Monday, 31 October 2011

Ugghhh I feel like crap!

Had a lovely evening but had to cut it short with a bad head. I feel like death on a cracker.

I am hoping my gorgeous boy Jeremy keeps me entertained tomorrow while we rape his wallet. I need cheering up big time. I've had a shit few days to be honest but nothing i can share with you motley crew lol.

Jeremy, Boy, I need you and bring your wallet!

All alone!

My boyfriend is at College today on a training course and i'm decorating the house for Halloween. I love Halloween. Just trying to figure out what i should wear tonight? Gotta get into the spirit of things!

Corset, Heels, Skinny jeans and a wig i think! Oh and lots of red lipstick hehehehehehe. I wonder where the lipstick will be by the end of the night??

Friday, 28 October 2011

Now this is what a Friday night is all about!

This accompanied with a large glass of Chardonnay . . . .or two lol. He is a good boy and i'm proud of him.

Just for a laugh.

This guy cracks me up! I love his cheeky glint at the end!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

A few pics of little old me! hehehe


I would really appreciate it if paedophiles didn't contact me.

You will be blocked.
The police will be informed.

You are vile low life scum bags that deserve to end your life in a slow, painful way and then just as you near your end, be brought back just to start the process all over again!


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I am officially drunk!

Good night my darling friends. I am off to make use of my boy xx

Thank you.

I had my Krays dvd sent to me off my wish list and i am now about to watch it. Sadly i cannot publicly thank this person as they wish to remain anonymous.

Thank you any way xx

So . . . . . Last Night . . . . .

Well i picked Him up from the bus station at 7pm, poor boy had been on a coach for 12hours. He got off the coach all smiles and looking knackered, looking for comfort from me hahaha.

We got back to the house and i let Him make me a coffee and we sat there for a moment whilst He caught His breath. As soon as His coffee cup was empty i plonked my boot clad legs on his lap. He looked at me and i just pointed at them and laughed.

A massive smile spread across His face as He realised what He had got to do. He knelt on the floor before me and unzipped my first boot, i shoved my sweaty foot in his face and told him to lick! He obeyed instantly, licking every inch of my hot sweaty foot and savouring every lick. After i was satisfied with His efforts on the first foot, i clicked my fingers and He turned is attention to my right foot.

He licked and sucked and moaned with pleasure as He knelt before me for a good 30mins. He made His way around to the outside of my right ankle and hit the jackpot. It wasn't long before i had my first orgasm of course helped along with the aid of my fingers.

Whilst i caught my breath i told Him to make me a drink and He did so. Whilst He was in the kitchen i told Him to strip off and when He returned He was faced with my naked pussy. He placed my cup on the table and immediately without request assumed the position and began licking. His first few licks were too light and and made me giggle so i let him know my displeasure by slapping him hard across the face.

He flinched but i shoved His head back to where it should be and He continued. He kept looking up at me for approval but i just pushed His head back down. His tongue wandered off track but soon found his way back when i yanked his hair hahaha. After a few minutes i asked if He was concentrating and He apologised, i raised my hand and He immediately buried His face deep into my wet pussy doing all He could to get me to orgasm. A few minutes more and i was there. I wrapped my thighs around His shoulders and made sure His tongue couldn't move until i was done.

He didn't get chance to catch His breath when i marched Him upstairs to continue His work on my ass. I handcuffed His hands behind His back and made Him sit on the floor. I grabbed my egg out of my toy box, His cock twitched as He knew what what was going to be His next act of servitude.

I stood before Him and bent over and laughed as i felt His hot breath on my ass. I grabbed His hair and yanked him into my ass. "Lick" is all i said, "Yes Miss" was His reply. I could feel Him working his tongue around my ass and boy it felt good! There's something special about having your sub lick your ass like that, no questions asked, just obeying a command. I turned my egg on and rubbed it around my clit, it was already out from where it had been hidden, recovering from the last orgasm. I told Him to get deeper and i felt Him push His tongue as hard as He could, into my ass. My legs began to shake.

