cum in his knickers and wear them all day. Of course this made me laugh, a lot, so wanting to prolong his agony I told him again I would think about it.

Juts before bedtime he emailed again to ask about my decision. I told him that he could have his orgasm first thing in the morning, into his white panties and then wear the ALL day. He was grateful and that was that.

However I awoke to a barrage of emails and pics which quite frankly nearly made me wet myself and then I realised that someone was not wanting to be outdone. The following is what I received:

This is how little olive slept all night, perhaps he likes to feel like a glamour model and maybe wishes that he had made it in a career as a page 3 model? Who knows! There was also a very seductive face shot with a pout Victoria Beckham would be jealous of.

And so to this morning. Be gone the sexy thong and hello big pants. He did as was required and cum into his white pants and then put them on.

 Not quite as sexy is it?? Being a woman I know only too well that feeling as you are walking around with cum in your knickers, although it has been quite some time now since the last occurrence lol. Quite revolting and most uncomfortable.

I hope you enjoy it little olive, you so richly deserved this hahahaha.

Monday, 17 September 2012

puppetboy poses

I thought it was about time I showcased my blackmail slave, puppetboy so here is the story so far:

puppetboy came to me for blackmail, which I readily agreed to. I love signing a new slave up as it's just as much a thrill to me wondering what direction this will lead us both in. Each applicant is given tasks to fit the circumstances so it's not the same crap churned out, like so many others that are supposed experts in blackmail and financial domination.

Anyway off my soap box and back to the subject at hand.

So puppetboy came to me with all details filled out and we began. Reading he had a female partner I decided to get him to use her underwear and make up for an impromptu glamour model shoot on their bed. The return mail told me that since he had filled the info out and sent it to me, the relationship had ended so didn't have access to the appropriate items. Now obviously he's read my blog and knew what my reply was going to be.

On to shopping trip for puppetboy to purchase some sexy lingerie and a stunning pink lipstick, he knew it was coming so didn't want to disappoint and plus this meant more of a task for him lol. What follows nearly made me pee my pants and my bladder control is spot on!

Now is he simply stunning or does he simply want stunning? I'll leave you to decide.

Oh my goodness, I don't think i've laughed so hard in a good few weeks. I particularly loved the fact that he took it a step further and tied his hair in bunches for the occasion. However I was not too pleased with his shoddy attempt at applying the lipstick so I sent him a task to make up for it. 

He was to sit in front of the mirror, dressed again in his attire and apply, remove and reapply the lipstick a total of 20 times until he had got it absolutely perfect and then send me a pic of the perfect application for my inspection. A fine would have resulted had he failed. However it would seem puppetboy wants to keep hold of his cash a bit longer yet.

Now I couldn't fault the application even if I wanted to and as I maintain, I am nothing but fair.

He could breathe a sigh of relief on my return email when he got praised for his efforts, his money stayed exactly where it was, however this only meant that I had to think of another way to relieve him of his money.

Oh hello cum tax, come on in!


Saturday, 15 September 2012

I Have Dreams Too

I spend everyday negotiating terms and specifics for subs, making their dreams and fantasies come true but I have hopes, dreams and goals too, just like you do.

You'd be way off the mark if you thought my only goal was to have a massive stable full of boys (a small one will suffice) with just a few select boys to serve me properly and then a repertoire of subs to come and see me regularly for sessions is my ideal. However this is only a small part of what I yearn for and know that I can in fact achieve.

I always get what I want if I set my mind to it.

My goals are not that far removed from yours in all honesty. I want to look after my family and provide for them, I also want a house I can call my own. I rent at the moment and I hate it. It's dead money. I want to decorate and improve knowing that it's all for me and my family, not a landlord 50 miles away.

I want to make my own money and the way I want to do that is by having my own Dungeon, I can't have Miss Tilly babysit me forever. A place where I can subject my "repertoire of subs" to all manner of pleasure and pain. I want to host my own Fetish Events much like Kage etc. I want my name to be one which people know and for all the right reasons. I want my passion for the lifestyle to be recognised and appreciated not just treated like crap as is the case with so many fake dommes (purposeful lack of capital D on that word). I am genuine and what I offer is genuine and I want to use that to get me where I want to be.

I don't think it's too much to ask do you?

A New Acquisition

Over the last fortnight (thereabouts) I have been forming another D/s relationship. However this one is slightly different to all of the others, this one is long term and involves controlling ALL areas of his life.

Step forward Servant Atiya.

He is experienced in the realms of D/s relationships as he has served other Mistresses long term too and was looking for another lady to fill the gaping void in his life, that lady is now Me. He is a very unassuming man, gentle, kind, considerate and very knowledgeable, much like my husband. Very tall and built like a doorman (inside joke) with a wealth of accents to match his knowledge lol.

