Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Don't be scared :-)

My other slaves will testify (not under duress i might add lol) that i am a very nice person actually.

Do not misunderstand that for being a push over as that is something i most definitely am not! I treat all my subs/slaves individually and with the greatest of respect, unless you happen to be Pathetic Pauline then anything goes lol i joke!

You know you are submissive whether it be with the use of your chastity device or your wallet so why not let me control them for you?? What's the worst that could happen? you may actually get to live out a fantasy you have been harbouring for a very long time and that can never be a bad thing.

Send me a private email at beth_jennison@hotmail.co.uk and have a chat with me. Once you have gotten to know me a bit better giving me your wallet or the key to your cock will be something you WANT to do.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Thank you Private donater

A very kind person has seen my request for a pin wheel and has been a good boy and given me the money for it.

What a fabulous surprise to wake up to an email saying i had been given this money with a note telling me to buy the instrument.

Well to the Donater I have now purchased it, Thank You so very very much and i should have it here in my possession within 3-5days.

Eeeeeeeek!! I can't wait to get my little paws on it and have some fun with it.

My husband has said that he wishes he could thank you in person, although there was a maniacal look in his eye as he said it so perhaps he had an underlying meaning when he said Thank You?? hehehe

Sunday, 27 November 2011


Just wanted to share with you all my new little collection i have coming along.

Red - Pathetic Pauline

White - Stan

Plain - My husbands

There's plenty of room for more so come on don't be shy!!

The Top Of The Class

I said i would post it and so here it is. I needed to post it, not only because it turns me on immensely but also to show you silly little boys what it takes to impress me. This is the effort that i expect off my little toys.

Saturday, 26 November 2011





CB6000 vs my husband's cock.

Well my husbands CB6000 arrived today and i had hoped it would be a tad bigger than the 3000. However they are pretty similar in size and as he's 3weeks into his stint his cock is semi hard all the time so trying to squeeze that bad boy in, isn't as easy as you'd think.

I shall have to search for another device! Such a shame to see such a perfect cock mangled like that.

Stan's the man . . . . well half of one for now.

I would just like to inform you all that Stan, has gone and done it!!

Also i'd like to let you know he has also set a bar, a high one. He managed to send me a video of himself clicking that lock shut.

My pussy is incredibly wet right now, knowing that i have another cock in my control.

Stan, you are now top of the class. . . . . .how shall i reward you?? hmmmmm

Friday, 25 November 2011

Financial Subs

I need another one!

There has to be someone brave enough surely??

Sooooo much fun!!

Well now, just to keep you all up to date, so far i have my husband in chastity and his goal is to give me 100 orgasms before his lock comes off. So far he is at 87 so he's got a long way to go hahahaha. Perhaps he should research and practice the multiple orgasm??

So far i am being woken roughly 3 times a night as his cock struggles with nocturnal erections inside his plastic cage. Still no sign of his CB6000, fingers crossed he will get it tomorrow. Today i have had him out for a bit of a play, a nice cock stroke and a bit of a blowjob. Nothing like it to keep him on his toes!!

Then i have Pathetic Pauline and his Pathetic Prawn all locked up. He's in a world of blissful ignorance at the moment, he thinks he's only being locked up for 2-3weeks. However i know the actual date of his release hehehehe. He's sweating bullets now as he thinks i could be holding his key indefinitely, that is a very good possibility! His wife and I know what is going on and i wish her a good night tonight out with a real man.

I sent Pauline a YouTube clip earlier just to stir the prawn in its plastic shell. His favourite fetish right before his eyes and yet his hands couldn't quite get to his cock. Gosh, i really am so thoughtful hehe.

Now then, i have managed to seduce another man with my shiny listings on eBay. His purchase is winging its way to him as i write. Poor little fellow is very nervous, i can't think why? Well, as i reminded him, until that lock gets snapped shut we play by his rules but as soon as he is locked . . . . . . . .hahaha . . . . . . i promise i'll be gentle ;-)

Thursday, 24 November 2011

New plaything

Well so far playing with Pathetic Pauline has been entertaining to say the least.