I grabbed hold of the end of the bed as He continued to lick and probe my ass, all the time i help myself along with my egg. My clit too sensitive to touch but still getting orgasmic tingles from teasing around it. I felt my chest and neck get hot, i knew it was imminent. I told Him to not stop, i couldn't catch my breath for a moment as i concentrated on my orgasm. Bang! It arrived. I grabbed hold of the bed and moaned so loud telling Him to carry on. I reached my hand around and made sure he couldn't move even though he was gasping for air. He wasn't going anywhere until I was satisfied and He knew it.

I finished and pushed His head back. I turned to see Him gasping for breath and His face covered with saliva. His cock showed me that He was ready for some attention and by now i was dying to feel His cock in me, i had missed it so much. He was sat on the floor naked and cuffed so i walked over to him and sliud myself down onto His extremely hard cock. He let out the biggest sigh and told me He had been dying to cum for days.

We both knew that it wouldn't be long before He exploded. I undid His cuffs and He immediately grabbed hold of my hips as i rhythmically  moved my hips on His cock. My god He felt so good! A few strokes later and He asked me if He could cum? For a moment i wanted to tell Him no but i couldn't wait any longer and agreed to His request.

He hadn't even finished cumming and i could feel it oozing out of me! He just kept cumming and cumming, it was unbelievable! Finally He finished and we were both totally knackered. I climbed off His now limp cock and told Him to tidy up while i went and lay on the bed for a few minutes to gather myself.

Now you can't say i haven't trained Him well! hahahaha

Happy Birthday!!

To me!!!!! Yay!!!!!

All birthday wishes and gifts welcomed!! lol xx

Jeremy! I think you owe me an apology!

I know we aren't married but if we were . . . . .

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New Nails

Bikini waxed, new underwear, nice new nails and next hair done! Nearly human again lol

Monday, 24 October 2011


At long last i am having my hair highlighted! Hurrah!

I look like a council estate tramp, the kind you see on Shameless lol. Can't wait to look half normal again lol.

Will be ready just in time for my birthday! Yay!!

Just got out of the bath . . . .

Now onto the waxing!! Eeeek

What should i do with Him?

Whilst He has been away from me He has not been allowed to cum at all. We have had phone sex every night and i have gotten Him to the point where He tells me He is going to cum. I bluntly tell him Him, He isn't allowed and He has to stop. Hahaha i love that whining noise He makes when i say Stop!

He sends me texts constantly, telling me that He wants me and His balls ache and that He's desperate to cum, i just laugh. I tell Him to shut up, a few days is nothing compared to the month He did earlier. I love having an orgasm while on the phone to Him, all the time knowing it's bringing Him closer to cumming, only for me to snatch it away from Him at the very last second hahahahaha.

I am in two minds now so i am throwing this question open. Do i:

a) Jump on Him and fuck Him as soon as he gets back           OR
b) Have him collared and knelt at my feet, licking them followed by Him licking my pussy until i cum and then follow that with Him licking my ass while i use my egg to orgasm again and then permit Him to fuck me        OR
c) Do all of option b, but then deny Him a fuck at the end of it?

Ooooh choices choices i just can't decide!!

Quick rant.

Gggggrrrrrr! I hate looking for car insurance!!! Rip off.

 I though you were supposed to pay less as you got older??

Which shoes should i buy?

I just can't decide! lol

So what should i have for my Birthday?

Well i've had my tattoo of my boyfriend, bless him he spent all year saving his 5p,10p,20p and 50p coins up for it. He loves me so very much.

Jeremy, i hope you are getting me something nice!?

Any suggestions anyone? I am thinking perhaps shoes to match my corset? Or perhaps some pyjamas? Or maybe some underwear?

I am going to use any money i get from friends and family to get myself a smartphone i think so that i can keep checking up on Jeremy at any given moment and giving him instructions on what i want MY wallet to buy me hehehe. However i don't know which one to get? I don't want a Blackberry, i don't like the keys plus they all seem to break. I'm not sure i want an iPhone as you are limited to iApps aren't you? Can anyone give me some info on them please before i go into o2 to get their advice? I need it on the o2 network you see.