Atiya attended the slave camp at the end of August and as soon as he stepped in the room I knew I wanted him. Not like that you filthy lot but I could see something in him that I wanted to own, to draw from and to keep all to myself. We hadn't spoken at this point but when we did it just compounded my initial gut feeling about him as a person and him as possibly my property.

I was never in the game for a new slave as my husband is the only one I will ever want, he knows me inside out and we fit together like cheese and wine (make your own assumptions there). However atiya has something I want to feed off. He approached me and told me that he would like to discuss things further  post Slave Camp if it would please me? I agreed to this and I have to be honest, it became a complete and utter mental struggle for me. It became something which my husband and I discussed practically every minute of the day until we were both driving each other mad.

I asked to meet him and he of course agreed, as a good boy should, however the night before the meeting I was a complete bitch as I fought with myself to make the right decision on whether I should take him on or not. To anyone else, on paper it would seem like an easy decision to make but you forget that my slave's feelings are my priority over anyone else's, after mine of course lol. As far as my husband was concerned this was never going to be an issue so of course I had to reassure him that his position was not vacant and never would be.

My relationship with atiya is absolutely non sexual and that is how it will stay. As far as atiya is concerned sex is off the menu for the foreseeable future at least with a pussy anyway. We have rules and regulations which he is to be adhered to and as things progress I am sure there will be more added. Our relationship will grow and progress naturally and eventually a contract will be signed, it is what we both want.

I shall keep you up to date with how things go for all three of us. People will forget that three people are now involved here but it is something which we are aware of. Until my next update please welcome atiya to the fold.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Good Week :)

This last week has been most enjoyable for me, since Slave Camp last Friday I have managed to take a new sub on board for real time sessions and also I have a prospective new slave. When I say slave I mean real slave in every sense of the word. Our journey is just beginning and nothing is being rushed as I feel this is not a decision to be entered into lightly by anyone.

The sub called Max has no experience in fully submitting to a woman but would like to explore this with me so we are doing just that, slowly but surely. This Friday he came for an impromptu spanking and then left, obviously he couldn't keep away from me lol.
Max's virginal ass, after a spanking contest between Miss Tilly and I. My sadistic streak although entertained, was not satisfied.

The slave whom we shall now call atiya (Arabic for gift I am told) is now entering into discussion about the relationship he requires and what I have to offer him. So far we are singing from the same hymn sheet on this but a meeting on Monday will be the all important tell.

I also have had a lot of fun with my blackmail subs macperv and puppetboy. Macperv was given a task this week, one of a school theme. I adore him in his school uniform so this influenced my task choice a lot. Now wearing a school uniform to work is out of the question so I told him he had to take an apple to work and put it on the desk of a colleague.

This colleague would have to have a quality which deserved a gift from him, either one he revered or one he had a crush on. The one he chose was perfect! I couldn't fault his effort with this task at all. So as his reward, I would unlock the file on his computer which contained all of his wanking material and give him 10mins alone with it. After 10mins I locked it back up and he was satisfied. What I failed to mention to you was that a couple of nights before I had allowed him access to this file and even allowed him to stroke while I spoke on the phone to him and just as he was getting close to cumming I shut the file down, hahaha.

Needless to say 10mins alone was all this mucky little macperv needed to get the job done.

Puppetboy was given a task which required writing/typing and had to be in my email inbox at 11pm, sadly puppetboy jumped the gun and didn't read the instruction properly and had it in my inbox during the day. When I told him of his failure he was so annoyed and upset with himself and now he is on another task to try to make it up to me. I have asked him to take pics of himself in women's underwear and lipstick and in his best glamour model pose. He has one day left to complete the task, failure will result in a hefty fine!

Almost makes me want him to fail lol.

Finally this week I have been entertained by yesmiss. I have been lucky enough to have him all to myself for a couple of nights as he was working away. Much fun has been had at the expense of his hunger for both food and orgasms. The best part of the whole experience was him choosing a fried breakfast over an orgasm and then sleeping in too late and missed breakfast. So he went without both delicious sustenance and delicious satisfaction. I have never laughed so much!

Then last night he competed all of his tasks and before our new regimen begins he was given the choice of eating chicken (which he is banned from eating) or having an orgasm. this time he chose the orgasm. I sent him his intructions:

I want you to lie on your bed and relax and then I want you to imagine being tied to that bed and me sat next to you just gently stoking your leg with my finger. Then I want you to imagine me stoking your cock first with one finger up and down and then two fingers etc until I have your entire cock in my hand. Then when you think you're going to cum, I want you to think of telling me as I stroke you and then I want you to stop as I would.

As you lie there desperate to cum I want you to slap your balls a few times and then stop. Then I want you to start the process again, imagining me stroking your cock and then you will stop as you feel yourself about to cum again. This time as you lie there I want you to pinch your nipples hard and imagine me staring right into your eyes, saying nothing but looking into you as you submit to me fully.