His wife is a very cruel lady so naturally i like her, a lot! Stupid Pauline and his pathetic prawn thought that they were going to be locked away on Saturday after a quick wank off the wife. I even got an electronic invitation to the event. FOOL!! hahahaha

Last night, maggot and his umm maggot were chained up as per ususal wanking session, then blindfolded and then . . . . .CLICK! Silly boy, never underestimate a domme.

Now he's crying into his packed lunch at work thinking about his useless cock and his full balls, while i sit here about 40miles away laughing my ass off holding his key while his wife goes out to have fun.

I would say lets give him an "awwwww" but you know what i really find all too amusing to be symapthetic.

Cheers Worm!!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My new knickers.

Well if you can call them that lol. Believe it or not they are really comfy and perfect for letting my slave service me without having to get undressed! Brrrr not in this cold weather lol

Monday, 21 November 2011

New TAB above

I have now got a new page roughly outlining my financial domination service.

Click on the tab above if you are interested.

Sunday, 20 November 2011


I have uploaded two new short videos for you to have a peek at.

Enjoy, fetishests!


Saturday, 19 November 2011

New Slave lol

I now have a new dick to play with. Or rather lock up. You know who you are maggot.

You are mine now! Hahahahahahahaha

Get ready to worship like you have never worshipped before.

Friday, 18 November 2011

My husband "trying" to get hard.

This pic i find most amusing. He has rather a large cock, very very wide and this chastity device is very snug. This pic was taken after i had said a few choice words and grabbed his balls.

This is the CB3000 and i'm working on getting the CB6000.

The funniest thing about him being in chastity is when he gets woken up twice in the night when his cock is trying to get hard PMSL i have never laughed so much at his frustration!!

Thank you Doc Johnson!!!

Oh my god! He purchased a http://www.passion8.co.uk/pd/Doc-Johnson-Vac-U-Lock-Ultra-2000-Male-Harness-Kit_81278.html with a 7" cock as the attachment.

 All i can say is, he's just sealed his own fate. He's now got very good competition as far as fucking me is concerned. His cock is the only cock which has ever fit me perfectly but now . . . . . . . .

It looks and feels just like his does and when i see it i can't help but touch it the way i would touch his cock. It's so inviting and i literally just want to fuck it when i see it, the same as when i see his cock. I have a new friend i am playing with at the moment and i suggest his wife gets one too!

7" all mine!!!!!!!

Monday, 14 November 2011

My Corset Arrived!!

I look worse for wear i know. I had just been out shopping and it was waiting for me when i get back so i dropped all my bags and quickly put it on. I say quickly, have you ever tried to put a corset on quickly?? lol

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A story written about me and a friend.

You'll have to excuse any spelling mistakes and crappy grammar. I didn't write it but it was written by a guy i once knew.

