Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hmmmmm I'm Wondering If . .. .. . .

In the New Year i should adopt a more intense attitude? Should i be more of a severe, short shrift Domme or should i carry on as i am?

Kinda getting annoyed with people thinking i am here for their "wank" fantasy.

Answers on a postcard to ........ lol

When Contacting Me . . . .

Please do not get offended if i ask you personal questions. I need to get the measure of you as a person and as a Sub/Slave. If someone asks you bang outright "what are your limits"? you kind of get stuck for an answer, it's not an easy question to address off the top of your head is it? So i like to ask personal questions to get the info another way.

If there is something which you do not wish to answer, then that is fine but you must tell me that you are choosing not to answer or i will just assume that you are being rude and will ignore any further communication with you.

If you wis to be a Sub/ Slave of mine, in whatever way you choose, then you must be willing to openly communicate with me, otherwise it just wont work and you'll be wasting both our time's.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas One And All!!

Just a short message from me to you xx

Apologies for the crap sound but that's as good as you'll get lol.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A little clip for my lovelies

This is especially for all my Chastity slaves, it was found by a slave for me to enjoy, which i did and i know you all will. hehehehehehe

Hmmmmm if only you could get to that ending?? hahahahahahaha

Perfect gift from a perfect sub

Well now boys and girls i have had the most beautiful pair of earrings from a lovely, obedient, pleasing sub. I know they were on my wish list but the sub in question was not asked to buy them for me, in fact i think it was a gift via his wife to show her appreciation about a matter we had discussed.

Now aren't they just gorgeous! Thank you xxx

Saturday, 17 December 2011

I felt i had to share . . . . . .

Just too good to keep all to myself:

Enjoy one and all! I did and will continue to do so.

Thank you MB

Friday, 16 December 2011

Support FetLife

If anyone out there feels the urge to buy me a Xmas present, i would really love 6 months of this:

Thank you in advance!

eBay sales

As you all know i have had to stop selling items on eBay as PP shut my account Grrrrrr! So for now i am selling items on here until further notice. If there is anything you do not see but would love from me then please email and ask, i am more than accommodating, well sometimes lol.

HOWEVER, i do not make personal visits or sell private one to one sessions, this is an online service only.

Items for sale

Prices have been reduced to get into the festive spirit. Why not treat yourself to an early Xmas present??

'Tis the season to be jolly!! ho ho ho ;-p

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Now for something a little lighter and entertaining.

I have a chastity sub, who by the way is a fantastic sub, you could all learn a lot from him and i set him a taskt his week. In all honesty i didn't actually think he would go through with it, but he is one of the few remaining people in this world, that i have come across, that didn't let me down.

So, he has been Dommed before and told me of a challenge he carried out previously. Armed with that knowledge i knew he wasn't a great fan of humiliation but he didn't shy away from it so it took this to be a green light. I gave him the task of visiting his local Ann Summers to find an outfit to try on and be photographed in. Oh did i mention it had to be a female outfit?? hehehehehehe

Here is the email i got sent: (edited slightly to protect identity):

I picked my wife up early from work and we went in to town, I have to say up until I got out the car I didn't feel that bad but as we walked to the door my heart did quicken, we headed straight to the Ann Summers shop , we walked in and had a look about, there was some nice things which my wife liked and then walked over to the outfits there was not a great choice but I picked out one, picked it up and walked toward the changing room, there was a sign saying you had to get an assistant so off I went and found one, she lead us in and open the curtain and handed to outfit to my wife, I went to follow her in and the assistant said I couldn't so when she left my wife came out and I went in, my heart was pounding by this time, I stripped and started to put it on when I heard the assistant come back and say "oooohhhh sorry I thought it was for you " she left quickly I did everything up took a pic and then got dressed I looked in the mirror and my face was bright red, we went out and I hung it back up just as we walked out the assistant came over and asked how was it my wife told her it was a little tight and she said I will get you a bigger size, at this point I just wanted out of the place, my heart had had enough so I said it was ok and we left with the sweat coming off my brow I have to say.

Hahahahahaha i have to say that is about the funniest thing i have ever heard. Although the funniest thing i have ever seen lies below:

Oh Laura, you know i love a uniform!!!