My new purchase :-)

Thank you Jeremy. I am now thinking of a new investment for you hahahaha.
Get MY wallet primed xx

Sunday, 23 October 2011

What a few days.

Well i've had a not so good few days, for reasons i wont go into so i am now having a glass of Merlot to try to forget about it all.

Cheers Jeremy, you have pleased me immensely. You are a very good boy x.

Ahhh a new day!

Well i have had the best nights sleep in a long time.

With a mixture of two orgasms, a reiki treatment and a king sized bed all to myself i actually feel refreshed for once! It's a revelation. A new day, a new me and i am on top form to sort my naughty boys out. I hope you are listening Jeremy? 30 mins then you better have your, i mean MY wallet ready! hahahahaha

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Well this weekend i am alone :-(

I am without my gorgeous boyfriend/ cameraman as he's off visiting his folks and my playmate is busy this weekend also, you know who you are.

I'm just sat now waiting for my friend to come to sort me out with her healing hands. No not like that tut tut lol. She does Reiki healing and crystal therapy treatments so i'm going to treat myself for my birthday with the money my mum gave me.

Then this evening i may purchase the item i posted a couple of days ago after i have had a nice relaxing soak in the bath whilst enjoying a glass or two of red wine. Thank you Jeremy, you are good to me. Then i will probably watch a movie, more than likely The Secretary, dig out a few of my old toys and have a 'relaxing' evening ;-p

Note to self: Need to get batteries for my egg when i go to get the wine!

Friday, 21 October 2011

I need your help.

Right then boys and girls i need some honest answers. You have all seen my listings on eBay, can you tell me what else you would like to see me sell?

I am only interested in selling genuine things. Although i do have a vast shoe collection i do not have that many that are worn out at the moment. The truth of the matter is that sadly, the majority of worn shoes listed on eBay are fake. You can tell that a) the shoes don't actually fit the model and b) they have been trashed by a sander! Women can not trash shoes to the extent of some you see, it's just not possible especially when they claim to have been clubbing shoes. No self respecting woman would leave the house in them let alone go clubbing.

All my shoes have met the end of the road through normal use. Hence why i do not have a million pairs listed. Obviously i have a few pairs of shoe which need replacing and so i may list those ones when the time is right. I do have a ton of socks which i intend to list, sock get worn out all the time. I also change my underwear range frequently as i adore lingerie!

I have sold vest tops and bras also but i am wondering if anyone has any specific requests and are afraid to email me. I can assure you, your email will be welcomed.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Can i just ask please?

Why do i come on here and see the stats for the page (very impressive by the way, thank you guys x) everyday and yet i only have one regular viewer that comments?

I think i do have the feature that enables annonymous comments and if i haven't and you comment but then realise you don't want your comment there, you can delete it.

I would love to hear from you, some of you.

Beth xxx

All is fine and right in the world now :-)

Jeremy, the naughty boy, is back!!

I do hate being worried about my friends, ah well he can show his worth by making a purchase or two.

Jeremy. I think it's about time you showed yourself, in written form anyway.


It hurt like a bitch in places but it was soooo worth it! Well gives HIM something to read when he fucks me from behind doesn't it? lol

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I need a new toy!

I want this!!!

I have to have this in my life. I can imagine my boyfriend now, sat there in front of me, locked up and begging to be released while he watches me use this bad boy! I have had trouble finding a dildo that is as wide as He is but this looks like it may reach the parts others have failed to.


Well tomorrow morning i'll be bent over a chair in the tattoo studio whincing. It's not usually me in that position lol. Ive had 5 little tattoo's to date all with a personal meaning and this one will be no exception. I will post a pic if i can tomorrow of it.

It's a funny feeling, for those who haven't experienced it. It is painful yes, but not for long, well not for me at least. After a few mins the pain becomes almost arousing and you dread them coming to the end. I can fully understand how people get off on pain because i so do with that pain. As soon as one has healed i start to think of what i can have next!