A certain young maiden went to see a certain masseuse one day complaining of overwork. "Undress, put on this towel and get on the table" set the masseuse as she left the room. The maiden removed her clothing, revealing her amazingly hot but worn-out body to the empty room. She lay on the table, draped the towel over her parts she didn't want to reveal to the masseuse and called the professional back into the room.
The masseuse began rubbing the pain and weariness out of the lithe damsel's muscles and joints. Starting with the neck and shoulders, she soon enough could feel the squishy firmness of the damsel's young, pert mammaries. She was aroused, but dared not show it. Massaging around the top of the lady lumps she noticed the damsel grin just a bit and let out the faintest sigh. "Is that working for you dear?" the masseuse asked, "oh yes" the damsel replied, the grin widening to what the masseuse could swear were mischievous proportions. But again she said nothing.
The relaxationologist now moved to the young lady's arms. Tubes of soft, smooth skin broken only by elbows lead to a pair of well-shaped and -proportioned hands with long, well-manicured fingers. Imagines of what the young lady did with those hands to her boyfriend, or gasp!, a girlfriend, flashed through the masseuse's mind. Thinking of her need for professionalism, she had to dispel such thoughts quickly.
"OK, now dear, I'll turn around as you flip onto your front side so I can do you from behind. Don't forget to put the towel over your bum before telling me 'when.'" She instantly regretted the "from behind" slip of the tongue. Her arousal at the 'young dear' was becoming difficult to control. Both sets of thoughts, recrimination and arousal, gnawing at her as she faced away from the naked young dear rearranging herself behind the masseuse, mere inches away.
"When," said the supple sapling of womanhood and the masseuse turned around. Before the masseuse lay the sapling's slightly arched back, taunt-skinned legs and just-covered rounded derriere. The legs were slightly parted, creating a shadow leading under the towel the masseuse couldn't help but notice. The towel was also low enough that the upper curve of the sapling's hips more than showed themselves above the towel's upper edge.
The masseuse got to work on the mademoiselle's neck, shoulders and back. She noticed her nipples has suddenly gotten uncomfortable and seeing the mademoiselle could not see she felt her chest and realized how perky and hard they had become! It was getting harder and harder to resist!
Reaching the towel's upper hem, the masseuse reached a bit under it to massage the mademoiselle's upper bum and hips. The mademoiselle sighed and let out a soft "that's nice" as the masseuse did this.
The masseuse now went to the ingenue's legs, slowly feeling her way up them, taking secret pleasure in pushing all the client's tension UP her legs, to places unmentionable in professional circles. Reaching the lower hem of the towel the ingenue let out "keep going higher" and the masseuse went an inch more. "A bit more" the en-tabled client implored. After several such requests, the masseuse was within blushing distance of her client's no-go zone. "Just take the towel off," the ingenue said with some insistence. The masseuse complied, revealing the ingenue's round bum in all its glory. The masseuse could feel her labia engorge at the sight. "Fuck!" she said inside her head, but bit her lip to prevent it coming out.
"keep going!" said the girl on the table, "all the way!" The masseuse considered for a moment, hesitant what it could mean for her future career if word ever got out, but taking counsel of her nipples and labia over her head, she rubbed from the girl's bum to between her parted legs and for the first time felt the client was wet as a puddle down there. "Fuck!" she told herself, not quite being able to fully suppress it this time, it coming ever so slightly under her breath. "Yes," the girl said, "that would be great." The masseuse's eyes darted wildly at the back of the girl's head, the closest it was possible to get to eye contact given that the girl faced away from her. The masseuse noticed her fingers had been unconsciously massaging where professionalism said she shouldn't for how long she didn't know.
The girl began to periodically give out a low moan. When the masseuse would periodically insert some fingers into her client's hot hole, it would be so wet it would nearly slip out again just as quickly. "Fuck" she said again under her breath, "please do" said the girl.
"I'm going to turn you over, is that OK?" asked the masseuse. The girl just smiled and turned herself over when the masseuse removed her fingers from between the girl's legs. "Don't stop" said the girl, and the masseuse's eyes lit up like flames.
The masseuse leaned over and kissed the girl on the lips as she continued "massaging" her. The girl's eyes opened for the first time and the masseuse stared into their inky depths. The girl reached out and touched the masseuse's shirt, "take these off" she said, "my pussy can wait." And so the masseuse took her shirt off. "More" said the girl as she pointed at the rest of the things the masseuse wore. Each time the masseuse took something off, the girl undressed her with her eyes and told her "more!" under both were naked in the room together.
The masseuse was now scared for her job, knowing colleagues were in adjoining rooms with their clients, and could walk in at any moment. But the girl was WAY too tempting at this point, and the masseuse had such a girl-hard-on she needed 'rubbing out.'
When the masseuse resumed her light, gentle kissing and "massaging" of the girl, the girl began to touch the masseuse's breasts, for they were dangling before her, and teasing the rock-hard, aching nipples. "Now kiss and lick and suck me everywhere!" insisted the girl, and the masseuse began to kiss the girl's neck, then down her shoulder and toward her breasts. The girl's nipples were as hard as the masseuse's, and after some teasing kisses and licks, and one last look into her eyes, the masseuse "massaged" the girl's nipples with her lips and tongue. "Oh yes, absolutely YES!" said the girl. An electric arc of fear ran through the masseuse's body, afraid somebody outside the room's door could here the girl, but nothing happened, and there was no way she could get herself to stop now. "Don't be so load if you want this to continue" said the masseuse to the girl in a hush, "ahh, fine" the girl relented.
"A bit faster" the girl whispered, and the masseuse "massaged" the girl 'down-below' faster. As the girl began to develop a puddle on the table between her legs and arched her back and slow-mo writhed from those sensations, and those from her nipples, the masseuse noticed she was herself dripping down her leg from the excitement and the girl's boob-groping. The girl started sighing regularly and almost-silently now, so the masseuse knew what was coming.
Eventually the girl shuttered, her eyes clenched, her mouth "O-ed," her thighs came together strongly, holding the masseuse's hand against her bald young-womanhood and wile the masseuse had some fingers stuck inside the girl she could feel her hole spasm repeatedly. Finally the girl's hand fell away from the masseuse's boobs.
After a minute of this, but it felt like forever, the girl calmed down and collapsed in serenity on the massage table. "That was the best massage I've ever had" she finally said, once she regained her senses, opening her eyes and staring into that of her "relaxationologist." The girl searched the masseuse's eyes for a bit, then finally got up, completely in the buff without an ounce of shame or attempt to cover herself with the towel. "I'm so sorry for the puddle" said the girl, noticing the small pool of moisture she left on the massage table.
The girl went over to her bag and reached into it, "extra tip for you!" she gleamed. The girl embraced the masseuse, both naked, both sets of pert nipples touching and inadvertently rubbing against each-other, and gave her a deep, passionate kiss wile handing her the tip. Both then got dressed together, and the masseuse mopped up both the girl's puddle and that of her own on the floor.
"Do you feel better?" asked the masseuse, "oh completely!" replied the girl in a giggly, flirting voice, her hand on the door knob. "Do you think you'll come back again soon?" enquired the masseuse, "we'll see..." said the girl as she winked at the masseuse and slipped out the door.