I am going to have to re-think my strategy with regards to Fin Dom. It seems that my way of working slaves does me no good at all. I thought that subs wanted to be treated like human beings and appreciated when they do something right. It seems that i need to be stomping my feet and barking "I want!!" Is it too much to ask that I be treated with respect?

I am now going to change my Fin Dom page and add that those who want to be Dommed by me in that manner will have to tribute money up front before i converse with them. It turns my stomach to do that as i do like to give people the benefit of the doubt and i am not a greedy person but it seems that attitude is getting me nowhere except let down constantly.

If you prove to me that you are worthy of my time then you will get it. If you cannot commit to me then don't fucking bother messaging me!

Obviously this does not apply to my gorgeous slaves that i already have. You guys are the people that keep my faith in the human race, if it wasn't for you, i would throw it all in now. Geez!! That sounded almost too appreciative hahahahahaha

Monday, 12 December 2011

Horny horny horny!

My god i have been incredibly horny over the last few days. I just can't leave him alone. Everytime he looks at me i get wet and long to feel his cock probing me.

Earlier we were watching a film on the TV waiting for a friend to come around for a chat and i was laid with my head right near his crotch. Now any other time i love to rub and tease his cock and feel it get hard however today i couldn't. So i rubbed his plastic case instead. Well i didn't expect i would get as turned on by rubbing that but my god, did i?

I could feel myself getting more and more turned on, not only by doing that but by seeing the sheer frustration on his face as he longed for me to unlock him and play with him. After being locked for so long, i knew that i would be making a big mistake so he stayed locked and i comforted myself by rubbing his hand on my pussy instead.

After changing position on the couch and after reading my friend was 10mins away i couldn't control myself any longer. I dragged him onto me and i felt his plastic cage touch my incredibly sensitive clit through my knickers. There was no way i was going to let this moment pass so i told him to fuck me. He looked a tad confused and i told him to rub his caged cock against my pussy and clit as if he was fucking me. Sure the padlock hurt a couple of times but i just couldn't help myself, if he didn't do it then i would just have to satisfy myself then and there.

Just as i was getting to point of orgasm there was a knock at the door!! Fuck!! He instantly lept off me and fastened his jeans and then i think he went to the bathroom for a little cry lol, whilst i fixed my hair and tidied my clothes just as i answered the door. She gave me a look, one that made me think she knew she had called at just the wrong moment. Ah well, perhaps next time she doesn't get a reply she will realise she needs to be a few minutes late lol.

Well well well, what a dirty little boy!

This link belongs to a certain someone. Apparently it is one of his favourites.

It would be quite a good clip to masturbate to. Sadly he doesn't have that option at the moment hehehehehe

Sunday, 11 December 2011

My story is complete.

Well it was a little over the 2000 words i quoted but hey, you can't stop when you are on a roll!

I hope the person in question likes it as i was getting really wet writing it. That's the only problem with writing stories for people, you get so easily distracted with your own feelings and cravings that it can take a little longer to complete lol.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

About to settle down ........

With a glass of wine and my story head on.

I need to write a good story for a client this weekend and i need to get in to that zone. So i will be online for most of the night doing that and keeping tabs on my little pets.

I have also got a YouTube video to make for chastity, busy busy busy! Ah well keeps me out of trouble i guess, or does it? hehehehe.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Full Of Cold


I hate having a cold and this one has not left me for 6 weeks now and i have to say it is getting rather annoying. Good job he is locked up as he wouldn't be gerting any blow jobs as i haven't quite mastered the art of breathing through my ears lol

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sincerest Apologies!!

I do apologise for my absence the last couple of days but i have had personal issues to attend to.

My best friend has been hospital for a few days for reasons i will not share publicly as it is unfair to discuss her. Then to top it all of whilst i am sat in hospital with her i get an email saying the payment people have closed my account!! Really do not need to be dealing with this.

So, things are now back to normal and service has resumed. Don't groan my locked up lovelies lol you know you love me really :-)

Right now i am online trying to find alternative arrangements for payments so if anyone has any experience with other payments servers then please leave a comment, i would really appreciate it.

However first stop, Pauline and Laura hahahahaha


Well,  a certain well known payment facility has decided to suspend my account . . . indefinitely.
Seems that certain items or services i provide are deemed inappropriate within their user policy.

Have no fear, the show goes on,  but payment will now have to be by some other means.
If you wish to purchase, request, donate etc, please email me privately


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Welcome Laura!!