I'm not into a lot of tattoo's and most of mine are not always visible. I couldn't have an arm full of ink as i think on a woman it's not an attractive quality. I have one on the back of my neck, one on the inside of each wrist, one on my foot and one on my ass. The one i'm getting tomorrow will be at the bottom of my back. I'm sure if i coped with my neck i can cope with my wrist, can't i?

Think of me tomorrow morning please, surrounded by gorgeous men being inked while i sit there and watch them flinch and complain hahahaha, doesn't get much better than that!

I'm still waiting!!

Well my dear friend Jeremy is still missing and i don't know what to do?

Should i be cross at him for not getting in touch or should i be worried about him in case something has happened to him?

These auctions wont buy themselves!!

My Favourite Film of ALL Time

Take a look hehehehehe

You have to watch it all to full appreciate the film and understand it's meanings. I love his subtlety at the beginning, it's a subtelty only a dom/me can pick up on. My sub/boyfriend was oblivious to what he was up to at the beginning of the film.

Can't you just feel the tension in the air? That exciting fear of her not knowing what he's going to do next! There's doesn't get a better feeling than that.

A couple of videos i have for sale.

I have two short clips for sale at the moment.

1. Me having a bit of fun alone with my favourite plastic friend. It's 11.28 long and it does have sound, you have been warned lol.

2. Me and my fella having fun in the bedroom, blowjobs and fucking, what else! lol. It's 16.12 long and also has sound but not as loud as the other haha.

If you would like to view these videos they are available on my youtube channel. All you have to do to get the code is email me telling me which one you would like to see and i will invoice you directly for the sum of £10 for each or £18 for the two of them. After i have received payment from you i will send you the codes to view them.

This price will only be around for 7days and then they go back to the usual price of £15 each.

New Blog Feature!!!!!

I have now added a DONATE button to my blog.

It uses Paypal or credit cards and any amount, small or large is accepted.

If you have a specific request for me on how i should use your donation then drop me an email and explain what it is you would like me to spend your hard earned cash on. If you would like me to thank you publicly and tell the world what you have given me or requested what i use it for then that's fine by me, just let me know.

Thank you guys xxx

What to do today?

Well today is a little slow, which is nice for a change i guess but i'm used to be busy. I have no appointments today and i've only had one email this morning :-(

I'm worried about Jeremy also he is MIA so if you know of his whereabouts please do contact me and let me know so i can put my mind at rest.

Ho hum what can i do?? Any suggestions??

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I'm sat watching a programme about boobs. One girl is pissing me off completely. She is a skinny girl, a size 10 i think and she has a good sized bust. It's not grotesque it's perfect and yet she is whining about them!!

Get a grip girl and realise you are every man's dream!! Skinny waist and ass and massive boobs.

I think i shall hang myself now, all is lost.

Who's going to massage my hip?

I was getting a little too excited waiting for an email from dearest Jeremy and in my rush to check my laptop for emails i jarred my back. No i don't know how i did it either but i did and now i'm in agony! Chardonnay is NOT helping. I need a massage. Volounteers? Anyone??

Thank god it's that time.

Well today has been a horrid day, dreary, black and wet. Time for PJ's, central heating and Chardonnay.

Cheers. Love you all xxx

Top says it all really lol

I would like to tell you . . . . .

about a very good friend of mine. Jeremy.

He's a lovely, clever, funny, sexy person and he has the most insatiable fetish. It's quite bizzare and some may think it's ridiculous. I however find it quite hilarious but at the same time a massive turn on. Jeremy likes to buy completely useless items off me. Now when i say useless i mean useless. Things which have no use what so ever. So far he has bought a Tesco teacake wrapper, yes i said wrapper (teacakes not included) and presently a non functioning smoke detector.

I can not tell you exactly how turned on i get searching for these random items. Then even more turned on watching that bid appear on the screen, knowing that it's Jeremy that's going to win the auction. I love making up the background stories for his and my amusement. I can visualise Jeremy sitting down reading the listing and chuckling to himself and then realising that it's all for him. Then suddenly he gets that tingle in a very special place when the thought dawns on him that he has actually got to part with his very hard earned cash to buy my fantastic items hahaha.

I love that men can be so driven by sex. Although it does tend to make them very obedient boys when they are handled correctly hahahaha. Jeremy, you please me.