Then relax for a few minutes and start again only this time as you reach the feeling of cumming I want you to beg me in your head that I let you cum this time. This time I shall take pity on your male hormones and allow you this solitary perfect orgasm. 

So after all of this I really needed to finish my week with my sadistic streak being satisfied. With an eagerness to please my darling boy was only too willing, even though he has not got a very good pain threshold. I cuffed him and whilst he was stood, I unceremoniously thrashed his backside, first with floggers and then my canes. My boy did me proud and stood firm knowing how desperate I was for this. Needless to say that afterwards we shared a very close moment as I comforted him and praised him for what he did for me.

I am so proud of him and I love him with all my heart.

Most definitely satisfied after this and my boy was emotionally and physically drained.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

That Friday Feeling - Slave Labor Camp

The last post I wrote was a piece on what occurred at the Slave Labor Camp but this one will be all about the feelings I got during it.

So driving up to Stockport I had a churning in my tummy, both excitement and trepidation. The trepidation because this was the first event which Miss Tilly and I had hosted and I was desperate for it to be a hit, no matter how many people did or did not turn up. If only one arrived, as long as we were all happy at the end of it and a good word could be spread about us, that's all that mattered.

Changed and sat in Chambers with Miss Tilly and her boy J, I was chomping at the bit to get going and it wasn't long until the first fellow arrived, as mentioned in my last post. As soon as he arrived and was knelt before us naked and slightly uneasy I knew he was going to be worth the event. I wasn't wrong.

As I stood in the doorway watching him furiously and methodically cleaning the kitchen worktops I got a tingle in a very special place. I had never seen a sub (apart from my husband) work so well and without hesitation. I wandered over to him and just stood right behind him, a piece of paper would have had a job to come between us. Instantly I felt an electricity between us and just to intensify things I stroked his very smooth bottom.

I left the kitchen and walked in to the Dungeon room to find Miss Tilly torturing J, much to my amusement. Whilst chatting in there, I called for wanker and he appeared instantly, head bowed, hands clasped together and eyes averted, my whole body bristled at the sight and I just dismissed him with no instruction and off he went.

The next task was to clean the hallway including licking the skirting boards purely for my amusement and as he worked, we chatted and he never once deviated from being anything more than a slave. I hate it when subs think they can throw you a joke and suddenly become your equal. Don't get me wrong I love humour and love to laugh but it doesn't mean we will become best buddies. Every now and again I would touch his body just gently, enough to make him stop for a microsecond or speak to him in a soft voice so that he really had to concentrate on what I was telling him. 

The look on his face each time something was pointed out to him, spoke volumes to me and I just fed off him. It made me incredibly horny if I'm honest. Having a perfect stranger obey in this way and without hesitation was an awesome feeling. When he was eventually permitted to look at me in the eye I just knew something better was to come and I was literally buzzing, starving but buzzing. It was lunch time by then you see lol.

The afternoon saw a different atmosphere as there were two subs to set to work at the same time, both with different personalities. I touched on Max's confidence in my last post and this confidence could have been construed as cockiness but it didn't last long I assure you. Jobs were distributed and suddenly Max became like a little puppy. Every time I touched his body while he worked he would inhale deeply and moan, this made my clit throb I will admit. 

Then when he was working in the Dungeon and I walked in to the room and grabbed his balls and looked him right in the eye, as he winced and moaned and desperately wanted me to let go, I could see that he was submitting to me and my god that felt fucking amazing! I'm not saying that he was a tough nut to crack by any means but the way his persona changed within a short space of time was amazing. Then when he was knelt at my feet wanking off, with his head eventually in my lap, I couldn't help but get wet knowing that he had given himself and his orgasm to me.

On the other hand we had Toby, a very quiet person but instantly he knew what was required and set to it without hesitation. I am a very touchy feely person and could help but feel his lovely tanned body as he was knelt on the floor scrubbing the skirting boards. I told him that I found him in a completely erotic position and reveled in his body language and the way he looked at me.

Again after the jobs were completed, we indulged him in a few minutes of pleasure/torture and as I stood before him squeezing his nipples tightly he looked into my eyes and there was no doubt at all of his rank. My body buzzed and pumped with adrenaline as I continued to stroke and pinch his strung up torso then as I moved to the back to make his lovely white bottom considerably red, he quietly asked if he should move forward. It was this that really made me smile. Just before he left, he was knelt, clothed, on the floor gathering his chains and I told him I loved him where he was and he kissed my feet, without being instructed to. You see it's also the small things which happen that mean a lot to me as  Domme.

I left the chambers that afternoon on a real high and it wasn't until about 3hrs after I got home that I realised just how happy and adrenaline pumped I was as I came crashing down form it all. Nothing will ever be able to compare to the feeling of looking into a subs eyes and knowing that they know you have them and for that moment at least, during that session, you own everything they have to offer. This is what it's all about for me, sure the money is fabulous, when it arrives but the feeling of having power over someone is immeasurable.