If you are looking at my blog, then welcome along!

I just want to reassure you that should you wish to vote on a post or leave a comment you can do so anonymously. That function has been enabled on this site. I would love to hear any comments you may have. I am here to please you so don't bite the hand that feeds you is all i will say :-)

You can email me privately on beth_jennison@hotmail.co.uk

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Friday, 11 November 2011

Well Today Is the Beginning

Of my Boyfriends chastity stint! I am so looking forward to this!

He has been very lazy in his duties just lately and this needs to rectified. I think this evening we will start off gently, a little foot worship (naked, him not me) then perhaps we shall move on to a foot massage for a whole hour. All the while i will have riding crop at hand just to let him know when he is doing something wrong or not as conscientiously as i know he can.

After that i feel a little teasing may be in order for him. Nothing like a good cock teasing to get my pussy wet and ready for a good eating out.

Then at bedtime he will be tied to the bed, all night long. Oh goody, perhaps i'll get all the quilt tonight :-)

New Page

I have now listed a new page containing details of my Chastity and Key Holding Service. If you have any questions then please email me on beth_jennison@hotmail.co.uk

One Of My All Time Fave Cips


Enjoy boys!! ;-)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Who Can Help Me?

I am feeling incredibly horny today and my boyfriend is at college again today.

Who can help me overcome this? Can any of you send me a link for some suitable porn so that i can amuse myself for a short while?

A Poem from a Dog Slave

I had this poem sent to me today from a little pet of mine. He's becoming quite the little lap dog. I thought i'd share it with you lovely lot and before you tell me yes i know it isn't original.