Today so far

Well this morning i rushed into town for a few bits and pieces but left without buying any new pyjama's, man it's getting cold at night.

However i did get a new tattoo booked in for Thursday morning, courtesy of my gorgeous boyfriend for my birthday. Then i came back home and played about with my camcorder (as you can see lol) and now i'm going out for coffee.

Talk to you later boys and girls xxx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Oooooh what a Smushtastic time.

I have had a very enlightening experience this morning. One of my lovely friends asked if i would smush a banana inside my sock and squidge it around, so, being the kind of person i am, i thought why the hell not!

With a bit of trepidation i loaded my socks up with the cold banana and slid my foot inside. As soon as my bare sole touched the semi hard fruit i felt a tingle of excitement. I pushed my foot further into the sock and felt it start to break beneath my foot. I let out a little giggle of delight as i pressed harder and felt is squidge and ooze around my foot.

I stood up and pressed my foot hard against my floor and enjoyed the now warm sensation of pulped up banana seeping between my toes. I wriggled them around inside the sock to try to get more of my foot covered. The feeling wasn't dissimilar to that when my boyfriend gets a foot job and cums on my feet. Now that is a feeling i do adore!

At first the feeling was rather strange but then it started to feel more familiar and i was really enjoying it. I looked down to see the soggy banana seeping through my socks and leaving marks on my floor. My boyfriend sat there, watching intently with a glint in his eye. He knew what was coming after i'd had my fun. I stood there and ground my foot really hard on the floor just to make sure all my foot was being covered, then i placed one foot on top of the other and massaged it all over, then swapped feet.

I sat down and slowly removed my soggy sock and giggled at the mess of my feet, lumps of fruit squished between my toes and on top of my foot. The soles all sticky with residue. I clicked my fingers and He came crawling over, i beckoned him to sit in front of me and i raised a foot to his face. He smiled and started to lick my feet clean.

Thank you Annie xxx

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Rock 'n' roll lifestyle!

I think my rock 'n' roll lifestyle may be catching up with me.

I am so tired today that even my eyelashes feel heavy lol. I am going to have just one glass of wine this evening and accompany it with a lovely massage from me wonderful foot slave.

I saw a lovely massage for him earlier today on and i am trying to decide whether i have enough energy to do it. I keep thinking about what may happen after it and it's that part that is keeping me going haha. It's about time he had some pleasure bestowed upon him x x

What's in store for today??

Well today i have to repaint my toenails, another shade of pink me thinks. Then i have the usual things to do: get dressed, hair, make-up, laundry, cleaning. When im done, i'm off out to visit a relative for a couple hours then i'll be back here to entertain all you lovely sexy people.

Note to self; must take more pics and make THAT video!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

He's such a good boy!

For those needing advice, this IS the definition of a good boy!!


Who would have thought so many kinky people were active on a Saturday night! Why aren't you all out on the town, strutting your stuff and enticing an unsuspecting victim?

Well this evening i have pleased quite a few of you in one way or another and i am happy to continue to do so. My eBay listings are going down a storm, there may be a few odd ones in there and i would rather you didn't ask why for the privacy of a few people. I know you guys understand.

Well back to it. More emails!! Ooooh it's like Christmas opening them all!! x x


Well my boyfriend and i went for a walk to our usual "quiet" spot today and damn it!! Some kids had set up a den there, obviously then we had to search for another spot. Sadly we couldn't find one quiet enough. God damned dog walkers!!

TIP** If you wanna try sex outdoors pic a day when it's raining. No one goes out then and you'll have the place all to yourself :-)

Friday, 14 October 2011

Photo shoot and OD muhahahaha

Well my fella and I have just been playing around with the camera. He was taking pics of me sucking his gorgeous cock and then when he got really hard i decided i needed to feel it in me. I got on all fours and told him to fuck me, which he did. His cock felt so thick and hard as it just slid right into my pussy.

I passed him the camera and asked him to take pics of his cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. Click. Click. Click. The thought of the pics made me wetter and wetter and i could feel my clit tingling. I told him to stop and then i sat on the edge of the sofa and called him to kneel in front of me so that he fuck me there.