Right then boys and girls we need to say a very warm welcome to a new playmate, Laura!!

My two favourite things in these pics. A locked cock and a smooth scrotum, can't beat it hahahaha

Monday, 5 December 2011

I am in need of a good fuck!

Tonight i shall have one!

Having keys to hold makes me incredibly horny, i have been constantly wet for a two weeks now and i have a new playmate on the way also.

I am enjoying my life so much right now and i love when people ask me what the keys are for? Hahaha, you should see their faces when i tell them they belong to the locks on several men's cocks! Yeah, if they don't laugh i then tell them they are to safe deposit boxes lol. If i don't like the person who asks me i then follow my first reply up with "and i think one belongs to your husband/bf " lol. I can be cruel sometimes :-)

New Shoes

Thank you very much my lovely little slave. They are gorgeous and just what i wanted!! I shall reward you accordingly x

 Timeless classic wouldn't you say and oh so sexy!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

My evening starts like this

My boy knows his place and at my feet is his first port of call. He already knows where his second port of call is!!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For by Mr Beejaaay

I have read these words many times before. On a captioned image, or perhaps on one of those supposedly true works of fiction so common on the web.
When i was a single 30 something yr old with a laptop and fast broadband, my fetishes and fantasies ran away with me (i probably should be blind by all accounts) Every possible scenario was played out in my head, polished and played out again and again and again. In my head i was the submissive master of my own demise. I fantasised about not being in control but contolled every last detail of the fantasy. The worst part was that i never questioned myself. I simply saw it as a means to an end. I thought, i wanked, i came, i fell asleep til i woke up and thought again.
I think this killed masturbation for me. Can you wank too much? definitely!
When i met my wife, somehow i made her laugh and we became best friends and then fell head over heels in love (and still are even more than ever) Whereas i am shy and a bit of a closed book, she is the opposite. Nothing is a secret. Open and honest. One thing lead to another and we started to talk about eachothers fantasies. Despite it having little bearing to how we thought about eachother, our fantasies were so alike it was uncanny but opposite sides of the coin. Everything i had for so long fantasised about having done to me, she had fantasised equally about doing it to another.
And so together we grew and became all that we are today. We married and lived happily ever after. . . . . shall i end it there?
Okay, back to the title . . . careful what you wish for.
Like so many wannabe subs, i used to imagine every last detail of every possible slave scenario in the safety of my own head. but now that has been replaced by the scenario being controlled 100% by my loving yet sadistic wife/owner. a former masturbation addict, i now find myself in chastity, my own enjoyment an afterthought (tho i have learned to enjoy just that) The headfuck and mindgames that never entered my head in fantasy are now very much a part of my relationship with my owner.
Im very close to being the slave i always wanted to be, but its completely different to how it ever was in my head. Its A MILLION TIMES BETTER! But its only enjoyable since i have learned my place, and stopped thinking about things as if its all for me.

An eventful morning.

Well i have been a very busy lady today not only have i been making my husband whince with my new gift but i have also completely fucked with his head and made him cry!! I think that's what i call a result.

It's amazing how even he tries to second guess me, he really should know better than try to tell me what to do or guess what i am up to. He mistakenly thought that his stint was over, for reasons i will not go into right now, so when he discovered that it wasn't, to say he was completely bemused and confused is an understatement.

Oh how i laughed hahahaha. I do so enjoy making a 6'4" man cry or any man come to think of it. Well now he securely knows his place again i can get back to sipping my coffee and thinking back to about 10am when he was in floods of tears. Bliss :-)

It's here!!!!!

Oh mystery donater i could kiss you or lock you up and use this wonderful gadget on you lol

I have had a little try with my shiny new wheel, well i had to i was so excited to get it. Husband was not too thrilled in fact when the parcel arrived he was all smiles and wondering what it could be (he had forgotten it had been ordered), then when i opened it and showed him i think his actual words were "Oh shit"! lmfao

Right there in the kitchen i told him to drop his trousers, he did so reluctantly, then i had to have a practice with it before the fun can really begin. He didn't mind it so much as i lightly used it up the inside of his thigh, in fact i think it started to get him hard, well as hard as is possible for him right now. However when i gently, i say gently hehehehe, used it over his balls he did twitch and squirm quite a lot.

Obvious solution to this, tie him to the bed and try again!! I shall keep you posted!

My new friend :-)