I call upon you Goddess divine,
I stand before your sacred shrine.
I pray you'll help me do what's right.
Help me steer from what is wrong,
and any evils for which I long.
Help me live out every day,
according to your righteous way.
Let your voice ring loud and clear,
to comfort me of all my fears.
And if I ever shed a tear,
I pray Dear Goddess, that you'll be near.
Your guidance I need throughout this life,
I pray you'll never leave my side.
And when at times my faith is weak,
in you, my Goddess, please let me seek.
I call upon you, Goddess divine,
I stand before your sacred shrine

Sunday, 6 November 2011

What a day!

Well after a heavy night last night, a good lie in was on the cards. Nothing like being woken up with a cuppa and having your boyfriend licking your pussy.

Then after an hour or so of "lying in" i got up and dragged him around the town shopping. I love shopping near to xmas, i love the buzz plus i love the sales lol. £100 lighter and with a new winter coat, xmas wrapping paper and a new jumper dress later we headed to the Chinese restaurant for a gorgeous meal.

I love sitting in restaurants looking at the other diners and wondering why they aren't talking and if they are even a couple or just secretly meeting lol.

The people on the next table soon ate up fast when they overheard me telling my bf that i was going to tie him to the bed when we got home hahaha.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Well i'm off out!!

The nightclub is calling and i'm ready to boogie and have a drink or four lol.

The place i go to has dancers there, male and female and boy are they hot!! This time i'm taking my fella and hopefully the female dancer will take his fancy and he'll get to dance with her. i don't know what it is but i just love to see him with another woman, it turns me on so much. Of course if he was sneaking around behind my back doing it  i would be pissed off but for me to sit there and watch is fucking awesome!

Don't you think the best sex you have is when you come back from a night out? After having had a few too many drinks, all night dancing close and sexy yet not being able to do exactly what you want to them, that sexual tension just builds and builds!

Roll on 2am!! hahaha

P.S Thank you Jeremy for the Taxi fare x x x ;-p

Friday, 4 November 2011

Any info or links please :-)

If anyone can give me a link to new job vacancies for sex toy testing i would really appreciate it. All the links i've looked at are years out of date.

I need to get a job in this area!

Ahh that feels better!

You dirty people! No it's nothing like that, i mean i have just finished my 2nd story. Woop Woop. I think i should have a bottle of wine this weekend for managing that.

Your stories and pics are on their way and you wont be disappointed (you know who you are).


I haven't posted much the last day or so, i have been manic busy beauty clients and requests from you lovely people. Yesterday i had to chill out but today i'm back!!

I am currently half way through my 2nd short story for someone and i am really getting into it. The beginning is always hard but as you write it just starts to flow and i can't seem to find a place to stop lol. I am sure my buyer will love what i have done for him and the pics also have been very enjoyable for me and my bf hehehe.

Well better get back to it. Go damn, writing stuff makes me so horny, i may have to take a quick 5min break soon ;-p

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Well my new iPhone4 is on it's way! I'll be able to blog about all manner of things as and when they occur without having to fire this laptop up everytime!

Can't wait to keep tabs on my Wallet boy too. I'll be able to shop and message him telling him what he has just bought me lol. Still waiting for my corset to arrive, hope it comes soon.

 Ah well must dash, have more pics to take for a certain dear friend of mine ;-p

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Why are people so greedy?

You give them a bargain, yet they want more!

Fucking ridiculous. Well they wont get very far with me, i don't take crap but i am fair.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

God damn it!

Bloody stupid Tesco say my credit rating isn't good enough to get a £20 a month phone with them! Cheeky bastards!!

I'm going to have to ask my mum aren't i to get the phone for me? That is unless anyone wants to get it for me instead? It's on a capped tariff so i can't go over the £20 a month and it's only £130 for the handset. Anyone? Help me?


I will get to keep tabs on my Jeremy (wallet) ALL the time now. I will be ordering my new iPhone4 tomorrow.

Well i think it's the least my boy could do for me don't you think?


Right then ladies and gentle men.

I have a fabulous offer for you here courtesy of my wallet boy. 

If you want to buy something from my eBay collection, then please do so, your postage will be paid by Wallet.

I am not joking or kidding or even messing with you lol. It is the honest truth. Jeremy will pay your postage costs, wont you boy??