A few more clicks of the camera, a few more pics of my pussy and his cock entering it and i was dying to cum. I could hear him breathing faster so i pulled my legs together and placed the soles of my feet on his chest. He looked longingly at my feet and i teased him by putting them nearer to his face. He wrapped his arms around my legs so that he could fuck me deeper.

I pushed him to the floor and i sat on his cock grinding my ass down onto him. I could feel he was about ready to cum, he had been delaying since the blow job pics., so . . . . . . .

I got off his cock! He lay there looking at me bewildered. I just looked at him and giggled, "you didn't think i was going to let you cum just like that did you? Ha. Silly boy".

I love to please :-)

I love getting emails from people asking me to do this, that or the other for them. There's something satisfying about giving a stranger what they want and never meeting them. To think that there are a lot of men and women who have seen me intimately and yet i haven't seen them, it's a very horny feeling.

There are only a few things i wont do :
* Crush anything living (apart from bugs).
* Meet anyone in person
* Have phone sex
* Send used tampons or sanitary towels
* Pics of anything to do with menstruation, scat, anal or the usual illegal things like Beastiality or ANYTHING to do with children

I love the fact that someone somewhere is getting sexual pleasure from something that i have given them. Keep the emails coming, i aim to please x x

Why is it you feel the horniest when you can do nothing about it?

If anyone can tell me definitively i'd love to know! That's not my clit but it's how i kinda feel right now ;-p

Another of my fave pics :-)

Do i make you horny baby?? I hope so ;-p

Good Morning my sexy friends

Well yesterday was sex and orgasm free for me, for one reason or another, so today i have got to get some!

Thank you to all the very sexy emails i woke up to this morning and to one particular person, thank you for the picture (you know who you are :-p). No that's not me but it is a picture that i love, it gets me all horny just looking at it!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

A little pic of little old me x x

I thought i would post a little pic of moi just so you can see who you are reading about and also who is selling you all of these sexy things. I hope i don't disappoint.

This was taken on my birthday and it is a rarity for me to have my hair down, i always have it tied up.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Oh My Goodness

I can not believe that my eBay listing for a white vest top has got so many views! Everytime i click on it, it's jumped up a few more views! It's currently on 184 views at 8.40pm. I'll check in a short while to see how many it's on then. It's only been on eBay for 3days!!

I'm glad my boobs are so interesting. The emails are very nice also, thankyou boys and girls ;-)

Don't be shy . . .

If you have found my blog, don't be shy, become a friend of mine :-x

The best sex ever!

The best sex ever!

Just a little story i stumbled across.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Responses to Chat Up Lines | Chat Up Lines for Women

Responses to Chat Up Lines | Chat Up Lines for Women

Hahaha couldn't stop laughing at these!

Right well if you wont ask i will tell you anyway! ;-p

I have a fantastic boyfriend and we share many things together, our fetishes being one of them. So with this in mind we decided that i should start to sell things, used items of clothing or shoes on ebay. This is my profile page and here you can see what i have to sell at the moment  I do realise that it isn't to everyones taste so if you don't like fetish items, don't look.

I never realised how many people would be so interested in me and my items. I love it. I love talking to other men and my boyfriend loves helping me to sell the items, he especially loves the job of cameraman when i either have pics taken to sell or when i make a dvd to sell.

It's also nice to know that men appreciate me for my size. I'm not huge but i am a size 16 and this has sometimes given me self confidence issues, but now they are in the past. I am proud of my body and i get a buzz out of selling a stranger naughty pics and videos of myself. Of course the money is a bonus too as it means i can buy more shoes and more underwear!

I have a fascination with sex and it's many facets. I love exploring new avenues and i am enjoying my Domme role with my Sub boyfriend, he is such a good boy, most of the time. However when he isn't i soon put him back in his place lol.

Well i guess i will leave it there for now. Feel free to ask a question or email me in private.

Until next time x x

Monday, 10 October 2011

What would you like to know?

I am giving you the opportunity to ask me anything, anything at all!